Sportstech CX608 Reviews

Main advantage:

This elliptical bike offers you a 12-kilogram inertia flywheel as well as a very functional screen where you can see the information you need about your daily exercise. Also, you could establish a connection between it and your Smartphone or Tablet via Bluetooth.

Main disadvantage:

This elliptical trainer is supplied disassembled with the appropriate step-by-step instructions to carry out such an action. However, this process may take a lot of your time to complete.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This may be the best option because it is a practical and functional elliptical bike with which you can exercise every day to achieve the results you want.

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Main Features Explained


Elliptical bikes today are considered one of the most popular exercise machines on the market, thanks to the quality and efficient exercise they provide you to improve your physical resistance, as well as to strengthen your muscles and burn calories.

Next, we will talk about a specific model sponsored by the Sportstech brand, it is the CX608, a product capable of giving you an exercise with momentum, this is due to the 12-kilogram inertia flywheel that will help you maintain a synchronization of the pedaling without loss of power.

It should be noted that this detail has to do with the weight of the flywheel and the transmission that occurs in the driving pulley, causing turns and, therefore, the natural movement of running without overloading the joints.

On the other hand, according to the opinions of many users, this model is very functional, since it offers you different qualities, among them the fact of being able to know the intensity of your practices by monitoring the frequency of your heartbeat, since it is compatible with activity bracelets, so you could see and compare the information displayed on the screen.

With this bike you can also choose the level of intensity with which you want to carry out your exercise routines thanks to the adjustable resistance it has. In this way, you only have to locate a button that is on the console of this product and that’s it, you can vary the strength with which you do your practices depending on the energy you have at a given moment.


The best elliptical trainer must be practical and easy to use, so that you can enjoy each of the advantages it has to offer without any problems.

In this way, the CX608 model has a multifunction console, which will allow you to access the most important information of each routine you perform with just a glance. It also gives you quick and easy access to each of the adjustment functions. You could even maintain a connection between the console and your Smartphone or Tablet through the Bluetooth option so you can control everything intelligently.

For its part, the multifunction screen of this bicycle is compatible with the heart rate monitor and shows you the information you need to know regarding your heart rate, your speed, time, calories and distance traveled. The high-quality magnetic braking system that this model has also provides you with a much more comfortable and silent use so that you can exercise at home at any time of the day.

As for the transmission belt that the elliptical bike has, it is important that you know that this system does not require much maintenance and is very quiet, capable of offering you optimal synchronization without irregular pedaling.



Both the price and the design of this elliptical cross trainer are very attractive, which is why many users prefer it when it comes to getting their body in shape, since it has appropriate and quality features.

Let’s start by talking about the design of this model, since it is made of resistant and durable materials, while its structure is offered in black with some red and white details. Likewise, it has dimensions of 121 x 55 x 160 centimeters, which is a compact product that is easy to position in any room in your home.

For its part, the pedals of this model have a non-slip and large design, therefore, they adapt correctly to each of your feet and their movement, thus avoiding accidents.

As for the resistance of this model, it could support a maximum weight of 120 kilograms, in addition its use would not generate any impact load and would help burn fat in your body or even strengthen muscles.

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