Polar GRIT X Opinions

Main advantage:

This digital watch with built-in GPS not only has a satellite location system to position itself on the roads, but its autonomy is consistent with the large number of functions it has, for efficient work.

Main disadvantage:

When synchronizing some functions may be limited. However, this may be due to the location and coverage of the navigation system, so the battery may run out quickly.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Thanks to its sophisticated design, versatility and utility, this mountain GPS meets the convenient standards for any sports or outdoor activity.

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Main Features Explained

Design and materials

This GPS mountain watch stands out for having a modern and attractive design, thanks to its 30.48 mm Gorilla glass screen that provides a resolution of 240 pixels and anti-fingerprint protection; which provides a convenient display when performing activities.

On the other hand, its structure has been made with stainless steel and fiberglass in different shades, which in addition to offering an elegant aesthetic make it a watch with efficient quality.

Also, this model has straps made of durable silicone in different sizes and colors that, together with the device, withstand extreme weather conditions.

In relation to its autonomy, it includes a 346 mAh lithium battery, which provides a maximum duration of up to 7 days in watch mode and about 40 hours in training or GPS function, which is convenient for long journeys. In addition, it has applications to save the battery and thus have extra hours of enjoyment and use.

Finally, we can add that its weight of 64 grams makes it one of the lightest GPS watches for lovers of mountaineering activities.

Technology and connectivity

An important aspect to consider in relation to this mountain watch is the GPS technology it has, since it has very accurate maps and locations in real time. Also, it can be used offline.

In addition to the above, it includes satellite navigation systems such as Galileo, Glonass and Qzss, which complement the location functions quickly and accurately. In addition, it includes a barometer, altimeter and compass to have proper orientation and weather information.

On the other hand, the Polar Grit X never ceases to amaze with its technological advance, because thanks to its Polar Flow online application you will be able to plan activities, analyze the results of your training sessions, store referential sleep data, among other functions.

In the same way, it has the Komoot App, very convenient to plan and guide the natural environments to discover, so you will have the security of not getting lost on the paths and routes.

Regarding connectivity, you can synchronize data such as speed, heart rate and power sensors with your mobile to receive notifications, messages, emails, among other results obtained. You can also transfer data using a USB cable and Bluetooth.


The Polar GRIT X is a multifunctional and versatile accessory. For this reason, it is cataloged as one of the best mountain GPS in its category, since it offers good qualities, which range from offering the time and alarm, to professional-type functions for mountaineering such as the Hill Splitter, which consists of processing the walking performance on ascents and descents.

In addition to this, it has the FuelWise function, an intelligent assistant that allows you to maintain adequate levels of nutrition and hydration, through reminders to replenish energy. But if you think weather conditions might hold you back, this watch shows the weather status up to 2 days in advance so you can reschedule.

In addition, it comes with Nightly Recharge, which will indicate the degree of recovery at night, which together with FitSpark offers you precise training functions for physical activity. Also, it has the Running Power option, which is responsible for calculating the muscle load of those people who love running.

In the same way, it provides functions for different sports such as swimming, since in addition to being waterproof and water resistant, it measures the distance traveled, heart rate, among others. In turn, it has the Smart Coaching function that allows you to record training sessions with detailed race programs. Reasons why its users agree in their opinions that its price is in accordance with its functionality.

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