The 4 Best Portable GPS of 2022

Portable GPS – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Global Positioning Systems, better known by their acronym GPS, have become a great help for many, because thanks to their ability to connect with different satellites and the variety of maps they have installed, they can indicate directions and tell you, in addition, the location of people and objects. Portable GPS can be taken anywhere, they have a battery that allows them to work without being connected to any power source. The Garmin eTrex 30x GPS has the TopoActive map of Western Europe preinstalled and provides users with information of interest that is useful for cycling and hiking; In addition, it allows you to share route data, geocache and others wirelessly. The Garmin eTrex 20x modelIt has a 2.2-inch screen, which has 65,000 colors integrated, thanks to which each of the data indicated by it can be clearly displayed.

Buying guide – What is the best portable GPS on the market?

When we talk about a portable GPS we are not referring to the one that we carry in the car as a navigator or to that monstrosity that includes the mobile and that surely leaves us lying around when we need it most. We are talking about an independent equipment, especially useful for those who hike or like to move through nature and that guarantees adequate coverage in complicated conditions. So that you get it right and don’t get lost, we offer you our guide to buying the best handheld GPS with everything you should consider about it.

The weight

Who hasn’t had that happen to go on an excursion and end up with even their socks left over? Virtually everyone. That is why when choosing a handheld or portable GPS it is essential to consider the weight of the device. Obviously, all handheld GPS are designed to be light and have a comfortable design, but it is also true that not all products achieve this in the same way, so it is an aspect that you should not ignore. Much of the weight has to do with the size of the screen, so if you don’t need great features and you can opt for a smaller screen size, in addition to having a cheaper handheld GPS, it will surely be lighter.

To help you with your decision, many handheld GPS devices include cases and other types of holders, just like modern cell phones, which allow you to carry them on your arm, on your wrist, or in a more comfortable way than simply carrying them in your hand. It is another point that you should know.


As with car GPS, handheld GPS incorporate various functions depending on the design and model we are talking about. Some work like a traditional compass with some additional orientation features and simple black and white maps, while others include full color maps on a large screen with systems that even allow you to control different aspects of the route such as altitude, distance traveled or an extremely precise location with a deviation of no more than a couple of meters.

Obviously, when you ask yourself how much a handheld GPS costs, you need to first know what functions you are looking for, since if you need specific or more specialized functions, it is very possible that the price of the product will rise. If you are looking for a simple and basic device, then the price is much cheaper.


If you are using your handheld GPS to move in unknown terrain and it is your option to return home safe and sound, surely running out of battery is the least funny thing for you. Therefore, the battery of a handheld GPS is essential.

Fortunately, most of the handheld GPS on the market work with conventional batteries, so getting lost can be solved by carrying a spare. In any case, and as a reference, a handheld GPS with a 2.2-inch color screen and in normal conditions of use has a range of about 25 hours with a pair of these batteries.

This duration is influenced by both the screen brightness level (more brightness, less autonomy) and how much you “mess around” with the device, since changing routes or using it also reduces its useful life. Even so, and although the batteries weigh little, let us remember, as we said at the beginning, that there are times when everything weighs, even a couple of batteries.

The 4 Best Portable GPS – Opinions 2022

Having a sense of direction is good, but having the best portable GPS even better, allows us to orient ourselves and also be located. It is an indispensable piece of equipment for mountaineers, cyclists, hikers, hunters, sailors, among many others that come to mind. We present you the best handheld GPS of 2022, we will point out their main benefits and how they can be useful, in this way you can choose which is the portable GPS with the best value for money for you. It is called handheld or portable GPS because of its small size, this allows you to place it anywhere in your backpack, bicycle, even in a pocket, never better said, carry it by hand.

1. Garmin Etrex 30x

Main advantage:

Something that buyers appreciate about this small and efficient GPS is its versatility, since it has a wide variety of features that make it a practical and functional device.

Main disadvantage:

Some users miss that it does not include a strap or tape to hold the device in the hand or on the neck to carry it more comfortably.

