The 10 Best Tents of 2022

Camping Tent – ​​Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

Those people who enjoy outdoor walks and outings that involve contact with nature require a tent that allows them to stay isolated from the weather, the cold and possible vermin. So if your plans include buying one of these, you need to be able to establish a comparison between the options available in the market. There is a wide range of stores, but few have the endorsement of users. The first recommended model is the Skandika Gotland 6, a family tent for up to six people that has been equipped with mosquito nets, hooks for lamps and pockets that make it easy to store small items. Another model is the Betroni Tende CAN 030, made with polyester textile fabric with waterproof properties and spacious interior for three people.

The 10 Best Camping Tents – Opinions 2022

If you enjoy ecological adventures in the open air and sleep in the middle of nature, you need to have equipment that provides you with the conditions to make your stay more comfortable. Part of these implements are the tents. If you have decided to buy one, you should know that although there are many options, not all of them may be suitable. For this reason, we have prepared a section with the favorite models of users, in which we explain the main characteristics of each of the designs.

family tent

1. Skandika Gotland 6 Family Tent

If you do not know which is the best tent on the market and you are looking for a large option, this family model with capacity for six people may be the option that meets your requirements.

It is recommended for family vacations or large groups, because it has a comfortable distribution made up of a room with an area of ​​more than 13 m² and a double cabin bedroom divided by a canvas.

In addition, the tent is equipped with a mosquito net at all entrances, waterproof seams that isolate water in case of rain, as well as a sealed bathtub-shaped floor.

Also, this family tent has details that make its structure comfortable, such as hook lamps, pockets for magazines, windows for light and zippers that keep its interior airtight. It is made of polyester, a breathable, resistant and stable material with a waterproof coating, being convenient because it has technology that isolates UV rays.

Determining which tent to buy can be tricky. But to get one step closer, you can read the pros and cons of the Skandika Gotland 6.


Capacity: A stay for many people will not be a problem because the store has a capacity for six users.

Layout: This tent is designed in an elongated shape with separate living room and double bedrooms, so its layout is favorable.

Accessories: The model is equipped with mosquito nets, organizer pockets, windows to improve air intake and a carrying bag.

Clothing: The tent is made of high-density polyester, with a waterproof textile technology coating that isolates the cold and water.


Weight: Although it has a high capacity of six people, its weight is high, since it exceeds 20 kilos.

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canadian tent

2. Betroni Tende CAN 030 Tent

Patented under the Betroni Tende quality seal, you will find this Canadian tent in purchase catalogues, which is highly valued by buyers, due to its simple design and great finishes. All the cuts have been well cared for and the seams of the unions reinforced.

The tent has been made with orange and blue polyester textile fabric, being a material that offers a high level of resistance when directly exposed to rain or sun. 

In addition, it is a fiber with waterproof and breathable properties, which is quite convenient when selecting equipment of this type, since climate changes are unexpected when going on an excursion. The interior of the tent puts at your disposal a place for at least three people, the assembly is simple and the weight of the structure is quite light to transport.

With a simple design, high-quality construction and resistant materials, this tent is positioned as a good purchase alternative that you should not let go unnoticed.


Textile: The polyester fabric of the garment offers resistance and impermeability.

Design: This model stands out for its design that incorporates a gabled roof, which helps to prevent leaks. 

Finishes: Detailed finishes, precise cuts and reinforced seams are indicators of the strength and durability of the tent.

Plaza: The tent is designed for three people, so you can share it with your fellow campers.


Instruction manual: You may need to clarify your doubts with some web tutorial, because the manual is considered a bit confusing.

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Tent for 4 people

3. Aktive 52687 4 person tent

Among the best tents of 2022, we find the Aktive 52687 model; which has a large size, to be used by several people at the same time.

Specifically, the product has dimensions of 205 x 205 x 130 centimeters, so that it is considered as a tent for 4 people, offering a resting surface according to these requirements. Its weight is 1.9 kilograms and the rods for the structure are made of fiberglass.

