The 10 Best Tracksuits of 2022

Tracksuit – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


The tracksuit is, today, a garment suitable both for practicing sports and for showing off an informal style on any occasion. A task in which it is convenient to have quality products such as the Adidas Essentials 3 Stripes tracksuit. This classic model of the brand has a fitted design, an elegant design in black with white bands and a nice fitted format. If you prefer a Nike tracksuit, you can turn to the Nike Dri-fit Academy, made with a special fabric that wicks away moisture more quickly while comfortably accompanying all your movements.



The 10 Best Tracksuits – Opinions 2022

If you want to enjoy both on and off the track, all you have to do is resort to the best tracksuit you can find. Some products that we have searched and analyzed to find the best tracksuits of 2022, in order to give you some good ideas about what you can find on the market. So if you want to find the best tracksuit for you, all you have to do is read our list of featured products, where it is easy to find the perfect model for you, whether you are looking for cheap and simple models or the most advanced products on the market. market.

adidas tracksuit

1. Adidas Men’s Essentials 3-Stripes Track Suit Tracksuit

The Adidas Essentials 3-Stripes tracksuit for men is one of the brand’s most classic and iconic products. A model that is never missing when looking for the best tracksuit of the moment. This Adidas tracksuit consists of a jacket and pants, both in black and decorated with the famous lines of the brand printed on the sides. The product has a regular fit, which provides greater comfort when training, accompanying your movements. 

The product also has elastic elements at the waist, at the base of the legs and at the cuffs. Something that helps you enjoy a more pleasant feeling of warmth and adequate protection against cold and humidity, so you don’t worry about low temperatures or sweating from your training.

If for you the best brand of tracksuits on the market is Adidas, then this classic model will be very interesting for you.


Fitted cut: The fitted cut gives you greater comfort when training or wearing the piece.

Traditional style : The model has the traditional Adidas design, both in terms of color and decoration.

Pockets : Both the pants and the jacket have pockets, so you can carry what you need.

Recycled : The product is made from recycled polyester, so this tracksuit helps the environment.

Measurements : The patterns are adjusted to the usual sizes so you can wear your usual size without problems.


Sizes: The largest size is XXL, so this model is not available for large sizes.

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2. Adidas Women’s WTS Back2bas 3s Tracksuit

Designed especially for them, the WTS Back2bas model is an Adidas tracksuit for women that maintains both the comfort and the design that we can find in the brand’s products. In fact, this Adidas tracksuit has a regular fit, so the fitted format adds extra comfort when it comes to highlighting the figure and enjoying good comfort. 

As a classic cut tracksuit, the model also has the usual three printed bands, both on the sleeves and on the legs, which stand out against the black color of the set. Regarding the season, the product is made of polyester, being suitable for use in autumn and winter, where it offers good insulation against cold and humidity. Something that also helps the elastic band included in the waist, for a better fit.

If you are not sure which tracksuit to buy, we give you more data and information regarding this product designed for them.


Regular fit: The fitted fit of the product adds extra comfort to the product and protects you from the cold.

Image : The model has the traditional Adidas image, with the three stripes on the legs and sleeves as well as the logo on the chest.

Sizes : This tracksuit is offered in a wide variety of sizes, suitable for all types of users.


Color : The model has the traditional black design of the brand and there are no other alternatives.

Neck : The jacket leaves the neck area visible, so it is not too warm.

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Nike tracksuit

3. Nike Men’s Dri-fit Academy C Soccer Tracksuit

If training hard is your thing then you’ll want to check out the Nike Dri-fit Academy Tracksuit. This Nike men’s tracksuit is made with the brand’s exclusive Dry-Fit fabric, which completely removes heat from your skin. So you won’t have to worry about sweat or humidity, no matter how hard your workout is. A work in which you also have a comfortable fit, rather loose, so that your movements are not limited. Its 100% polyester fabric also contributes to this task, which reduces the total weight of the piece and gives you lighter movements.

On the other hand, the product is completed with details such as zippered side pockets on the pants, so you can carry whatever you want comfortably. Zippers that are also on the legs, in order to facilitate the task of putting them on or taking them off when necessary.

We leave you more details of this tracksuit and everything that it puts at your fingertips when training


Fabric : This product has the Dry-Fit fabric, which completely evacuates heat during training.

Weight : It is a light and very pleasant tracksuit, thanks to its entire polyester construction.

Zip pockets: Zip pockets prevent you from losing what you carry in them.

Loose fit : The loose fit allows for more comfortable movement during use.


Temperatures : The material of the tracksuit is rather thin, so it is not the best option when temperatures drop.

