The 13 Best Knee Pads of 2022

Knee Pads – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

Sometimes it is necessary to use knee pads that allow the protection of the knees or improve injuries, product of muscle tears caused by the practice of some sports. So if you train frequently, walk or do activities that involve an impact on the knees, it would be convenient for you to have a pair of knee pads. Before making a decision, consider that although there are many designs available on the market, it is possible that not all of them meet the requirements. Currently, several models enjoy the approval of users, but there are two that are frequently recommended. The first option is the Amestars AFT-KB001, knee pads made of neoprene, available in black and one size, being suitable for different people, men or women, tall or short. Next, we find the Maximo Fitness Black, a model made of 7 mm thick neoprene, which provides correct support for the knees, and is available in various sizes.

The 13 Best Knee Pads – Opinions 2022

If you have decided to buy knee pads to maintain ligament support, reduce impacts on the knees or improve an injury, you need to consider that there are many brands and models available, but few are recommended. For this reason, we offer you a section with the attributes and characteristics of the five knee pad options that lead user preferences, so that you can make a comparison and obtain a design appropriate to your needs.

1. Amestars AFT-KB001 Non-Slip Patellar Knee Brace

If you are looking for the best knee pads on the market, then you may find it helpful to know the characteristics of this design offered by the manufacturer Amestars. The model available in black and one size, is recommended as a stabilizer of the knee ligaments, to reduce injuries and improve sports training, being for medical use.

The knee pads are made of non-slip neoprene and adapt to the shape of the patella. They are equipped with a textile technology that fits the skin, providing freedom of movement during physical training, so that the user does not have to worry about mobility.

The design of this model is open, which allows proper sweating and perspiration during use, in addition to the natural movement of the knee, with a level of comfortable support that does not affect performance or physical performance.

The Amestars AFT-KB001 model is recommended for medical use in knee injuries, as its design is practical, fresh and suitable for different sports activities. For this reason, it is usually recognized as the best knee pads of the moment. So we review its main attributes and disadvantages.


Design: The knee pads have a black design with an opening in the patella, allowing sweating and correct movement.

Size: Regardless of the thickness of the knee circumference, this is a model that adapts to different sizes because it is expandable.

Technology: Textile technology has been incorporated into this model, which reduces the slippage of the knee pad to provide better sports performance.

Materials: The knee pads are made of neoprene, a material that fits the skin and provides the required support.


Anti- slip: Although they have anti-slip technology, after constant use with excessive sweat generation, they tend to slip.

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2. Maximo Fitness Neoprene Knee Sleeves

To make a selection that stands out for being efficient, it is convenient to be able to choose between the best knee pads of 2022. Hence, it may be appropriate to take into account the attributes of this Maximo Fitness model. Available in four sizes: S, M, L and XL, these knee pads provide proper support and support, protecting the knee ligaments.

They are made with solid and robust materials, being the 7 mm thick neoprene the one in charge of holding and providing firmness. Thanks to their structure and design, they adapt to the shape of the knee, with a suitable fit that does not cause annoying pressure, nor does it impede the development of physical activities.

Due to their versatile properties, they are usually recommended for medical use in the treatment of muscle rehabilitation, pain reduction, among others. While in the sports area they can be used in high-impact physical activities, such as crossfit, weightlifting, gym and others.

Although there are many manufacturers that offer acceptable attributes for better physical performance, not all of them are suitable for medical and sports use. For this reason, Maximo Fitness is often listed by many as the best brand of knee pads. Here are its pros and cons.


Sizes: According to the circumference dimension of the user’s knee, it will be possible to select between four sizes.

Versatility: Whether for medical treatment or sports use, these knee pads adapt to different requirements.

Materials: They are made of high-density neoprene with a thickness of 7 mm, which provides greater support.

Non- slip: Thanks to its properties, these knee pads can be used and molded to the knee, without slipping during sudden movements.


Edges: The edges of this model can be a bit tight, causing some users discomfort.

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3. EveShine Compression Knee Brace

If you are looking for the lowest cost to make a decision, then this model from the manufacturer EveShine may be the right option, because they are the best value for money knee pads and one of the cheapest. They are made with elastic material that combines nylon and lycra, being comfortable, with breathable and non-slip properties.

They are available in various sizes, being recommended for medical purposes in the relief of pain, arthritis or meniscus tear, due to their compression properties. In addition, they are often used as support knee pads, because they are equipped with gel strips that improve performance and reduce injuries in activities such as basketball, walking or jogging.

They have an anatomical design that accelerates recovery and reduces discomfort in the knee joints, through a textured lining, which provides a heating effect and affects physical rehabilitation. They are lightweight and provide an appropriate balance between mobility and comfort.

