Places to go camping with children

When it comes to enjoying holidays with children, it is convenient to have alternatives to the usual hotel. The good news is that, when it comes to tourism in Spain, you have a large number of options, including camping and wild camping.

It doesn’t matter if you want to enjoy fun weekend getaways with children, if you want to discover places to go on the November bank holiday or on any other bank holiday of the year, or discover places to go on vacation in the summer in Spain. Thanks to the variety that our country offers us when traveling with children, when it comes to enjoying a different experience, we can resort to camping and live that environment to the fullest, either in nature itself or in one of the many campsites that we have within our reach. 

We talk about campsites precisely because the idea of ​​getting lost in the middle of the forest with our little ones, unless they are used to it or the area is well equipped with services, can be difficult. As an alternative, there are also many rural houses to go with children, which make it easier to enjoy the most beautiful landscapes in Spain without giving up the comforts of having a roof over us. Many of them are easy to find in the different locations that we will discuss below, although in this case we have preferred to focus on those well-equipped camping areas, as well as the most interesting children’s campsites in the country.

1. The Vall de Núria, Girona

Located in the province of Gerona, this camping area has the particularity of being only accessible via a rack railway. So the fun starts very soon. This area is a ski resort during the winter, but in the summer it becomes a fun leisure center, where you have 2,500 square meters for camping. It is equipped with WC, pegs and showers without hot water, as well as various areas for children’s leisure. So do not forget the tent and the camping bed if you opt for this option.

2. La Marina Camping & Resort, Alicante

For those who are never sure if more beach or mountain is convenient, nothing better than this accommodation. We are talking about a campsite that has both bungalows and camping areas. It is located a few meters from the beaches of Elche, although inside it also has swimming pools, slides and all kinds of activities so that the little ones do not have time to get bored. All this in a beautiful natural environment.

3. Pinar de la Roza, Almeria

Among those places to visit in Spain in summer, is the Pinar de la Roza. This area is located in the municipality of Abrucena, in the province of Almería. In it there is a pleasant space with picnic areas, services, a playground and a free camping area, although it is necessary to request authorization prior to your arrival. Various hiking and biking routes start from here, making it a good option to enjoy a beautiful landscape with your little ones. Do not forget the trekking poles and comfortable clothes to move around the environment.

4. The Song of the Hen, Madrid

If you don’t know what to visit in the surroundings of Madrid with children or where you can camp with them comfortably, this campsite is an interesting proposal. It is located in one of the most beautiful pine forest areas in the region, with a wide range of nature activities ranging from hiking to fishing to bird watching. Its facilities are very complete and even include leisure activities with monitors during the summer, for greater fun.

5. Tossal del Llop, Alicante

El Tossal del Llop is a recently created camping area, managed by its town hall and offering high quality facilities. In this area it is possible to enjoy all kinds of services for adults and children, such as showers with hot water, a picnic area, toilets and a play area. The best thing is that the area is barely 500 meters from the town center and a few kilometers from the beach, making it a very interesting option for camping in an environment close to civilisation.

6. Camping Bassegoda Park, Girona

We return again to the world of campsites to talk about Bassegoda Park. This campsite is located in Albaña, next to the Muga River and in a location surrounded by nature. Something that is noticeable in the activities it offers, which range from hiking to horseback riding or adventure sports. It also has swimming pools, a playground and a club for the little ones, where they can do all kinds of fun activities.

7. Delivery – Teverga, Asturias

Located at the beginning of the famous Senda del Oso is this small camping area, with a capacity of 25 places. And although its equipment is somewhat less than in other areas that we have mentioned, it has everything necessary for our little ones to enjoy, while offering us a natural environment that makes it one of the best places to travel and get lost in nature..

8. Camping Cabopino, Malaga

The Cabopino campsite, in Malaga, is one of those places where you have the option of staying in its bungalows or staying in your own tent, in one of the 270 plots it offers. Despite being quite close to Marbella, it is located in an environment surrounded by pine forests, where you can find novelties such as a multi-adventure park with all kinds of attractions, the classic swimming pool, a children’s playground and many other proposals for fun.

9. San Walabonso, Huelva

This camping area is located in a very interesting space, next to the reservoir of the same name. Here it is possible to enjoy all kinds of nature activities together with the little ones. In addition, the area has been recently renovated, offering visitors tables, benches, litter bins, a playground and public toilets, as well as drinking water. Its access is well located and has the necessary spaces to camp comfortably.

10. Camping Playa Joyel, Cantabria

Camping Playa Joyel, in Cantabria, could not be missing from our list of the best places to travel. This place has a privileged location within the Trasmiera ecopark, between the Joyel, Victoria and Santoña marshes. A spectacular place where the beach is just a step away and where you can visit places like its zoo, with deer, turkeys and many other animals. There is also no lack of swimming pools or a multitude of entertainment activities, for adults and children. Facilities of such quality that they were recognized in 2017 as the best beach campsite in the country.

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