Shimano MTB Me300 Reviews

Main advantage:

One of the most outstanding advantages of this product presented by Shimano is that the shoes are specially designed to withstand any weather condition, as well as being able to prevent water from entering the interior of the shoe.

Main disadvantage:

A negative aspect of this model of cycling shoes is that it does not have a ventilation system that keeps your feet with a correct air flow to prevent sweating.

Verdict: 9.9/10

If you are looking for cycling shoes that have good levels of protection and comfort, you may be interested in this model.

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Main Features Explained


Before you select a model of cycling shoes, one of the important features that we recommend you evaluate before looking at its price is to evaluate the design. Since, this encompasses several significant aspects that will determine if the product can meet your expectations. The Shimano MTB Me300 is a model of cycling shoes that are presented with a semi-casual sports design that you can use with any garment. Likewise, this model is specially made to be used in road and mountain biking, better known as MTB, since its completely closed design will prevent the introduction of dust, dirt, water or any element that could affect pedaling.

On the other hand, the inner part of the shoe is properly padded so that you can enjoy good levels of comfort even if you keep riding your bike for several hours.

Additionally, this model does not have laces, since compared to previous versions, it is designed with velcro closures so that you can put on or take off the shoes in a very fast, practical and comfortable way without having to waste time tying the laces. that, they can become dangerous and threaten your physical integrity if for any reason they get entangled in the bicycle wheel when you are in motion.

Manufacturing materials

Another feature that is important when selecting the best cycling shoes, especially if you will be pedaling for many hours, is their manufacturing materials. Since, these are the ones that will guarantee the durability and resistance that the shoe will have while you are on the move.

This model of shoes presented by Shimano have a structure made entirely of synthetic materials, which will prevent them from being damaged very easily when hitting a stone or obstacle while pedaling, as well as preventing them from being affected by adverse weather conditions, such as such as the intense heat caused by the sun’s rays or rainwater, so this product is versatile and almost an all-terrain that you can use in both mountain and road biking.

On the other hand, another outstanding aspect is its sole and, although it is also made of synthetic plastic, this detail does not detract from its importance or effectiveness. This is due to the fact that Shimano thinks and elaborates all its products with great detail, ideal for each situation. Explaining the above, the soles of this model will also not be affected by the heating of the floor or the pedal, as well as it is flexible and will not affect your movements or cause stress on your feet.


When you think about choosing a pair of shoes to be used in cycling, an essential feature and one that you should not forget is the protection that the shoe can provide. That is to say, this is a reference in terms of mobility and the fastening system of the shoes; given that, according to the figures presented by the General Directorate of Traffic, in Spain during the year 2,016 approximately 7,673 accidents were registered where the main implicated were cyclists. Therefore, this aspect should not be overlooked to protect your physical integrity.

The Shimano MTB Me300 model, even if your colleagues have opinions that they are a common type of shoe, they are not, since they are elaborated in detail and especially to minimize some type of accident. Its closure system has been modified and updated to the 3-level velcro type, which makes it easier to put on the shoes and prevents them from slipping off while you’re pedaling.

In addition, these shoes are completely closed, which prevents dust particles, stones or even water from entering. Being a product for which you will not have to worry about inconvenience from unidentified objects inside the shoe. Also, the soles provide a higher level of adherence to the pedals and surfaces to prevent slipping.

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