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4. Nike Women’s W NSW TRK Suit PK Tracksuit

So that athletes also look stylish and have adequate comfort during their training we have the Nike W NSW TRK tracksuit. This Nike women’s tracksuit has a nice, comfortable regular fit. A fit that doesn’t limit movement during training, no matter what you do. As for its material, the tracksuit has the usual polyester construction although with a softer and more pleasant finish, so that it offers you better sensations in general. 

All this in an interestingly designed tracksuit, consisting of the usual set of pants with a good rise at the waist and a traditional style zip-up track jacket. As for its appearance, the tracksuit is black on the pants, as well as on the jacket, where a white upper section is added, which gives the product a different touch.

We leave you more details of this women’s tracksuit, so that you know it in depth before deciding.


Fit: The fit allows good freedom of movement during your workouts.

Traditional design : This tracksuit has a traditional design, with pants and a jacket with a central opening.

Softness : Despite being made of polyester, the product offers greater softness than this material usually has.


Sizes : According to some comments, it is advisable to check the sizes properly before making our purchase.

Colors : The tracksuit is only offered in the color combination we have mentioned, black and white.

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Real Madrid tracksuit

5. adidas Pre Tracksuit with Real Madrid Design Season 2017/2018

If in addition to training you want to wear the colors of your favorite team, all you have to do is resort to this Adidas model. This Real Madrid tracksuit is official for the team, although in this case it belongs to the 2017/2018 season. It has a design with a black background and blue tones, typical of this year, in a product designed for the little ones in the house. For this you have sizes from 18 months and up to six years. 

This tracksuit is made entirely of polyester, which gives the user high breathability and pleasant sensations. The same ones offered by its elastic cuffs or the drawstring waist, which make adjusting the tracksuit even more comfortable and prevent the cold from penetrating inside. And if the cold squeezes the hood with which the tracksuit sweatshirt is finished off, it adds extra warmth.

It’s easy for your little ones to show off their colors with this official Real Madrid tracksuit.


Breathable : Thanks to its design, this product offers considerable breathability and pleasant sensations.

Format : The tracksuit has a design with pants and a jacket with a hood, for a more pleasant protection.

Official product. This product is official Adidas, so we are not talking about a poor quality imitation.


Availability of sizes: The sizes of this product only go up to the six-year-old model, so if your little one is older, you will have to opt for another model.

Season : This tracksuit is from last season, although the brand also offers the current one.

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PSG tracksuit

6. Paris Saint Germain Men’s Fit Tracksuit

The PSG Paris Saint Germain tracksuit is an interesting product for those looking for a tracksuit from this French team. An official product of the French team and that has a design that reproduces all aspects of the training tracksuit of the Parisian team. Specifically, in the lower part we have dark blue fitted trousers with the team’s shield on the leg. 

In the upper part we have a jacket with a full opening zipper, which also maintains the color of the pants and has the team name on the sleeves and the PSG shield printed on the chest. As for the fabric, it offers pleasant comfort during training, as well as the necessary perspiration so that you do not get overwhelmed during use. Something to which its fit design contributes, which better accompanies movements while using the product.

For fans of Paris Saint Germain, nothing better than this high-quality official tracksuit.


Design: The product has the traditional design, with matching jacket and pants.

Original: This product is original and therefore it is the same tracksuit worn by the Parisian team players.

Comfort : Thanks to its materials, we are talking about a product that offers considerable comfort and breathability during use.


Temperature: Due to its characteristics, it does not seem like a very suitable product when temperatures drop.

Sizes : We don’t have too many sizes to choose from, currently only XL and XXL.

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tracksuit for boy

7. Unbrand Boys Unisex 3D Print Pullover Child Jogging Sweatshirts 

Unbrand’s Fornite tracksuit is sure to become a favorite with the littlest Fornite fans. This tracksuit for boys has a set of trousers and a sweatshirt, on the chest of which we find a quality print with some of the best-known characters from this video game. A print that is also present on the pants, with a color contrast of white on a black background. 

The two pieces are made primarily of cotton, with a blend that also includes polyester and spandex. The result is a very comfortable material when it comes to fighting the cold and that maintains good elasticity when it comes to accompanying movement. A hood on the sweatshirt is also added to this protection against the cold, which together with the rubber cuffs and ankles also improve these sensations and general comfort.

We analyze this model in detail to leave you everything that interests you about it below.


Materials: The product is made mainly of cotton, offering greater comfort.

Print : The print on the tracksuit is not only fun but has a good quality.

