The 4 Best City Bikes of 2022

City bike – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The bicycle is a means of transport that is really cheap, that contributes to the environment and also to your health. There is one that adapts to each terrain that you are going to have to face when you ride it. One of the most used are the city ones, due to their effectiveness in moving around the streets and that is why, every day, more people use them to go to work, shop or simply walk. There are many models and brands that are going to offer you this product and the variety is quite wide. You will find one for each weight, size and use. Choosing just one is not easy, so to help you we have chosen 2 that stand out from the rest: the Hybrid Moma that has 26-inch wheels for better performance and is made of aluminum for greater resistance, while theMBM Honolulu is made of steel, has 26-inch wheels and weighs approximately 12 kg.

The 4 Best City Bikes – Opinions 2022

A bicycle is a sporting item that will not only allow you to exercise but also to travel to places never before imagined, without having to have a car to do so. With it you can even go to work, without making major efforts.

These are very versatile, there is a model for each of the activities that you have to carry out and that is why it is important that you are clear about the use that you are going to give it, each brand and model has its specifications.

A question that is very frequent among users is what is the best city bike on the market, but answering this is not so simple. Depending on the needs of use you have, the model you should choose will change.

The main factors that you must analyze to make the right choice are: weight, size, construction materials, speeds and, of course, the type of bicycle. Having this clear, the purchase will be much easier and faster.

Comfort is also important and that is why the bike you choose should have a seat that is adjustable and padded. The handlebar, where you will find the speeds, should be adaptable to your height.

Next, we will describe 5 models that are among the best city bikes of 2022, so you can find out if any of them is the one you are looking for for your personal use or that of your loved ones.

1. Moma Bikes Hybrid Suspension Trekking Bicycle front

Main advantage:

It is an urban bicycle that stands out for its attractive design and functionality, which allows you to move comfortably both on asphalt and on dirt roads.

Main disadvantage:

As some users have commented on the network, this bicycle model may not be the most suitable if you are a tall person.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a totally ecological means of transport, it does not pollute or consume petroleum derivatives. Users highly recommend it in their reviews and appreciate its usefulness and efficiency.

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Utility and benefits

According to studies carried out, almost 80% of environmental noise in cities is due to car horns and combustion engines; In addition, atmospheric pollution resulting from the gases generated by vehicles is reaching worrying levels. For this reason, the use of the bicycle is the best alternative to rescue your city, without annoying noises and without smoke.

Having a good bicycle also favors your health, the Moma Bikes Hybrid model is an excellent option that will allow you to exercise and keep fit, helping your cardiovascular system and preventing diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, while improving your quality of life. lifetime.

In the same way, you will obtain savings in your budget, since if we compare the costs of a car with those of a bicycle, this is up to 30 times cheaper than a vehicle. In addition, maintenance and fuel costs are much lower.

efficient and functional

It is an urban bicycle, designed to ride on different terrains, both on asphalt and on dirt roads; thanks to the fact that it has 26″ tires with greater resistance than the ride models.

It is equipped with a high-quality Shimano gearbox with 18 speeds, which allows you to drive smoothly within the urban area and also in the open field. It also has suspension at the front, which helps you avoid potholes, curbs and other obstacles.

It is a resistant and light bicycle at the same time, for this it has a frame made of aluminum, which resists oxidation and deterioration. Likewise, it has an efficient V-Brake system, also made of aluminium, which provides you with security in the face of any unforeseen event.


This model has a weight of 13.4 Kg, so its size occupies up to 5 times less space than a car could occupy, for this reason you will be able to move better within the city.

It is a bicycle that offers you comfort to enjoy rides or long journeys, for this it has a comfortable, padded and waterproof saddle. Similarly, if you want to go out at night you can do so with confidence, since it has front and rear lights that make you visible and make it easier to see the road. In addition, it offers you two racks with panniers, ideal for storing your backpack or a jacket.

Its design also integrates a practical bell, very useful for other people to notice your presence. As for the assembly, you will receive it almost ready, you just have to mount the front wheel, screw the pedals and adjust both the changes and the brakes.

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2. Mbm Honolulu Men’s Touring Bike

It has 6 different speeds so that you have great performance when moving around the city. This model is easy to control because of the location of its shift knob which is on the handlebars.

