The 12 Best Futsal Shoes of 2022

Futsal Shoes – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

If you practice futsal and want to improve your performance on the pitch, you need to have the right equipment for this purpose, knowing that part of these accessories are the shoes. If you are determined to buy a new pair, making a comparison between the available models is one of the best systems to get a product according to the demands of the game and your own preferences. Although there are many brands and designs, there are two that lead the preferences of users. The first is the Footwear Studio Ativo 5 model. These futsal shoes for kids have a multi-stud format that grips the court properly and cushions the tread in each phase of the game. The Munich Gresca 01 model also stands out. We are talking about sneakers for men, made of leather with a synthetic textile lining and a lace-up closure system, finished off with a flat heel.

The 12 Best Futsal Shoes – Opinions 2022

If you train futsal, you must have a team to achieve efficient performance in the discipline. Part of sports performance falls on the shoes. Before selecting a design, it is good to remember that there are many makes and models, but not all of them are suitable. For this reason, we present and explain the characteristics of the futsal shoe models that lead the preferences of buyers.

Kids futsal shoes

1. Footwear Studio Gola Active 5

The Footwear Studio Ativo 5 futsal shoes are an interesting model within the products with a multi-stud sole. Something that makes them suitable for all types of surfaces, thus offering good cushioning for each step and a correct grip on any surface. 

For a better experience, the product has an exterior made of synthetic material, which makes it easier to hit and control the game in each phase of it. A material similar to the interior, which balances grip with good breathability during play. For greater comfort, it combines a lace closure system with a long Velcro strap, which gives greater stability. 

To top it off, the product comes in a wide range of both sizes and finishes, with several designs to choose from.

Let’s find out some more details about this pair of futsal boots for kids, designed to succeed in any terrain and circumstance.


Multi-stud: Its multi-stud format makes the game very comfortable, offering adequate grip when moving around the court.

Closure : The product combines a lace closure with a velcro closure, which mixes comfort and precision in the fit.

Materials: Its synthetic and profiled exterior makes it easier to control the ball at all times.

Variety : The manufacturer offers a wide variety of sizes and colors, to choose the one you like best.


Sizes: Sizes tend to run larger than they should be, as some comments indicate.

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2.Adidas Predator Tango Unisex

If you are looking for quality futsal shoes for boys, then it would be appropriate for you to know in detail the properties of the Predator Tango model from the sports manufacturer Adidas.

They are manufactured with a high degree of quality and resistance, with a synthetic outer material and a coating in the same material, which have been designed to absorb shocks and provide trajectory to the ball.

In addition, they incorporate a rubber outsole with traction, which adapts to different terrains and provides a balance between sliding and skidding, for controlled movements.

Their design is classic in style and they are available in various sizes and colors on the red and orange scale, incorporating the logo of the brand and model. In addition, they have a closure system through laces, whose color varies due to the selection of the tone of the surface of the shoes.

Adidas is a manufacturer of German origin that endows its products with high-end functional properties. Meet the Predator Tango shoes.


Sole: They have a non-slip rubber sole with traction details for better mobility.

Design: They have a classic design that is available in several colors that contrast with the tone of the laces.

Construction: They have been made of synthetic material, with a condensed coating that absorbs shocks.

Closure: They incorporate a closure system through resistant laces.


Size: Although they are available in various sizes, the last of the model is tight and small.

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Futsal shoes Munich

3. Munich Brawl 01 Man

With a relatively light weight and flexible properties for better performance on the pitch, the Munich Gresca 01 futsal boot is the recommended choice when it comes to quality.

These shoes are made with high-grade quality and resistance materials, incorporating an outer leather material in its structure, with a textile material coating for greater ventilation to the foot.

Being a leather alternative, the Munich Gresca is flexible and comfortable during all phases of the game, in addition to incorporating an EVA midsole. As for the sole, it is made of non-slip rubber, with traction properties that improve grip on different surfaces.

Its closure system is through dense laces. As for their design, they are made to be used by men and have a classic style in white, with details in a blue tone.

Before selecting a model, it is recommended to know and analyze its positive and negative properties.


Materials: Its structure is made of leather, with a textile material coating that provides flexibility and ventilation.

Closure: To guarantee safety, they are equipped with a lace-up closure system.

Design: The manufacturer has endowed this model with a classic white design with blue details.

Sole: They have a sole made of resistant and thick rubber, with non-slip properties.


Sizing: Some users have expressed that the size is larger than expected, so this should be taken into account.

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4. Munich G-3 Profit Shoe

This model of Munich futsal shoes has been manufactured with high quality standards to be an option with adequate features for the practice of sport. It has a modern and versatile design, which stands out for incorporating the combination of striking colors, in a structure that is light and flexible.

