The 3 Best Hunting Knives of 2022

Hunting knife – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Between utility and image, hunting knives are versatile tools to solve many of the problems that we can find in our field days. Whether it is cutting food or clearing the ground, these products allow you to save time and hassle, as long as you opt for resistant and quality models. Among the most outstanding knives on the market we find the Jellas J-001, which has a handle made of aluminum and carbon + G10, which provides resistance and lightness. In addition, it has a modern design and has a large number of accessories, which increase its versatility and allow you to use it in survival situations. Likewise, you can find the CDS Survival Celtibero model, which has a multi-position storage case, made of leather for greater resistance, also has safety pins and flint to make a fire.

Buying guide – What is the best hunting knife on the market?

Within field knives, hunting knives offer us good functionality to be able to cut and make our way in any circumstance. These models have a wide variety of uses to be able to respond to everything you need. However, it is advisable to look for quality models, for which the advice in our guide to buying the best hunting knife on the market will be useful, with practical and interesting ideas.

knife blade

As the first element of any comparison of hunting knives, we have to talk about the blade. This is the most important element, because if we do not have a quality blade, the rest of the knife’s elements will be of no use. The blade of the knife must be made of high-quality metal and offer good resistance.

In this case, the most used material is steel, duly treated to prevent oxidation from doing its thing. Check the construction format of the knife and what is the resistance of the blade. In this case, the knives are usually accompanied by their measurement within the HRC scale, which precisely measures this hardness. The recommended values ​​are from 55 points, for a resistant and quality product.

By the way, don’t forget to also look at the shape of the blades, in terms of blade style and size. In the market, it is usual to see smooth or flat knives, but we can also find claw-shaped knives, among others. Choose based on the utility you are going to give the knife and the activities you have planned for it.

knife handle

After you’ve found a quality blade, it’s time to take a look at the handle of the product. This handle must have sufficient measurements, depending on the size of the blade, but also to be able to work and cut properly. Therefore, do not bet on models that have less than 10 centimeters of handle, unless they are compact models.

This handle must be made of quality materials, with variety in this case. Some models are presented in all kinds of wood, highlighting rosewood, walnut or cherry among others. In any case, it is important to have resistant materials and a suitable finish that helps us avoid damage to the hands, derived from the presence of splinters and other similar elements.

The other option that we can find are the handles of synthetic materials, mainly plastics and the like. In this case, the handles must have an ergonomic design, which helps us to be able to properly hold the knife and exert force. On the other hand, you must also have a good finish, which helps to hold, avoid the effects of sweat, slippage and any other problem when using the knife.

Case and portability

To finish our little analysis, we are going to talk about the cover and the portability of the product. The sheath of the knife must have adequate quality, in line with the rest of the product, having materials that prevent damage to the knife and that keep the blade protected to avoid cuts and risks. It does not matter if we talk about leather, wood or synthetic materials, among others. The important thing is that they are resistant and of quality.

It is key that the chosen sheath has a good fit with the handle and the blade of the knife, since this prevents the blade from suffering the effects of dust or dirt when we are not using it. So be sure to check that this knife blade and sheath fit are the best possible and that this blade is also water resistant.

Finally, we talk about the portability of the product, in which the cover also has its importance. This sheath should include a hanging element to be able to carry the knife around the neck if necessary. It should also offer a nice format, without edges or corners, with which it is easier to place the product inside our backpack. And if it also includes a clasp, closure or a system that prevents the sheath and the knife from separating unexpectedly, much better.

The 3 Best Hunting Knives – Opinions 2022

Hunting knives are a perfect tool for a picnic. Even if you don’t like hunting. These knives allow us to be able to cut whatever is necessary, from brushwood to hunted pieces in a simple way. So if you like life in the countryside, you will surely like to know which is the best hunting knife of the moment, adapted to what you need at all times. Something that you can find in our selection of the best hunting knives of 2022 that we present below.