Verdict: 9.9/10

Garmin is a brand that does not disappoint and this GPS is considered one of the best on the market for its portability, versatility, resistance and intuitive handling. With all this accumulation of virtues, users recommend it as a smart purchase.

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Utility and design

The Garmin eTrex 30x is a modern and advanced portable GPS, the improved version of the eTrex 30, designed to support adventurers who climb mountains, walk through volcanoes and canyons, or simply for everyone who wants to walk with a steady and safe step..

It is a recommended device for a wide variety of activities such as cycling, fishing, hiking, mountaineering and geocaching. It has protection for you to use it in all types of weather, for this it integrates additional seals that prevent the entry of dust, dirt, humidity and even water. You can take it with you anywhere, weighing only 142 g and measuring 3.3 x 5.4 x 10.3 cm.

Thanks to its diversity of compatible supports you can hook it on a bicycle or quad, even take it on your fishing boat and in your vehicle; You will be able to receive precise driving and turning directions, so you will not get lost in any city.

display and storage

When choosing a GPS, the screen is an aspect that you cannot ignore, since you need to have a quick overview of the data provided by the device. This model is equipped with a 2.2-inch screen, a resolution of 240 x 320px and up to 65,000 colors, so you can maximize your experience. In addition, you will be able to read in full sunlight without any problem.

It has an improved internal memory of 4GB of storage and with the capacity to save all the updated maps of Western Europe and a world map with shaded relief, so you can embark on your trip without the risk of losing it. It also has a micro SD card slot so you can load additional maps and expand its memory.


This sophisticated GPS has the ability to track GPS and Glonass satellites simultaneously, so you can accurately and quickly establish your position even if you are in thick forests or deep canyons.

It is equipped with a powerful electronic compass that has three axes and rotates the maps when you point at them; In addition, it always keeps you on the road even if you hold it at an angle, since it does not need a horizontal plane for its optimal performance.

Its barometric altimeter provides you with control regarding changes in atmospheric pressure, to know exactly what altitude you are at. On the other hand, you can connect this device wirelessly to sensors such as pedometers and heart rate monitors, to control steps and heart rate.

It integrates in its memory up to 2000 waypoints, 200 routes and 200 tracks, so you don’t miss anything on the way. We also mentioned that it works with batteries (not included).

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2. Garmin Etrex 20x Handheld GPS

For users who travel new paths and need the exact location in their hands, artifacts like this one are developed. It is another version of the Garmin brand, which reaches the market with an improved screen resolution and an expanded internal memory, so you can save a greater number of maps.

Its 2.2-inch, 65,000-color screen can be read in sunlight. In addition, it is waterproof, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, and offers resistance to elements such as dust, dirt, or moisture. Thanks to its improved interface, this GPS will be easier to use than other models.  

It also has a wide range of compatible mounts, so you can use this GPS on ATVs, bikes, boats, or simply use it as your personal navigator in the car, receiving turn-by-turn driving directions.

As if that were not enough, the Garmin 010-01508-05 GPS supports geocaching GPX files to store all the information you need, from location, terrain, difficulty, suggestions, to route descriptions.


Agility: It has a receiver capable of finding GPS and GLONASS satellites at the same time. GLONASS is a system created by the Russian Federation and using it, the receiver fixes the position much faster compared to the GPS system.

Variety of maps: You can load a variety of maps that will make you feel safer during the tour, thanks to the microSD card slot that allows you to expand its internal memory of 1.7 GB. Plus, you can plug in pre-installed BlueChart g2 cards to spend your day on the water or download satellite imagery to the device for use with BirdsEye maps.

Accuracy: The GPS receiver integrates the WAAS system, which has very good sensitivity and satellite prediction capacity, locating your position very precisely, even in thick forests or deep canyons.


Manual: Although it has a good user interface, some people have reported that the printed manual that comes with the device does not have enough information on use, so they recommend the digital version that is available on the internet.

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3. Winterworm Outdoor Mini Handheld Portable

If you are looking for cheap portable GPS on the market, we present this Winterworm Mini Handheld model, which has a fairly affordable price so you can buy this type of gadget. 

Thanks to the technology with which this mini GPS is developed, up to 16 destination points can be established, providing information on the longitude, latitude and altitude of the place where you are, as well as a digital clock.