In addition, these shoes have a lightweight synthetic microfiber upper and have been equipped with reinforcements on the toecap, sides and heel, as well as a textile lining that allows fresh air to enter, for adequate ventilation of the feet during the game.

Likewise, the manufacturer has included in this model a vulcanized sole, built in two densities and with reinforcement in the wear areas. This sole has anti-slip properties and provides traction for better grip and skidding on the pitch. They are available in various sizes and their closure is through laces.

The Munich G-3 are men’s shoes suitable for futsal training. Learn about its features here


Design: They have a modern and sporty design that is available in bright colors.

Materials: For greater ventilation and comfort, they have a surface made of textile material.

Reinforcement: To ensure resistance, the model includes reinforcements on the front, heel and sides.

Sole: It has a vulcanized and non-slip sole made in two densities, with reinforcement in the wear area.


Size: It has been indicated not having received the requested model, this being an isolated case.

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Nike futsal shoes

5.Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

If you are looking for the best futsal shoes, then you may want to pay attention to the properties of this Nike model. On this occasion, the brand presents the Air Zoom Pegasus 33, versatile men’s shoes that stand out for being light, since they only weigh 300 grams, which allows the player to run quickly and safely. They are made of high quality and resistant synthetic material.

In addition, Nike futsal shoes have a mesh lining that allows breathability and greater comfort. Likewise, they have cushlon textile technology, an EVA derivative that provides cushioning, firmness and softness in the footsteps.

Its design is modern, with lace closure. They have a heel couter, a heel reinforcement that maintains ankle stability. Meanwhile, the sole is made of non-slip recycled rubber with Crash Rail lines, which provide traction and have a flat heel.

According to the appreciation of many buyers, the Air Zoom Pegasus 33 are the best futsal shoes of the moment because they are modern, light and comfortable for the foot. These features provide better athletic performance .


Stability: The midsole has a reinforcement at the heel, which maintains stability in the ankle and provides comfort when stepping.

Lightness: They are made of high quality and resistant synthetic material, but of low weight. This provides increased speed, agility, and playmaking prowess.

Traction: The soles are made of rubber with lines that improve traction and reduce the risk of falls due to sliding.

Design: This is a versatile model with a casual sports style, suitable for training, walking, running or wearing with jeans.


Size: This model has a small and tight last that does not correspond to the dimensions of conventional sizes.

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6. Nike The Premier II Unisex Adult

The Nike The Premier II futsal shoes are another interesting product when it comes to developing your potential on the court. A model that has all the brand’s own design and experience, which makes it easier to play on indoor pitches, mainly. 

A product that has an integral manufacture in synthetic material with lace closure and a flat design, which facilitates considerable support of the shoe on the foot and on the ground. Perfect for making more quality supports, avoiding slides and getting better support when controlling the ball. 

Something to which the foam midsole also contributes, which cushions shocks when stepping hard. This helps to give you more stability and reduce the risk of injury during use.

Develop your full potential with this interesting Nike design, which we analyze in depth.


Construction: We are talking about a model made of synthetic material, of high quality and durability.

Supports : The supports are reinforced by mesh side panels, which increase stability during play.

Midsole: The foam midsole provides greater comfort when stepping on any terrain.


Color: The white color of this product is somewhat dirty, although you have black or blue finishes, if you prefer.

Heel : We are talking about a flat shoe, which may not be to the taste of those who prefer something with a slight heel.

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Adidas futsal shoes

7. Adidas Copa Tango 18.3 Mens

Among the Adidas futsal shoes we find renewed classics, such as the adidas Copa Tango 18.3. A timeless model with high-quality details, such as a specially profiled and segmented sole, with a supportive toe box, a first-class heel counter and good material, as far as taking care of the feet is concerned. 

Something in which the heel area also influences, with good cushioning when it comes to preventing excess tension in this area of ​​the foot. In this aspect, the material of the product also contributes its grain of sand, which combines leather and synthetic mesh inserts. This mixture improves the comfort of the tread and the interior ventilation of the foot during the game. It is finished off with quick laces in the closure area, which maintain adequate tension when putting on shoes and jumping onto the court.

Let’s find out more about this renovated classic, ideal for fast players who want something different from the usual.


Profiled sole: The sole has different profiles in each area of ​​the foot, for greater comfort.

Ventilation : The mesh inserts that the product has improve the ventilation and comfort of the shoe.

Cushioning : Its cushioning, centered on the heel, absorbs the force of the footprint and protects the ankles.


Sizing : The sizing does not fully correspond to what is expected, so it is convenient to take a good look at the measurements and ask for a number more than normal.

Design : The design of the sole is different from the flat and conventional, so you still need time to get the most out of it.

