The 11 Best Caps of 2022

Cap – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

Whether to cover you from the sun on summer days or because it is part of your personal style when dressing, a cap is an implement that can be useful for men and women. If you are going to buy one of these, you should know that there are many options available in the market, being necessary that you can establish a comparative criterion that allows you to know the attributes of each model, to select an appropriate one. Among the number of designs, only a few are recommended. One of them is the Adidas Performance Max Golf, a model that combines the classic with the modern, without neglecting comfort, since it has a velcro closure and a wide visor that protects your face from the sun. Next, we have the Nike Heritage 86 Swoosh AD, a cap available in several colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your personality, with a seven-panel design, which gives it a classic touch, as well as an adjustable strap, being light and practical.



The 11 Best Caps – Opinions 2022

If you have already decided to buy a cap, either for training, to cover yourself from the sun or for personal taste, keep in mind that despite there being a high offer of the product, few designs are qualified as suitable. For this reason, we present a section with the characteristics of some of the best caps that lead the preferences of users.

Adidas cap

1. Adidas Performance MAX Side Hit Relaxed Cap

To make a suitable purchase that meets high quality standards, you need to be able to make the selection among the best caps of 2022. Therefore, you should not miss a detail of this Adidas cap; a model designed with a sporty and classic style.

It is available in three colours: black, gray and blue, each of which has embroidered brand details with a 3D effect on the front. The visor provides a high degree of sun protection and glare reduction, making it suitable for sunny days or outdoor training.

It is a design that due to its structure is usually considered for men, being one size fits all with appropriate dimensions for cranial structures of an adult. However, it could also be used by women without any problem. In addition, the adjustment can be adjusted according to the needs of each user, since it has a velcro closure system.

Adidas is present in almost all sports disciplines, having tools for different users and requirements, which is why it is a strong candidate to become the best cap brand. Therefore, it is conducive that you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages offered by its Performance Max Golf model.


Design: The cap has been designed in a classic sporty style for men, available in three colours.

Construction: This cap is made with high quality and resistant materials, incorporating polyester in its construction.

Adjustment: The model is one size fits all, being suitable for adults since it can be adjusted through a velcro system.

Visor: The cap is equipped with a curved visor that protects from the sun and prevents reflection, being appropriate for summer days and outdoor activities.


Fabric: Although its construction is robust, it has been said that the fabric is soft and does not fit well to the liking of some users.

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Nike Cap

2. Nike Heritage 86 Swoosh AD

If the requirements that lead you to buy a model include a low cost, then this may be the option that meets your requirements, because it is the best quality-price ratio cap, one of the cheapest on the market and from our selection of recommended products.

This Nike cap is available in various colors, being a style suitable for men or women. You can select between white, purple, black or obsidian, each with a silver logo. Its design is that of a tennis cap, with adjustable strap closure and metal buckle.

It is made with materials of a high degree of quality and resistance, which offer a balance between comfort and durability, since its composition combines 85% cotton and 15% polyamide, making it possible to wash it by hand.

Nike Heritage 86 Swoosh AD is a cap that offers high quality standards due to the materials that have been used in its manufacture and its style versatility. In addition, it is one of the cheapest caps on the market. Therefore, it is convenient for you to know its attributes and disadvantages.


Adjustment: The design is equipped with an adjustable strap that allows the pressure to be adjusted through a metal buckle.

Versatility: Due to its tennis design, this model is versatile and adapts to both men and women.

Colors: According to your tastes you can select between several colors such as black, purple and white.

Materials: The cap is made of cotton and polyamide, the first in a percentage of 85% and the second present in 15%, providing resistance.


Size: This model is small, being suitable for cranial structures of children or young people.

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NY cap

3. New Era Kids K 940 MLB Baseball Cap

If you are looking for a good cap to give to a small New York Yankees fan, this model could be an excellent option. As one of the best Major League Baseball teams in the United States, they have fans all over the world and this NY cap with its iconic oversized embossed logo on the front appeals to everyone..

It has a conventional visor with a curved format, which favors the protection of the face from the sun’s rays. Likewise, it is very comfortable to use, since it is made of 100% breathable cotton that is soft to the touch. On the other hand, it is a model available in various colors to choose from, from shades of pink for girls to masculine colors such as blue and black; so it can be used by any little one.

We know that it is not easy to find a cap of his favorite team for your child, which is why this model is considered by parents as one of the best caps on the market. Learn a little more about the product in question.


Closing system: It is an easy to adjust cap, since it has a metal buckle closure system.

Design: It has the YN team logo on the front, a sticker on the visor and the New Era flag on the left side.

Materials: It is made of 100% cotton, so it offers softness, breathability and comfort.

Users: According to the manufacturer, this model is intended for young children.


Washing: Machine washing is not recommended.