For a model to be considered quality, several factors must come together: a competitive cost, quality and functionality. The EveShine Gel is often considered the cheapest knee brace, so here are its pros and cons.


Design: The model is equipped with a practical and functional design in black, with gel strips that adhere to the skin.

Uses: According to the needs, this model is suitable for the recovery of joint injuries, relief of discomfort and rehabilitation, as well as for support in sports activities.

Materials: They are soft knee pads with resistant properties that are made of nylon and lycra, allowing perspiration.

Size: According to the dimensions of the knee circumference there is a specific size, being able to select between S, M or L.


Support: These knee pads conform to the shape of the knee. However, after intense exercise, the grip may give way and they may begin to slide off the skin.

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4. Kempa 200651001 Unisex Protections

If you are wondering what are the best knee pads that can currently be found on the market, it is worth taking a look at the properties of this model.

Kempa offers knee pads available in several sizes, so that you can select the one that best suits the dimensions of your knees, so that they do not cause discomfort, but on the contrary, they fit.

This knee pad design is made with high-strength materials, providing durability and comfort. A foam coating with varying degrees of hardness has been incorporated into its structure.

This property manages to provide a feeling of support in the joints and greater absorption of strong impacts on the knee, thus expanding the range of protection. In addition, it is an elastic and non-slip design, allowing the correct mobility, with a compression level that is adjusted through an anatomical structure.

Among the number of designs, brands and options available that provide a high level of efficiency, many users may feel lost and do not know which knee pads to buy, it is appropriate to know the positive and negative characteristics that define the Kempa 200651001.


Materials: The durability and quality of this model is given by 25% rubber, 25% EVA and 50% PES.

Sizes: According to the size of each user, it will be possible to select between a model of medium or long dimensions.

Foam: Two densities of foam are present in the structure of these knee pads, to increase shock absorption and the level of protection.

Design: These knee pads have been made with an anatomical design with elastic and non-slip properties, being suitable for various uses.


Adjustment: Although it is an adult model, these knee pads can be adjusted and the rubber takes a while to give, which is annoying for some people.

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5. NONMON Extensible Compression Sports Knee Brace

Available in two colors: black and white, this is usually another of the knee pad models most recommended by users, as it is a patellar strap design, which can be used for multiple purposes, thanks to its orthopedic properties or for training. sports activities such as volleyball.

This model is made with a high degree of resistance in breathable and antibacterial polyester fabric. In addition, it is incorporated into its 9mm density hexpad structure and can be machine washed.

On the other hand, you can select between several sizes, the most popular being the medium, which is 42 cm long, and the large, which is about 44 cm long. The design is endowed with a silicone band, which provides a higher level of protection for the knees and blood flow. Its use is simple and it is suitable for both women and men, without distinction.  

With so many models available on the market, it can be difficult to make a suitable selection. This iMusi model has a competitive cost, versatile functionality and quality materials. Therefore, we present its positive and negative aspects.


Design: By design, these are practical knee pads for sports training such as volleyball or as a patellar strap to improve circulation.

Colors: According to taste, the user can select between white or black and use it under a casual outfit.

Materials: Quality is guaranteed in this model, which is made with breathable, flexible and antibacterial fabric, as well as a 9mm thick hexpad.

Size: With this model, you can select from several sizes the one that best suits the circumference of the knee.


Sizes: Before selecting a model, it is convenient to take into consideration the size table, because they are tight.

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enduro knee pads

6. Fox Enduro Knee Brace

Among the best knee pads of 2022 are the Enduro motorcycle knee pads, from the manufacturer Fox, specialized in the design, production of clothing and equipment for Off-Road races.

Made of recognized quality materials that ensure good support, cushioning against shocks and maximum resistance, the knee pads for enduro are aimed at satisfying the demands and tastes of lovers of speed and risk on two-wheel motors, as they offer protection and comfort, which provides confidence and security to execute maneuvers with total freedom of movement.

For this, in addition, its rear areas are reinforced with pieces that guarantee greater flexibility. Its exterior is made of perforated neoprene, while 20% of its internal fabric is made up of elastane, 20% PU foam and another 20% polyester, with 40% ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), components that provide an effective fit., free from heat and humidity.

Fox Enduro is characterized by its dedication to the production of sports and competition apparel, which is why it also strives to be the best brand of knee pads. Here are the pros and cons of your knee pad model.


Easy to put on: Their fabric stretches enough to put them on and take them off with ease.

Control: They allow you to have adequate control when driving, since they facilitate movement.

Protective: They exhibit robustness and are suitable for containing the force of blows in the event of possible collisions or falls.

Light: Despite their robust appearance, they are light and comfortable.


Friction: If the skin is extremely delicate, friction with the inner material may cause rashes.

