The 10 Best Skis of 2022

Skis – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

Winter sports require specialized equipment to enjoy in the snow. So if you want to ski and slide down the mountains, you need to have skis that allow you to start the action properly. If you are thinking of buying one, it is recommended that you make a comparison between the available options. This will allow you to have an efficient model. Before buying, you should know that there are many prototypes, but there are two that lead the users’ preferences. The first model is the Line Tom Wallisch Pro characterized by offering very light but resistant skis at the same time, with a 2.2 x 2.5 millimeter edge to provide greater durability and useful life in terms of tuning. The next option is the model Rossignol Pursuit 800, skis that have a light weight and an elegant design in black with red details. In addition, they are of a professional type due to their technical characteristics, being suitable for their precision and power.



The 10 Best Skis – Opinions 2022

If you are a fan of winter sports and enjoy this season regardless of the time of year, it is convenient that you have skis that allow you to make the most of the season and improve your techniques on the snow. Hence, if you are going to buy one and do not know what to look for, we present a list with the eight designs that are frequently recommended by users, in which we detail the properties of each one.

freestyle skis

1.Line Tom Wallisch Pro Freestyle

If you are an expert skier and you are looking for the best freestyle skis available on the market, you could look at the Tom Wallisch Pro model, since, according to the comments of many users, they are special and very comfortable to use, firstly because they have a lighter weight. very light that makes them almost imperceptible while you move through the snow and perform your jumps and techniques.

Likewise, in terms of their profile, they have a 4-millimeter tip, a 4-millimeter inclination and a 4-millimeter tail as well, while the edge is 2.2 x 2.5 millimeters, which means a longer useful life. regarding the use of these skis. For its part, this model is laminated with pre-stretched carbon precisely to give them more durability as well as a striking freestyle design.

Buying good skis will always depend on each of the features it has to offer, which is why we invite you to get to know the Tom Wallisch Pro model in detail.


Weight: The weight of these skis is very light, ideal for you to carry out the most comfortable practices, being able to perform different jumps with confidence.

Profile: The profile of these skis has measurements of 4 millimeters at the tail and at the tip, while their inclination is also 4 millimeters so that you can enjoy a comfortable and safe use.

Laminate: The laminate of these skis is pre-stretched carbon, which gives this model durability and quality.


Price: To mention a drawback about this product, it should be noted that its price is a bit considerable.

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Rossignol skis

2. Rossignol Pursuit 800 Ti

If you want the best skis on the market, then you should pay attention to the characteristics of this model from the manufacturer Rossignol. This time the Pursuit 800 design is presented, modern and striking skis, available in black with red details.

It is a prototype that stands out for being made for professionals because it offers greater precision, stability and power. The model is equipped with Power Turn Rocker technology that provides light weight. This feature in turn provides momentum, speed and power to take the curves.

In addition, the skis are equipped with angepasstem, a development that facilitates torsion and absorbs shocks to provide a greater degree of control in contact with the snow. The skis are available in different sizes or length sizes, each with dimensions suitable for different athletes. Thus, they are qualified as a high-performance tool that stands out for providing power and strength.

The Rossignol Pursuit 800 are considered by many users to be the best skis of the moment, as they are made with technology that provides power and strength with a high degree of stability. Here we present its pros and cons.



Design: This model incorporates an elegant and striking design that combines black with red details.

Weight: The skis are made of strong yet lightweight materials, which provide low weight for more momentum and speed.

Control: Stability and balance should not be neglected, hence with these skis glide control is ensured thanks to the level of torsion.

Technology: The model incorporates a series of state-of-the-art technologies that provide speed, strength, impulse and control on the snow, highlighting the Power Turn Rocker.



Price: It is a model that stands out for its professional-level features and techniques, so its price may seem high.

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freeride skis


3.LINE Freeride Prophet

There are several types of skis on the market that are adequately adapted to each type of condition on the mountain. For example, there are freeride skis, exclusive for use on untreated snow, these have a very large surface and are usually taller than the skiers themselves.

In this way, we present you the prophet model sponsored by the Line brand, it is a pair of skis with a beautiful design that makes it stand out among many. This same has a waist width of 85 millimeters while its shape has dimensions of 118 x 85 x 108 millimeters.

For its part, in terms of the profile of this model, the tip is 61 millimeters, while the tail is 34 millimeters. Therefore, we are talking about a product capable of satisfying your needs and with which you could easily slide on the snow without any inconvenience.

At the time of purchase, you should consider each of the attributes that make the model that most caught your attention stand out. In this way, we invite you to learn more about the LINE skis prophet model.


Design: These skis have a very attractive design for anyone to see, so they could be what you are really looking for. 