As for its manufacture, the tent is made of polyester, while the floor is made of PE, which gives it the necessary resistance, to be able to use it outdoors without risk. In addition to this, it has an entrance with a zipper and mesh lock, which will prevent insects from entering the tent.

Now we invite you to review the pros and cons of this Aktive option, to decide if it suits you or not:


Design: The tent is beautiful, silver in color and with a wide zippered entrance.

Materials: It is made of good quality resistant fabric that guarantees the durability of the product.

Capacity: A maximum of 4 people can enter it, thanks to the total size.

Accessories: The purchase of the product is accompanied by a transport bag, mounting rods and pickets.



Wind: Since it is a tent designed for sporadic use, it is not recommended to install it if there is a lot of wind, as it could affect the rods.

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car tent

4. Poetryer Rear Car Tent

If you are interested in knowing a good car tent, we recommend you evaluate the Poetryer 123 model.

This product has a suitable size to be installed in SUVs and even of different makes and models, to avoid inconveniences when wanting to use it. It mounts using ropes and ground nails, so you won’t have to lug around structural rods.

Its design is both wide and adjustable and has a mesh wall that, in addition to providing visibility, also allows air to circulate inside the vehicle, to make it more comfortable to rest in it.

On the other hand, it stands out that it has protection against UV rays and also tapes on its seams, to prevent the passage of water in case it rains.

For some, Poetryer could become the best tent brand and here we will review the pros of their product:


Compatibility: You can install this tent in different SUV models, for greater freedom of use.

Protection: It offers a barrier against the sun’s rays, UV protection and also against the rain, for your comfort.

Installation: You will be able to assemble the tent faster compared to a standard one.

Waterproofing: The seams of the fabric are covered with waterproof tape to prevent the passage of water.



Limited: Since it is a car tent, it can only be installed in the back of the vehicle and not on the ground.

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military tent

5. VGEBY1 Single Camouflage Tent

VGEBY1 offers you a quite useful camping tent if you don’t want it to be too big.

This option is designed to be worn by one person at a time, providing waterproofing and protection from the elements outside. Its construction is made of 170T polyester and has a silver coating that gives it UV protection. In addition, the floor is made of 210D Oxford polyester, being resistant and durable.

As for its size, this military tent has dimensions of 200 x 100 x 100 centimeters and weighs approximately 1 kilogram, so that you can transport it without discomfort wherever you are going to use it.

Finally, you will be able to carry the store without clutter and with greater ease, thanks to the carrying bag with a handle that is included with the purchase of the product.

So that you can choose a good tent, here we have compiled the most important advantages of this model:


Design: The tent has a very attractive military camouflage design and has ventilation openings.

Manufacturing: It has been made with resistant and good quality materials, which guarantee durability.

Protection: The fabric of the tent is treated to provide protection against ultraviolet rays, which offers greater safety.

Transport: With the purchase of the product you will get a practical bag where you can both store it and carry it.


Size: The dimensions of the tent are smaller compared to other models, so space is limited.

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2 seconds tent

6. WolfWise UPF 50+ Tent

If low cost is one of the characteristics that leads you to select a model, then this may be the indicated design, because it is the best value for money tent, being one of the cheapest options on the market. This tent has an igloo-shaped design and capacity for two people.

It is usually identified as a child deployable model. It is available in blue and stands out for its versatile characteristics, since it has a double zipper and, when the door is lowered, it serves as a beach mat. The model has several mesh ventilation areas, as well as a rear door that provides a balance between the entrance of wind and light.

The 2 seconds tent is made of polyester and galvanized steel, being robust. In addition, the manufacturer has equipped the cheap tent with textile technology that prevents UV rays from reaching through the walls, with protection up to UPF 50. It includes an assembly manual and a carrying bag.

WolfWise UPF 50+ stands out among the other models for being one of the cheapest tents on the market. Here are its pros and cons.


Design:  This model has a folding and striking design in the form of an igloo, in light blue, being suitable for the beach.

Capacity:  It is a small model, but it is suitable enough for two people to be comfortable.