Additionally, this model is suitable for helping people locate where they are, where they are going, and stores information about the places they have been, which is very useful for hikers, hikers, campers, skiers, and mountain climbers. In addition, it has a function that records the distance and mileage traveled.

On the other hand, it is opportune to point out that the minimalist design of this device is appropriate to carry with you, since with its compact shape you can use it as a keychain, a watch or you can place it in your bag; so that you can be located in the space at any time.

In this context, we are talking about a quite efficient portable GPS in terms of location in the spatial plane, being one of the cheapest you could get:


Light: Another aspect that stands out about this model is that it is quite light, since it has a low weight of 100 grams, which makes it easy to transport.

Rechargeable: This model incorporates a 390 mAh lithium battery, 3.7 volts, which is rechargeable through a USB cable.

Duration: The battery offers an operating time between 8 and 12 hours in active mode, as well as in standby mode between 48 and 60 hours.


Color: This model is only designed in green color, which is probably not to the liking of some users.

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4. Garmin ETrex 10 Outdoor Handheld GPS Navigation Unit

Among the best cheap handheld GPS we have selected the Garmin ETrex 10 model.

You are in the middle of the mountain, trying to locate yourself and neither the wind nor the rain let you see your plans and maps well, forget about those setbacks, this GPS will allow you to enjoy the walk or the practice of sports without having to be aware of the maps.

All the information you need on its compact screen: location, terrain, difficulty, etc. Imagine how easy it will be without having to carry the maps or enter the coordinates by hand.

As it tracks both the GPS satellites and those of the Russian Federation GLONASS you will be able to locate yourself more quickly.

In addition, you do not require different GPS for different activities, with this device you just have to choose the profile and in a simple way you can go from the configuration for a walk to the one necessary to go by car.

And to finish, we have a good option to buy among the cheapest portable GPS from Garmin’s Etrex 10:


Resistance: this GPS model stands out for its high level of resistance designed to withstand shocks, falls, high temperatures and even water, so you can use it with complete peace of mind during your excursions and walks.

Weight: another notable feature is that it weighs just 310 grams, so its transport will be a simple task and will require practically no effort.


Incompatibility: one of the most popular complaints among users who use it is the fact that it is not compatible with relief maps, so it can only be used as a coordinate indicator without cartography.

Screen: its 2.2” screen is black and white, so you must place it at the correct angle to be able to clearly see the information provided.

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How to use a portable GPS

When we are assiduous to the practice of hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking and any other sport that involves nature, it is very important to know where we are and portable GPS are the ideal instrument, since they allow us to establish our position on the ground. in which we move.

Choose a powerful antenna

An antenna is a device that some instruments and equipment use to send or receive radio waves. In the case of portable GPS, it must be powerful so that you can receive and emit a signal even when you are far from where you started.

When you are in very lush terrain, mountainous areas or forests, having a powerful antenna can help you a lot to stay well located. It also helps in search cases. If your GPS has a low power antenna, always make sure you stay within its range limits to avoid any inconvenience. Therefore, it is essential that you choose a powerful antenna.

In this way, you will not have to worry about going a little further than where you had planned to arrive, whether you are practicing your favorite sport alone or accompanied or simply because you want to know more about the terrain.

Know the functions of GPS

The main function of a GPS is to provide you with your location on a map or route, as well as to guide you on the path you want to follow to go to a certain place, even if it is the first time you are exploring it. However, other features have been added to these handy global positioning devices. 

The most important thing when you are going to use a portable GPS is to know its functions. To do this, you must read the user manual, as this will help you to know what each button on the GPS is for and its functions. 

One of the additional functions that you can use in this device is the compass, which determines the distance between one point and another and the kilometers traveled or to travel. A GPS can also have a color screen and provides a simple interface that you should learn before going out into the field.

Install the maps in the GPS

In general, the GPS includes in its database the maps of the country where you are. These are usually very complete and quite accurate. However, you can add maps of certain places or routes in which you want to carry out your sports practices. To do this, you can use the program that includes the GPS by default or download one from the Internet.