1. Jellas J-001 folding knife tactical knife with glass breaker point

Main advantage:

It has a cutting blade made of high-quality 7Cr17 440A stainless steel and is coated with titanium, which can promote a longer life and offer greater strength against tough jobs and constant use.

Main disadvantage:

The locking mechanism can be more complicated than expected for a hunting knife, which could put it at a disadvantage compared to other models on the list.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This model stands out due to its versatility, since it has a sharpener for the cutting blade and includes a tip at the bottom of the handle to break glass.

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Regarding the manufacturing materials used in this hunting knife, it is necessary to highlight the cutting blade made of 7Cr17 440A stainless steel, which is specifically made under a cold and heat treatment, which gives it greater durability in relation to other types of steel. In addition, it is coated in dark titanium to provide protection against scratches and to prevent the reflection of the sun from interfering with the work carried out.

The handle is made up of a shaft made with a combination of carbon + G10 and aluminum, which in addition to offering strength, provides lightness to prevent fatigue. Also, the cover is made of thick nylon.

Design and functionality

It has dimensions of 20.5 x 6 x 1.6 cm to offer a compact and ergonomic structure, which provides comfort in use, whether you use it on outdoor excursions, car accidents or to solve household tasks. On the other hand, it has a design of modern lines with a combination of gray, black and red colors that favor its attractiveness. In addition, it has a folding mechanism that prevents unintentional opening and closing, which favors the safety of the knife and prevents accidental cuts.

This knife allows you to cut, saw and chop on different types of materials, which favors versatility. Also, it has a safety mechanism that prevents the blade from being accidentally ejected to provide greater confidence during use. It also has an ambidextrous design, making it suitable for anyone to use comfortably.


As accessories, it includes a rope and strap cutter that allows you to easily break a seat belt or quickly loosen an uncomfortable knot. In addition, this element is in an area far from the hand, which prevents accidents when using the knife.

On the other hand, it incorporates a glass-breaking tip at the bottom of the handle, with which you can impact any type of glass to break it. Additionally, it comes with a sharpener for the cutting blade, a clip to attach the knife to the trouser belt, and a practical sheath with a safety clasp.

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2. CDS Survival Celtibero hunting knife mount bushcraft camping

It is an appropriate hunting knife for survival in difficult environments, since with it you can cut branches and wood, as well as carve and cook, thanks to the fact that it has a full blade made of Molybdenum Vanadium 58 steel, which has a hardness 56 to 58 HRC to ensure durability. In addition, it incorporates a highly resistant cocobolo wood handle.

It has a total length of 27.5 cm, where the handle is 13 cm and the blade offers 14.5 cm in length, so it provides a wide enough area to hold it comfortably and allows you to make deep cuts in different types of materials.

On the other hand, it includes as a complement a multiposition sheath made of high quality leather, it also has seams and snaps to store the knife safely. Additionally, the case includes a whetstone, flint and cord.

A hunting knife is an essential tool in the backpack of hikers and lovers of outdoor activities. In this sense, we detail the most outstanding characteristics of this model.


Handle: It has a cocobolo wood coating on the handle, which provides resistance and facilitates holding during long working days.

Accessories: Includes a sheath made of highly resistant leather to store the knife. In addition, it has a flint to make fire easily and a whetstone.

Design: It has a classic one-piece one-position design, with a saw on the spine and a hole in the end of the handle to hang it when not in use.


Edge: The natural edge of the blade could be ineffective for some tasks, so it is advisable to sharpen it beforehand for greater efficiency in cuts.

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3. Amazona’s Dark Knight Lock Folding Knife

Halfway between the hunting knife and the field knife, the Amazona’s Dark Knight model is a hunting knife with which you can save space and always have a knife at hand.

This product has a 9 centimeter blade with open dimensions of 21.5 centimeters. This allows you to take it anywhere, thanks also to its reduced weight.

The blade has a profile suitable for all types of work, also having good resistance. Once folded this blade fits into a very nice and smooth rosewood handle.

In addition, the product incorporates engraved elements that give the product a special touch, in accordance with the brand’s own image.

