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Main advantage: 

It is a heart rate monitor that, in addition to being waterproof, could easily provide you with a measurement of your heart rate. Likewise, it is worth mentioning that it also has an integrated GPS and, as if that were not enough, it can carry out a follow-up of the daily activities that you carry out.

Main disadvantage: 

To mention one drawback about this product, you need to know that the GPS built into its system might take a while to pick up the signal to start tracking the route.

Verdict: 9.7/10 

It is a heart rate monitor available in black with a very nice and practical design, which you can wear on your wrist without causing discomfort, just like a watch.

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Main Features Explained


Heart rate monitors are a device designed primarily to measure your heart rate during the day. However, today there are countless options on the market that are capable of providing additional functions to satisfy your needs while playing sports or exercising physically.

In this sense, the M200 model sponsored by the Polar brand has a lot to offer, starting with a variety of details that make it very practical and functional for each use. Well, first of all, you will be able to have at your disposal a guide in which you will be able to observe in detail all the activities that you have carried out during the day; In this way, you could achieve special control to achieve your daily goals without any inconvenience.

For its part, we are talking about a product that will also allow you to know how many calories you have burned during the day based on your weight, age, sex, height, individual maximum heart rate and of course, the intensity and effort with which you perform your exercises. daily.

Having at your disposal a product that is capable of providing you with different benefits will always be ideal, especially when it offers you the opportunity to stay informed about the activity you carry out, not only daily but also weekly and monthly, as is the case with This heart rate monitor that in turn shows you how the activities you carry out help you maintain your health in perfect condition.

Although it may seem unimportant, another of the benefits that this heart rate monitor offers you, and that characterizes it among many according to the opinions of users, is the fact of providing motivating comments after having finished each practice, in order to describe the effect that could have caused in you the session already ended. In addition, it is also capable of showing you how you are evolving and improving your performance in each race. 

Last but not least, if you are a Running practitioner, this model could offer you an appropriate practice plan, prior to a race, where you can enjoy the choice of four different objectives, these being 10 kilometers, 5 kilometers, level half marathon and marathon, so you can practice according to your needs and goals.


The purchase of a heart rate monitor not only depends on the variety of functions that it has to offer you, but also on the design that it has in its structure, since it must be comfortable, ergonomic and attractive at the same time.

It should be noted that the Polar brand on this occasion has decided to manufacture a product that is capable of providing the user with the ease of using a product that, in addition to being able to make an appropriate measurement of the daily activities that he performs, can also easily adapt to his wrist to avoid any kind of inconvenience during its use.

In this sense, the M200 model is available in two sizes, being the same M and L so that you can easily adapt them to your wrist as if it were a watch. Likewise, its structure is completely black, capable of combining with any garment you decide to use.

For its part, this product is made with quality materials, among which the resistant and durable plastic stands out, capable of providing you with a long useful life. But that is not all, it is also important that you know that this model could resist contact with water, so that its operation would remain the same and you should not worry about the fact that it could stop working from one moment to another.. 

As for the battery of this heart rate monitor, it is fully rechargeable and 180 mAh lithium polymer. Likewise, its duration is aimed at giving you 6 days of maximum use, so that you can enjoy uninterrupted monitoring of your activities. Also, charging it back up with power will only take a short time.


Finally, the level of practicality that a product can offer you will allow you to deduce what type of use you can give it and how versatile its use will be every day, which is why we have decided to let you know that the Polar brand M200 heart rate monitor is also characterized by its simple and practical interface that will help you to be informed of everything that happens during your practices.

In this sense, this model could be considered the best heart rate monitor because it provides you with a 4MB flash memory, so that its operation is optimal for each use. Likewise, its level of compatibility is considerable, since you will be able to use it with different types of operating systems, such as Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10 as well as with Mac OS X 10.6 or later. 

On the other hand, it is a fact that you will be able to have an integrated GPS with satellite prediction technology, which will track your pace, as well as the altitude and the distance in which you are. This way you can easily see your route in Polar Flow, after you have run and finished your run.

Among other details, we want to add that you can forget about having your mobile in your hand while you do sports, since this heart rate monitor offers you the possibility of being able to see the notifications that you receive on it through its screen. In this way, you will be able to know how important it would be for you to interrupt your activity to attend to an incoming message or call.

You can have all these previously mentioned advantages at your disposal for a really affordable price, so being aware of your performance and sports progress does not mean that you have to invest too much money in the project.

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