This program is the one that will allow you to interact with the GPS. The next thing to do is to install the program on your PC. You should only run it when you have connected the GPS to the computer. The program itself will tell you when you should do it. Installation is automatic, so you don’t need to worry too much about this step. After completing this installation, you can now download the maps you want to the PC and then you must upload them to the GPS.

These applications will also allow you to keep the maps of the routes you usually travel up to date. In addition, this tool is very useful because it helps you organize the routes, save statistics and learn about new routes to travel before going out into the field. In this way, you will be saving yourself from possible inconveniences that may arise.

The most popular brands

Customers who want to make trips, walks, routes, with the highest level of control and security possible, take their time to consult various options before deciding on the GPS they are going to acquire, that is why we made a compilation of the brands most talked about in the market of security systems and global positioning.

Garmin is a company founded by Gary Burrell and Dr. Min Kao in 1989 and is headquartered in Olathe, Kansas, United States. Most of its users describe its products as vital devices for their safety and route control. As the world’s leading provider of navigation, they are characterized by making high-quality products for various applications in environments that most need geolocation to carry out activities as expected.

However, its business model consists of a vertical integration that allows it to maintain all the design, manufacturing, marketing and storage processes of the house, which gives much more control over time lines, quality and service.

As well as being easy to use, products are sought after not only for their compelling design, superior quality and great value, but also for their innovative features that enhance the lives of their users. Garmin has 11,400 associates in 50 offices around the world, which has allowed it to have an important business that has led it to recognition by millions of users who constantly recommend this brand.

The company is founded in 1991 by Peter-Frans Pauwels and Pieter Geelen, recent graduates of the University of Amsterdam. Headquartered in Amsterdam the Netherlands, TomTom is one of the largest technology companies in Europe.

The company is distributed in more than 28 countries in Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia, and has 6 engineering offices located in the main European technology centers, Amsterdam, Berlin, Eindhoven, Leipzig, Lodz and London. The company demonstrates day-to-day growth to innovate further, outside of conventional designs, and outperform every day. That takes the entrepreneurial thinking and talent of the manufacturers who bring TomTom to life.

It is necessary for the company to stimulate this type of environment, granting freedom and flexibility to offer well beyond their job functions. This is how the company began the development of efficient route planners, products for which they are world leaders. Whether you are looking for a GPS that will be used in the nautical or mountain environment, this brand will surely have a useful proposal for you.


This brand offers a series of articles and products belonging to the global control and communication devices market, accessories and equipment for home care, and some electrical and GPS systems that are characterized by offering optimum performance for outdoor activities. (mountain/city/sea) that satisfies the expectations of the clients.

Among its offer are various models of practical fruit cutters, digital multimeter AC / DC current voltage, extensible capacitance resistance, submersible heater rod heating for aquariums, bill counters, portable LED, tents, alarm clocks and practical systems. GPS, among others.

As you can see, it has a varied proposal that you should review because it has been highly recommended by the rest of the clients. The best of all is that many of them are not only used for a specific space but are versatile and you can use them at any time of the day to facilitate the comfort and safety of its users. Anself, a brand that must be taken into account when choosing a quality product.

» Review information from previous years

Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Garmin Dakota 20

Otro de los grandes favoritos de los usuarios de GPS es el Dakota 20 también de Garmin,   destaca por la sencillez de su pantalla táctil y por ser tan compacto que cabe perfectamente en la palma de la mano.

Se trata de un GPS muy potente y con un precio muy asequible.  Podrás utilizarlo hasta en las condiciones de clima más difíciles ya que es resistente a las inclemencias meteorológicas, los golpes, el polvo, la suciedad y el agua.

¿Te gusta practicar el geocaching?   Son cada vez más las personas que se unen a esta divertida actividad, con el Dakota 20 te podrás descargar hasta 2000 cachés,  y te dará toda la información para participar en la búsqueda los mismos indicándote la ubicación, dificultad del terreno,  y otros datos importantes.

También puedes conectarte a Garmin Connect™  que es una comunidad online en la que puedes analizar, clasificar y compartir datos.

