The 11 Best Sports Watches of 2022

Sports Watch – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

A sports watch is an essential product for anyone who takes physical activity as a way of life, because beyond being an accessory to see the time, it is equipped with technologies and functions that cover multiple possibilities. If you are going to buy one, it is convenient to make a comparison between the devices within your reach, as this is the best way to find a watch with efficient features. Among the wide current offer we wanted to highlight two models. The first is the Mudder Montre-01 sports watch. A watch with a simple design and everything you need to measure the time of your workouts without complications. If what you are looking for is a watch for women, the WWDOLL R3Lit may be the best option, thanks to its many sports functions, built-in music control and its bright pink strap.

The 11 Best Sports Watches – Opinions 2022

If you usually practice intense sports frequently, you require products that improve your performance and allow you to expand your capabilities and possibilities. A sports watch is a useful piece of equipment. Before choosing a model, you should keep in mind that there are many brands and designs, but few are recommended. Therefore, we analyze for you some of the best products that we find in the current market.

Men’s sports watch

1. Mudder Montre 01 Military Style Submersible

For many users, the best sports watch is the one that offers what we need. Among them we can find the Mudder Montre-01 men’s sports watch.

This model offers you a large screen, in which it is easy to see the numbers comfortably. Something that helps the night backlit display, high quality.

This model has the usual basic functions, so you will have a stopwatch, alarm system or calendar. A model that is also interesting on the outside, with details such as a military-style design and high comfort, as well as protection against water up to 50 meters deep, which makes it easy to bathe in it, without the product deteriorating., as long as you are careful not to press the buttons under water, as is usual in these models.

Let’s see some more details of this model when it comes to telling us the time or measuring time.


Simplicity : It is a very simple model, ideal for those who do not want to pay for extras that they will not use.

Display : The large display makes it easy to see the large clock numbers.

Water resistance: You can bathe or wash your hands without risk thanks to its resistance to humidity.

Keypad : The keypad makes the process of managing all the device options easy.


Reflections: The reflections of the screen with the sun can make it difficult to see the screen correctly.

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Women’s sports watch

2. WWDOLL Smartwatch women smart watch

The WWDOLL women’s smartwatch has a very attractive and lightweight design, with a fully customizable touch panel and a salmon-colored strap that can be changed. The watch has a 1.3-inch screen, with 4 brightness levels and HD resolution. Likewise, other adjustments can be made thanks to its intuitive control interface, with up to 6 different wallpapers.

In addition, it has different functions such as sports monitoring, which will allow you to do sports such as walking, running or cycling. On the other hand, it also has options to control sleep, heart rate, blood oxygen level and even stress. 

It is worth mentioning that the watch also offers some mini-games and real-time connection with WhatsApp, Facebook and other applications to receive all notifications, not forgetting to mention that its battery is long-lasting and can offer autonomy of up to 15 days.


IP67: The watch has protection against water and sweat, so the user can wash their hands without problems, for example.

Sports modes: Among the exercise options, the watch has tools for walking, running, cycling or running at home.

Application control: The watch has notifications for most social applications, as well as the possibility of controlling the music of the phone.


Languages: When changing the clock interface language, the translation has some grammatical errors.

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GPS sports watch

3. Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS Heart Rate Monitor

The GPS sports watch is the best option when you want to have all your training under control. And if we also have a Garmin model like this, everything is much better.

The Garmin Forerunner 35 sports watch is a high-level model, with which to maintain full control over all our sports and habitual activities. And it is that this model not only measures our steps but also has profiles for sports, control of exercise minutes with activation function and even a personal trainer, designed for interval training.

All this in a product with a good-sized screen, a bracelet that is easy to adjust to your wrist and, of course, the integrated GPS with which to achieve maximum precision when running or doing any sport. It is completed with a battery that is capable of giving you 9 days of use in normal mode and up to 13 hours in training mode.

Measure your training efficiently and improve your performance with this Garmin sports watch and all its functions.


Trigger: The trigger feature analyzes your performance and reminds you when it’s time to move.

Trainer : Includes interval training tools as well as profiles for running or walking.

Battery: The battery gives you 9 days of use in normal mode and up to 13 hours in training mode.


Sports: If you are not going to run, walk or cycle, you will not have a specific way to measure your training.

Updates : The software update is somewhat more problematic than would be expected.

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Xiaomi sports watch

4. Xiaomi Smart Band 4 Adult Unisex One Size

The Xiaomi Smart Band 4 unisex sports bracelet has a full color AMOLED touch screen, with brightness control and 0.95 inches. That is, 39.9% larger than previous versions of the bracelet. In this way, users will be able to control keystrokes, steps, instantly see and read messages and notifications received, as well as control some applications such as music playback.

