Spiuk Altube Reviews

Main advantage:

This model stands out mainly for having a versatile design suitable for use with any type of cycling. In addition, its high-capacity sole provides greater adherence to the pedal and its ventilation system will help prevent slipping.

Main disadvantage:

One of the disadvantages of these cycling shoes is that they have a high price, so in order to get them you will have to raise the amount you intend to invest.

Verdict: 9.7/10

Presented with a weight of 737 grams, these cycling shoes provide good levels of safety and comfort when pedaling, so they may be ideal for you.

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Main Features Explained


When it comes to choosing cycling shoes, according to the opinions of the experts, they recommend that you first look at the design they have. Since, this characteristic several important aspects that can be the determining factors for you to decide if the shoe is capable of meeting your needs, call it ergonomics or beauty.

The Altube shoes presented by Spiuk come in a sporty yellow and black design with holes on the sides, where the latter provide a ventilation system so that your feet can receive a continuous flow of air to prevent sweating and sweating. slips that are made when wet or with excess sweat. Additionally, these sneakers can be found in different colors so that you can select the one with which you feel most identified and you can combine them with the tones of your clothing.

On the other hand, this model comes with a closed design that helps and enhances the pedaling force, since its power transfer system will provide you with a slight boost due to the fact that these cycling shoes have an extremely light weight that will not have adverse effects on the movements you make when walking or pedaling. Therefore, it is a product that, in addition to being sporty and attractive, provides the user with good features.


Before you select cycling shoes for their price, either because their design caught your attention or someone you know recommended them to you, we recommend that you look at the safety aspects that said footwear can offer you. This is due to the fact that you will be pedaling for several hours on different types of roads and, first of all, you have to take care of your physical integrity before selecting an attractive model that does not have enough systems to keep you safe.

This model of shoes presented by Spiuk comes with several security systems compared to the footwear that is commonly seen in the market. The first is based on the sole, since this will fit with various types of cleats and pedals. Additionally, they are of the XC-S type and are made from a polyamide base with high-resistance TPU studs, which gives them a light but rigid appearance so that you do not have to worry about the elements you step on affecting the bridge. your feet or they will wear out easily. Also, the appearance they have will prevent you from having accidents due to slips and the closure system is based on laces with BOA and velcro; thus preventing the shoes from slipping off during pedalling.

crafting materials

Another aspect that you should not overlook is the manufacturing materials that the footwear that you are going to acquire has, since these are the ones in charge of determining that you acquire the best cycling shoes.

These Spiuk shoes stand out for being elaborated in detail, since the cover has textured reinforcements that provide high resistance to abrasion, you can also identify them by their intense and shiny black color located at the toe of each of the shoes.

The sole of this shoe is made of a mixed compound of polyamide with fiberglass, which results in a high-capacity polymer that is low in weight and provides rigidity and resistance, as well as greater power and transmission efficiency of the movements during pedalling. Positioning these shoes suitable for use in various types of cycling. In addition, it has additional studs to increase grip capacity and prevent slipping when pedaling.

On the other hand, the laces are made of nylon, which gives it higher levels of security and will prevent them from breaking easily, as well as the semi-hermetic closure of the shoe to prevent it from coming loose when you are in the process of pedaling in the bike.

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