How many models have you seen in the different stores? How many times have you asked yourself if this or that knife is the best? How many doubts invade you and do not allow you to make a decision?

Below we describe the pros and cons of a product that will surely help you define which hunting knife to buy:


Design: it has a very colorful design, light and very easy to carry from one place to another, since you can easily fold it to store it comfortably.

Blade: its blade is 9 cm long and has a profile that will be very useful for making cuts on different materials and surfaces.

Handle: it has a rosewood handle, which gives it a pleasant and very smooth appearance when in contact with your hands.

Engravings: its wooden handle has some engravings that give it a much more pleasant and elegant presentation.


Closing: It is a knife with a very sharp blade that is a bit complicated to close when it comes to continuous and very frequent use.

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How to use a hunting knife

This is a very versatile tool, designed for cutting food, hard materials and hunting, among other activities. They are weapons that allow the user to make their way in any circumstance, in addition to being able to quickly resolve certain situations in which the use of this tool is warranted to make life easier for buyers. Here we explain how they are used.

to take into account

As has been explained, hunting knives are versatile tools that allow the user many modes of use, and have a special design and characteristics for each case in which they must be used. Fundamental pieces in its structure are the hole at the end of the tool’s edge to do precise and fine work, the other hole in the handle, to work with a cord on the wrist and thus make the cuts, as well as the date palm to have a better grip.

the knife sheath

All knives have their own sheath; This is a very important element, since it allows the user to transport his weapon more comfortably and, in addition, to be able to locate it in a safe place, out of the reach of people who are not trained to handle this item.

wear gloves

Some activities will require the use of gloves. That is why it is recommended that the user use ones that fit their hands, that are made of not very thick and flexible fabric, and very importantly, that they are non-slip, to have greater control in each of the movements and without running the risk of cuts. or any other accident.

Identify security points

Knives have several safety points for a correct grip. These come in most of these tools. Among them: the teeth on the back to fix the thumb. Some of these utensils have another notch in the front part that serves as a non-slip in case you are hitting against a hard object.

There is also the indentation in the blade or edge, just before the handle that allows the index finger to be positioned and reduces the displacement of the knife, making the movement more precise. Another point is the fixing cord that will allow the user’s hand to be more adjusted.

How to wield the knife

Wielding a hunting knife is extremely important, since the correct performance of the activity will depend on it and, in addition, it reduces the chances of any accident. When grasping this article, it is essential to take into account that the thumb is like the front sight on a rifle, since the precision of the cut, blow or movement that is being made at the moment will depend on it. It is also important to mention that if you hold the knife with the point down to give a good thrust.

constantly clean

Taking into account all these basic tips, you can put into practice what you have learned with your hunting knife and practice. It is recommended that every time you use your tool, it is cleaned immediately to guarantee greater durability of the edge coating, as well as its blade.

The most popular brands

Knives are very useful tools in survival, cooking, and even self defense. The main characteristics that you should take into account when purchasing a knife are the length of the knife, its sharpness and a resistant handle. Therefore, we present the three best brands on the market in the design and manufacture of knives for hunting.

The Boker brand has had an extensive history of more than four centuries in the sale of tools and knives. In the 17th century they specialized in the distribution of tools of all kinds, but thanks to their great sales success in local stores and supermarket chains, their founders Robert and Hermann Boker decided in 1829 to start manufacturing sabers, starting the world of sharp objects. Currently its headquarters is located in Solingen, Germany, but it also has subsidiaries around the world, making it possible to purchase its products.

Its range of products includes hunting knives that are very popular in the market, due to their versatility to be used in outdoor activities, survival, hunting, fishing and others. They have a fairly precise edge and a protective barrier that prevents contact of the knife with the user’s skin. In addition, its handles have a unique design with a molding for the fingers to have a better grip on the knives. Customers express good opinions about the brand, giving first-time buyers confidence.