Profile: According to the profile of these skis, the tail is 34 millimeters while the tip is 61 millimeters in total. This supposes a model with good proportions to ski comfortably.

Shape: The shape of these skis have dimensions of 118 x 85 x 108 millimeters, which provide you with a model suitable for practicing this extreme sport.


Colour: It should be noted that this model is available with a single label, therefore, you will not be able to choose the one you prefer between different shades.

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all-mountain skis


4. Armada All Mountain TST Ski 183cm

Now, it is time to review the all-mountain skis, these are ideal for use in a wide variety of terrains, taking into account that there are many models on the market capable of satisfying your needs. In this sense, you could find appropriate skis to ski more comfortably depending on your tastes.

The Armada brand offers you this time a model with Tip Rocker that gives it strength and stability during each use, so that you can move agilely through the snow without experiencing any inconvenience regarding its functionality.

Also, the design of these skis has a mix of colors that make them attractive, while the front wall has a combination of Tip and Tail with ABS construction, capable of providing you with better contact as well as good torsion.

Choosing among so many skis the right one for you is not an easy task, since you must consider many features before making the purchase. In this way, it would be ideal for you to know the advantages that this model offers you.


Tip Rocker: For ski connoisseurs it is important to know that this model has a Tip Rocker, so the stability it offers is appropriate for each use.

Front Wall: The front wall of these skis is made up of a combination of Tip and Tail with ABS, which could make you enjoy a good use of them.

Design: The design of these skis has a very nice color combination and has been specially designed for those who enjoy models labeled with images.


Unisex: These skis are special for the use of gentlemen. Therefore, we are not talking about a unisex model that could be used by ladies.

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Atomic skis

5. ATOMIC Redster XM GW

The Atomic skis could not be missing from our list, since they represent quality and comfort for intermediate level skiers. Therefore, we invite you to get to know the Redster XM model that offers you a wide variety of special features so that you can make use of a quality product.

That being the case, these cheap skis are supplied with Ft 11 bindings ideal for fastening the boots properly to each ski, so that you can easily adjust and release them when necessary, thus avoiding different types of injuries in the event of a fall, for example.

Regarding the dimensions of this product, it should be noted that the skis have a waist of 74 millimeters, while the tail is 103 millimeters and the nose is 120 millimeters. For its part, it has a radius of 15 millimeters, so it could be the right model for you depending on your requirements.

A good skier should always have the right skis to enjoy a proper ride over the snow. That is why you should not overlook every detail that a particular model can offer you.


Bindings: These skis are supplied with Ft 11 bindings, very useful for holding boots properly.

Practicality: By using these skis you will be able to enjoy an adequate level of practicality to move agilely down snowy slopes with ease.

Dimensions: The skis have a radius of 15 millimeters, a tail of 103 millimeters, while the waist is 74 millimeters and the nose is 120 millimeters. Special dimensions to enjoy a more comfortable use.


Color: This model is only available in black, so you will not have the opportunity to choose another color.

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Salomon skis

6. Solomon BBR 8.9 186

For those who are looking for the best skis of 2022, they can consider the BBR 8.9 186 model from the manufacturer Salomon, a great competitor of the Atomic brand, as one of their options. They are skis with an innovative design.

They are suitable for freestyle in the mountains, because their structure is designed to provide grip and adequate glide on different terrains. This model is equipped with the latest technology, it has a lateral cut shape that provides a sensation of buoyancy on the snow and greater cushioning.

In addition, these Salomon skis have an oversized tip that is combined with a narrow tail and lateral cut that guarantees precision on the track. Also, the model incorporates a vibration layer molded in the front part of the surface, to reduce vibrations and allow better contact between the ski and the snow. Its core is made of wood. Likewise, they are recommended for intermediate and advanced level short turns.

There are many manufacturers, but Salomon is one of the candidates to become the best ski brand due to its design. Therefore, it is opportune that you know the positive and negative aspects of its BBR 8.9 186 model. 


Structure: The skis have a structure that cushions contact with the snow for a feeling of buoyancy.

Core: They are made of quality and resistant materials, with a wooden core that provides greater stability and balance.

Level: This model is designed to provide grip on different terrains, being suitable for intermediate and advanced level athletes.

Technology: The model is equipped with an anti-vibration layer on the front that filters vibrations and provides a smooth glide on snow.


Weight: This is a model with an avant-garde design, wide at the tip and narrow at the tail, making it difficult for some users to handle due to its weight.

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Head Skis

7. Head Supershape I Rally SW MFPR

If you are wondering which are the best skis you can get on the market, this model from the manufacturer Head may help you answer the question.