It has materials that are highly resistant to the use that you are going to give it and it is light when compared to other models, despite being made of steel. He is approximately 12 kilograms. Its tires are 26 inches to also adjust to uneven terrain.

This model was specially designed for the use of men, that is why its size is 47. It is important that you take into account that its chainring is made of steel and has 42 teeth, this gives it greater resistance and strength when traveling steep routes..

Which city bike to buy is a common question when you need one of these products, since there are many models with different features. For this reason, we go straight to the pros and cons of this model to make your search easier:


Material: The frame and suspension are made of Hi-Ten H-47 steel, which makes it more resistant to deformation caused by falls.

Speeds: Its SH REVO RS36 shifter allows you to select between six speed options. In addition, it has a SH TY21 rear derailleur.

Brakes: Includes front and rear V-Brakes, for greater safety during your rides.

Wheels: Its wheels are 26 inches and are made of high-profile painted alloy.


Accessories: This model does not include additional accessories such as bell or rack.

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3. Ecosmo 26ALF08B Folding Bike

This bike has a total of 7 speeds so you can comfortably move around the city, without having problems with performance or speed. You can easily control them from the handlebar of the bike.

Its manufacturers made it for people with a height between 1.50 – 1.75 meters in height due to its 26-inch wheels. It is made of steel, so it is a durable piece of equipment.

To store it when you are not using it, you will not require a large space, it is a folding city bike and you can put it almost anywhere.

If you are looking for a functional and attractive model, the ECOSMO 26ALF08B is one of the most striking and resistant, but let’s see in detail the pros and cons of this product:


Folding: For people who have little space to park the bicycle, this model has the facility to fold its frame and pedals.

Speeds: This bike has 7 Shimano Gear speeds, which offer more power on your rides.

Material: It is resistant to shocks and falls, thanks to its frame made of Hi-Ten steel.

Wheels: It has thin 26-inch wheels, which are suitable for driving on asphalt.

Material: The frame is made of stainless steel for greater resistance. In addition, it is decorated with bright colors.

Adjustments: The seat can be adjusted between 80 and 112 centimeters. In the same way, the handlebar can be adjusted between 100 and 114 centimeters.


Instructions: The assembly instructions could be complicated, as well as having poor visibility. However, it is an easy to fold model that does not require further instructions for its use.

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4. Via Veneto by Canellini Bicycle Bike Citybike Vintage Retro

With a modern design and very comfortable to use, this women’s city bike has two spaces to transport your personal belongings, in an attractive wicker basket and large rear panniers.

It is very safe to drive either day or night, it has front and rear LED lights so that you do not lose sight of yourself while you walk around the city and do your errands. It is a light model, so handling it will be very easy. It weighs approximately 15 kilos.

It is made of aluminum and on its handlebar you will get its speed control, which is a total of 6. You will move with greater skill through the streets and main roads.

If you want to know which is the best city bike brand, take into account the pros and cons of this model so that you discover the best answer:


Accessories: It has front and rear LED lights. It also includes a luggage rack that can be adapted for a baby seat, as well as a natural wicker basket.

Speeds: This bike has a 6-speed Shimano TX50 gear change.

Material: The frame, brakes and handlebars are made of aluminum, making it a light and comfortable bike for long rides.

Wheels: This model has strong 28-inch wheels. Recommended for use in the city and the mountains.

Brakes: Includes aluminum V-Brakes for better grip. In addition, the handlebar is adjustable direction.


Valve: A user comments that the valve for filling the wheels is thin, so it is difficult to find the device to inflate them.

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Moma Bikes Hybrid Suspension Trekking Bicycle front

Moving around the city with this model will be really easy, thanks to its 18 speeds that you can control from its steering wheel, where you will also find its really efficient brakes.

It has 26-inch wheels that give the bike greater versatility. You can use it both on asphalt and on land. It is very stable for having front suspension.

Users consider it the best city bike of the moment, due to the versatility of use that they can give it, since it does not limit them to touring the city, but they can also go to mountains that are not so steep, or with very pronounced relief.

Currently they consider it the best value for money city bike, as it is one of the cheapest, but at the same time comfortable due to its adjustable seat and its lightness.