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black cap

4. Columbia Unisex Tech Shade Strapback Cap

For those who have not yet managed to determine which is the best cap on the market, you could pay attention to the properties of this Columbia design. The cap is equipped with Omni-Wick technology that reduces moisture, providing adequate ventilation and breathability for a feeling of comfort.

In addition, it has mesh panels made of polyester, while the rest of its structure is made of nylon, a material with a high degree of resistance and absorption. The cap is available in one size, for measurements of cranial structures between 55 and 61 cm, because it has an adjustable system at the back.

It also has a flat visor and a sun protection factor of 50 that blocks rays and protects your eyes. It is a black cap recommended for field trips, adventure, runners and others. However, according to taste, the user can select between seven colors and each design has the manufacturer’s logo embroidered.

To get a model that is appropriate, it is necessary to consider the quality aspects present in each product, such as ventilation and design, but it can be difficult for users to know which cap to buy. So it’s worth considering the main attributes and drawbacks of the Columbia Tech Shade Strapback.


Technology: This model is equipped with textile technology that provides good ventilation and perspiration of sweat.

Design: It has been designed with mesh panels, flat visor and adjustable strap, being convenient for jogging, adventure or camping.

Colors: According to tastes, the user can select between black, blue, beige, white, among others.

Versatility: The cap is suitable for different cranial dimensions, as it can be adjusted from 55 cm to 61 cm.


Fabric: The model is made of soft fabric, so it does not fit perfectly to the head.

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Ralph Lauren cap

5. Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Sport Cap

Having a Ralph Lauren cap among your clothing accessories is synonymous with elegance and good taste. The Polo Ralph Lauren brand is one of the prestigious brands that make up the Ralph Lauren Corporation, an American company present in the market since 1967 and founded by the designer who bears the brand’s name.

It is a cap that has a 6-panel structure, tonal seams and an adjustment system that offers an adjustable strap with an original Polo metal buckle; Similarly, on the back you can find the name Polo of the brand embroidered in a contrasting tone to the color of the cap.

It is an ideal accessory for casual clothing, given its lines and design that combines the sporty with the formal. In addition, it is made of cotton and on its front part, as a decoration, it offers the logo that distinguishes the manufacturer.

If you are one of those people who prefers a cap with style and class, this Polo model could be what you are looking for. We invite you to know its pros and cons.


Design: It is a sports and casual cap for men, with a wide and semi-curved visor and on the front, it has the horse and rider that distinguishes the brand embroidered.

Colors: You can select from six available colors, the one that best suits your tastes and preferences.

Structure: It offers a 6-panel structure and according to users, it fits perfectly.


Cost: This is one of the most expensive caps in our selection. However, the quality offered by the manufacturer is worth the investment.

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vans cap

6. Vans Men’s Classic Patch Trucker Hat

This Vans cap is a model that has the backing of a firm that has set trends in the world of fashion, since in addition to accessories, Vans also stands out for offering high-quality footwear and clothing. For this reason, this cap has resistant polyester for its construction and also offers a casual design, since it incorporates a patch on the front with the iconic “Vans Off The Wall” logo.

It is a cap that offers you a trucker style, which is characterized by the mesh on the back and which provides extra ventilation to your head. For this reason, they are one of the favorite caps for truckers, since it not only protects the face from sunlight, but also prevents excessive sweating. In addition, it is a one-size-fits-all model and has a comfortable posterior adjustment to adapt to any cranial contour.

When it comes to wearing an urban and casual style, without neglecting a touch of distinction, this Vans cap could interest you. We invite you to continue reading a little more about this product.


Style: It is an attractive cap that offers a casual style with a trucker design, which says a lot about your good taste.

Visor: Its structure gives you a wide and flat visor, very popular with the public of all kinds.

Materials: Both the front and the back mesh lining are made of 100% highly resistant polyester.


One size: As it is a one-size-fits-all cap, you should verify your cranial dimensions before purchasing.

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military cap

7. Zarrs Hat Baseball Cap 

If you are one of those who prefer a military cap to walk around with a classic and conservative style, while enjoying outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, camping or simply playing sports like golf; This model that we present to you today is an excellent option for any adult, regardless of whether it is a man or a woman, since it is a unisex cap that adapts to everyone.

It is a cap capable of facing the sun’s rays, so it offers a design that includes a wide baseball-style visor with a semi-curved format, which favors the protection of both the eyes and the face. Likewise, it has a circumference suitable for people with an approximate head size of 57 cm.

In addition to the military camouflage color model, you also have four more colors at your disposal, so you can select your preferred option. It also offers you a cotton textile, for greater softness and comfort.

If you are an adventurer with a passion for camping, this cap could be what you are looking for as it protects your head and face from the sun. Know its attributes and disadvantages.


