Salomon Speedcross 4 Reviews

Main advantage:

These shoes stand out among many models for having a variety of technologies that make them special, comfortable and resistant. For its part, the design present in this product is striking and is available in a variety of colors.

Main disadvantage:

We must mention the fact that the sole present in this model allows the accumulation of mud, so after each use you must carry out a cleaning process to leave it ready for its next use.


Verdict: 9.9/10

If you are looking for running shoes for men with a good support system, this model could be your ideal option, therefore, take it into account when making your choice.

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Main Features Explained


adjustment system

The best running shoes for men should have an appropriate adjustment system to fix the shoes comfortably on each foot, being able to prevent them from coming off during your practices or competitions.

It should be noted that the Salomon brand this time surprises with the Speedcross 4 model characterized by providing comfort to your trail running practices since it has, among other qualities, a technology called Quicklace, which consists of a system of personalized strings or laces that can provide you an adjustment with just one pull. They are easy to put on and are made with Kevlar for durability.

This technology is highly valued by each user today, according to their opinions on the different sales pages, since it works very well once you put your foot in the shoe and pull the laces. It should be noted that this model also has a pocket where you can store the rest of the leftover rope once you adjust the shoes on each foot.

In this sense, you can feel comfortable using this model, since you could walk through technical areas without problems. Likewise, the adjustment system accompanied by the narrow shape of each shoe prevents your feet from moving inappropriately when you run, jog or walk.


These men’s running shoes have a wide variety of qualities to offer, including soles that will allow you good traction on soft and technical terrain.

To achieve this, it incorporates a compound called Contragrip M&S in its sole that integrates a clear pattern of aggressive studs very similar to those found in tractor tires. These are capable of providing appropriate traction even on muddy terrain, that is,, that you could use these shoes during the winter time, as well as on rainy or humid days.

For its part, the rubber present in the sole of these shoes has been made up of a mixture of different rubbers of variable hardness to make this model lighter, without compromising the level of safety it has to offer. In this way, said sole can provide greater performance, whether you use the shoes on difficult surfaces or on ordinary asphalt.

It is important to mention that the soles have studs that extend to the sides and allow you to achieve good traction and stability while you are running.

Also, the Ortholite technology found in the insoles of this product provide protection against perspiration, to rid your feet of those annoying and uncomfortable odors.



The performance of an athlete could be affected if the shoes they use are not able to provide the level of security, comfort, comfort and stability that they need. It is for this reason that you should consider not only the price of the model that most attracts your attention, but also every detail regarding its structure.

The Salomon brand is always innovating and implementing quality technologies in its products, as is the case with the Speedcross model, which has Sensifit technology based on the presence of fabric composite fibers that make up the upper part of these shoes and is capable of of wrapping each of your feet in a lace system that offers comfort, flexibility and ergonomics.

In a few words, the shoes have a reinforced mesh throughout their surface, as well as side bands that prevent the structure from tearing easily. Similarly, the heel of this model is consistent since its structure is made of a dense plastic that in turn offers safety and comfort.

Finally, it is important that we mention that the design of these shoes is available in a wide variety of very attractive colors so that you can choose the one that most attracts your attention.

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