The characteristics of the Moma Bikes Hybrid make it the best city bike for 220 euros. In addition, it is one of the cheapest on the list, but it offers quality and durability. Let’s see its most relevant features:


Speeds: This model has 18 speeds and offers a Shimano TZ-50 derailleur, which provides more handling options.

Wheels: Being a hybrid bike, it has good grip for the city and the mountains. In addition, it offers 26-inch wheels.

Material: It is a light bike, since its frame, brakes and wheels are made of aluminum.

Suspension: It has front suspension to help you get around the bumps in the road.

Accessories: Includes rack with panniers, to transport some objects more comfortably.


Brakes: A user indicates that the brakes are not properly adjusted, so it should be considered to adjust them correctly before riding.

Paint: The paint could present small air bubbles in its finish. However, this does not affect its functionality.

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Buying guide – What is the best city bike on the market?

The bicycle is becoming one of the tools that is changing urban mobility, so that you can get anywhere using a means of transport that respects the environment, but also takes care of your health. For you to make the leap to this new trend, all you have to do is follow the advice in our guide to buying the best city bike, depending on what you need and prefer.

bike size

When we talk about city bikes, we use this definition to contrast it with the definition of the mountain bike, which lately dominates the market. These bikes have less aggressive designs, simpler setups and a frame line that defines them clearly and precisely.

Touring bicycles come in different sizes and measurements, so that, as with any bicycle, it is necessary to start by assessing which is the measurement that best suits our needs. This depends, in part, on our own height, such as the diameter of the bicycle wheels. Our security depends on a correct choice, so do not forget to verify this aspect.

Fortunately, these sizes are not as complex as they are with mountain bikes. There are different tables online regarding the specific size of the wheel, so that, depending on your height, you can choose the most appropriate size. Ideally, you should be able to test the bike before using it, but in any case, and as an exception, we should not exceed the size to avoid problems of not reaching the ground or having discomfort.

bike style

If we think of a mountain bike, the usual image of its triangular frame and studded tires will surely come to mind. In city bike models, this trend is not present, since there are different variations regarding the design of the frame and its format. It is true that a certain trend is maintained, but at present the variations are more than considerable, as we can see in any comparison of city bicycles that we find.

Among these variations we find the position of the bars, both of the seat and the handlebar and of the rest of the elements of the frame. We also have single or double bars when joining the seat area with the handlebar. The variations are more than considerable and it will be easy for you to find the most pleasant design adjusted to your specific preferences.

By the way, although they would fall into another category, in this case we are talking about conventional models that are not foldable, so that the frame is fixed as far as design is concerned. In the case of folding models, the approaches are different, the measurements more adjusted and the weights of the product much lighter. Among other things because being foldable, the idea is to take it with maximum comfort wherever it is needed.

bicycle components

Now that we’ve checked the frame properly, it’s time to check out the different components. Some components that, regardless of how much the bicycle costs, should always be of quality, from recognized manufacturers and capable of withstanding our pace without deteriorating or breaking down over time. Something essential to find a good and economical bicycle, without complications.

Among these elements we find the changes. These changes must be adjusted to the terrain where we are going to move, being necessary to have a large number of speeds the more complicated the terrain. If we are going to flatten with six gears it may be enough. But if we are going to roll through areas with ramps and slopes, it is convenient to have 12 or even 18 gears, to be able to move comfortably.

Regarding the brakes, another important aspect, it is convenient that these have quality in order to avoid problems when stopping. Again the components have to be of quality, both in the handles and in the shoes. It is true that, given the speeds at which these bikes roll, the brakes are usually conventional with a shoe, but if you can find a city bike with more efficient brakes, the option is undoubtedly interesting.

How to use a city bike

Buying a bicycle, whether to function as a regular means of transport or to take recreational rides, is a smart decision that can benefit your finances and your health at the same time. In this new section of our guide we address the most relevant points when using a city bike; Whether it’s your first time or not, check out the tips we bring for you.


Before you even think about riding your bike you should consider the proper safety measures.

First of all, you will need to wear the correct clothing, for safety reasons it is not recommended to wear too loose clothing such as baggy pants and long skirts that can easily get caught in gears and tires; Likewise, it is recommended to avoid wearing sandals or similar footwear that leave the foot too exposed.