Fit and type: It is a baseball-type model that offers a comfortable fit, since it has a velcro closure system.

Visor: Its large curved visor protects the face and eyes from the glare of the sun and also from the rain.

Front Velcro: Thanks to the velcro on the front, you can customize the cap according to your tastes and style.



Colors: It has a limited number of colors available, so some users miss a greater variety.

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Lacoste cap

8. Lacoste Men’s RK8217 Baseball Cap

If you like caps and you are a lover of urban and casual style, but you do not want to leave aside the good taste offered by the best brands on the market, this Lacoste cap is designed for you. It is an accessory that enjoys the backing of a prestigious brand recognized for its sporting tradition in all its products, from polo shirts to glasses, watches, shoes and caps.

It is a cap that combines French elegance in its design, with the freedom offered by an informal style. It is designed for the man with demanding tastes who enjoys freedom of movement outdoors, while protecting his face from the sun or rain, and for this, it has a wide semi-curved visor.

It is made of 100% high-quality cotton, which provides softness and comfort. Likewise, to improve ventilation, it has embroidered eyelets on each of its panels. In addition, it is a self-adjusting cap with a metal buckle closure.

Lacoste is a brand synonymous with good taste and distinction, so if you are looking for a cap to show off your style, this model could be the one. Read on to learn more about this accessory.


Design: The cap features the brand’s iconic image on the front, a large oversized crocodile embroidered in green.

Variety: The manufacturer offers you to choose according to your preferences, among a wide variety of attractive colors.

Cleaning: You can comfortably wash it in a machine with cold water or at a maximum of 30°C.


One size: Although it is a model that offers only one size, thanks to its buckle closure you will not have a problem with the fit.

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Goorin Bros Cap

9. Goorin Bros 550 Trucker Cap Eye of The Tiger Bros

The Goorin Bros cap is an accessory that stands out for offering a trucker format, in which the back has a mesh that favors ventilation; so it is a recommended accessory to use especially in the summer or on any hot day, since thanks to this design you will be able to keep your head ventilated at all times.

Likewise, it is a model that easily admits its adaptation to any cranial circumference, since it offers a single size for people with measurements between 54 and 60 cm in diameter. In addition, it is an open back snapback cap with an adjustable snap closure design.

On the other hand, it offers you a 7 cm long curved visor, which provides a wide shaded area for the face, both frontally and laterally. Likewise, it offers a maximum head height of 11 cm and is available in shades of brown.

This cap could be the perfect accessory to wear on your casual outings on days when the temperature rises, given the ventilation and comfort it offers. Know its advantages and disadvantages.


Materials: It is an accessory made of 57% polyester and 43% soft cotton, making it a resistant and comfortable product to use.

Design: This model offers you an attractive embroidery on the front, with the image of a Bengal tiger.

Format: It is a cap with a trucker format that favors ventilation on the head.


Sharpness: The color of the cap may vary slightly in its hue, depending on the sharpness or resolution of your computer.

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Other products

10. A New Era Fashion ESS 940 Neyyan

If you are looking for the best cap on the market, this model from the manufacturer A New Era may be the option that meets your needs. The cap has a conventional design with a curved visor, being recommended for the running sports training modality, because it covers the sun in a favorable way.

It is available in pink, with embroidered details on the front and sides in white, alluding to the New York Yankees baseball team and the brand. Due to its construction and style, it is recommended as a cap for women.

Its structure is made of panels and it has a unique size that adapts to most cranial shapes. In addition, it is equipped with a hook to adjust and regulate the desired level of pressure or looseness. It is made of polyester inside and on the back, while the front part is made of cotton.

Getting the best cap of the moment is not an easy task, but the A New Era Fashion ESS 940 Neyyan model has attributes that bring it closer to this ideal, as it is comfortable and modern. Here its pros and cons.


Design: This model is made up of several joined panels that form a structure with a modern and striking pink design.

Materials: The cap is made with high quality and resistant materials. Cotton and polyester are used in its structure.

Adjustment: The cap is only available in one size, but it can be adjusted according to the needs of each user.

Style: This cap has a baseball style with a curved visor, which is suitable for covering the sun during running training.


Color: The design is only available in pink, this being a limitation for those who are not lovers of this tone.

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11. Buff Ocean Kids Cap One Size

This is one of the most recommended models of caps by users, for having characteristics that make it appropriate for babies or children. There are few options that have attributes suitable for the smallest of the house, but this model from the manufacturer Buff is conducive to guaranteeing a high level of protection against ultraviolet rays that can cause irreversible damage to the face and eyes of children.

The model stands out for being light in properties, its weight is only 99.8 grams, so it will not represent an annoying weight for those who use it. It is recommended for use in the pool, walks on sunny days or any other activity that involves contact with the sun.

