The 11 Best Backpacks of 2022

Backpack – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

To carry your objects organized and comfortably, whether to the office, school, university, short trip, camping or hiking, you need a backpack in which you can store your belongings. If your plans include purchasing one, it is necessary that, prior to the purchase, you make a comparison between the available options. In today’s market there are many makes and models, but only a few stand out. The first is the Vans Old Skool II, a men’s backpack available in various colors, one of the most popular being black. It is made with quality materials, so it is resistant to water and other abrasive elements. In addition, it has adjustable shoulder straps to suit the user’s comfort. The next option is the WEILLCCE 31×30, a model with a casual and versatile design for women, several compartments to keep your objects organized, and available in different colours.

The 11 Best Backpacks – Opinions 2022

If you need a space to organize your belongings and keep your hands free, it is convenient that you have a backpack that distributes the weight. Before buying you should keep in mind that, although there are many models, it is possible that not all of them are suitable for your needs. For this reason, we offer you a list of the models that are frequently recommended by users, in which we detail the main advantages of each of the options.

vans backpack

1.Vans Old Skool II Casual

With a traditional style and casual design, this model from the Vans manufacturer is usually recommended among the best backpacks of 2022, making it convenient for you to review its characteristics. This model is made with high standards of quality and resistance, incorporating polyester in its internal and external structure, a material that supports weight and is robust.

The design of this Vans backpack is made up of a large compartment and a front pocket, both with solid zipper closure. Also, in the internal area there are a couple of pockets with an organizational panel, which allow the storage of small objects.

The backpack is available in various colours, from some dark and masculine to other more sporty, combined and printed tones. It has a volumetric capacity of about 22 liters and its dimensions are 42 cm high, 32.4 cm wide and 12.1 cm deep, being suitable for school, tourism or walks.

Vans is a recognized brand with years of presence in the market, so it is not surprising that it is commonly classified as the best backpack brand. Here are the positives and negatives of your Old Skool II model.


Capacity: Weight will not be a problem because this backpack is equipped to support a volumetric capacity of 22 liters.

Design: If you are a fan of classic and conventional skate-style models, this backpack has a simple, but functional design.

Structure: The backpack is equipped with a solid and striking structure, available in various colors.

Pockets: The model has several pockets that allow you to keep your belongings organized in different spaces.


Fabric: The backpack is made of 100% polyester, so it is light and could tear after rubbing against some objects.

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2. WEILLCCE 31×30 Waterproof Nylon Backpack

Versatility may be what best characterizes many casual fashion trends that we can choose today and this backpack bag is enough to show it, which, without letting you lose style, allows you to have the most essential things at hand in a very comfortable way. organized and without spending too much money because it is one of the cheapest.

The bag is made up of 4 compartments that you can adapt depending on the type of object you decide to store and its size. For example, in the front area, you will find two very useful zippers to place your wallet or mobile; while the central section, which is quite wide, is accessed from the back with a large zipper. On the sides there are also bags where you can carry a thermos or some other object.

Another very attractive feature of the model is its dimensions of 31 x 30, which we can describe as practical, since it is not a very large backpack but it is not considered too compact either, thus providing a convenient capacity. 

If you are looking for an alternative among the cheapest, this could be the best backpack of the moment to be fashionable without spending so much money. We are going to review the most notable features in summary form below.


Dimensions: Because it is a balanced model in terms of size, it can have a convenient capacity to carry your day-to-day items.

Portability: By including 3 ways to hold this bag, you can use the one that is most comfortable for you on each occasion.

Colors: You can select this model in several fashionable shades, so you will probably find one that matches your clothes.

Waterproof: Because it is made of nano-nylon, it is a model that can repel water to protect your objects sensitive to this element.

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backpack for women

3.HASAGEI Vintage Unisex

Carrying everything you need with you, while at the same time complementing your style, can be a breeze if you have the right women’s backpack. On this occasion, the HASAGEI brand presents us with a very practical model with two buckles that add a vintage touch to its appearance and star in the front part. In addition, it is available in several very beautiful unisex shades.

As for its comfort, we must mention that, by incorporating padded straps, you can carry your belongings without your shoulders suffering. While on the other hand, it stands out for being a light and resistant unisex backpack. Likewise, it has an affordable cost, so if you are looking for the best value for money backpack, we recommend that you carefully analyze this model.

We do not want to forget to mention that due to its dimensions of 29 x 43 x 13.5 cm, you can store quite a few objects inside it, you could even carry a tablet or a compact laptop or your documents in A4 format.

If you still do not know which backpack to buy, we offer you more information regarding this model.


Design: Its beautiful vintage appearance can be considered as timeless, so this backpack will not go out of style.

