Spiuk Rocca Reviews

Main advantage:

The reinforcements in the toe box and heel not only provide greater comfort when wearing the shoes, but they will also give your toes and heel more security, as you will have better support to pedal without the risk of injuries due to bad movements.

Main disadvantage:

These shoes have a fairly small last, so it is necessary to purchase a pair with a size larger than the one you regularly wear to avoid discomfort.

Verdict: 9.7/10

The striking design of this shoe will catch everyone’s attention, meanwhile, you can pedal with all the peace and comfort you deserve.

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Main Features Explained


When buying these MTB shoes you can be sure that you are getting the best protection on the market, as Spiuk is a brand that attaches great importance to the fastening of its footwear to the bicycle pedals to give its buyers maximum safety. You will notice that many opinions consider them the best MTB shoes in this aspect.

The comfortable and secure fastening begins from the top of each shoe, as this shoe model comes with three adjustment straps with velcro closure. Each one of a different size and with an adequate distance between them to ensure three essential points of the foot. These fastening straps can be adjusted to correctly fit the shape of the cyclist’s foot, giving you much more comfort.

Turning each shoe over, you will notice the quality materials of the sole, however, if you look at the front, you will find the 4 sturdy holes to install the cleats to effectively hold the shoes to the pedals. This will prevent your foot from slipping and having untimely accidents that can bring you serious consequences.

You will also notice that there are two metal studs on the toecap that are not found in other models. These are there to give you more grip when you are on muddy and slippery terrain.


For a fairly reasonable price, you can get a modern and eye-catching pair of mountain biking shoes that are sure to stand out from the crowd, making you the standout cyclist on the entire trail. This, for the most part, happens because of the choice of colors that manufacturers have had on this model. The footwear combines black with fluorescent yellow, so you will get an excellent contrast and the yellow tone will shine much more. The sole also combines these colors. The protruding studs are in light shades, while the rest is completely black.

The materials that make up the structure of the sole are of the highest quality, giving the shoe a rigid support and correct transmission between the foot and the pedal; that’s why they are XC class. The outer part is made of a synthetic cover to protect the foot from anything you may find on the trail, like small rocks, for example. This resistant cover made of synthetic material also offers a very good adaptability to the foot so that the movement is fluid and natural.

For its part, the base is made entirely of polyamide and the studs are made of thermoplastic polyurethane, providing excellent performance that does not compromise the weight or comfort of the shoe.


When it comes to a pair of shoes, no matter what your specialty, one of the most important features is comfort. If you do not feel totally comfortable when wearing a shoe, then it is not correct for you and will cause you to not be able to give your all, because discomfort will prevent it.

Spiuk, as a brand specialized in sports shoes, is aware of this importance and, because of this, has implemented various details that contribute to this sensation of maximum comfort when it comes to mountain biking that every athlete deserves. When you put on your shoes, the first thing you will notice is that your foot will have good ventilation to receive air and prevent sweat from accumulating. The upper part has sections of fabric mesh to provide better air intake, while the sides benefit from the Drilling Shell System technology, which consists of small horizontal holes to maximize breathability even during physical exertion.

Added to this incredible feature are the shoe’s textured reinforcements. Both the toe box and the heel have this extra support to provide greater comfort and, in turn, better cushioning and grip.

On top of all this, the top synthetic cover is also easy to clean, which really adds to the comfort.

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