The 15 cheapest countries to travel

We all like to travel and discover new places, new cultures and amazing cities. Travel allows us to learn, open our minds and discover how different life can be beyond our window. However, going on a trip can be a bit pricey, but luckily, there are plenty of places you can visit without breaking the bank.

When you go to a travel agency, you always find some cheap travel deals to cities in Africa or Asia. However, what if you want to visit a paradise island or one of the many medieval cities that populate central Europe? Although it is a bit more complicated, you can also find cheap exotic destinations and European countries that you can go to for little money.

In this sense, we want to remind you that the list of cheap destinations to travel to changes periodically, since the price of the trips will always depend on the economic and social situation of each destination. Despite this, it is always possible to travel cheap if you take your time to look for the best deals on flights, destinations and also on accommodation. 

Without further ado, prepare your travel bags and decide which of these cheap places to travel will be your destination.

  1. Macedonia

Macedonia is one of the cheapest countries in Europe. This small Balkan nation, which was part of the former Yugoslavia, has a long history, being the birthplace of the great conqueror Alexander the Great.

In terms of prices, it is an ideal destination for those looking for cheap beach holidays. The average price of accommodation is around 13 euros and that of restaurants and hotels are up to 60% cheaper than in other European tourist destinations such as Spain.

  1. Bulgaria

If you are looking for a cheap place to travel within Europe, Bulgaria could be the best destination, especially if you like cities full of history. This country is also the cradle of the best Black Sea resorts. 

If you prefer old cities, full of historic buildings to visit, Sofia, the capital of the country and the second oldest city in Europe, will enchant you. With a budget of 25 euros a day per person, you can enjoy the country’s culinary specialties and local drinks, which are among the “strongest” in the world.

  1. bolivia

If you want to know where to travel cheap in December, Bolivia could be the best destination. The Andean country is one of those little publicized destinations, but it has some of the most amazing landscapes in the world. In Bolivia, natural destinations stand out, with Lake Titicaca and the Salar de Uyuni as the main tourist attractions.

It is the cheapest country in South America, with prices that are up to 40% cheaper than in the rest of the continent.

  1. India

India is one of the cheapest and most culturally interesting countries to travel to in the world. The entire nation is full of palaces, fortifications and incredible historical complexes in which the jungle merges with the relics of the past.

Low cost trips to India will allow you to discover a very rich culture, with hundreds of religions and traditions, incredible landscapes and very interesting people. In addition, it is one of the cheapest countries in the world, with average prices up to 50% lower than those of a European country.

  1. Hungary

Divided in two by the Danube, Budapest, the capital of Hungary is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe. It is an ideal destination for those looking for a great vacation, but without splurging, as it is one of the cheapest countries in Europe to travel to. 

Although the country’s average per capita income has risen in recent years, thanks to a technological boom that is modernizing the nation, it is still possible to enjoy low-cost vacations, with flights from Spain for 44 euros or rooms in a hotel for 4 stars for 150 euros a night.

In this country you can enjoy the culture, visiting the places where scholars like Frank Kafka walked. But you can also enjoy nature by visiting Lake Balaton, the largest in Europe.

  1. Indonesia

If you want to enjoy cheap paradisiacal islands, Indonesia is one of the best low cost exotic destinations you can find. It is a country made up of a series of small islands, so you can visit a different island every day, relaxing on its beaches and living its culture.

The country has a very wide tourist offer, with luxury hotels and hostels at very low prices, which have all the services. Among the cheapest cities are Kuta and Legion.

  1. Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the cheapest beautiful countries you can travel to, since you can find a bed for less than three euros; and eat at one of the many street stalls for less than two euros. Today it is one of the countries to visit in Asia with the greatest social and economic development, as well as one of the favorite destinations for backpackers. 

One of the biggest attractions in the country is the ruins of the sacred kingdom of Angkor Wat, one of the most impressive monuments in the world. It is a city full of temples and palaces, which will take you more than three days if you want to see it in its entirety.

  1. Greece

Greece is one of the great tourist countries. Although it has always been an expensive destination, due to the difficult economic situation in the country, prices have dropped a lot in recent years. 

If you are thinking about where to travel cheaply in summer, there are few destinations more touristic than the islands of Santorini or Mykonos. In addition, the coast of Greece is full of small islands full of charm such as Skiathos, Hydra or Paro, where you can have a beer in the sun for less than 3 euros.

Greece offers an ideal destination for lovers of the classics, who can visit Athens, the cradle of European culture, and from there travel by catamaran to the island of Hydra, where some of the best souvlaki (kebab) restaurants in the Aegean are located.

  1. Sri Lanka

In this Asian country you can live like a king with about 30 euros a day. It is an exotic place, full of white sand beaches that are covered with mist at dawn, palm trees, tea plantations and large herds of elephants. 

