The 3 Best Swiss Army Knives of 2022

Swiss Army Knife – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When you are on an expedition, for a walk or simply when you need to make some type of cut or other action that requires specific tools, the use of a Swiss Army knife is the most indicated. In your purchase you must consider the number of tools that it includes, the weight, the ease in gripping, if its handling is simple to do, the resistance of the manufacturing materials, and of course, the dimensions of it, assessing that you can comfortably carry it from one place to another. Among the options on the market, customers and experts say that the Victorinox Handyman modelIt is the best proposal, with its 24 functions that can be used at any time, a high level of resistance, a weight of less than 160 grams, a good level of mobility and a quality finish. As another alternative, we have another model of the same brand, the Victorinox Standard, which partially reduces the offer to 15 accessories, reducing weight and price, for those who do not need so many elements.

Buying Guide – What is the best Swiss Army Knife on the market?

There is no doubt that the knife is one of the great inventions of the human being, during all these years they have served us for hunting animals, for cutting all kinds of food, for self-defense and for many other daily tasks. In the world of knives, the most versatile are usually the Swiss knives.

Many of us are interested in acquiring a Swiss army knife, either because we have lost the one we have always had or because we already realized that we need one. But there are so many different brands and models on the market that it can be difficult to choose, which is why we have prepared this guide to buy the best Swiss Army knife on the market today. Pay attention to the information that we have collected so that you can make a comparison of Swiss Army knives and finally manage to choose a good and economic one.

Swiss knives or multitools have their origin in the Swiss army. On the battlefield, soldiers needed all kinds of tools to help them survive in harsh environments and multi-tool knives came to fill these needs.

They are pocket knives that can have saws, toothpicks, tweezers, can openers, nail files, scissors, corkscrews, magnifying glasses and even screwdrivers. The more tools you have, the bigger and heavier the knife is, so we must be clear about what we need, because it is not advisable to buy a knife with many tools that we are not going to use.

There are many different styles, but all Swiss knives share the fact that they have multiple metal blades and different accessories that can help you in emergencies inside and outside the home.

Important features

Before asking how much the Swiss Army knife costs, let’s see other equally important features that we should take into account before making the purchase.

First of all, think about your needs. This is the key to choosing a good Swiss Army knife, since many models are dedicated to specific trades and hence have a series of tools that are used for each profession.

For example, there are some Swiss Army knives ideal for outdoor activities, such as camping or fishing, so they have a variety of blades that we probably need in these cases. There are even some models especially for computer technicians that have a series of tools necessary in hardware repair, they even have a USB memory.

Another of the characteristics that should matter most to us is the brand, and although there are internationally recognized brands such as Victorinox and Wenger, there are other newer brands that should also be considered, for example Black Canyon. On the other hand, it is good that you check in the specifications if the Swiss Army knife has Swiss Army knives, which is a guarantee of quality.

Finally, a maxim that works a lot in this case: less is more. If you are clear about what you need, do not get carried away by models that offer many tools, in addition to being heavy and large, they are complicated when it comes to urgently choosing the tool that we do need at the moment.

The 3 Best Swiss Army Knives – Opinions 2022

In 1886, the Swiss Armed Forces expressed the need for a multipurpose tool that would allow its soldiers, on the one hand to cut and on the other, to disassemble the rifle they used, which gave rise to the famous Swiss Army knife. If you are interested in having one of these practical tools, we invite you to check the 5 most sought-after models on the market.

1. Victorinox Huntsman 1.3773 Knife razor

Main advantage:

Its 24 different functions make this Swiss Army Knife one of the best on the market for its versatility of use and, furthermore, for the quality of each of the materials with which it has been made. Also, it is really safe when using it because it has a protection on the outside so that each of the tools is stored without accidents occurring while you transport it from one place to another.

Main disadvantage:

Most buyers of this type of Swiss Army knife, Victorinox brand, do not see any type of disadvantage in its use because they consider it really useful. However, it is a bit heavy and does not come with a pen, which for some users may not be beneficial.

Verdict: 9.9/10

Due to its value for money and also the high durability of its materials, this multipurpose knife is one of the most recommended among our products because you can have practically 24 work tools in one, allowing you to carry out multiple tasks without major complications.

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Versatility of use

This Swiss Army Knife will allow you to have 24 different functions with its 15 tools integrated into its handle, which are easy to use and also to manipulate in the different tasks that you intend to perform.