On the other hand, the bracelet shows the heart rate monitor at all times, which is capable of accurately reading this indicator 24 hours a day, and warns when the rate is too high. In addition, thanks to its 3-axis accelerometer, it is capable of precise monitoring when performing sports such as swimming, walking or running.

Another interesting aspect is that the battery can last up to 20 days on standby, thanks to the fact that it is a 135 mAh model.


Water resistance: The bracelet is resistant to water, even immersion, being able to submerge up to 50 meters.

Battery: The battery of the Xiaomi Smart Band 4 is long-lasting, being able to last up to 20 days of normal use.

Screen: The new AMOLED screen of the Smart Band 4 is bigger and brighter than previous Xiaomi models.


Size: Being a Smart Band, it is somewhat smaller and has fewer features than a Smart Watch.

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Garmin sports watch

5. Garmin Forerunner 235 Unisex

If you are looking for the best sports watch, you are probably interested in considering the Forerunner 235 model, from the manufacturer Garmin, as one of your options. It is a watch with a unisex design, available in various striking colors. It stands out for being more than just a watch, since it is waterproof, has GPS, a color LCD screen, Bluetooth, a calendar, a heart rate monitor, personalized workouts, applications and an inactivity alert.

Plus, this Garmin sports watch is lightweight at just 42 grams, so you can track your steps, calories, distance, and even rest time to promote peak performance. It is recommended for running, but is suitable for various high-intensity outdoor disciplines. It also has multiple connectivity possibilities through a smartphone. It has a rechargeable battery with autonomy of 16 hours or 12 weeks as a conventional watch.

Due to its technological characteristics, this model can be considered the best sports watch of the moment. Read its pros and cons below.


Design: This watch has a modern, unisex, one-size-fits-all design and is available in various colors to suit various styles.

Weight : This is a light model of only 42 grams that will not negatively affect the athlete’s agility, since its weight is not notable.

Battery : You won’t have to worry about the battery, as it is rechargeable and has a range of up to 16 continuous hours, with GPS activated and about 12 weeks in conventional clock mode.

Features : It has audio prompts, smart notifications, GPS, calendar, and features to measure heart rate, steps per minute, and workout details.


Manual : The user manual is in several languages ​​but not Spanish, so it may be difficult for you to get the most out of the watch.

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Boy sports watch

6. BIGGERFIVE vigor smart activity bracelet 

If you are looking for a Smartwatch for children, the one from Biggerfive could be the most suitable. It has an adjustable strap, very comfortable for the little ones to have fun playing sports. In this sense, it has the capacity to configure the circumference between 4 and 7.3 inches, to adapt to all wrists.

On the other hand, the watch has 14 activity modes, with which you can control the pace when walking, running, cycling, climbing, badminton, playing soccer or tennis, dancing or doing yoga. The exercise is monitored through its iOS and Android application, and it can also control the heart rate and sleep of children.

It should be noted that the watch has a long-lasting battery, which supports up to 7 days of continuous use and has a fast charge of 2 hours.


Water resistance: The watch has IP68 certification, therefore, it is capable of resisting water, so you can swim and shower with it.

Notifications: The watch allows you to see calls, messages and receive notifications from the main social applications.

VeryFitPro: Thanks to its application for Android and iOS, you can configure various aspects of the phone and set up an activity history.


Strap: The quality of the strap could be improved, although it can be changed and put on another one.

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Polar sports watch

7. Polar M200 GPS and Heart Rate

For those looking for a suitable model with a unisex design, this Polar sports watch can be your choice, as it has a classic style and is available in various colors. Its size is ML, so it can be adapted to the thickness of a man’s or a woman’s wrist. It is a model suitable for racing, made of plastic and rubber, so it is waterproof.

In addition, this watch has a heart rate monitor to measure heart rate, integrated GPS, speed, distance and route meter. It also has an option to control physical activity through steps, calories burned, training time and even sleep quality. On the other hand, the device has training modalities for different mileage goals.

It is compatible with some versions of Mac and Windows computers. In the same way, it receives mobile notifications on the screen. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery that lasts for six days.

The Polar M200 model is highly recommended as it offers many advantages for the user, as opposed to few negative aspects.


Compatibility : This watch has the option to link to smart phones to receive notifications on the screen. It also has compatibility for applications from computers.

Battery : The included battery is high performance, capable of operating up to six days, if we do not use the notifications on the screen.

Heart rate monitor : You will be able to measure the heart rate through an optical sensor incorporated at the height of the wrist, to monitor physical activity.

Design : This model is practical for men and women who are dedicated to cycling, athletics or running, its style is unisex and classic. In addition, it is available in various colors.


GPS : For some buyers, the GPS of this watch model loses qualities over time, it is a bit slow and it takes time to locate a location.

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Casio men’s sports watch

8. Casio GA-100-1A1ER G Shock

In a selection of sports watches, a Casio model could not be missing. The chosen one is the Casio GA-100-1A1ER model, with which it is easy to control the performance of your workouts in the traditional way.