If you want very cheap trips, this is one of the cheapest places on the planet. It is a place to be discovered, with expanses of wild natural terrain, beautiful villages and ruins from the past.

In this sense, the country has the so-called “cultural triangle” that encompasses the towns of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Kandy, three places considered World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, where you can discover more about the country’s Buddhist culture, with the fabulous views of the Sri Maha Bodhiya temple in Anuradhapura or the Sri Dhalada Maligawa, the temple of the tooth in Kandy.

  1. Honduras

If you want to know where to go on cheap vacations and enjoy paradisiacal beaches, Honduras could be your destination. From this Central American country, you can visit other wonderful places such as Guatemala, Costa Rica or Belize, to enjoy the best landscapes of the Caribbean.

Although not as touristy as other nearby destinations, Honduras boasts some palm-fringed, white-sand beaches with sparkling blue waters that rival the Bahamas or the Maldives. The country is a destination for diving enthusiasts, who have in the “Red Sea” one of the richest seabeds in the world.

In Honduras you can enjoy a vacation in style for less than 25 euros a day, with flights from Spain for less than 450 euros. In addition to its beaches, you can enjoy cities with colonial history such as Puerto Cortés, known for the banana trade and for its colorful architecture from the Spanish era. 

For those who prefer rest, in Omoa there is one of the best spas in South America, from where you can admire an old Spanish fort, from the time of the Discovery. If you prefer, you can visit the bustling capital of the country, Tegucigalpa, or little Comayagua, a historic center with a Spanish cathedral and home to “La Casa del Sandwich”, where you can enjoy traditional Honduran baguettes.

  1. Morocco

For those looking for cheap places to travel, but without having to take long flights, our neighboring country, Morocco, is one of the most mystical and beautiful places to discover. The Alaouite country has modernized a lot in recent times, offering some really interesting tourist alternatives.

The neighboring country has some wonderful places such as Marrakech, with its Jemaa el-Fna square, the so-called square of wonders or the lavish Koutoubia mosque, which lights up the entire city and under which fortune tellers, tooth pullers and snake charmers meet.. In Marrakech you cannot miss the daily show of the famous Café de France, UNESCO Intangible Heritage.

If you want to enjoy the most labyrinthine city in the world, in Morocco you will find the intricate Fez, the largest city in the Muslim world, where the tombs of the ancient Benimerines are located. 

In Morocco you will also find the old Casablanca, which remains almost intact, just as we saw it in the film noir classic that bears its name. If you prefer nature, in the Alaouite country the incredible Atlas Mountains, the Zagora desert and the incredible dunes of Merzouga await you.

  1. Nicaragua

Along with Honduras, Nicaragua is one of the cheap countries to travel to in Central America. The country has some of the most beautiful colonial cities on the continent, among which Granada stands out, also called the Great Sultana, with an indisputable Andalusian air, or León, with a much more sober and Castilian atmosphere, where you can find a one of the most famous cathedrals in South America, whose main attraction is its roofs that can be visited.

For lovers of the beach and the sea, a few hours from the capital, Managua, are the beaches of the town of San Juan del Sur. This is one of the favorite places for tourists and where most of the hotel offer is concentrated, since its beaches are ideal for surfing. 

If you like nature, in Nicaragua there is Lake Cocibolca, called by the locals as “the sea of ​​fresh water”, in the center of which is the island of Ometepe. It is an idyllic place, less than 300 square km in diameter, with two volcanoes linked by an isthmus.

  1. Vietnam

Vietnam is a very cheap country to travel to, as you can spend the day with less than 20 euros. In fact, you can enjoy a pint of Bia Hoi, the country’s most popular beer, for 40 cents. The country has a long history, having been a French colony and a center of communism during the 1960s. 

Hanoi, the current capital of the country, is a city that is modernizing by leaps and bounds. It still retains much of its French colonial tradition, with typical French pastry shops mingling with vendors of “pho”, a beef, herb and noodle soup, which is the traditional Vietnamese dish.

Old Hanoi, built around Hoan Kiem Lake, is one of the best places to enjoy the charm of the city. Here the inhabitants of the city gather to escape the urban chaos and practice “tai-chi” every morning.

  1. Argentina

The eighth largest country in the world and one of the cheapest to travel to. If you like cities full of life, Buenos Aires, with 12 million inhabitants, is one of the most populous in the world and has a vibrant nightlife. 

You can enjoy the city in the San Telmo neighborhood or visit the impressive views of the Andes, Tierra del Fuego and the central plains, all for around 30 euros a day.

  1. Caribbean

If maritime and exotic destinations are your thing, you can enjoy a low-cost vacation aboard one of the multiple cruise ships that tour the Caribbean islands.

For a good price, you can enjoy exotic destinations such as Tortola, Saint Martin, Puerto Rico, Saint John, Saint Thomas or the paradisiacal island of Saint Bartholomew, where you can enjoy colonial architecture and some of the best beaches in the world.

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