Helmet use is recommended for both beginners and experienced riders; Its use with city bikes is especially important since you never know when an accident will happen and, when riding a bike, your body is even more exposed.

seat height

Before you ride your new bike try to adjust the seat to a height that is comfortable for you. If the seat is too high, you should lower it until your two feet can touch the ground while sitting on your bike; This action constitutes a particularly important preliminary step and can even prevent accidents, since a low seat will allow you to brake with your feet in a dangerous situation, avoiding crashes and falls, which would be really difficult in very high seats.


Before going out on the street with your bicycle try to test the brakes several times; Familiarize yourself in depth with its operation and if the manufacturer includes an instruction manual, review it slowly. If your bike has handlebar brakes, test each one to see which controls the front wheel and which controls the rear.

Although it is not ideal, keep in mind that if you find deficiencies or a malfunction in the brakes of your equipment, they can be professionally changed and modified for more stable ones.


One of the most difficult issues for beginning cyclists is maintaining correct balance. You can start doing balance exercises at home without pedaling anywhere; When you feel like you have a little control, go out to the park, get on your bike and keep a steady pedaling.

Always try to pedal at a good pace without going too slow or too fast, on many occasions going too slow can be the cause of imbalance in novice users. Finally, we mentioned that if you go to the side when pedaling it may be because you are putting too much weight on that side of the body; try to slightly push yourself to the opposite side to solve the problem.

The most popular brands

Ecology is a trending topic that motivates people to become aware of the environment every day. Bicycles are the most used means of transport in the world, since they do not require fossil fuel for their operation. There are different models on the market according to your needs, such as those for the city, which adapt correctly to the rocky surface of the streets. Next, we show you the most renowned brands by buyers in the design of these bicycles.

It is a company that manufactures different types of bicycles such as electric, walking, tricycles, folding, BMX, mountain, trixie and city. All of its products are supplied with state-of-the-art high technology and are manufactured with the highest quality materials that comply with European safety standards.

Among its most outstanding models according to users is the Paseo Classic bicycle, an innovative transport model for use in the city. It has been rated by customers as the best solution for moving quickly through the streets. It has a simple and classic design that allows it to accommodate all tastes. Moma Bikes is characterized by being an ecological brand by manufacturing its articles with light aluminum that adapts to the problems of the route, with a totally urban design.

Over the decades, this brand has increased its sales considerably, reaching great popularity in the world of cycling. The aforementioned aspects attract the attention of buyers to invest their money, including high-performance athletes. Thanks to its innovative designs, Moma Bikes is one of the leading brands in the European market, with subsidiaries around the world.

It is considered one of the main manufacturers of products for the automotive industry in the world. Its headquarters are located in Hanover, Germany. It was founded in 1871 as a stock company listed on the stock exchange, led by Siegmund Seligmann, who, together with the prominent chemist Adolf Prinzhorn, in a few years, managed to make it one of the leading companies in the manufacture of tires and products made of rubber. eraser.

Previously, the company worked under the name Continental-Caoutchouc und Gutta-Percha Compagnie, which was later changed to Continental AG, an easier name to remember. Currently, it has a sales team of more than 150,000 employees, distributed throughout all its subsidiaries around the world. It is present in more than 36 countries among the continents, highlighting Europe, Asia and North America.

Although its characteristic area is the manufacture of tires, it has an exclusive line of bicycles for all ages, highlighting those for the city. Their bicycles are made with materials that are highly resistant to climatic changes, which makes them functional at any time of the year. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable and safe brand to buy, Continental is a good option.

It all started in the year 1958 when the skier and engineer named Ed Scott invented his own ski poles, made of aluminum, which worked better than the traditional ones made of bamboo or steel.

With the success of his first invention, he founded his company in the United States and began to produce sports equipment for winter sports of different types. Twenty years later, in 1978, he expanded into Europe, locating his headquarters in Freiburg, Switzerland, a favorite place for Scott since he studied his career there.

Currently, the company is dedicated to the creation and design of all types of cycling and walking bicycles. Buyers express their satisfaction with the quality of your products by writing good reviews of the brand.

The variety of its prototypes is wide and all of them use resistant materials so that the user can use the bicycle for a long time. Likewise, they are made to withstand the movement on asphalt during different hours of the day, in which the temperature is higher or lower.

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