Spiuk Jifter Opinions

Main advantage:

These cycling glasses have a high-quality photochromic design, with which you can enjoy a quick adjustment as the surrounding sunlight conditions vary, while also maintaining good UV protection.

Main disadvantage:

The product is not accompanied by an instruction manual, which is necessary for certain basic tasks such as changing lenses or adjusting the nose bridge. However, it is found on the internet, as usual.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Some glasses that have very positive opinions regarding their quality and that offer you all the necessary technology to circulate without glare.

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Main Features Explained

lens design

As always when we talk about cycling glasses, it is important to start by taking a look at the lenses. Especially when it comes to a quality aspect like the one offered by this model, which makes it easier to drive on terrain with continuous changes in light or in highly variable conditions.

And it is that Spiuk Jifter glasses have high quality lenses, built with Lumiris technology and the brand’s own. This technology is photochromic in nature, so that the glasses will be directly in charge of adjusting to the amount of existing sunlight. Therefore, on cloudy days, the lenses lighten, while if you are in full sun, then the lenses darken. A protection that does not take too long to adjust to that environment.

As if that were not enough, these lenses also allow us to enjoy 400-type UV protection, which takes care of your eyes and prevents glare. And for the most flirtatious, the brand offers you a good variety of finishes as far as the color of the lenses is concerned, so that you can choose the one you like the most. Some models that vary in price, according to the different designs.

frame design

Along with the lenses, it is essential to talk about the frame. An aspect of this product that also maintains the level of the rest of the product and that gives us considerable comfort and adjustability, as we will see in the next point.

Part of the secret of this mount is found in its material. We are talking about a specific rubber, especially light and that has more than considerable grip and durability. To do this, we have a base of Grimaldi-type material, which is finished off with the non-slip Rubber XT rubber. From the combination of these two elements, an efficient and very pleasant material is obtained.

Regarding the design, we are talking about cycling glasses with a rimless system, so that the lenses are only attached to the top of the glasses. In return, the nose bridge is located between the two lenses and has a system of adjustable wings, which add even more comfort to the product.

Lens comfort

As a final aspect, it is time to take a look at the comfort offered by the product. We have already mentioned part of it, since the design of the frame allows the support on the nose and ears to be very comfortable. In addition, we are talking about fairly light glasses, with an adjusted weight, so you will not have discomfort even during the longest training sessions.

On the other hand, as is the case with the best cycling glasses, this model has two small holes in the upper part of the lenses, through which air and heat are efficiently evacuated. These two air intakes maintain a continuous flow in the area of ​​the eye socket, so that the glasses do not fog up and you do not have the “cooked eyes” sensation that is typical of other high-quality models.

Finally, the glasses have different settings that make it easier to customize their behavior. Among them is the lens change system, which allows you to change your image and protection with ease. On the other hand, the wings of the nasal bridge can be adjusted to give us the necessary comfort at all times. The same goes for the temples, which makes it easier to insert them inside the helmet during filming. And so that you do not miss anything, the product is accompanied by a rigid microfiber case, so that your glasses are always perfect.

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