Salomon Evasion 2 Aero Reviews

Main advantage:

With a weight of approximately 385 grams, these are some of the most comfortable shoes you will be able to wear this summer. It has a “Sensifit” system for the outer area that allows an almost perfect fit to the user’s foot and a “Contagrip” sole with deep studs for greater durability.

Main disadvantage:

The toe cap subtracts a few millimeters from the inside of the boot, so it could rub against the big toes if you don’t buy the right size. In this sense, it is advisable to choose half a size larger.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Various opinions obtained determine that it is one of the best hiking shoes, standing out for its lightness, resistance and optimal fit to the foot.

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Main Features Explained

sole and midsole

These hiking shoes stand out for having a resistant and durable sole, as well as offering optimal adherence to many types of terrain. The sole is, without any doubt, one of the most important parts of a shoe, especially if it is special for the mountains, since the grip becomes a necessary element to avoid a spectacular fall. In this sense, these hiking shoes are equipped with a sole that uses Contagrip footwear technology, with which you will have greater grip, being robust and at the same time light.

On the other hand, the sole has been developed in close collaboration between Salomon athletes and engineers. Thanks to this, a product has been created that mixes various types of rubber and different cleat profiles, always thinking of all hiking disciplines. Remember that the shape of the studs that the sole has is the one that provides optimal grip to the ground and the drawing of the channels are specially designed to prevent the accumulation of dirt and help liquids flow freely, a quality that the soles of the Evasion 2 Aero.

On the other hand, it incorporates a padded midsole that makes use of another of the most current technologies in footwear, the EnergyCell. This technology uses a comfortable and resistant material that, together with the insole, provides greater comfort to the user.

outer material

Before worrying about the price, it is advisable to take care of the protection of your feet. For this reason, when choosing your next hiking shoes, one of the priorities you should have is the quality of the outer material of the footwear. The ideal is to keep your feet perfectly ventilated when you go on an adventure looking for shoes made with light and breathable materials. 

In this sense, Salomon hiking shoes use leather and open synthetic mesh components, which help keep the interior of the shoe cool at all times.

Likewise, these shoes fit comfortably to the shape of your feet as they employ the Sensifit system, which works by wrapping around your foot in a way that provides a better fit and reduces the chance of abrasion. By properly tying the laces of these low-top shoes, you can enjoy a pleasant and comfortable hiking outing, without any discomfort in your feet. In general, it is a light shoe of approximately 385 grams and resistant to water.


Insoles have been another of the most notable and important parts of footwear, since they have the function of providing comfort by absorbing the impact of each step, isolating the sole and increasing cushioning and support in footsteps. The insoles that these shoes incorporate are made with Ortholite technology, which offers greater cushioning in each step you take, in addition to having an appropriate evacuation of moisture and air, which helps keep your feet fresh.

Also, the composition of these insoles includes a considerable amount of EVA rubber and Ortholite foam in the heel area and in the plantar arch area, providing a great sensation of comfort and ergonomics, so that the feet are as comfortable as possible.


Keep the tips of your fingers optimally protected thanks to the toecap coating that these shoes include on the outside. Made with a resistant and reinforced synthetic material to achieve greater durability, the toecaps that incorporate the Salomon Evasion 2 Aero can offer adequate protection against the possible blows that you may suffer in the fingers, when hitting a stone when you go hiking on a terrain rocky.

Likewise, they have a reinforced heel that improves the fit of each shoe and manages to avoid possible sprains when exploring mountains and uneven surfaces.

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