It is considered the number one company in the manufacture of sharp objects in the United Kingdom, having its headquarters in England. For more than 30 years it has developed a high range of knives for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hunting and bushcraft. It also highlights their custom order section that they offer to customers, who can order a knife with specific features and design.

They sell variety of knives according to the demands of the customers such as Bowie knives, camping knives, axes, choppers and hunting knives. This last category is currently the most popular in sales, since its knives are characterized by being made of 440 C stainless steel, which gives it greater durability and sharpness, complemented by its camel bone handle that makes it pleasant to the palm of your hand. hand.

Expert buyers strongly recommend this brand due to the trust they provide with all their products. Therefore, it is a safe option when choosing a high-quality hunting knife at reasonable prices.

The internet sales platform grows more every day with the technological forefront. People prefer to opt for online stores like Amazon that offer products from thousands of recognized brands in the market. Damascus, despite having only been in operation for a short time, has quickly climbed in popularity, being one of the most requested brands in knives and other sharp objects.

All of their knives, especially those used for hunting, are made from Damascus steel, a very old metal renowned for its high heat resistance and cutting precision, with blades that are 95 millimeters long. They have a blade locking system that prevents contact with the skin called “lockback”, with a brass handle for a better grip. In addition, they include a resistant leather lining to store them when they are not in use.

Customers who are experts in these tools express excellent opinions, emphasizing the high quality of its articles at an affordable price, which makes Damascus the preferred brand of lovers of hunting, fishing, camping and hiking.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Perkin Knives Cuchillo de caza 33 cm

Ventaja principal:

Está hecho en una hoja de acero 440c que es totalmente inoxidable y genuina. Proporcionará resistencia y precisión en el corte. Es bastante afilado y cuenta con un buen mango para que sea cómodo al llevar en la mano.

Desventaja principal:

Las personas que ya han comprado y utilizado este producto no han encontrado desventajas por el momento.

Veredicto: 9.8/10

Es un cuchillo de caza que ofrece calidad y comodidad al momento de usarlo. Es una buena opción de compra para cualquier persona que necesite uno. Un producto útil a un precio razonable.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


Este modelo se caracteriza por tener un cómodo mango fabricado en hueso de camello. Este tipo de material es bastante duro y resistente, por lo que será muy difícil que se rompa mientras lo utilizas. Este aspecto es de vital importancia en este tipo de armas, ya que están destinadas para la caza.

En este sentido, el hueso de camello, especialmente con el que está fabricado este cuchillo, es un tipo de material que se puede manipular de manera fácil. Además, al tener bastante densidad ósea, este producto se convierte en un instrumento todo terreno.

Al tener en cuenta ese detalle, los creadores de este cuchillo han elaborado el mango lo más resistente posible, para garantizar su versatilidad y durabilidad. Aunque puede haber otros tipos de huesos, este es uno de los mejores materiales.


En el mercado existen hojas con diferentes longitudes y tamaños. Este se caracteriza por tener una hoja larga con una longitud de 20,32 centímetros de largo. Asimismo, el cuchillo cuenta con una longitud total de 33,02 centímetros. Esto lo hace muy especial, porque, al tener una hoja larga, se le puede dar distintos usos. Por ejemplo, cortará más elementos de manera rápida y fácil.

Esta hoja particularmente larga puede ser eficiente al cortar la piel de animales grandes, en caso de que se vaya a cazar alguno en específico. Es decir, puede penetrar tejidos profundos, sin tener la incomodidad de realizar varios cortes para poder lograrlo. A mayor longitud de la hoja, más profundidad se podrá alcanzar. También se debe tomar en cuenta que el cuchillo será lo suficientemente grande, por lo que se recomienda pensar muy bien en sus medidas y compararlo para el uso que le vayamos a dar. De esta forma, estaremos haciendo una compra consciente.

Resistente y afilado

La hoja está hecha en acero inoxidable, lo cual resulta ser muy conveniente, porque se podrán hacer cortes exactos y precisos, sin que se oxide o desgaste su filo rápidamente. Aunque parezca obvio, no debemos dejarnos llevar solo por el aspecto del cuchillo. Es importante que este tipo de productos sea bien afilado para que cumpla con sus funciones principales, sin inconvenientes.