Ventilation:  You should not worry about hot days, since this tent has several air inlets that cool its interior.

Protection:  The tent is made of high-density polyester, equipped with anti-UV technology and a waterproof function.


Zipper:  This store has a zipper closure, but users have said that these could be more resistant.

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4 season tent

7. ESNBIA Waterproof Camping Tent

ESNBIA presents this 4-season tent made of polyester with a robust polyurethane coating and treatment against ultraviolet rays, being materials resistant to wind, rain and sun. It also incorporates breathable mesh, improving ventilation and preventing the passage of mosquitoes. 

The method of closing the door is by means of an easy access zipper, the cuts of the structure have been made precisely and joined with sealed seams. The format of the store corresponds to 110 x 160 x 220 centimeters and has been designed to accommodate a couple of people approximately 185 centimeters tall.

On the other hand, the structure is complemented by two lower pockets and a third upper one, arranged for the storage of small objects. For its part, the assembly is quite simple because it has its respective poles, which provide great stability as they are made of aviation aluminum.

When acquiring a tent, it is convenient that it can accompany us both in summer and in winter, being the main characteristic of this model that it adapts to any season of the year.


Ventilation: The mesh windows allow the correct transit of the air flow.

UV protection: The ultraviolet treatment incorporated into the tent will protect you during any time of the year.

Textile: Polyester together with polyurethane, give the tent resistance and durability.

Dimensions: The structure of 110 x 160 x 220 centimeters, offers a fairly spacious interior for a couple of people.


Instruction manual: The instruction manual could be more explanatory, to carry out the assembly without problems.

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Igloo tent

8. Milestone Camping Four Person Igloo Tent

Nobody has said that buying a tent is an easy task, since there are a series of factors to verify in order for the equipment to adapt to our specific needs. For example, this Igloo camping tent has a fairly spacious format of 130 x 240 x 210 centimeters, which is an adequate area to accommodate a total of four people comfortably.

The orange with dark gray design is quite attractive and the seams have been reinforced for durability. The structure incorporates rods made of fiberglass, a light and resistant material that adds stability to the product when it is assembled.

Also, you have rods and a total of 10 pegs to fix the tent without any inconvenience. The floor integrated into the frame is quite convenient on uneven terrain and the storage bag will allow you to transport the tent safely.

With this tent you will have a spacious, light, easy to transport equipment and equipped with everything you need for its assembly.


Poles: The fiberglass used for the poles provides a higher level of stability to the tent.

Dimensions: With a format of 130 x 240 x 210 centimeters, the tent is suitable for accommodating a maximum of four people.

Storage: You will have a storage bag with zipper and handles to transport the tent with ease.

Floor: The fixed and robust floor of the tent will protect you from the irregularities of the terrain where you are camping.


Pegs: The pegs could be more robust, but this will depend on the type of ground you pitch your tent on.

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Tent for 3 people

9. Coleman Coastline Plus Sleep Tent

There are many tents, but there are few of those that are suitable for camping and provide a high degree of comfort to the user. So if you want the best tent, it may be convenient for you to know the properties of this model from the manufacturer Coleman.

It is a 3-person tunnel-style tent, with a two-bedroom layout: one serves as a storage room for camping gear and the other as a shared room, accommodating three people. The tent has a weight of 7.01 kilograms, being relatively light.

However, it has a stable and resistant structure made of high-density polyester, with WeatherTec+ technology, capable of insulating the cold and also being waterproof. It has a ventilation area to keep the interior cool. Its installation is simple and due to its size it is recommended for long stays.  

For a tent to be ideal, it must be spacious, resistant and at the same time light. For this reason, the Coleman Coastline Plus is often recognized by many users as the best camping tent of the moment. Know its pros and cons.


Capacity:  Due to its dimensions, the model has a capacity for three people, being spacious and comfortable.

Design:  Available in green, this tent features a two room layout and tunnel design.

Assembly:  It is equipped with a quick and intuitive assembly system, which does not take much time, nor does it require additional tools.