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volleyball knee pads

7. Iulonee Protective Knee Pads for Legs

If you are looking for knee pads for volleyball or basketball, the Iulonee brand presents a model suitable for multiple physical activities, such as hiking, athletics, cycling, football, snowboarding and many others, so you could be convinced to purchase it, if you have not yet deduced what the best knee brace

These pieces are made from a raw material that makes them flexible and resistant, since their fabric is made up of 84% polyester and 16% spandex, materials that favor breathability. In addition, they are equipped with silicone strips, which keep them securely fastened, without slipping with movement.

They have pads of sufficient thickness in the middle part, which cushion the intensity of the impact and protect the knees against blows. Similarly, these knee pads have a design designed to offer protection to a large part of the legs, since they are long-sleeved, which also allows them to be kept warm at all times.

To provide a clearer idea that makes it easier to decide which knee brace to buy, we include some favorable and one negative points of this model.


Non- slip: The knee pads are reinforced with silicone, which prevents them from slipping with sweat and movement.

Sizes: There is an appropriate size for everyone, as they come in five sizes, in small, medium and large scales.

Protection: They have foam pads that protect the joints and mitigate impacts.

Comfortable: Its thin and soft fabric, with a long design, provides warmth and comfort in any type of weather.


Washing: It is not recommended to wash them in a machine, or dry them at high temperatures.

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Knee pads for futsal

8. Sp Football Padded Knee Pad for Soccer Goalkeeper

As a favorable alternative among the models of knee pads for futsal that can be obtained on the market, the white and padded knee pads from the manufacturer SP Fútbol stand out. It is a convenient sports accessory for those who play the role of goalkeeper, since its foam padding reduces the possibility of suffering severe bruises during falls and impacts against hard courts or other players.

The pieces are made with a tubular design that adapts to the joints to protect this vulnerable area of ​​the leg, as well as its sides, areas that are often exposed to frequent blows when falling on their sides.

These knee pads, in the indicated size, are precisely adjusted to the contour of the leg, which favors obtaining good support, which at the same time motivates and increases confidence to execute plays and move with greater security and freedom.

There are several features that stand out in these knee pads, but to know if they would be appropriate, it would be worth knowing their pros and cons.


Coverage: Its length covers the most delicate areas of the body and prone to blows.

Design: They have a tubular design that adapts precisely to this part of the leg.

Cushioning: They are reinforced with foam in the middle and sides, to cushion shocks and reduce the risk of injury.

Resistant: Its manufacture was made with fabrics resistant to friction against the ground, sudden movements and multiple washes.


Color: If you are looking for visually striking knee pads, you should know that this model does not offer a variety of colors, although this does not limit its function.

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handball knee pads

9. Rehband Men’s Handball Knee Sleeve

For those looking for handball knee pads, the brand specialized in sporting goods, Rehband proposes the 7752 Coreline model as an option that adapts to the needs of players who practice this and other disciplines.

It is a knee pad made of neoprene and reinforced with pads on the front, to provide greater protection. It is made of polyethylene, EVA and Kevlar fabric, a material that has the property of granting hardness and toughness, which allows it to resist wear and tear.

The knee brace has an anatomical design that adapts to the shape and thickness of this part of the leg, to provide stability, support and warmth. In addition, its appearance is modern and athletic, which draws attention due to the contrast of the colors blue or gray, with black and white, which makes it combinable with any style and color of sports clothing.

There are several reasons that justify the quality and performance of this knee brace. However, it would be wise to spend a few minutes analyzing the pros and cons of it.


Anatomical: Conforms comfortably to the shape of the leg.

Pads: The padding of its pads allows to stop and cushion the force of the impact.

Technology: It has a Kevlar protection system, a technology that makes it resist friction, wear and tear that could break them.

Sizes: You will have no problem finding a size that fits your legs, as there are several size options offered.


Individual: This presentation includes a single knee pad, so if you want to purchase two units, you must make a double purchase.

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basketball knee pads

10. Ainolan Sports Knee Pads Adjustable Jogging Brace

Among the alternatives recommended as a therapeutic treatment to relieve some ailments, this model with adjustable pressure by means of three velcro straps stands out, which is presented as the best possible value for money knee brace. Its design, with an open patella, is intended to provide support, stability and relief to prevent possible injuries.

These basketball knee pads have aluminum bars on each side, which offer better support in this area. Likewise, it is made of a fabric that has the ability to absorb moisture caused by sweat and stretch enough to allow a better range of motion.

Similarly, it has non-slip strips that adhere to the skin and prevent the knee pad from falling during exercise. Another of its advantages is that it can be used on the right and left leg, both in the summer and winter seasons.

Although this knee brace is one of the cheapest, it has attributes that demonstrate its quality. Here we present other of its advantages and a negative point.


Therapeutic: It has a special design, created to provide relief in specific areas.