Warmth : In addition to the material, it has closed cuffs and ankles and a hood on the sweatshirt, for added warmth.


Washing: Washing should be done at low temperature and the product should not be ironed.

Seam : The product may have some loose threads, so it is advisable to check that seam beforehand.

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Atletico Madrid tracksuit

8. Nike Tracksuit Junior Atlético de Madrid Strike 2019/2020

So that mattress fans can wear the colors of their team, we have included the official Atlético de Madrid tracksuit for this 2019-2020 season. An original tracksuit made by Nike, which benefits from the brand’s usual technologies. Among them we have the Dri-fit fabric with which the product is made. A material that better evacuates heat and humidity from inside the tracksuit, so that your body does not overheat. 

It also offers a slim-fitting yet flexible design, so the tracksuit accompanies your movements and provides pleasant comfort when training. Regarding its appearance, the product is mainly gray, with a red band on the chest area and other details of this color on the sleeves and legs. It is finished off with the embroidered shield both on the jacket and on the leg, along with the brand’s logo.

If you are a fan of the mattress team, then you will surely like their official tracksuit.


Dry-Fit fabric: As with other brand products, this model includes the Dry-Fit fabric, which evacuates heat better.

Fitted cut: The fitted cut gives adequate mobility to the product, while adjusting to the body.

OFFICIAL: This Nike product is the original tracksuit for the current season, so you’ll be up to date with your riding.


Available sizes: The range of sizes is somewhat limited and designed for children, including only L and XL.

Open leg: The leg is open and does not have a rubber closure, so it lets the cold through.

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joma tracksuit

9. Joma Academy Men’s Tracksuit, Man

Located within the economic line of the brand, the Joma Academy tracksuit is a men’s tracksuit already classic among users, with which to enjoy pleasant sensations. A product that has a traditional design, so that it includes both the jacket and the pants of those products. The tracksuit has been entirely made of polyester, offering a light weight and a simple design, ideal for not having problems on the track or in any circumstance. 

The product is finished off with details such as the pockets on the jacket and pants or the inner drawstring at the waist. It also has rubberized reinforcements on the cuffs and pants, so that the cold does not penetrate inside the piece. Something that adds extra protection while you wear it.

In order not to spend too much on your sports equipment, you can opt for this Joma model.


Material: Due to its polyester construction, we are talking about a light product that is very pleasant to wear.

Traditional cut : This model has the classic design of jacket and pants, traditional cut.

Colors : The tracksuit is presented in various color combinations in jacket and pants.


Protection against cold: Some comments indicate that the fabric is rather cold, especially in low temperatures.

Durability : There are also comments that the product may not be suitable for heavy use.

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tracksuit for girl

10. Zippy Tracksuit for Girls

The Zippy ZG0603_456_1 children’s tracksuit is a product that combines trousers and a sweatshirt, to give little ones the necessary comfort when playing sports or simply showing off an informal style. This design has a sweatshirt on top, in black and with good protection against the cold. In the lower part we find white pants, which gives a nice contrast to the outfit. 

Regarding the material, this tracksuit for girls is made of high quality cotton. That is why it has a pleasant touch and a very comfortable interior, which better maintains heat without affecting perspiration. The adjustment is made by means of an elastic waistband on the pants as well as rubberized cuffs on the sleeves and legs. A host of functions that, together with its adjusted price, bring the product closer to being the best value for money tracksuit that we have found on the market.

Located among the cheapest tracksuits, we leave you the results of the analysis of this product and its characteristics.


Material: The tracksuit has 76% cotton in its composition, which gives it extra comfort.

Set : The set of pants and sweatshirt offers a very fun image, with an excellent set.

Comfortable : The product has a highly comfortable material, which better keeps the heat inside.


Sizes : According to some comments, the sizes are somewhat irregular, so it is key to check the measurements of the product.

Washing : Although it can be washed hot, this wash cannot exceed 30 degrees of temperature.

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Shopping guide 

For a long time the tracksuit has been a product designed for the athlete, either to train or to keep warm after training. But over time this product has become a fashion accessory suitable for wearing on any occasion. That is why it is interesting to have our guide to buying the best tracksuit, where we give you the guidelines you need so that your new garment fits perfectly.

tracksuit type

The first question that we have to assess is the type of tracksuit that we are going to buy or that we may need. And it is that for a long time we only had one option to choose from, which is the traditional tracksuit: pants and jacket. Over time, some more options have emerged, as we can see in any comparison of tracksuits that falls into our hands.