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8. Adidas Nemeziz Messi Tango Unisex

If you are looking for some Adidas futsal shoes, you should take a look at the Nemeziz Messi Tango model. This alternative is usually recognized by the user community among the best futsal shoes, for having a unisex sports style, suitable for adults.

In addition, they have a modern design that adjusts to the foot, through a lace closure system. In their aesthetic aspect, they have a solid or gradient color surface, which contrasts with the three overlapping stripes that identify the German brand.

The outer material is synthetic and hugs the foot for greater support with Agility Touch Skin, while the sole is made of rubber, with small studs that provide greater acceleration on surfaces. This sole is also made of short-leaf synthetic fiber, providing a stable platform for the player to make explosive and controlled movements.

With the number of models available in the market, selecting one is not an easy task, so you can review the Adidas Nemeziz Messi Tango.


Sole: They are equipped with a rubber sole that provides acceleration for controlled movements.

Materials: They are made with a synthetic coating and Agility Touch Skin technology that molds to the foot.

Design: They have a sporty design in a neutral or gradient color, with the three Adidas stripes.

Adjustment: They have a lace closure system, adapting to the foot for better support.


Size: Some users have expressed that they can be adjusted, being necessary to request one more size.

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Joma futsal shoes

9. Joma Dribble Unisex

If you want a model that stands out, the convenient thing is that you can make your selection among the best futsal shoes of 2022, so you shouldn’t lose track of this Joma design, which competes alongside the Munich brand. These are unisex shoes, made of synthetic material and coating that increases resistance and durability.

In addition, Joma futsal shoes have microfiber and nylon, materials that provide extra protection. On the other hand, the model is equipped with reinforcement technology at the toe, to improve stability when hitting the ball. They also have a ventilation system with air inlet and outlet, an EVA insole adjustable to the size of the foot, which in turn provides cushioning on impacts and steps.

They stand out for being flexible and comfortable, with a high degree of support and lace closure. They have a sole made of non-slip rubber, resistant to abrasion and with ergonomic flexo technology.  

Joma can represent the best brand of futsal shoes, because it provides adequate footwear to improve the performance of the game. These shoes developed by the brand are comfortable, light, resistant and with a ventilation system.


Cushioning: They are equipped with special insoles that, in addition to providing comfort, are capable of absorbing shocks to the ball and reducing foot discomfort.

Flexibility: This model is made with lightweight materials that provide correct support and allow the natural flexion of the foot and weight distribution.

Resistance: The model has a synthetic leather coating on the toe, which provides greater resistance and durability to the shoe.

Sole: The shoes are equipped with a rubber sole with horizontal patterns that simulate a spine and are recommended for smooth surfaces.


Size: Buyers have had problems with the sizes, since it is a shoe with a large fit and the numbers in some cases do not coincide with the regular sizes.

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Men’s futsal shoes  

10. Luanvi FS Stadium

The FS Stadium model from the manufacturer Luanvi is usually featured for being of quality and having features that improve the player’s performance on the field, also being recognized as cheap futsal shoes, because their price is affordable and they are manufactured with high quality standards.

They have a classic design, in a predominant white color, with details in navy blue, beige and red, as well as with the brand’s logo embroidered on one side. Due to their specifications, they are recommended as futsal shoes for men. In addition, they incorporate a two-tone non-slip rubber sole, with reinforcement at the toe for greater protection and quality when kicking the ball.

Its structure is made with a fabric lining and includes mesh technology for greater ventilation and a relatively light weight, which allows you to gain speed in the game. Finally, its closure system is through laces that adjust the foot for better support.

A quality model must have high performance, as well as a competitive price, and Luanvi FS Stadium meets both. Read their pros and cons.


Design: They have a classic multicolor sports design, with a greater presence of white and with the embroidered logo.

Closure: Support and adjustment are guaranteed through its lace-up closure system.

Sole: They have a two-tone rubber sole, which has been reinforced at the toe to be resistant to abrasion.

Lining: They have a lining in textile material, with mesh technology for greater ventilation.


Last: According to some users, the last of this model is large and it is necessary to wear thick socks.

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Kelme futsal shoes

11. Kelme Thunder Kids 55791

For those who are wondering which are the best futsal shoes that can be found on the market, you may be interested in knowing in detail the characteristics of this Kelme model. These are sneakers with a classic design from the 90s in red, designed for boys.

They are made with a lining that combines fabric with synthetic hisking, a material that provides adequate ventilation and fit of the foot. They also have several reinforcements throughout their structure, at the toe and heel, to provide greater durability and cushioning.

In addition, the Kelme futsal shoes have a patented sole made of rubber and specific for futsal, because they have traction for any surface. They are light shoes, with a flat heel that absorbs shocks. Also, they are equipped with a closure system through laces, which serves for a proper fit of the foot.