Lightness: Since it is made of light canvas, it does not add too much weight and you can carry your belongings comfortably.

Security: With buckles and zippers for the larger sections, you can keep your things inside without worrying about them getting lost.

Distribution: Thanks to the fact that it has interior compartments and sections, you can organize your belongings to find them quickly.


Type of use: If you normally carry a lot of weight in your backpack and carry it on your back for a considerable time, this may not be the most appropriate model.

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anti-theft backpack

4. WAWJ Business Anti-Theft Waterproof

The strategies that backpack designer companies implement to prevent your belongings from being removed without your consent improve every day, and if you are wondering which is the best anti-theft backpack, this may be just the model you need to rest easy. It is a practical backpack that, in addition to being very well distributed in compartments for large, medium and other objects, offers a combination lock that you can set to 3 digits as many times as you want. This device aims to hold the zippers to prevent their opening by strangers in an efficient way.

On the other hand, it has many other practical features that will make your journeys a pleasant moment, such as its USB port, which will allow you to charge your mobile devices, or its connection for headphones. In addition, its 8.5 cm shoulder straps will allow you to distribute the weight of the backpack comfortably and its padded back offers soft support.

To keep your objects safe and carry them comfortably, this model may be one of the best alternatives to add to your comparison. We present the pros and cons that we have found in its design.


Waterproof: Thanks to the type of composition materials, water cannot seep into the interior, keeping your objects safe in the event of a spill or the presence of rain.

Robust: Since it has reinforced seams and is made of oxford fabric, it can be classified as resistant.

Colors: It is available in black and gray tones that are considered versatile and elegant.

Compartments: The model has a wide variety of sections to carry everything organized and keep it close at hand.


Battery: It could include in its design an interior pocket to place the battery and prevent it from moving.

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East pack backpack

5. Eastpak Padded Pak’R Backpack

Available in various colors, from some strong and sober to pastel and striking tones for women, this model from the manufacturer Eastpak is one of the most recommended by users, for meeting high standards of quality, capacity and comfort.

This Eastpack backpack stands out for being designed with a soft and light structure of only 381 grams. However, it is resistant and supports a volumetric capacity of 24 liters. It is recommended for having a large main compartment with a zipper closure system.

In addition, it has a pocket on the front that is used to store and keep smaller objects secured. It is also equipped with padded and adjustable straps, along with a soft and ergonomic backrest base to distribute the weight.

This model is suitable for academic activities, short trips, among others. Its structure is made of high-density nylon, with double reinforced seams and has a height of 40 cm.

The Eastpak Padded Pak’R offers users high standards of quality, versatility of use and comfort, all in one backpack, so it is one of the most recommended, but it is convenient that you can analyze its pros and cons.


Pockets: Storing your belongings to keep them organized and safe is planned with the design of this backpack, equipped with several pockets and a large compartment, all with zipper.

Structure: This backpack is made with a firm and resistant polyester structure, with double reinforced stitching to prevent it from being damaged.

Ergonomics: The backpack offers a high degree of comfort and weight distribution, it is equipped with padded back and straps.

Capacity: The manufacturer provided a volumetric capacity of 24 liters for this model, so that it supports a considerable weight.


Rigidity: Although it is a lightweight model, its structure can be rigid and not very moldable.

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Totto backpack

6. Totto School Watercolors Adaptable to Car

If you are not very sure about the way you should carry your backpack, that is, on your shoulders or on an accessory with wheels, this model may be your solution, because it is a Totto backpack that has a dual mode.. 

This advantage is acquired thanks to its systems with coupling straps, compatible with an accessory that is purchased separately that includes wheels, the same that will be useful for moving your backpack on the ground because the weight of the objects inside it is considerable.

On the other hand, its capacity is 20 liters, being very useful to carry supplies to the institute or simply if you need a resistant and attractive backpack to transport some things. It also highlights its resistance and ergonomics, qualities that make it perhaps one of the best backpacks.

Due to its designs that combine vibrant and cheerful tones, many may consider Totto as the best brand of backpacks. Let’s see what are the most outstanding features of this model.


Capacity: Its dimensions of 44 cm high and 20 L capacity, allow you to carry a large number of objects inside.

Ergonomics: With S-shaped handles, it can better fit the body shape and provide comfort.

Versatility: Due to its double way of transporting, either with wheels or on the shoulders, it can be very practical.

Accessories: Thanks to the fact that it has a removable keyring, you can have your keys always available and without losing them.


Color: If you are looking for a completely black model, you may have to choose another option; however, the combinations it offers can be very attractive.