It has two types of blades so you can cut different types of materials. One is large and one is smaller to fit your needs.

If you find yourself away from home, you no longer have to worry about how to open a bottle or can, because among its integrated tools we find a can opener and a bottle opener, which will make your stay easier if you are going to cook as is usually done at the campsite.

It also has a small screwdriver, wire strippers, wire cutters, awl, tweezers, scissors and even a small saw for wood or metal, among other tools that range from a toothpick to a nail cleaner, which makes it a Complete tool.

The use of this knife is considered by its buyers as safe and this is thanks to the fact that all its parts are completely safe inside the body of the Handyman, which allows you to avoid accidents before using it or when transporting it.


This Swiss Army Knife is one of the most attractive on the market due to its conventional but modern design, which will allow you to take it wherever you want, making it your best both for household chores and when you are away from it, as it is ideal for Use it while camping or on vacation.

It is very light, which also makes it easy to transport anywhere you want because it only weighs 9 grams and its general dimensions are 9.1 x 2.7 x 2.6 centimeters.

It has highly resistant materials such as stainless steel, which gives you the guarantee of the quality of each of its tools. Plus, it allows you to be confident that it is equipment that will last for years, as Victorinox is a two-century-old knife and tool making brand that was founded in 1884 and is headquartered in Ibach, Schwyz, Switzerland.

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2. Victorinox 1.3603 Single Knife

When you are looking for the best Swiss Army knife, you should keep in mind that Karl Elsener, the founder of the Victorinox brand, was the one who in 1891 promoted the foundation of the association that at that time would supply the Swiss army with the so-called “soldier’s knife”. therefore buying victorinox swiss army translates into buying the “original knife” of this useful multipurpose tool.

The Standard Victorinox Huntsmans model belongs to the line of official type knives in the 91 mm length range and is better known as the huntsman. It is the most famous Victorinox model thanks to its 15 functional uses that encompass what everyone is looking for.

Among its 9 reliable tools includes a large and a small blade with excellent sharp edges, a handy can opener, a powerful wood saw, the inevitable scissors, useful screwdrivers and a corkscrew, which could well get you out of trouble in any situation.

A planned purchase is always more successful, because it implies that the budget will yield more, so we invite you to know the pros and cons of the best Swiss Army knife for 25 euros, according to the opinion of users.


Tools: It has a total of 9 accessories, so you can perform the most basic tasks that are always done on a daily basis.

Light: It is a fairly light tool, since it only weighs 100 grams, so it will not be a problem to transport it from one place to another.

Resistant: Due to its stainless steel construction, it is a highly resistant instrument that you can use for a long time without having to replace it.

Compact: Its design is completely compact, since it includes only the tools that are most useful and at the same time it is easy to store and move.


Cleaning: Users explain that it should be cleaned with fresh water, because if it is done with salt water, traces of salt may remain inside it, so it should be cleaned carefully after using it in the sea.

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3. Theo Klein 2805 Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Searching among the best cheap Swiss Army Knives, an alternative could not be missing for the smallest of the family, such as this imitation model of the original Victorinox Swiss army knife, produced by the German brand Theo Klein, toy manufacturers since 1959.

This toy, a replica of a Swiss army knife, is recommended for children over 3 years of age. It has 6 tools: Saw, knife with a rounded tip, fork, spoon, bottle opener with screwdriver, and magnifying glass, everything a little one could ask for to live his incredible adventures.

It is made of plastic and is 18.5 cm long, 3.5 cm thick and 22.5 cm wide, open to its full extent, with a light weight of 113 gr and a comfortable and secure hook to attach to the pants, which prevents it from slipping. can lose.

Despite complying with safety standards for children’s toys, adult supervision is recommended.

In response to the question, which Swiss Army knife to buy?, we remind you of the pros and cons of the Theo Klein 2805 model, which you can read below.


Design: It is designed to be used by children or people with small hands, since it is a kind of mini knife, ideal for those parents who want to include their children in activities where the instrument must be used, but keeping some security measures.

Size: It has a compact size that allows it to be easily stored and carried without problems from one place to another.

Tools: Includes six basic tools that are very useful for children, such as the spoon and fork, so that they can use it in different activities.

Resistant: Being made of plastic, it offers a good level of resistance, so you will have to replace it in the short or medium term.


Adjustment: For some people, the adjustment of the parts when opening and closing is not done as expected, but this may vary from one case to another.