Adjustable: It incorporates three straps with velcro closure, which allow greater or lesser pressure to be exerted and adapted to the complexion of the leg.

Measurement: Its size fits most people, due to its structure and placement method with adjustable straps.

Breathable: The fabric that makes it up helps to keep the leg comfortable and with air intake.


Unit: Only one unit comes, so if you want a pair, you must purchase twice.

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Donjoy knee pads

11. Donjoy TriZone Knee DX Knee Brace

Donjoy knee pads could be a convincing alternative. Among the catalog of models offered by this manufacturer specializing in orthopedic items, is the Trizone Knee. It is a compression knee brace suitable for multiple sports activities, including tennis, basketball, soccer, golf, baseball and more.

The Donjoy Trizone Knee Brace is designed to offer three compression zones. The first produces stability and support for the joints. The second improves blood circulation while supporting the muscle, and the third is a comfort zone that compresses more gently to deliver the proper fit without limiting range of motion.

In addition, it is made with materials that provide thermal and bactericidal properties. This model is suitable for recovering and maintaining movement in the knees, when injuries occur due to tendonitis, strains, inflammation or other causes.

The main features of this knee brace probably seem of great interest, but to be sure, it would be useful to know the pros and cons.


Multifunctional: It is practical to use during the development of various sports activities.

Manufacturing: Its construction incorporates carbonized bamboo, a component with thermal properties that, at the same time, helps to eliminate bacteria caused by humidity.

Comfort: Provides comfort, relief and improves range of motion.

Stabilization: It is reinforced with silicone bands, which provide a better fit and stabilization.


Long sleeves: It is a long sleeve style design, so if you are looking for a less extensive option, you may have to continue evaluating proposals.

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Meniscus Knee Pads

12. Anoopsyche Adjustable Sports Knee Brace Meniscus and Ligaments

Another of the alternatives that have had great receptivity among users is the one proposed by the Anoopsyche brand, with the 21215 model, which is grouped in the category of knee pads for meniscus. It is a suitable option for men and women, suitable for the practice of multiple sports, such as hiking, weightlifting, baseball, soccer, basketball and others.

This knee brace can be used on both the left and right knee. It has three adjustable straps that allow you to adjust its size and put more pressure on the compromised area. It is comfortable and light to use. In addition, it is made of neoprene, an element that facilitates breathability and provides support for muscles and tendons, without interfering with movement.

Its open patella design, with springs on the sides, allows to stabilize the joints, by preventing the patella bone from moving or dislocating during training.

To determine if this knee brace can be in line with what you are looking for, it would be convenient to investigate its pros and cons.


Adjustable: Its size is adjustable by means of the straps, so it can be adapted to any size.

Comforting: Relieves pain and corrects the position of the knee when it has moved.

Performance: The structure and position in which the knee brace is adjusted allow to optimize performance in the activity that is being practiced.

Fixation: It is provided with silicone strips, which are held to the skin and prevent it from slipping.


Coverage: In the event of a fall, the open patella design does not offer as much coverage in the open patella space, which would expose it to lacerations.

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MTB knee pads

14. 7 Protection Transition-17 Enduro MTB Cycling Knee Pads

The 7 Protection brand includes, among its varied inventory of equipment designed for the protection of the cyclist, knee pads for MTB, whose style is suitable for men and women. The Transition 17 knee pads are aimed at offering maximum protection to a large part of the legs, as established by the CE EN 1621/1 regulation, since, in addition, they are long-sleeved.

The fabric of its structure is made up of an elastic mesh and spandex, a combination that helps to facilitate ventilation to prevent the accumulation of sweat and, at the same time, ensures a secure anatomical fit. They are light, can be stored and carried easily, since their size is reduced when rolled up.

They incorporate a pad that allows stabilizing the area they cover. In addition, they are presented in four size options, so that they adapt to the contour of the legs and favor movement without limitations, to have a better control of the bicycle, when pedaling with comfort and ease.

In addition to knowing the characteristics that identify these knee pads, it is necessary to know what their advantages are and what is the least favorable.


Length: Its long size makes it easy to roll them up to store and transport them within small spaces.

Padded: They incorporate a reinforced foam that favors ventilation and offers protection.

Compression: They are designed to provide support and stability, by adjusting and compressing the area.

Flexible: They are elastic and resistant, as they are designed to withstand the swaying of the legs without deforming.


Narrow: They may be too tight on the thighs, so choosing a larger size should be considered.

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Shopping guide

Knee pads are made and designed to provide support and protection while performing any physical activity that involves the movement of these joints, so they must have some specific characteristics that guarantee their purpose, which we have explained in the following guide to buy the best knee brace, to have a reference of what should be considered a priority when choosing this type of accessory.

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