This men’s sports watch from Casio includes a stopwatch, timers, and automatic LED lighting, so it’s easy to keep track of everything from your workout times, steps, and countdowns. Data displayed on a double screen, with needles and conventional screens combined in an efficient distribution. As extras, you have calendar functions, five daily alarms or universal time.

As for the exterior, the watch has a highly resistant case against shocks as well as water resistance up to 20 bars or 200 meters, so that humidity is not a problem when wearing the watch.

Let’s know everything that this traditional Casio model offers you when it comes to exercising.


Resistant: The casing withstands shocks and is submersible at pressures of up to 20 bars.

Screen : The screen combines a digital system with an analog one, to give you more information.

Comfort : This watch offers you pleasant comfort when exercising or wearing it on a daily basis.


Simplicity: If you need slightly more complex functions, this model may fall short.

Lighting : The lighting falls short when it comes to seeing the needles when there is no light, although the screens do look good.

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Women’s digital sports watch

9. iWatch IS20171575 Digital Water Resistant

So that they are not complicated when it comes to measuring the time of their activity, the iWatch IS20171575 digital sports watch for women is an interesting proposal. We are talking about a simple watch at an affordable price, which includes the basic functions that we need in our sports activity.

Among these options we have the stopwatch, with which to measure the time of any training, as well as the alarm, chronograph and date function, to name a few of them. A simple model also on the outside, since it has a good-sized sphere that makes it easy to see the data.

It is finished off with a very elegant and comfortable red strap, made of very resistant silicone. Material similar to that of its case, with the capacity to withstand water up to 5 bars, as long as the buttons are not touched, as usual.

Don’t needlessly overspend with this simple yet efficient women’s sports watch from iWatch.


Functions: The model includes time, calendar, stopwatch and alarm, ideal for those who do not need anything else.

Dial: The dial is a good size and is almost completely covered by the clock digits.

Strap: The strap is made of silicone, offering a more pleasant fit than the usual plastic.


Length: The strap has a length of 12.5 centimeters, perhaps a bit large for a women’s model.

Use of buttons under water: As with these models, you should not use the buttons of the watch under water, to avoid damaging it.

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Adidas sports watch

10. Joeyan watches multifunction bracelet calendar alarm

El reloj inteligente para mujer de Joeyan cuenta con un diseño elegante minimalista y de corte tradicional; con esfera redonda y una correa elaborada en gel de sílica que resulta muy cómoda. En este sentido, la correa tiene 15,5 mm de ancho y 230 mm de largo. En su interior, el reloj cuenta con movimiento de cuarzo japonés, por lo que es muy preciso.

Por otra parte, el Smartwatch dispone de funciones como la de calendario, cronómetro, alarma y retroiluminación LED, que se mantiene durante 3 segundos, para que visualices correctamente la información. La esfera está fabricada en materiales acrílicos y con un brillo que permite ver la hora desde cualquier dirección de forma cómoda.

Además, este es un reloj impermeable, resistente al sudor y a las salpicaduras, por lo que podrás hacer deporte con él sin inconvenientes.


Design: The design of both the dial and the strap is very elegant, so it is suitable for work, sports and also for casual use.

Strap: The strap is soft, with a silicone honeycomb design, breathable and very comfortable. 

LED illumination: With the push of a button, the dial lights up with a green LED that allows you to see in the dark, without being obtrusive.


Waterproof protection: Although it is resistant to splashes and sweat, it is not recommended to shower or swim with it.

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TomTom sports watch

11. TomTom Adventurer Unisex

If you want a quality model, you should focus on searching among the best sports watches of 2022. Among them is the TomTom Adventurer sports watch. This model is recommended for outdoor sports because it is equipped with GPS, compass, heart rate monitor, music player and altimeter.

It is a model of less than 100 grams that has a sporty design, available in two colors. It is capable of providing data on the user’s physical condition through a comparison of oxygen consumption, according to age and sex. It has the option for personalized training adapted to individual physical capacity, with the possibility of selecting from 50 modalities.

In addition, this watch is manufactured to high quality standards, is waterproof and can be submerged to a depth of 40 meters, making it suitable for timing your performance in swimming pools or other water activities.

If you want a high-level sports watch, you should know that TomTom is considered by many to be the best sports watch brand. So you can not ignore the characteristics of this model.


Auto pause: This watch measures the intensity and frequency of the exercise, automatically pausing during your breaks so that the statistics are not distorted.

Functions : The model is more than a simple watch that tells the time, as it is equipped with GPS, altimeter and heart rate meter to keep statistics.

Modalities : It has more than 50 modalities, varying the intensity and type of exercise, so with this device you can adapt an individual training, according to your parameters.