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Victorinox Huntsman 1.3773 Knife pocket knife

One of the most complete Swiss Army knife models in the entire Victorinox range is this Handyman model, the best quality-price Swiss Army knife in the selection. Victorinox is a Swiss company that, like Wenger, produces the world famous Swiss Army knives and supplies the Swiss Army with much of its production.

The Handyman model is capable of developing 24 different and functional uses, thanks to the fact that it has 13 tools grouped in the compact size of a single piece of 91 mm in length, 27 mm in width and 28 mm in depth. The tools are made of premium polished stainless steel material, guaranteed for life against defects in material and workmanship.

Among the tools it has a large 7 cm blade, a small 4 cm blade, a corkscrew, a can opener, a screwdriver, tweezers, a wood saw, and a pair of scissors, among others, that can be used in different functions for a large amount. of tasks.

As an exponent of the best brand of Swiss knives we find this Victorinox model, whose pros and cons you can read below.


Resistance: This tool is made of stainless steel in its different parts, so you will not have to replace it for a long time due to its level of robustness.

Functions: Thanks to its 24 functions, this knife has become the main accessory for many people to help them carry out various tasks in an easier way.

Light: It barely weighs 159 grams, so it is very easy to store and transport because it is quite light.

Sharpening: All the tools have a good level of finish or sharpening, depending on the case, so that they work properly when you need to use any of them.

Transportation: To take this knife with you whenever you want, it has a compact design ideal for storing it in different types of covers or bags, so you don’t have to worry about its transportation.

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how to use a swiss army knife

It is important to have a good Swiss army knife when going on an excursion or expedition to the beach, mountains, jungle or anywhere else where you need it. Since apart from cutting, you can use it to carry out any other activity with complete safety and confidence, as it is a tool that fulfills a series of functions. That is why this article is intended to give you some recommendations that will help you put your Swiss Army knife to good use.

Use the one that meets your needs

It is important that, before purchasing a Swiss Army Knife, you make a diagnosis of what your needs are in order to choose the ideal one for you, since many of these are intended for different tasks. Therefore, try to use a knife in which you do not lack or have too many tools for the use that you are going to give it.

Easy to use

When you have a Swiss Army knife, you will have no problem using it to carry out any task. The mechanism offered by Swiss knives will allow you to comfortably and easily open the tool to be used at the moment, as well as close it when you stop using it.

Contain tools that may be removable

By using a good Swiss Army Knife in a place where you don’t have table utensils like a teaspoon and fork, you will have no problem getting these tools from your Swiss Army Knife. In addition, thanks to its mechanism, you will be able to extract them for greater comfort, without having any inconvenience in adapting the knife again.

It can be used by the little ones in the house

Thanks to the fact that manufacturers have designed replicas of Swiss Army knives in high-quality plastic materials, which do not cause any harm to children during handling, they can be used as toys to live their incredible adventures by using plastic tools. in carrying out the tasks that they themselves choose during the game or some other activity.

You will have no problem taking it with you

When using a good Swiss Army knife, it will not present any problem in taking it with you from one place to another, since, because it is compact, due to its size and its light design, you will be able to put it in your pants pocket, without any inconvenience, to carry it in a comfortable and easy way.

They are multifunctional

The Swiss Army Knife comes in a wide variety of models that, among other things, vary in the number of tools they include. Apart from using it to cut food or objects, you can also use it as a bottle opener, to file and trim your nails, to screw and unscrew, to open cans, as tweezers, wood saw, as a tool for the workshop, among others, which can be used in different functions, for a large number of tasks.

They are strong and durable

Don’t hesitate to use your Swiss Army Knife to carry out any activity, in any place and under any weather condition, since they are made with the highest quality materials, both plastic and metal, which is usually stainless steel. What will guarantee that you keep it for an eternity.

The most popular brands

The Swiss Army Knife is a multi-purpose tool suitable for various tasks, especially camping and hiking. The Victorinox, Wenger and Gerber brands are the maximum representatives of this product; We will talk a little about these brands and about the most advantageous characteristics of each one according to the opinions offered by Internet buyers.

This brand of knives of Swiss origin has more than 130 years of experience manufacturing knives, mainly for the Swiss army. The company was founded in 1884 by Karl Elsener who began manufacturing knives and then in 1891 began to help the Swiss army with his military knives.