Among these options we have the product consisting of pants and sweatshirt. This model adds extra versatility when it comes to combining the tracksuit separately and gives you extra warmth, due to the particular design of the sweatshirt. A sweatshirt that can have different thicknesses and styles. A sweatshirt that can be plain, with pockets on the sides or with a large kangaroo pocket located in the center of the garment.

Regarding the more conventional design, we are talking about a traditional product, suitable for training with it or to protect us from the cold after exercising. The design of the jacket, with a large central zipper, makes it very easy to put on and take off the jacket when necessary. If you want to have the same comfort in the pants, all you have to do is look for a model that includes zips on the ankles.

tracksuit fabric

As a second interesting aspect we have to talk about the fabric with which the tracksuit has been made. This material is one of the aspects that most influences how much the product costs, as well as the sensations that it will offer us when wearing it. So it is worth taking a look at that material before making a decision.

If you are looking for a cheap and simple tracksuit, then polyester is a good choice. This synthetic material has a pleasant and very characteristic texture, which helps to adequately maintain heat and prevent the cold from entering the interior. In addition, the material is light and usually withstands use quite well without deteriorating.

However, for cold climates and for better protection, tracksuits made entirely of cotton are even better. A material much more comfortable and pleasant to the touch, although in return it has a little more weight than polyester. In fact, it is common for the poorest quality cotton tracksuits to start to deteriorate and “ball” with time and use. Although this can be avoided with a high quality product.

Measurements and sizes

Once we have already chosen both the type of tracksuit we need and the material it will be made of, it is time to take a look at the measurements and sizes of the product. An aspect that always tends to generate controversy, since there is no clear standard that establishes what measures each size should have since each manufacturer takes the measures that it deems appropriate. So it never hurts to check the exact measurement of each size.

In general, when it comes to sportswear, conventional sizes are usually used by means of letters, ranging from S or small to 3XL, which is the largest. If the manufacturer offers large sizes, then this scale is increased by a size that can reach 4, 5 or even 6XL, depending on what they offer.

Each of these sizes corresponds to some measurements, which we must take both for the waist and for the chest, the hip and the shot of the pants. It will depend on the fit you want to see and your own measurements to choose one size or another. If you prefer a loose fit, opt for one size up, while if you prefer a tight fit, go for your usual size. It’s all a matter of taste and preferences, depending on the sensations you want to have while wearing the tracksuit.

Frequently asked questions 


Q1: How to match a tracksuit?

The tracksuit has become a fashion piece that goes beyond sports. The advantage of having two pieces makes it easier to combine it separately, so that we do not need more than the jacket or the sweatshirt with some jeans in order to show off a casual style. As for the pants, this can also be combined with any sweatshirt, with a fleece lining or any similar sports garment. If the pants are black or white, you can also wear them with plaid shirts and other casual clothing. So the possibilities of combining those elements are almost endless.


Q2: How to sew the bottom of a tracksuit?

For a long time, the bottom of the tracksuit has been sewn with a needle and thread of the same color, generally on the inside of the leg and leaving a good gather, which prevents the fingers from sneaking between the interior spaces and the stitching from skipping. A process that has been somewhat complex and that today can be replaced with adhesive tapes for fabric, with which it is enough to take the bottom, place the tape and iron on it so that the bottom is correctly sewn, or glued in this case.


Q3: Which fabric is best for a tracksuit?

In general, the best fabric for a tracksuit is usually cotton, both for the pleasant touch it offers us and for the greater retention of heat, without forgetting the pleasant perspiration it offers during use. However, if the weather is not particularly harsh or if you prefer a tracksuit that is lighter than cotton, you have a good alternative in products made of polyester and other synthetic materials.

Q4: How to narrow a sweatpants?

To narrow a sweatpants we will start by taking measurements of the distance or space you want to narrow. This measurement should be taken along the leg, marking it with pins. Once the marking is done and when you are clear that this is the correct measurement, then you must sew or overlock that distance, thus joining the excess fabric along the leg in a kind of fold.

Something for which it is convenient to do it following the line of the original interior seam of the leg, which better conceals the arrangement. Regarding the feet, these can be closed with a rubber, if there is none, or by narrowing the existing one. The same goes for the waist, which if it has a drawstring can also be adjusted more comfortably.

Q5: How to remove resin from sweatpants?

Due to the sticky characteristics of the resin, the cleaning process of the same is somewhat complex. Therefore, the sooner you clean it, the better. As for the process, there are several remedies that you can resort to. One of them involves heating the stain and removing it with acetone, although always checking that the fabric does not deteriorate in the process. Another option is to soak the stain with olive oil, rubbing it afterwards with soap and water. Cleaning is finished with a conventional washing machine.

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