Reviews about Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Academy CR7

Main advantage:

These football boots have a beautiful design inspired by the Portugal national team, so the colors available in their structure refer to the flag of that country. Also, their soles are suitable for playing on artificial grass.

Main disadvantage:

It is important to mention that the soccer boots are only available in a single tone, therefore, you will not have the opportunity to choose one in particular.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you want to move quickly on the field of play and carry out adequate control of your steps as you run, this model could be the option you were looking for.

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Main Features Explained


When buying football boots to carry out your daily practices, do not look only at the price at which they are available in the market, but also at details that allow you to verify if it is the model you need to function quickly in the game. playing field.

In this way, start by taking into account the design of the pair of football boots you decide to acquire, since this should be to your liking and, of course, a model capable of providing comfort and ergonomics at all times.

Thus, the Nike brand decides to surprise you once again with a model that is very attractive due to its external appearance. It is the Mercurial Superfly VI Academy CR7, a product inspired by the Portugal team where Cristiano Ronaldo is the captain of said team.

It should be noted that its structure is available in a greenish blue color and has red details that are special, since they simulate the colors of the flag of that country.

Likewise, the boots have the Nike brand logo embodied on one of their sides, while on the back, on one of the sides there is also a new CR7 logo for the enjoyment of those who are fans of this great star player..


In addition to the design that a pair of football boots may have, you should also look at the type of sole they have, since it will largely depend on this detail that you can move around comfortably, being able to maintain good control of the ball without slipping.

It should be noted that the Nike brand offers you this model for men with a variety of important advantages, among which the fact that they have Multi-Ground soles stands out. In this sense, they will provide you with a special grip on synthetic surfaces.

The fact that this model has studs on its soles is interesting since, in the presence of a synthetic surface, they will not dig into the soles of your feet, on the contrary, they will support you, providing your feet with more comfort. That is why multi-stud soles are the most recommended for this type of playing field, since they tend to turn the normal pressure on your feet into an almost imperceptible discomfort.

For its part, it should be noted that the studs arranged on the soles of this model have an appropriate size and are resistant to each use that you can give them, therefore, this product could be considered the best football boots available on the market..


Football boots should offer you comfort, ergonomics and, above all, a good level of fit, so that you can feel safe while running down the field of play after the ball.

That being the case, you should take into account what kind of adjustment the boots you decide to buy offer you, so that you can enjoy a fairly complete model and above all quality.

According to the opinions of some users, it is important to mention that the Mercurial Superfly VI Academy CR7 model could be just what you are looking for, thanks to its soft insole designed to cushion each step.

Likewise, this product stands out, among many, for its lace-up closure system accompanied by the Dynamic Fit Collar present in each boot. This same provides you with a great fit both in the foot and in the ankle for greater security.

For its part, the instep made of synthetic material and that is also micro-textured is capable of helping you maintain good ball control, so that you can score the goals necessary to defeat the opposing team.

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