El acero 440C, material con el cual está compuesto este cuchillo, es uno de los materiales de fabricación más famosos, ya que contiene la mayor cantidad de carbono para este tipo de aleación.

Es un cuchillo con el que podrás ir de camping y desarrollar actividades de supervivencia en el desierto. También sirve para la caza, la pesca, así como para la construcción de refugios y diversas actividades, en donde el hombre se separa de la ciudad, para realizar actividades en zonas rurales.

Por último, aunque es un cuchillo de caza, no quiere decir que no se pueda utilizar en casa, como, por ejemplo, en la cocina. Incluso podría funcionar muy bien para realizar algunas manualidades.

Deluxe Jadg Rambo II Cuchillos de caza

Los cuchillos de caza son herramientas polivalentes con las que un día de excursión, de pesca o incluso el cuidado de tu jardín, entre otras tareas, puede ser mucho más sencillo. Una labor en la que un producto de buena calidad y diseño polivalente te resulta de gran ayuda.

Algo a lo que el cuchillo Deluxe Jadg Rambo II responde de forma adecuada. Entre otras cosas por el diseño de doble filo que ofrece el producto, contando con un filo liso de estilo tradicional junto con otro filo de sierra dentada para cuando sea necesario.

El producto Incorpora una hoja de 25,3 centímetros y un peso de unos 585 gramos, lo que ayuda que el producto tenga una buena utilidad sin aportar demasiado peso.

En cuanto al mango este ayuda a mantener la adecuada comodidad y seguridad de uso, asi como el esfuerzo necesario para realizar el corte. para que no te falte de nada, el producto incluye una funda de piel con soporte para el cinturón, con lo que el transporte se convierte en una tarea mucho más sencilla.


Hoja doble: El diseño de doble hoja, con un lado liso y otro dentado, hace mucho más fácil realizar todo tipo de tareas y labores con el cuchillo.

Dimensiones: Las medidas del cuchillo, de 25,3 centímetros de hoja y en torno a 14 centímetros de mango permiten una buena comodidad de uso y un equilibrio adecuado.

Funda: El cuchillo se acompaña de una funda de piel con soporte para el cinturón, que hace mucho mas sencillo llevar el cuchillo contigo cuando sea necesario.


Acabados: Algunos usuarios comentan que los acabados del producto presentan algunas deficiencias, aunque no afectan estructuralmente al uso o características del producto.

Brujula: Aunque se menciona que incluye una brújula en el mango, los usuarios comentan que la misma es mas estética que funcional, asi que no conviene fiarse demasiado de ella.

Mountain 7122

El cuchillo de caza muela Mountain 7122 es un modelo de corte tradicional con el que poder hacer todo tipo de tareas en el campo.

Este modelo destaca entre los productos baratos del mercado por la calidad de su fabricación y acabados. Entre otros elementos encontramos una hoja de acero 420H con una dureza de 57-58 HRC, en la línea de otros modelos del mercado.

Esta hoja tiene un largo de 12 centímetros, acompañado de un mango de 9,5 centímetros para ofrecer una longitud total de 21,5 centímetros. Este mango cuenta con una fabricación en material plástico, con diseño ergonómico y un buen agarre para poder realizar todo tipo de actividades.

El producto se remata con una funda estilo camuflaje, que, junto al peso ligero del producto de unos 120 gramos, nos permite poder llevarlo a donde sea necesario y sin molestias.

El último modelo que incluimos en esta comparativa ha sido considerado por muchos de sus usuarios como el mejor cuchillo de caza por 20 euros. Lee con detenimiento y determina si se ajusta a tus necesidades:


Hoja: para que puedas emplear el cuchillo con mucha seguridad y con una larga vida útil, dispone de una hoja de acero  420H.

Mango: posee un mango ergonómico, que ha sido fabricado en material de plástico muy resistente y de alta durabilidad.

