Petzl Vasak Reviews

Main advantage:

One of the most outstanding features of this model is its anti-snow system, which prevents the formation of snow clogs and, therefore, favors movement. By including horizontal front spikes, stability even on hard snow is assured.

Main disadvantage:

It is an article almost for professional use, which could explain its high price. This may not be suitable for all pockets.

Verdict: 9.8/10

To move on the snow, you need to use crampons the more complete, the better. This CE-certified 12-point model guarantees an optimal fit in all types of boots.

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Main Features Explained


Among the qualities that most attract the attention of these Petzl brand crampons, is the adjustment system. These accessories are available in both Leverlock Universel and Flexlock attachment modes. Both modalities ensure an optimal fit in any type of boot, regardless of whether or not it has front welts.

It is very important to ascertain the suitability of these crampons and whether they fit 100% with the boots. In the event that yours are flexible, bet on the flexible adjustable bar. Of course, remember that, in this case, it is convenient to select the Flexlock fastening system. Not in vain, if you choose the rigid bar, it is possible that it ends up breaking due to the tension produced.

You must remember that the closing buckle of the crampon straps should always be placed on the outside of the foot. To ensure that these have been placed correctly, the manufacturer advises kicking the air. If it is well placed, the crampon will not move from its place.

anti-snow system

There are different reasons why we could be facing the best crampon. One of the most notable is that it has an anti-snow system, a highly valued feature in this class of accessories.

This system prevents snow clogs from forming on the crampons, which could make traversing difficult. So no matter what the snow conditions, you can rest assured that your crampons will stay clean at all times. The anti-snow system is a feature that should be common to all crampons, as it is the only way to ensure that each step will be totally stable.

Not surprisingly, the accumulation of snow on the bottom of the crampons could increase the risk of slipping and, ultimately, falling. This quality, perhaps, makes the price of these crampons more expensive, although the truth is that the safety and integrity of the user are non-negotiable aspects.

Size and weight

It is common to look for information about the available sizes in the opinions about crampons. In the case that concerns us, we can say that it is an appropriate model for any foot, since it is indicated for sizes from 36 to 50. Whatever your foot size, as long as it is in this range, you can use this product.

It is very important, in the same way, to examine details such as weight. A traverse through snow, while exciting, can be tricky, a situation that could be aggravated if the crampons are too heavy.

This model is available in two possibilities. On the one hand, the reference T05A LLU weighs 770 and 810 grams respectively, depending on whether the front fastening system is Fil or Fil Flex. For its part, the weight of the reference T05A FL is somewhat higher. Specifically, 892 grams.


Finally, we come to a detail that must be kept in mind when purchasing crampons. In this type of extreme sports, stability is the key to success. To do this, this model is equipped with 12 points.

The number of spikes will determine the type of terrain you can walk on with the crampons. In this case, it is possible to drive on a very steep surface without compromising stability. Moreover, the manufacturer indicates that it is an accessory suitable for both mountaineering and glacier walking.

There is another detail that we could not forget and that is the fact that it incorporates horizontal front tips. This means that stability is also guaranteed even on hard snow. With these crampons, then, you will be able to remove the risk of falls regardless of the state of the snow. In short, we are faced with a fairly versatile model.

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