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adidas backpack

7. Adidas Lin per Bp Unisex

Adidas has always been a brand characterized by seeking to best meet the needs of users, putting great care especially in the details. In this model, he confirms his objectives by presenting us with what could be the best quality-price ratio backpack on the list and also, for many, the most attractive, since it is an Adidas backpack with good finishes and a large format, as well as a fairly high cost. acceptable. 

Its measurements are 15 cm x 30 cm x 46 cm and it has been made thinking that you can carry everything you need to go to the gym; but at the same time it is versatile, since in case you need to carry your tablet or your laptop, its padded internal compartment will be very convenient. Also, it has an internal section to keep your belongings well organized and a large zipper that extends from one side to the other for easy access.

Another quality that we cannot fail to notice is its large front logo that distinguishes it as a model belonging to the Adidas brand and that could make many choose it as the best backpack.

Buying the best quality model can be a great success. Let’s see if this backpack meets all the necessary requirements to be chosen in your next purchase.


Colours: You can choose this backpack in 3 attractive colours, which are characterized by being basic, sporty and unisex.

Padded compartment: By including this section, you can transport delicate items such as a tablet or a compact laptop.

Ergonomics: Its handles have a premolded shape that adapts to the shape of the body to provide comfort.

Access: By having a wide zipper to introduce the objects, it is easier to organize its content and find what you are looking for.


Back padding: The padding in the part that supports the back could be denser to provide greater comfort.

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Nike Backpack

8.Nike Hayward Futura 2.0

A Nike backpack could not be missing from our selection, so if you are a fan of the brand, perhaps this is the option that will help you decide which backpack to buy.

Among the best attributes that we can mention about it, perhaps the most attractive is its classic and timeless design. On the other hand, we cannot stop talking about its interior layout, which includes a zippered mesh partition in its main section so that you can place those things that you do not want to move or end up mixed up.

In addition, in the front zippered pocket, it also has a hook for your key ring that can be very practical. As for its size, the dimensions of the model are 45.5 x 38 x 18 cm, while its volumetric capacity is 25 L, which will give you the opportunity to carry everything you need.

If you like the qualities of this model, it is worth taking a look at its advantages and possible drawbacks to be more sure of your purchase.


Comfort: By adding padded handles to its design, it is comfortable to wear. In addition, it includes a strap to hold on the chest for a better fit.

Colors: The model is offered in various shades that can be described as sporty and versatile.

Pockets: Thanks to the fact that it has several of these compartments, you can better organize what you carry inside.

Breathable: Since it adds mesh inserts in the back section, it can provide better breathability.


Cost: You may find other more affordable models, but due to the good rating of users, it could be one of the best options on the list.

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Other products

9. Under Armor UA Hustle LDWR

For those who are looking for the best backpack on the market, they cannot ignore the characteristics of this model from the American manufacturer Under Armour, which usually leads preferences.

The backpack is made with high quality and resistant materials, combining polyester with a cotton exterior and UA Storm technology that provides tolerance to water and other abrasive elements, both on the outside and inside, being waterproof.

It has a weight of just under 500 grams, but has a capacity for a volume of 24 liters. Its interior is made up of several compartments and a reinforced lower panel. In addition, it includes a soft lining for laptops.

It also has a front pocket for small objects and a side pocket to carry water bottles. It is recommended as a backpack for camping and hiking, because it is equipped with a top grab handle and adjustable straps.

A convenient model is one that provides comfort, is resistant and suitable for storing belongings, protecting the items inside. For this reason, the Under Armor UA Hustle LDWR is often recognized as the best backpack of the moment. Here its pros and cons.


Structure: With this model you should not worry about stability, since it has a solid structure with a resistant base and a reinforced lower panel.

Compartments: This backpack stands out for the number of pockets with which it is equipped, from sides to carry a bottle of water, to internal ones to store the laptop.

Resistance: The design has a textile technology known as UA Storm, which provides impermeability and resistance to abrasive elements.

Capacity: This is a lightweight backpack that has an adequate volumetric capacity, which is greater than 20 liters.


Labeling: The model has impressions of the brand that fall off easily as a result of friction and use.

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10. Mil-Tec Military Army Patrol

If you are wondering what is the best backpack you can get on the market, it is possible that this model from the manufacturer Mil-Tec will help you answer the question, it being appropriate that you consider its properties. The backpack has a military style and wide. It has a high volumetric capacity of 36 litres.

It is made with resistant and robust materials that provide a higher degree of quality. Its structure incorporates nylon, polyester and a PVC coating. Its design is made up of two separate large compartments, each with interior zip pockets.

In addition, the backpack is equipped with two front pockets, one with an organizer and a third with a velcro closure. Additionally, it has compression straps to make it compact. The shoulder straps are padded, ergonomic and adjustable with a width of 5 cm. It is recommended as a waterproof military-style backpack for hiking.