It is one size fits all and can be adjusted through a rubber system. The design is a colorful boat print and the cap is made of polyester, which is appropriate because it is soft and comfortable.

Buff Ocean is a cap with lightweight features and a high level of protection for the little ones. In addition, it turns out to be convenient because it has a competitive price in the market, so it is conducive that you can analyze and assess its positive and negative characteristics.


Design: The cap has a classic, retro-style design reminiscent of machinists’ caps, its adjustment system being through rubber.

Weight: The weight will not be an additional or annoying burden for the little ones, since this cap weighs less than 100 grams.

Materials: Children’s skin is delicate, which is why this cap is made of soft polyester that prevents friction and abuse.

Protection: The care of the face and eyes of the little ones is covered with this model that has protection against UV rays.


Size: The model is adjustable, but it is designed as a cap for children, not for adults.

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Shopping guide

The cap exemplifies the triumph of sports fashion over formal fashion, since it is an accessory that everyone wears. But, not all caps are the same and they don’t work for all times either; so in order to help you find the perfect model for you, we have prepared this guide to buy the best cap, where you can find the aspects that you should review before making your investment.


Analyzing a comparison of caps based on the types can be an arduous task, since there is a great diversity of versions available on the market. For this reason, you will be able to find models influenced by the climate, trends, their function and even by culture and folklore. However, in order to simplify a classification, we offer you the following types.

Starting with flat caps, also called berets and which were very popular in the working class of the 30’s; their design featured a central button and they were made of cloth. These caps have remained in force over time, given their retro-chic style and bohemian air. Their structure is flexible and they are made of wool, fabric or cotton and their format is round, without edges and with a small integrated visor.

We continue with the sports caps par excellence, the so-called baseball caps. These models have made a leap from the sports field to the street, since they are not only used by baseball players and other disciplines such as tennis and cycling, but given the comfort they offer, they have also earned a place in the population. urban and modern. These caps are distinguished by offering a rigid and slightly curved visor, which provides a large area of ​​shade for the face.

Likewise, we also have the type of military style cap. These models are also known as Cuban caps and the design prevails with a flat cup on top, where a short visor stands out. On the other hand, you can find running caps, inspired by baseball caps, although with certain details that differentiate them, such as a lighter, softer and more breathable body.

Format and visor

In the search for a good and cheap cap, you can choose between the two formats that include these accessories. Starting with the so-called baseball caps, these are models that could define your look; they are big and you will see them on the rappers. Some offer a design with a rear grille and are called Trucker caps. In addition, these accessories usually use a wider front, so they use a flat format visor.

There are also hats with Dad Cap, these are models that offer a better fit in different cranial circumferences, they are smaller and are usually used by all public. They offer greater versatility and fit better on any head and given their adjusted size with a narrow front, they use a curved or semi-curved visor; which protects the face more efficiently, either from the rain or the sun.

Design and materials

It is difficult to think of an elegant and formal cap. However, there are and they are used by users who boast of good taste and who enjoy a privileged social status. For this, you can see the Prince of Wales in a flat cap that goes with his personality, or the famous player David Beckham in a baseball cap with a flat brim. For this reason, there are caps that offer greater elegance than others, with the materials and design being the parameters that make them different.

However, considering the tastes of all users, manufacturers offer caps in different materials and textures, such as wool, neoprene, cloth, cotton, polyester, canvas, leather, etc. Likewise, they have for all styles, colors and prints that go from fluorine yellow to the classic and elegant black color.

On the other hand, you can also find models that integrate patches, logos and prints into their design; as well as there are simple, classic caps without any type of adornment. In addition, the best brands boast of their logos and have made it very clear on their caps, since the logos that identify them are present on their models.

size and closure

Regardless of how much the cap you like the most costs, it is essential that the chosen model adapts perfectly to your head. For this, it is important that you know the measurements of your cranial circumference and based on this, select the most appropriate size. Although many manufacturers offer one-size-fits-all, the fit is not a problem, as these caps have a closure system on the back that can vary, from a metal buckle to a practical velcro or rubber system.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a cap

The cap is a complement that looks with any urban and modern style clothing. It goes great with jeans, joggers, sweatpants and any casual look and can be worn by everyone regardless of age, from babies to seniors. However, it is important to respect some rules so that the cap makes you look good on any occasion.

In this sense, if the cap is new, remove the stickers and labels. Avoid wearing hats with many bright and shocking colors, as well as with obscene messages. You will also need to choose the appropriate size for your head and face shape; Likewise, it is advisable that the cap is centered and prevents it from covering your eyes and finally, you can use the visor backwards when you like, but it is better if you use it from the front.

Q2: How to wash a cap

Washing a hat is not as difficult as you think. First of all, you should read the label with the washing instructions (if it has one), in order to keep this accessory in optimal condition. If it doesn’t

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