These head skis are made with a graphene core, a hexagonal-shaped carbon crystal that provides torsional rigidity and a light weight that provides stability. They have a versatile design, being made as a women’s ski for competition or recreational use. Thanks to their structure, they provide a displacement of impulse and speed on the snow.  

This is a model that has been equipped with the latest Era 3.0 supershape technology, which provides a new racing experience, incorporating radius, rebound and rocker. Also, the skis are usually recommended for advanced levels because they provide a professional and fast technique with control in the turns. Likewise, they offer security with 12 fixings, an anti-blocking system in ABS and are suitable for different irons.

Selecting a suitable design is not an easy task. There are many features and techniques to consider, so if you don’t know which skis to buy, you should know the main advantages and disadvantages of the Head Supershape I Rally SW.


Weight: Thanks to the materials that have been incorporated in its manufacture, this model has a light weight of 2090 grams.

Technologies: The board is equipped with technologies that improve the radius and rebound on the snow for smoother and more controlled movements.

Core: The skis are equipped with a graphene core, a material that provides greater stability and lightness.

Design: This model incorporates a versatile design, suitable for leisure or competition at an advanced level.


Size: The model requires a correct assessment of the length of the skis with respect to the user’s anatomy, since their efficiency on the snow will depend on this.

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carving skis 

8. Elan Jett QS Includes Bindings

Not all skis are designed for the use of young people and adults, there are also appropriate models for the smallest of the house so that they can easily learn this sport using a product that is capable of providing comfort, ease and Above all safety, so that they can slide through the snow with confidence.

Thus, we present the Jett model of the Elan brand, characterized by the design it offers, this being very innovative and with first-class technology to allow your little one to practice this sport comfortably.

In this sense, we are talking about a patented technology called U-Flex, which will allow your little one to fully flex the skis in order to considerably accelerate the learning process of this great sport.

For its part, the structure of these carving skis is inspired by the Precision series of this same brand, therefore, it is attractive to the eyes of anyone.

For the smallest of the house there are also the appropriate skis, you just have to take into account that they are capable of offering the functionality and comfort they need.


Structure: It should be noted that the structure of this model is inspired by the Precision series of the Elan brand, which implies quality and functionality.

Design: The design of these skis, in addition to being attractive, incorporates top technology for the comfort of your little one.

U-Flex technology: Thanks to the presence of this technology in the skis, your little one will be able to flex them completely to speed up the learning process.


Use: Make sure you instruct your little one very well about the use that they should give these skis to avoid any type of inconvenience.

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Other products

9. Skiweb Sws Children’s Plastic Skis

This model of the Skiweb brand turns out to be one of the most recommended for the children’s category, designed with specific dimensions for children. The skis are available in turquoise blue with white details that simulate snowflakes, an attractive design for little ones to familiarize themselves with the equipment.

They are suitable for use with any type of discipline boots, as long as they are light. They are made from high quality and resistance plastic that provides safety for the little ones, as well as a good level of adherence to the ground. The model consists of a complete kit, from the skis to the poles and tips, which provide better stability and balance.

These boards are 70 cm long, so they are recommended for children between two and four years old. They can be used in mountains or tracks, as they adapt to different terrains.

The cost is a reference that leads many to make a decision and the Skiweb Sws are considered the cheapest skis. Therefore, you should read its pros and cons.


Category: This is a specific model for the children’s category, so its structure is designed for the safety of the little ones.

Design: These are skis that have an attractive and striking design for children, being suitable for them to get used to using this equipment.

Colors: Bright colors and prints are present in this model, as they are turquoise blue with details of snowflakes and small winter spiders.

Kit: To provide greater safety, the skis are equipped with poles and tips so that the child can maintain balance.


Size: Being a children’s mode, these skis are available with dimensions that are suitable for children between the ages of two and four, so that they will not be able to use them when they grow up.

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10. Dynastar Team Speed

This is the model indicated for those who are looking for the best value for money skis, because they are the cheapest in our selection. On this occasion, the manufacturer Dynastar presents the Team Speed ​​model, skis with a light structure and suitable for different terrains.

These skis are designed for beginner level skiers. They are usually recommended as the first ski for children to adapt to the mountains and winter sports, being convenient because they have a solid base that provides balance.

They are made of resistant materials, so they are characterized by their robustness in relation to durability, but they have a lightness that allows adequate gliding and speed on snow, since their weight is only 900 grams. They have a CAP type construction, edge, core and sole, a mold that covers the core and the sides with sheet, providing an inverted U shape.

Each model has attributes that make it stand out, with the Dynastar Team Speed ​​being one of those that lead the preferences. Here we leave you its most notable advantages and disadvantages.


