Salomon XA Pro 3D Reviews

Main advantage:

These trekking shoes offer you a highly resistant and durable Advanced 3D structure with which you will have greater lateral stability when performing all kinds of supports.

Main disadvantage:

The shoes are somewhat hard during the first uses, so it is advisable to “tame” them with daily use before making the leap to the more complex terrain that you normally cover.

Verdict: 9.8/10

An already classic product among users and that is always among the best trekking shoes on the market.

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Main Features Explained

Excellent grip on any surface

When we talk about Salomon products, we already know that we are dealing with high-quality trekking shoes in terms of grip on the ground. To do this, this model has Contagrip technology in the sole area, with which to optimize this performance and grip in all kinds of circumstances.

To begin with, we have an adequate balance of forces throughout the entire sole, so that they are better distributed throughout the surface. Something to which its approach by zones also contributes, more evolved than in other designs that are not as detailed. In this sole, we find an area for the ankle along with another specific area in the forefoot, as usual. But as the main difference, three additional zones are included both in the toe box and in the end of the heel, without forgetting the instep bridges. Ideal therefore to give more impulse in the areas on which we pour the force.

To top it off, in addition to all this technology, we have a high quality material, as befits a product, advanced but with a reasonable price for everything it offers. This material adequately supports use on all types of terrain regardless of whether it is sand or dirt or whether it is wet or dry. It also offers a good durability of the shoes, without premature wear or the usual cuts in lower quality products.

Firm hold

Another of the interesting details of this model, according to the opinions about it, has to do with the quality of the support it offers us when walking. Something that is combined with the characteristics of the sole, which facilitate the tread when walking on practically any type of terrain.

The “blame” for this firmness has to do with the 3D Advanced chassis with which this product was designed. This particular chassis has a low-profile approach, so that the support occurs at a low level of the foot and does not have a high separation of the plant and the ground. An approach that reduces distances and optimizes performance when walking.

This approach translates into greater movement control when walking, achieving an additional extra precision when executing the tread. Reinforced protection especially in the lateral areas, which helps to avoid the fearsome ankle sprains, common with other products that do not offer as much grip in this lateral area of ​​the foot.

Comfort during use

As a finishing touch to this model, we cannot ignore the comfort offered by the product during use. Much of this comfort depends on factors that we have already mentioned, but there are more elements that add up in this section.

One of these is the lightness of the shoes, weighing about 350 to 400 grams. So you won’t have to pull too much weight when walking. You also have the help of the insole, made of EVA foam and equipped with EnergyCell technology. This technology is responsible for absorbing the impacts when walking and your feet almost float when moving on any type of terrain.

As if this were not enough, we must also highlight the Quicklace system, as far as the tying of the laces is concerned. This system has greater comfort compared to other models, so you can forget about knots when it comes to achieving the necessary tension. To do this, you have four pairs of supports on each side of the tongue, the highest being on the top of the foot, thus achieving more pleasant sensations and better control when walking.

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