Salomon Speedcross 4 Reviews

Main advantage:

With these running shoes you will be able to carry out different types of outdoor activities, whether they are sports or adventure training thanks to their practical and comfortable design.

Main disadvantage:

Keep in mind that due to its material, the shoe may feel a little stiff at first, but with use it will give and adapt to the shape of your foot.

Verdict: 9.9/10

They are eye-catching running shoes and available in various colors and designs, which, in addition, have good manufacturing quality to prevent wear, offer ergonomics, protection and also comfort in general.

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Main Features Explained


shoe design

The best running shoes are a complement that is recommended for anyone who wants to practice this sport professionally or as a hobby, since these types of shoes are specially designed for it, either to distribute weight or protect your feet from wear..

If you are looking for running shoes at a good price and with an attractive design, you can consider the Salomon Speedcross 4 option.

These shoes have a sporty and casual look that will allow you to use them both for hiking and for going for a walk, for example. One of the most striking advantages of this model is that it does not have standard laces or velcro closure, but instead maintains its shape through elastic straps that you can adjust according to the height of your instep. Thanks to this, putting on and taking off your shoes will be a very simple task that will only take a few seconds.

On the other hand, you should know that, depending on the availability of the manufacturer, you can opt for this model in other colors besides black, and even combinations as striking as blue with orange, red with yellow, blue with red, or also plain. So you can choose the ones that best suit your style and your clothes in case you want to combine them.

Manufacturing materials

Some opinions of experts in the field consider that, when studying the models of running shoes available, the manufacturing materials are one of the most important and influential aspects in the durability of the pair of shoes. For this reason, you should not neglect this detail when searching among your different purchase options.

In the case of the Salomon Speedcross brand running shoes, it should be noted that these are made of synthetic materials, so they can adapt to the shape of your foot to be more comfortable. At the same time, they are easy to clean, since you can wash them under running water to remove any remaining dirt or bad odor that may have accumulated.

A synthetic coating has also been integrated on the outside, which increases the resistance of the shoe so that you can cover full kilometers without presenting significant wear.

On the other hand, the correct ventilation in the lining of these shoes has not been neglected, since they allow air to circulate inside them to keep your feet cool, avoid humidity and, therefore, the proliferation of fungi. Thanks to this, it will be more hygienic to wear the shoes, even for hours.

Sole and resistance

Finally, the important feature that you should also study in order to make the most of your money when choosing running shoes is the sole and its structure. As you know, they come in different types and shapes and the model you purchase should be suitable for the type of terrain you plan to ride.

Taking into account the above, you should know that the pair of Salomon Speedcross is equipped with a low heel of 9 millimeters capable of offering you the adequate support to help keep your back straight while walking or jogging. In addition to this, the entire sole of the shoe has a ribbed structure that will make it much more stable on difficult terrain so you can walk with confidence in nature.

Also, you will not have to worry about rain or humidity, since the shoes are resistant to water and will keep your feet dry more easily than other models, even in the case of letting the water drain.

Which leads us to mention that they also have the advantage of having a light weight of approximately 300 grams, so that you do not have to carry extra weight when traveling the path that will take you to the top of that mountain, for example.

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