Construction: The model has a CAP type construction, suitable for beginners. It is a mold that covers the core and the sides for a solid structure.

Control: These skis are equipped with Early Rise Rocker technology that increases control and improves initiation in turns and curves.

Weight: This model has a light weight that provides speed without losing stability and balance.

Level: Due to its properties, it is indicated for beginner level skiers, for children and young people who are starting out in snow sports.


Radius: The turning radius of this model is not as pronounced as that of other designs in a similar category.

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ski accessories

ski cover

Atomic Al5038610 Ski Bag

A ski bag is the ideal accessory to comfortably transport your skis from one place to another.

In this way, you should not miss any of your belongings, which is why we present you the model Al5038610 of the Atomic brand, characterized by providing adequate protection for your skis as it is made with a waterproof and anti-stain outer coating, in addition to a coating of Durable, easy-to-clean canvas that includes special ventilation holes to air out your skis once they’re stored.

Also, the length of this cover is 205 centimeters, therefore, thanks to its size you could easily house two pairs of skis.

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ski rack

Thule TH739 Sliding Ski Carrier

Among so many accessories available on the market for skiers, ski racks stand out, since they offer you an adequate level of functionality and practicality when carrying your skis from one place to another.

In this way, it should be noted that the Thule TH739 model offers you a special elevated design to prevent high fixings from damaging the roof of your car.

It also has enough capacity to hold 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. For its part, we are talking about a sliding model that could facilitate loading and unloading for greater comfort.

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Shopping guide

Choosing good skis these days is a somewhat complicated task, thanks to the wide variety of brands and models available on the market. It is for this reason that we have prepared a guide to buying the best skis, in which you can find the necessary information to make a good choice. In this way, we invite you to read each characteristic carefully, so that you can have at your disposal some skis that really adapt to your requirements.

types of skis

During your ski comparison, the first thing you should consider has to do with the type of ski you need to use to practice this extreme sport.

It should be noted that there are different types, among which we can find those Freestyle skis, these are designed so that you can enjoy a comfortable advance whether you go forward or backwards during the performance of the different tricks you decide to do. Likewise, they are characterized by having a double spatula, which are ideal for you to perform fast rotations and, of course, they are reinforced just in the skate area for greater durability.

For their part, freeride skis are considered exclusive for use on untreated snow, since they tend to float in the presence of considerable accumulations of snow and can notably withstand the performance of drops arranged by expert skiers. For these reasons, the skis have a wide and comfortable surface to use, to be able to move agilely in the mountains.

We cannot forget all-mountain skis, ideal for use on the vast majority of terrains without any inconvenience, so they are very practical and functional at the same time. It should be noted that these are available in a wide variety of special models to meet the needs of each skier.

In this way, if your thing is to travel on any type of track or even off it, your ideal model could be the all-mountain type. Now, if backcountry skiing is your thing, then you might consider using some freeride skis.


In addition to taking into account how much the skis that most attract your attention cost, you should not overlook the dimensions that they should have, to guarantee a comfortable, appropriate and safe use on the snow slopes.

Likewise, it is important to take into account the skill level of the athlete when choosing an appropriate size of skis, considering that for beginners in the practice of this discipline the skis must be short, that is, from 14 to 18 centimeters less than their height, since only then could they learn much faster, being able to handle them properly.

Now, for those intermediate level athletes, skis 12 to 14 centimeters shorter than their height are recommended, while for those skiers of professional size, the most appropriate thing is to use skis 10 to 12 centimeters below their height.

In conclusion, longer skis will always provide greater stability when sliding, but as against they are more difficult to maneuver, so you should assess such details before choosing.


In the market you could get cheap, practical skis with certain special accessories so that you avoid additional expenses, such as bindings.

These play a fundamental role in this type of product since they are in charge of guaranteeing you an appropriate level of safety while you ski, because with the bindings you could achieve a correct fit of the boots you use, even achieving an easy release of them when necessary.

In this way, always make sure to choose skis that include their bindings, since although most have their own, some models lack them.


There are always skis available for each type of person, that is why you must take into account the design that they have before buying, since there are special unisex models for the use of ladies and gentlemen, as well as those special exclusively for the use of women, as they are manufactured with the female morphology in mind. Therefore, they tend to be light, comfortable and flexible.

For their part, men’s skis vary in terms of the location of the bindings, so these are generally positioned a little further forward than the women’s models. In this way, a skier could achieve a good level of balance and precision to make turns when he wants and as many times as he wants.

Finally, the special skis for the little ones in the house could not be missing, with a smaller size and special characteristics to ensure your little one an a

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