Sony ICF-M780SL Reviews

Main advantage:

The product has everything that we can expect from a Sony model, with details such as a high-level and resistant construction, good sound quality and a complete control panel, with which to manage all the functions comfortably.

Main disadvantage:

Although it is a high-quality product, the truth is that the model has a considerable weight, about 1,060 grams. Also, the speaker of the product is not stereo, but has mono output.

Verdict: 9.7/10

A classic product on the market that continues to be especially attractive for all types of users, with which it is much easier to enjoy your favorite stations anywhere.

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Main Features Explained

main design

A first look at this radio gives us an idea that is confirmed by the opinions of the product: quality. And it is that the fact that this model is close to being the best portable radio of the moment is not something casual, since its quality is one of those first elements that attract our attention. Something that is perceived in well-cared materials and that do not deteriorate with use or friction, as happens with economically priced products.

Regarding the design, the product has a rectangular format with measurements of 25.3 centimeters wide by 13.6 centimeters high and about 6.1 centimeters deep. A design that expands the space available for the speaker, so we will obtain a more powerful sound than that of other smaller equipment.

Finally, its keypad is distributed in two main groups. One of them is located at the top of the product, while the other is located at the front, under the information screen. So we will have each option at hand when it is necessary to search for frequencies or perform any other task with the device.

tuning system

Considering that Sony is one of the most prominent brands when it comes to portable radios, it is not surprising that this model has a wide range of options. This allows us to tune in to stations in the current FM band and also in the AM band, in addition to broadcasts in the LW and MW bands, giving you wide versatility when searching for all kinds of frequencies.

A process in which the quality of the tuner included in the product is also added to the help of the built-in antenna. This traditional deployable antenna helps us to achieve a little extra signal in those areas where it is not particularly intense.

An interesting question is that this model combines a mixed tuning system. We speak of a mixed system because it works by means of a wheel, located on the right side of the product, but in practice what moves it is a modern digital tuner. So we will have the ability to fine tune the tuning precision much more than is usually done by an automatic digital tuner and without the problems of analog wheel models.

Food and other features

To close our analysis of this product, it is time to take a look at some details that should be considered. Among them, we have the power of the equipment. This power supply is mixed, so that the radio can work with the traditional power cable or with conventional type C batteries, thus being able to take the radio with you wherever you want. Also, if you always have it with its batteries installed, you will not have to worry about losing the presets.

That is precisely another aspect to highlight, its ability to store presets with your favorite stations. In total, the device is capable of saving up to 20 of these frequencies, also having five quick keys, with which you can access the stations that you like the most by touching them. These keys are the ones located at the top, simplifying your search.

To close this analysis, there are two functions of this model that will also be of interest to you. One of them is the possibility of using the device as if it were an alarm clock, so that you can set the time at which the alarm is activated. A function that is accompanied by the timer, with which you can leave the radio programmed to turn off after 30, 60 or 90 minutes, depending on what you prefer. Something very useful when you use it with batteries and you do not want to leave it on accidentally.

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