Skandika Copenhagen 8 Opinions

Main advantage: 

This tent has a very practical design, therefore, each occupant can feel comfortable while inside. In addition, we are talking about a model made with quality materials to provide you with a long useful life.

Main disadvantage:

You should consider the fact that the dividing walls that this tent includes are very thin, something that could perhaps be improved in the design.

Verdict: 9.9/10

If you are looking for a model that is capable of accommodating several people inside, this model is the one for you, since it has a total capacity of 8 people.

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Main Features Explained



The purchase of the best tent available on the market will depend in the first instance on its dimensions, so that you can deduce how much space you will need to carry out its assembly comfortably.

In this way, next, we will talk a little about the Skandika Copenhagen 8 model, which is characterized by being a very spacious tent, designed to provide comfort to those who usually go camping with friends or with a large family.

We are talking about an ideal tent for 8 people in total, with adequate proportions so that they can move freely from one place to another inside it.

In this sense, the total dimensions of this model are 520 x 470 centimeters, with a maximum height of 22 centimeters, so even the tallest person will be able to move around inside the store without inconvenience.

For its part, the dimensions of the bedroom area are 260 x 460 centimeters, so each occupant will have enough space to rest comfortably. It should be noted that this model has a maximum weight of 25 kilograms, while its dimensions when packed are 73 x 44 x 46 centimeters.

It is important to mention that this tent is very easy to assemble and disassemble, it is also always very stable and resistant. Likewise, after use it can be stored in a practical transport bag that is included with the purchase.


The tents available on the market are not always made of the same material. Thus, in addition to looking at the price of the model that you like the most, also pay attention to each of the components that make it up to verify how resistant and durable it could be.

This store sponsored by the Skandika brand has an exterior structure made of 100% polyester, which is covered with polyurethane for higher quality. For its part, the bedrooms have breathable polyester, while the polyester floor is cooked in the shape of a bathtub and is capable of providing adequate protection against inclement weather as well as the presence of any animal that tries to sneak into the interior of the room. shop.

On the other hand, the rods available in the Copenhagen are made of metal and fiber optics. They stand out for being very resistant and flexible at the same time, they are also marked with different colors so that you can easily identify the position of each one when setting up the tent.

In conclusion, according to the opinions of some users, it has a good quality, since it has very solid materials and good finishes, which can be seen in details such as its seams, which are well sealed and reinforced to avoid any type of damage. drawback.


If the Skandika Copenhagen 8 model clearly differs from the rest available on the market, it is because of the level of comfort it has to offer you. In this sense, it is important to mention first that the store offers a total of three comfortable and spacious entrances so that there can be a greater possibility of movement inside.

In addition, its design can be described as versatile, since, for example, the front entrance could easily be converted into an ideal awning to avoid the sun. To achieve this modification, the process is very simple and you would only have to use some metal rods that are included in the package so that it can acquire the necessary height and that’s it.

As for the back of the store, it is important that you know that you can divide the rooms if you wish, through some dividing walls that the store offers. In addition, for greater comfort you will have at your disposal a mosquito net present in each entrance, as well as a blind in each advantage, which can provide you with greater privacy and can prevent the entry of annoying insects at night.

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