Textile technology:  The tent is equipped with a brand technology called WeatherTec+, which insulates the cold and repels water at the same time.


Weight:  Its weight of 7 kg may not be light, but the comfort it offers can compensate for this inconvenience.

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Other products

10. BERTONI Capri 200 Canadian Tent

This model is usually one of the most recommended tents by users, as it has features that make it a practical option for camping. The manufacturer Bertoni presents to the market the Capri 200 model, a Canadian-style tent that has capacity for about four people.

It is available in a neutral and simple brown tone color, which resists dirt. It is made of nylonflex, a material with a high degree of quality and resistance that provides stability and robustness. However, its structure is light.

Its weight is 11 kilograms, which does not represent a potential load attached to the rest of the camping equipment, since it can be transported easily and effortlessly. Due to its design, the tent is considered as a camping curtain. It has a mosquito net with an independent zipper and a carrying bag with a handle.

Capri 200 by Bertoni is a model that is considered by users to be among the best, thanks to its attributes. Therefore, it is convenient that you can read its pros and cons here.


Design: The store has a simple but practical Canadian-style design, being suitable for placing it in different spaces.

Color: The model comes in a neutral brown color that withstands dirt and at the same time looks suitable in various environments.

Materials: It is a solid and stable tent because it is made with resistant materials, since nylonflex is incorporated into it.

Weight: Considering the weight of other similar stores, this model is light, since it weighs only 11 kilograms.


Assembly: The assembly of the tent can be difficult for some users if the instructions are not followed.

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Shopping guide

Tents are equipment that must have certain specific manufacturing and design characteristics that allow us to enjoy a comfortable and safe space when going on an excursion, fishing or any other outdoor activity that involves their use. It is important that given the variety of existing models you do not get carried away by the first impression, being necessary that the equipment adapts to your needs and preferences. In the next section, you will find a small guide to buying the best tent, which we suggest you read carefully.


The issue of cleaning is of great importance and should be one of the points to evaluate in any comparison of tents, since it is a product that will be directly exposed to the elements and, therefore, will get dirty quickly.

This type of equipment is usually resistant, but it does not mean that we can use any disinfectant product to clean it. So check the manufacturer’s instructions, which are generally to avoid the use of bleach or machine washing, in the case of a small size tent. Cleaning can be carried out by rubbing a soft damp sponge or if a deep wash is necessary, you will have to apply detergent and remove all the excesses. Whatever the case, you can’t help but hang the tent in a ventilated place to dry and avoid moisture.

It is convenient that the structure has some type of treatment that repels dirt so that it does not take root completely. In this way, when cleaning the store, the process will be much easier to execute.

Capacity and dimensions

The interior capacity of the tent is a fairly representative characteristic when it comes to its selection, thus determining how much the product costs. In the market you can find models with one seat, for two, three, four and up to six people, these being the most purchased. So, before the purchase, it is recommended that you take note of the dimensions and contrasts with your needs, which will allow you to carry out a successful purchase. Measurements may vary in small, medium, large, or extra-large ranges. But the important thing is that you choose a tent that is spacious enough, so that both you and your companions can rest well all night without any limitation, due to the extra space occupied by the sleeping bags,

Textile resistance and ventilation

The resistance of a tent is given due to the quality present in the raw material used for its preparation, so if it is low quality materials, you should eliminate this model from your shopping list despite the fact that criticism reaches it. position itself as a good and economic store.

Make sure that the textile is robust and preferably polyester, although you will find designs in cotton. Likewise, it is important that it incorporates a special coating with thermal properties to protect you from the cold, with protection against ultraviolet rays and a waterproof treatment for rainy days.

Do not forget to confirm that the fabrics are breathable, as well as analyze the issue of ventilation, since many models have windows or areas in which some type of polyester mesh stands out, designed so that the air can circulate fluently. However, you will have to check that the holes in said fiber are small enough to prevent the passage of mosquitoes.