Victorinox owns other product lines such as kitchen knives, watches, fragrances, luggage and its main product the Swiss Army Knife, which pioneered the subsequent development of all other categories. Victorinox products are manufactured in Switzerland with the exception of the line of luggage and clothing which are manufactured abroad for accessibility and experience reasons.

The Swiss Army knife is the ideal tool for every explorer, even NASA astronauts require it as a protocol tool. Victorinox Swiss Army knives stand out for their red plastic casing and for the adaptation of multiple small tools such as: screwdrivers, corkscrews, magnifying glasses, scissors, tweezers, can openers, saws, rulers, hook removers, wrenches, wire cutters, among others.

Beginning as a knife factory in 1893 in Delémont, Switzerland, almost on a par with its main rival the Victorinox brand, it has remained agile and innovative in the global Swiss Army knife market. Currently Wenger is part of the Victorinox company, however, it has continued with its identity and with the manufacture of products under the Wenger label.

Wenger also develops lines of watches, clothing and luggage made in Switzerland that have shared the same success as the famous Swiss Army Knife, in fact these are the products that remain under the Wenger label as the line of Swiss Army Knives are exclusively patented by Victorinox..

With Wenger you can enjoy travel pillows, professional handbags and trunks, document covers, watches, luggage locks, power adapters from Europe and Asia, among others. Despite being discontinued, Wenger Swiss Army knives maintain the standard design of the traditional Swiss army knife, only with more ergonomic and modern designs.

The knife’s contact points are coated with non-slip rubbers for a comfortable and secure grip and it includes a number of assorted tools to solve hiking and camping problems. They can include everything from saws, bottle openers, screwdrivers, can openers, metal files, wire strippers, pressure pens, etc.

Gerber is an American company founded in Oregon in 1939 by Joseph R. Gerber, whose main products were Gerber cutlery sets, today they specialize in the manufacture of knives, tools and multipurpose knives.

Gerber manufactures all kinds of sharp tools such as axes, machetes, hand saws, pruners, shears, shovels and all kinds of survival tools such as flashlights, headlamps, among others. Gerber has become one of the most trusted and appreciated companies in the knife and razor business today.

Gerber knives do not comply with the particular design of Swiss knives, but are designed in the form of pliers, with the ends of the grip handles being the points where the other tools are deployed. This design offers you more strength and functionality by being made of stainless steel and being able to access smaller tools more easily.

The main tool of this knife is the wire cutter held by the spring scissors, its design is more robust compared to Swiss knives, however they are the ideal size to keep them in your pocket and have quick access to them,

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How to clean Swiss Army knife?

The first thing you must do to be able to clean the Swiss Army Knife is to disassemble it, as this will allow you to correctly access each piece so that all of them can be cleaned effectively. Since it is stainless steel, you don’t need to worry about contact with water.

Bring water to a boil, and when it does, place each tool inside for a few minutes. After this step, add warm water to make the dirt come out more easily. Using a small brush, start cleaning each tool with the help of warm water and you will have your razor ready in no time.

Q2. How to sharpen Swiss Army knife?

There are several ways in which you can sharpen a Swiss Army knife after it wears out due to use, however, it is preferable to use only those alternatives recommended by the official Victorinox website to avoid doing something wrong that could damage or deteriorate the knife.

The most recommended is the use of a special stone at an angle of about 20 or 15 degrees, because, in this way, you will get a good cut of approximately 30 to 40 degrees. However, if you prefer to use a grinding wheel, you can also do that without problems. You just need to cool it down to prevent the razor from reaching high temperatures.

Q3. How to disassemble a Swiss Army Knife?

Although these small items are designed to last for a long time, at some point it is necessary to repair a part or clean the knife properly, and in order to perform these processes, you will have to disassemble your product. It’s not too hard to do, and when you learn how, you’ll be able to take all the tools apart quickly.

The first thing you should do is remove the sides of the knife with a flat screwdriver, sliding the tip under the blades so that they open. After this, the bolts will be noticeable. Position the utility knife with the top facing up so you can carefully loosen the bolts using a thin tool. As you remove them, carefully remove each tool, paying attention to the position to remember where each one goes.

Q4. When was the Swiss Army knife invented?

The year 1891 was the moment when Karl Elsener decided that a Swiss should create knives for his army and, using his creativity, he managed to create the Swiss Army Knife, which today is very famous around the world for its practicality, versatility and effectiveness.