Deciding which backpack to buy is a complicated task because there are many models available, but few have been positively valued by users. Therefore, it is convenient that you review the pros and cons of the Mil-Tec CamoOutdoor.



Weight: This model has a weight of 1.4 kilograms, being light if its structure is considered.

Design: If you are attracted to military and spacious designs, this is a model that can be convenient because it has several compartments, pockets and resistant closures.

Materials: The structure of this model is made with high quality and resistance materials such as nylon, polyester and PVC reinforcement.

Capacity: If you are looking for a design that allows you high storage, this backpack has a volumetric capacity of 36 liters.


Dimensions: It is a large and large model, so it can be cumbersome and inconvenient for some purposes.

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11. The North Face Be Great

If you want to buy the best value for money backpack, it may be appropriate for you to consider this model as one of your options, because it is one of the cheapest on the market. This backpack is made of ultra-light nylon, but of a high quality grade, being resistant to breakage and water, because it has waterproof technology.

The model is equipped to support a volumetric capacity of about 35 liters of storage. Its design is foldable and consists of a large compartment where you can carry everything from books to clothing or equipment for trekking and hiking.

In addition, it has a design with several smaller pockets, each with a zipper and a space on the outside to carry a water bottle. It has dimensions of 45 cm, by 27 cm, by 15.5 cm, being suitable for men, women or children, because its style is classic and unisex.

Several qualities must be present in a model to be considered quality, being the BeGreat, from the manufacturer The North Face, a backpack that meets many of them, as well as being one of the cheapest on the market. Here its pros and cons.


Impermeability: The fabric used to make it makes it a waterproof backpack, so that all the items inside are protected.

Compact: The backpack has a light weight, so it is practical when moving it, thanks to its compactness and portability.

Capacity: You can carry everything from books to other implements and personal supplies, since its capacity is about 35 liters.

Ergonomics: It can be used with the highest volumetric capacity it supports and will continue to be comfortable because the weight is distributed throughout the structure.


Zippers: According to the consideration of some users, this model has low quality zippers that are damaged.

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Shopping guide

During the day we carry out various activities such as going to school, the gym, running, etc. And we need to have the accessories of these activities at hand, carrying them, for example, in a backpack according to the number of objects. But this means of transporting our belongings must also meet certain qualities, which we mention in this guide to buying the best backpack, with which we want you to be more likely to make the right purchase.


We know that one of the main objectives when choosing your backpack model is that it be good and economical, to achieve this, we invite you to first review the type of materials in which your favorite models have been made. These should be based on the type of use you are going to give this accessory.

For example, if it is a day-to-day backpack that will carry many objects inside, you should not go for one with too thin materials, because the deterioration will be evident in the course of a few months.

Instead, look for robust options, such as a canvas backpack with a certain density that is capable of withstanding this type of use. But if instead, you are going to use your backpack occasionally and you only plan to transport light objects, your options will be made up of a wide variety of materials.

Distribution and capacity

To talk about these qualities, we should keep in mind that large dimensions do not always mean convenience. It is necessary that this quality is complemented by a practical distribution, which allows you to find what you need quickly. For this, the way the backpack is distributed is essential. 

In this sense, check if it includes pockets or sections inside. Some models are designed with compartments, and these in turn are equipped with zippers, with the intention that your objects do not get mixed up. There are also models that even offer padded pockets for you to place delicate items and in this way it is possible to transport them without suffering any damage.

Speaking a little more about its capacity, this quality is generally expressed by manufacturers in a volumetric way. That is, you will see the number of liters that you could store inside it. To give you an idea, a backpack of approximately 45 x 35 x 15 cm will allow you to store approximately 25 L and its dimensions, depending on your height, can range from your shoulders to your waist.


Nobody likes to carry a backpack that is marked on the shoulders, so we invite you not to overlook the design of its handles, the way you can carry it and its ergonomics.

In this aspect, you will find designs that can include padded areas for the back, ergonomic shoulder straps made of breathable and padded materials and even straps, to prevent the backpack from constantly hitting your waist when walking. All these small details will make the use of the backpack more comfortable.

special qualities

New ideas always help to considerably improve everyday objects and backpacks can also benefit from them. Some of the most recent contributions that can be mentioned, in this regard, are the making of waterproof fabrics that at the same time can be very resistant. A quality that you will appreciate when you have to transport objects in the rain or in the snow, because it will keep your belongings safe, especially if they are sensitive to water, as is normally the case with a mobile phone or a computer.

Since we are talking about objects with a slightly high monetary value, you might be interested in choosing a backpack that includes some type of security closure, to prevent som

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