Accessories and storage

The best thing about buying a product with accessories is that we can start using it from the first moment, without having to spend time and money getting the elements for its assembly separately. This is a fairly common issue when it comes to tents, the vast majority of which are brought to the market with the necessary poles, pegs, ropes and grappling hooks. So, do not let this specification go unnoticed before making the purchase.

Storage is also of interest, since you can find in the purchase package from a simple bag in waterproof fabric and drawstring closure to a handbag with zippers, pockets and grab handles. Whatever the case, it is usually quite convenient to have this element to protect the equipment, in order to transport it comfortably and safely.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to pitch a tent?

The first thing you should do is spread a tarp over the ground as a measure of protection against moisture and cold. On this textile you must place the ground and continue extending the tent, which will take you to the next step, which is the placement of the rods and their respective anchors. Then, you will need to lift the tent with the help of the central ring, which must be adjusted in the upper intersection of the rods that have been left in the shape of an “X”. Don’t forget to secure the rest of the rods to give the structure stability. To finish, it is necessary to place the ceiling with the help of some ropes and the eyelets arranged in the corners of the tent.

Q2: How does a self pitching tent work?

There are mountain tents that incorporate a folding mechanism that is activated through a button on its structure, so the assembly process will be much faster and easier than that of a traditional tent. You only have to press it so that the tent opens, but in the same way you must secure the anchors to the ground and place the ceiling with their respective ropes, for greater protection and stability.

Q3: How to clean a tent?

Grab a broom and carefully sweep the inside of the tent to remove any food crumbs, dust or dirt buildup. Then rub a damp cloth all over the outside area, thus getting rid of much of the dirt. You should complement the cleaning by immersing the tent in a bucket of water, in which you should have previously poured some kind of mild detergent free of bleach that can damage the fabric. If necessary, wash the textile with a soft-bristled brush or simply with your hands, it being necessary to rinse with plenty of water until all excesses are removed.

Q4: How to make a tent?

If you check a website specialized in tents, you will have no problem getting a series of patterns belonging to different models of tents. So choose the one you like the most and put it on some sheets of paper. Next, have a large piece of polyester and breathable mesh fabric, strong nylon thread, a sewing machine, scissors, and a pair of zippers on hand. Mark the patterns on the fabric, carefully cut and join the parts with reinforced stitching, as well as the zippers. As for the rods, ropes and anchors, you can buy them at a department store.

Q5: How not to get cold in a tent?

In order not to get cold in your tent, there are several aspects that we must take into consideration, for example, if it is snowing you will have to use a tarpaulin with thermal protection, clothing with this same technology and a sleeping bag that raises the temperature up to in 15 degrees.

Likewise, it is advisable to urinate before going to bed so that the body stays warmer, pad the mats for better insulation, place a bottle of hot water between the legs at the femoral level, eat a portion of chocolate so that you activate the metabolism, carry out a round of squats to activate the body and avoid wet clothes inside the tent.

How to use a tent

If you are one of those people who like to experience life outdoors, you have surely considered purchasing a tent for your weekend trips to the mountains, the beach, fishing trips, among other activities of this type. Therefore, below we will teach you how to use a tent just by following these simple steps.

Check the purchase package

Open the purchase package and carefully review the material contained in it, making sure that each of the elements initially offered by the manufacturer is found. Likewise, it corroborates the good condition of the textile, rods, ropes and any other attached accessory. It is also important to have an instruction manual to clarify any concerns about the assembly.

Read the instruction manual

Set aside a few minutes of your time to read the instruction manual, being a rigorous step, which will help you become familiar with the product. In addition, in this way you will be able to know the type of textile and the benefits offered such as sun protection, waterproofing, among others. Likewise, you will be able to know the correct way to carry out the assembly, fold the tent and wash it without damaging it.

Spread a tarp and unfold the tent

You will need to spread a tarp on the ground where you will later place the tent, but you will need to be careful and fold it to the size of the equipment floor. Keep in mind that if it is larger, it will enhance the entry of water into the interior of the tent, in case it rains. Lay out the tent floor and unfold it on the tarp, trying t

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