Although his company was dedicated to the creation of surgical material, his greatest creation was the knife and this was so impressive that his company, called Victorinox, won the contract with the Swiss army, beating previous suppliers of German nationality, to produce the knives that, to this day, represent the military of that country.

Q5. Which is better: the Swiss Army Knife or the Leatherman?

It is difficult to decide which is the best, because, like everything, there are different opinions and many people defend one over the other. However, both alternatives have characteristics that make them stand out in the market and that each buyer makes the decision about which one is superior.

Most agree that, due to its lightness, size and diversity of uses, the Swiss Army Knife is the most suitable option to solve those situations that may arise on a daily basis. However, if a specialized tool is needed for a more difficult specific job, the Leatherman’s robustness and precision are aspects that make it a good option.

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These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Black Canyon BC3643

Another acceptable alternative to the best Swiss Army knife is the Black Canyon brand, specialists in camping and hiking products, with its model BC3643, a Swiss-style knife, made of stainless steel, which has 6 practical tools to go camping in the mountains. beach, the field or the mountain.  

Las herramientas incluyen cuchara y tenedor, los cuales se pueden extraer completamente o fijarlos a un extremo de la carcasa mediante una ligera presión, para hacer los cubiertos más largos y cómodos de usar; un cuchillo plegable; sacacorchos; destornillador y destapador de botellas.

La longitud de la hoja es de 10 cm y el ancho plegado es de 14 cm para un peso total de 160 gr. Cuenta con una práctica bolsa de transporte y almacenaje elaborada en nylon verde que dispone de un cierre tipo velcro y un sujetador, tipo puente, para poder fijarlo al cinturón.

Encontrar una de las navajas más baratas del mercado también es posible, así que revisa las características principales de la Black Canyon BC3643, que los usuarios han catalogado bajo esta categoría.


Durabilidad: Su fabricación consta de piezas hechas en acero inoxidable y plástico, de modo que posee un buen nivel de durabilidad para que tu inversión valga la pena.

Compacta: Tiene un diseño compacto que podrás guardar en tu bolsillo o en una funda, y así llevarla a donde lo necesites.

Afilado: La hoja principal de la navaja tiene un buen nivel de afilado, por lo que si deseas hacer un corte, podrás hacerlo de inmediato y sin preocupaciones.

Extraíbles: La cuchara y el tenedor que incorpora pueden ser extraídos para ser utilizados de una forma más cómoda.


Mango: Los clientes expresan que el mango principal está hecho de plástico y resulta un poco endeble, pero esto no afecta demasiado en su buen funcionamiento.

Wenger 19201

Wenger es proveedor de la reglamentaria navaja del ejército suizo desde 1908 y fabricante de muchos de los modelos de las mejores Navajas suizas del 2022, a nivel mundial.

El 19201 de Wenger es una representación clásica de la legendaria navaja suiza, la cual ha sido especialmente fabricada para complacer a los entusiastas coleccionistas. Este modelo es un símbolo mundial del espíritu de su inventor, recordatorio de que la verdadera navaja suiza se ha establecido mundialmente como una herramienta indispensable en todo momento y lugar, la misma es usada por excursionistas, pescadores, exploradores y campistas, por nombrar solo algunas actividades ideales.

Esta navaja de colección tiene 141 diferentes y prácticos usos, los cuales se realizan a través de sus 87 distintas herramientas, lo cual consta en el certificado de autenticidad que se suministra, junto a una llamativa caja negra de madera, para exhibirla elegantemente como decoración.

A fin de que encuentres la mejor navaja suiza del momento, te invitamos a conocer los aspectos favorables y desfavorables de la Wenger 19201, que los usuarios han promovido de forma reiterada.


Funciones: Se trata de una completa navaja capaz de servir para una amplia variedad de funciones, que alcanzan un total de 109, de modo que podrás acudir a este instrumento siempre que necesitas realizar alguna actividad cotidiana.

Ligera: Su peso es de 1.2 kg, esto indica que es bastante ligera, y que podrás guardarla en cualquier lugar y también llevarla contigo sin hacer mucho esfuerzo, así que puedes tenerla a mano cuando lo necesites.

Herramientas: Posee unas 85 herramientas, así que las posibilidades de uso de la navaja son infinitas, de manera que siempre habrá alguna actividad en la que este utensilio puede ayudarte.

Fácil uso: Tiene un uso muy sencillo, independientemente si utilizas un aparato de este tipo por primera vez, así que no necesitas leer un manual o tener experiencia en ello.

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