Entertainment : You can run, snowboard, mountain climb and enjoy your favorite music as it has 3 GB of storage for this content.


Battery : The battery life is short, so the user will only be able to enjoy the advanced features for a few hours.

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Shopping guide

If you have decided to improve and keep track of your sports performance, you need a multifunctional watch that allows you to increase your potential through various functions. Currently, there is a wide variety of brands and models of sports watches, making the selection of a suitable design complex. Before you make a cursory purchase, you should know that these devices have features that enhance their functionality. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best sports watch on the market, a compilation with the main attributes that you should not ignore if you want a suitable prototype.  

Design and weight

Before selecting a model, you should make a comparison of sports watches that are attractive to you, making a contrast based on design and weight. Each manufacturer establishes a design with specific colors.

This feature tends to be subjective in terms of aesthetics and will depend on the style of each user, but beyond that, other aspects of the design can be selected such as shape, which can be round, square or cylindrical, as well as its level of thickness. The style can be more feminine, masculine or unisex. The type of display it offers should also be considered, be it digital or analog. Although the model is sporty, some allow casual use, which can also attract your attention.

Each of these aspects will make the watch an accessory that will look better on the wearer’s wrist and be practical. For this reason, it is recommended that they be thin and ultralight, between 10 and 60 grams, so that they do not bother during the development of sports activity.


For a sports watch model to be considered of quality, it must be resistant, so it must be built to high standards and materials that are capable of withstanding different climatic conditions, without its mechanism deteriorating. There are various ranges of watches on the market, from some simple ones made of metal or plastic, to other designs that incorporate rubber, resin and acrylic that increase their durability.

In addition, since it is a device used outdoors, it must be resistant to water, splashes, dust and even falls. In fact, some models have IP64 certification, making it possible to dive with them, manipulate them and control the activity, be it swimming, diving, fishing, among other modalities.


If you want to know how much a sports watch costs, you should know the properties of the screen and the type of technology with which it has been equipped. There are from simple, to Oled or Superamoled screens and even some brands provide their devices with touch screens to facilitate their use.

In addition, they can be selected from various sizes, the most popular and recommended being those that have dimensions that allow the correct display of the collected values ​​and that are resistant to stains, scratches and that can control the degree of lighting.


Beyond the fact that a sports watch model is cheap, you should analyze the functions and features with which it has been equipped, as this will help you select a design that meets your standards. There are those who say that the more functions these devices have, the better they will be. Others prefer that they only have the basic functions, but are reliable to improve workouts and performance.

In any case, there is a model for all tastes, so you can get watches with a heart rate meter, equipped with sensors to measure training time, speed, distance, calories consumed, stopwatch, GPS, step counter, inactivity, calendar, clock, alarm clock, among other attributes. In addition, some incorporate cycles or sports modalities, adjusting a personalized training routine according to physical capacity, age, sex and sport.

Compatibility and use

Although it is a multifunctional watch and not a computer, it is important that it has a high degree of compatibility with different operating systems and platforms, because this will allow you to get more out of the applications and will give the possibility of linking the sports watch with the mobile device via bluetooth or data cable, to download the values ​​collected during the activity.

In this way, you will have access to the main mobile applications from your wrist, which facilitates physical activity, being able to keep in touch through message and call notifications. Some models even allow you to view other applications such as Facebook, Whatsapp, among others. It is recommended that the watch be compatible with the greatest number of versions of the different brands.

On the other hand, users comment that since it is a device for sports, it must have a mechanism for simple and instinctive use, preferably tactile, that does not detract from the activity carried out.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean a sports watch?

Before you begin and to protect the rest of the watch parts, you should separate the strap or cover it with paper. Use a soft brush (can be dental) with some cleaner to remove dirt from the watch; Do it carefully to avoid scratching the surface. Rinse it with warm water and use a clean cloth (preferably lint-free) to dry it. Finally, leave it for several minutes in the open air and put the strap back on so that you have a watch like new.

Q2: How to charge a sports watch?

The first thing to keep in mind is that it is not recommended to use a battery or a USB port hub to charge it. You should only use the charging cable that comes with the device to do so and thus avoid damage. To charge your sports watch, just plug the original charging cable into a USB port on your PC or any other device. Remember to charge it for as long as necessary and not to exceed the limit, as this is detrimental to the durability of your watch.

Q3: What protection should a water sports watch have?

Even though the models of waterproof sports watches have passed the waterproofing tests, using them underwater is not always positive because water can often enter through the buttons and this is a big problem. You should avoid using them in salt water, since it can also cause difficulties in their operation, since the sea is very abrasive. In case you have forgotten to leave it outside before going for a dip, you should clean it very well when you leave to remove traces of salt and moisture.

Q4: What is the difference between a sports watch and an activity bracelet?

Both devices have different roles. For example, the sports watch is completely suitable for quantifying physical activities with better precision and they are much

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