Many models and brands have positive and negative aspects, making it difficult to determine which futsal shoe to buy, but the Kelme Trueno have features that can make the choice easier.


Lightness: This is a model made with lightweight materials that allow greater speed and dexterity of the athlete on the field of play.

Traction: These shoes are equipped with a rubber sole designed for futsal, which provides grip on any surface.

Design: This model is designed with a classic style and modern touches, reminiscent of the 90s.

Protection: For greater reinforcement and durability of the footwear, they are equipped with a lining and a foot protection system at the toe and heel.


Size: According to the opinion of some users, this model has a wide last, so it is appropriate to check the size table before choosing the conventional number.

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CR7 futsal shoes for kids  

12. Nike CR7 JR Vapor X 

Available in a striking red color, with black details and the brand’s logo on one side in a dark tone, the CR7 futsal shoes for kids are among the favorites of users, for having a modern and functional design so that the little ones perfect their plays.

These shoes have a light structure, but at the same time resistant, which has been made with a synthetic upper and a microfiber coating layer that improves contact with the ball. No matter the conditions, the shoes will be efficient, because they are equipped with ACC sports technology for control in all weather conditions.

In addition, they have a high-cut design that provides greater stability and adjustment to the ankle, making them suitable for aggressive movements and speed. They also incorporate laces, a narrow last for a better fit and an ultra-thin insole for ergonomics and stability.

Nike CR7 JR Vapor X are shoes designed to provide the player with better performance on the pitch. Here its pros and cons.


Design: They have a red design, with black details and the brand logo on the side.

Control: They are suitable for any climate, providing control thanks to ACC technology.

Cut: They have a high cut at the ankle to provide adjustment, allowing aggressive movements.

Fit: They are equipped with an ultra-thin insole that provides greater stability and ergonomics.


Last: Some users have commented that they have a tight last, so this property should be considered.

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Shopping guide

To play soccer, more than skill and sports aptitude is necessary, since it also requires a team that enhances the player’s abilities. Part of these implements are the slippers. So if you have decided to buy some sneakers, you should consider that there are many designs and models, and you need to know some attributes that these products should have. For this reason, through a guide to buying the best futsal shoes, we offer you a list of the properties that you should look for in a design so that it is of quality.


In the market you can find all kinds of models and designs, but for them to be good and cheap futsal shoes, they must also have an adequate weight that allows greater performance on the pitch. Some manufacturers provide their models with a heavy and dense structure, but others, on the contrary, incorporate low-weight designs.

Soccer is a speed sport, so if you want agility, you should select a design with a light structure, which will provide the user with greater ability to run quickly, being able to execute passes and movements with ease and fluidity.

For this reason, the models that are usually most recommended have a weight that ranges from 300 grams to 550. This weight is not uncomfortable on the foot, nor is it an impediment that reduces strength and speed on the court.


If you want to know how much futsal shoes cost, it is good to know the materials that the manufacturer used to make the product, as this will give you an idea of ​​the general cost and quality.

The same manufacturer can bring several models or ranges of sneakers to the market, from some made with a structure in synthetic material with a fabric covering, to other more expensive designs that are made of genuine leather.

Leather is one of the most expensive materials, but at the same time it has a higher degree of wear resistance, so its durability is greater. Also, this material turns out to be an option that provides strength to blows against the ball. In addition to these two models, there are some that combine various materials to offer a versatile and cost-competitive product.

In this way, the designs that usually lead sales are those that have a leather structure and a synthetic lining with textile mesh. Likewise, it is appropriate to consider models that incorporate microfiber and nylon within their structure, since both materials provide a high level of resistance and comfort.


In speed sports like soccer, you need to maximize your performance on the pitch to get the best results. For this reason, the vast majority of renowned manufacturers endow their designs with technologies that provide improvements in the shoes for controlled ball passes, cushioning and stability.

In the market you can get some models that have reinforcements in the heel to provide stability in the ankle, even others that equip the shoes with textile engineering to provide greater cushioning and smooth steps. Likewise, certain manufacturers incorporate reinforcements in the tip to avoid injuries after hitting the ball, also improving stability and support.


According to the personal style, you can choose a design that suits your requirements. There are shoes that have a classic design, but others have a modern and avant-garde sports style. In addition, in the design you can also select from a variety of colors, since there are models that have a single tone, even more versatile ones that combine colors or gradients. They even contrast the color of the upper part of the shoe with the sole.

In relation to design, users usually recommend models that have a versatile structure and that, beyond their aesthetics, are functional. For example, you can choose models that incorporate mesh or a ventilation system that allows fresh air to enter and circulate to prevent the concentration of bad odors inside the sh

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