Sportstech SX200 Reviews

Main advantage: 

A flattering aspect of the equipment is that it incorporates two pairs of wheels at the base of the chassis for the enjoyment of a quick and easy movement of its robust structure of 44 kilograms.

Main disadvantage: 

The bike assembly experience can be a bit messy as some parts are heavy and the instructions might be insufficient for inexperienced people.

Verdict: 9.9/10

The design of this spinning bike offers a modern aesthetic with advanced technology, which will allow you to monitor your performance week by week, increasing your resistance with each practice.

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Main Features Explained

Mobilization and security

Spinning bikes are pieces of equipment that, once assembled, will require handling from one place to another in the room, either to clean the floor or to move the structure to store it once the exercise session is over. Whatever the case, it is important that the bicycle has an adequate transport mechanism. Thus, the experience of using the equipment will be much more pleasant.

For example, the Sportstech SX200 spinning bike is a model that has achieved a high position in the market because it has a correct method of mobilization and offers the necessary safety to get on, get off and pedal without fear of tipping over.

The first thing to keep in mind is that, once you have fully assembled the Sportstech SX200, it will weigh a maximum of 44 kilograms, which turns out to be quite a heavy weight if you intend to move the structure by yourself from one room to another. 

In this sense, you would be facing a complicated task to execute. However, you should not worry, since this specification will not cause problems in this model from the Sportstech house. This is due to the incorporation of a practical bearing system in the front and rear bars of the bicycle base. In this way, you can easily move it on any flat surface without too much effort. In addition, thanks to the fact that the two pairs of wheels are made of silicone, you will not damage the floor or make too much noise.

For greater safety, four small supports with anti-slip coating have been attached to the base, designed to avoid the sensation of instability when pedaling sitting or standing.

For its part, the two pedals are non-slip and have adjustable straps according to the size of the foot, to prevent the foot from unexpectedly leaving the pedal with the speed acquired and causing an accident.

smart operation

More and more manufacturers are incorporating cutting-edge technology into their equipment. The main purpose of this is to offer users smart products capable of improving their user experiences. In addition, in this way, the operation of the apparatus is optimized.

This situation occurs in the main exercise equipment, and the spinning bike is no exception, since a series of intelligent work modes are generally incorporated with intuitive programming through a front screen. In this way, you will be able to know your performance in each of the sessions, save the records in a certain app or download them to your mobile. Of course, this will depend on the compatibility of the software offered by the manufacturer.

In the specific case of this Sportstech patented spin bike, we have it as a favorite with buyers, who comment on its competitive price and high-end performance. This is because the equipment promotes effective training, collaborating in the fight against sedentary lifestyle, in burning calories and in the well-being of our physical state.

All this is possible when combined with other accessories that can be purchased separately, such as the chest strap with a heart rate sensor. It also has another system of sensors at the handlebar level that are activated by contact with the hands.

On the other hand, the selectable exercise programs through the console stand out. It is only necessary to press the identified button. Thus, you will decide the level of resistance and the distance of the route, among other aspects that you can program for future sessions. In addition, this console is compatible with the Kinomap app and others in the fitness category, as well as integrating a Bluetooth wireless connection, so you can create a direct link with your smartphone or tablet.


When purchasing a spinning bike, it is important to take into consideration the dimensions of the structure, since these can become a limitation when getting on or off it. Likewise, it is necessary to contrast the format of the equipment with respect to the space in which we intend to place it, once it has been assembled.

Sportstech SX200 has generated a series of positive opinions in the different purchase portals, and has come to be considered by some users as one of the best spinning bikes. This is due, in part, to its spacious format, which easily adapts to different anatomies. In this sense, you will be interested to know that, by assembling all the parts of this exercise equipment, you will obtain a chassis with length, width, height corresponding to 127 x 51 x 112 centimeters.

While these are the main specifications for buyers to verify, it is also true that you will need to know the distances between the seat – handlebar, seat – pedal and pedal – floor. In this way, you can confirm that the equipment is suitable for your height. Remember that you will be pedaling for long periods of time on the bike, and ideally you should feel comfortable.

Regarding the aforementioned measurements, we have that this spinning bike offers a distance of 71 centimeters from the saddle to the pedal area and, when unfolding the base of the seat, it reaches a maximum of 90 centimeters. For its part, the length between the seat and the handlebar reaches 77 centimeters, while from the floor to the pedal it is only 15 centimeters.

As can be seen, these are quite flattering dimensions, which do not limit the use of the equipment to a single person, so it can be used by the family group. In addition, it will not take up much space when placed in the different rooms.

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