Dimensiones: sus dimensiones son de 21.5 centímetros, de los cuales corresponden 9.5 al mango y 12 centímetros a la hoja.

Funda: incorpora una funda suave, sencilla y muy fácil de guardar para transportar de un lugar a otro con mucha comodidad.


Seguridad: ninguno de sus clientes ha hecho comentarios negativos sobre la calidad de este producto, pero no está de más recordarte que estés atento con tu seguridad al utilizar el cuchillo.

Mimicool Counter Strike

A caballo entre el diseño de siempre y un toque especial recién llegado de los videojuegos, el cuchillo de caza Mimicool Counter Strike es una novedad muy atractiva. De hecho, está considerado por algunos usuarios el mejor cuchillo de caza del momento.

Este cuchillo cuenta con una curvada hacia el interior con una amplia zona de corte, montada sobre un mango con forma ergonómica para poder colocar los dedos y hacer fuerza.

Este modelo incorpora además una funda para proteger la hoja durante el uso, que incluye brújula y una cuerda para poder llevar el cuchillo a donde precises. Un conjunto diferente y vistoso, que lo mismo puede servirte para cazar que para cualquier otra ocasión en que lo necesites.

Diferentes aspectos deben ser evaluados antes de elegir un producto para llevar a casa, bien sea para un pequeño o para un adulto. En esta comparativa te ofrecemos los pros y los contras del mejor cuchillo de caza del momento:


Mango: dispone de un mango ergonómico, que te permitirá tener un agarre cómodo y muy seguro, pues podrás tomarlo fácilmente entre tus manos.

Zona de corte: posee una amplia zona de corte que te ayudará a pelar, cortar, picar con comodidad cuando sea necesario recurrir a un cuchillo de caza.

Hoja: su hoja de corte es curvada, lo que le brinda un diseño muy llamativo y la facilidad de cortar una gran cantidad de materiales y elementos.

Accesorios: dentro de sus accesorios podemos mencionar que incluye una funda para ser guardado con seguridad, una cuerda para sujetar el cuchillo y una brújula.


Tamaño: aunque es un cuchillo muy útil y práctico, puede parecer muy pequeño para algunas personas que prefieren cuchillos un poco más grandes.

Asaz Custom Damasco Bowie

Frente a los modelos más modernos, el cuchillo de caza Custom Damasco Bowie supone una vuelta a los clásicos de siempre. Algo que podemos apreciar además en sus 200 capaz de acero de Damasco de alta calidad, que aportan a la hoja de este cuchillo una notable resistencia.

Este cuchillo es sólido y resistente, contando con una hoja de 10 centímetros de largo y un mango de la misma medida.

Este mango está fabricado en madera de alta resistencia para soportar el paso del tiempo. El conjunto se completa con una funda de cuero de alta calidad para guardarlo cuando precises.

Gracias al precio ajustado de este modelo y sus características, puede ser tomado en cuenta si buscas el mejor cuchillo de caza por relación calidad-precio.

Si el modelo anterior no es el más adecuado para tus necesidades, te invitamos a conocer los aspectos positivos y negativos de un modelo que ha sido fabricado por la mejor marca de cuchillos de caza:


Hoja: posee una hoja de corte de gran resistencia y alta durabilidad, que tiene 200 capas de acero de Damasco. Realmente muy resistente.

Mango: dispone de un mango de madera, que podrá soportar la manipulación que le tengas que dar a medida que pasan los días de uso de este cuchillo.

Funda: este cuchillo incluye una funda que ha sido diseñada en cuero, lo que garantiza una larga vida útil y gran seguridad al llevar el cuchillo contigo.

Filo: podrás utilizarlo con mucha tranquilidad en diferentes trabajos con arbustos, pues su filo se mantiene con buena calidad.


Cacha: uno de sus clientes ha expresado que el mango le llegó en malas condiciones, aunque el cuchillo si tiene la calidad que se indica en sus especificacio

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