Si después de haber conocido nuestras primeras opciones aun no sabes cuál GPS de mano comprar, te queremos recomendar que conozcas acerca de las ventajas y desventajas del Dakota 20, otro producto de Garmin:



Pantalla: sin duda, una de las mayores ventajas de este modelo es que cuenta con una pantalla de 2,6” que te permitirá visualizar con facilidad tu posición en el mundo y te indicará cuál ruta seguir para llegar a tu destino.

Resistencia: además, el Dakota 20 de Garmin cuenta con un nivel de resistencia excepcional que incluye soportes de caídas y golpes, impermeabilidad, calor, entre muchas cosas más.



Grosor: una de las quejas más repetidas entre los usuarios es que consideran que, debido al uso de baterías, el GPS se les hace un poco grueso por lo que no lo categorizan como el más cómodo de usar.

Mapas incluidos: además, con su compra solo se incluye un mapa genérico de Europa que no cuenta con la suficiente cantidad de detalles para satisfacer el gusto de algunas personas.

Garmin GPSMAP 62s

Ventaja principal:

Este modelo cuenta con una potente antena GPS Quadrifilar Helix que te servirá para mantenerte conectado en todo momento de modo que podrás usarlo para guiarte en cualquier lugar, esto se debe a la alta sensibilidad para la recepción que tiene esta antena.

Desventaja principal:

La alta recepción de señal que mantiene el GPS y su brújula de tres ejes con altímetro barométrico permite que los usuarios puedan conocer en todo momento la ubicación en la cual se encuentran, es por ello que es calificada como una de los mejores y hasta el momento no han sido expresadas críticas en lo que se refiere a su funcionamiento.

Veredicto: 9.9/10

Si deseas comprar un GPS inalámbrico que sea capaz de indicarte siempre la posición en la cual te encuentras ubicado este modelo te será de gran ayuda ya que cuenta con una antena de alta sensibilidad que permite que en todo momento el equipo mantenga una recepción incomparable para que te indique siempre en dónde estás.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


Este equipo inalámbrico ha sido especialmente diseñado para mantener una buena conexión en todo independientemente del lugar en el cual te encuentras, es por ello que los fabricantes añadieron una potente antena GPS Quadrifilar Helix que es de alta sensibilidad y por eso mantiene un elevado e incomparable nivel de recepción, por lo que siempre tendrás señal en tu GPS.

Aunado a ello, para indicar con más precisión el sitio donde estás y hacia donde caminar este modelo incluye una brújula de tres ejes que tiene un altímetro barométrico, por lo cual es capaz de registrar la presión para indicar la altitud a la que te ubicas, además sirve para registrar los cambios en las condiciones meteorológicas; además esta brújula tiene también inclinación compensada, por lo que aun cuando la sostengas de forma inclinada indicará con precisión tu ubicación.


No importa el lugar del mundo que quieras visitar o a donde desees ir de excursión lo más probable es que te equipo posea un mapa que te indique la ruta que deberás seguir, esto se debe a que cuenta con una amplia base de datos donde están almacenados mapas de todo el mundo, los cuales tiene sombreado en los relieves para darles así un efecto más realista; una vez que hayas adquirido tu GPSMAP 62s de la marca Garmin podrás comenzar a utilizarlo para ir de expedición a los sitios que más ansías conocer.


Otro de los atractivos de estos GPS portátiles es su diseño, se trata de un equipo portátil que pesa tan solo 260 gramos y tiene unas dimensiones de 6,1 x 16 x 3,6 cm por lo que es fácil de llevar y no se requiere de esfuerzos adicionales para poder trasladarlo. Funciona con pilas doble A y las que vienen incluidas tienen una duración de 20 horas.

Es resistente al agua, y además cuenta con una pantalla lo suficientemente brillante como para que puedas observar los datos que te indica el equipo aun cuando te encuentres al aire libre y en espacios muy luminosos.

Garmin Etrex 20

Este es el GPS portátil más popular de Garmin no sólo por su magnífico precio sin por su completa oferta de funcionalidades.

Si eres un aventurero al que le encanta disfrutar de todos los retos que la madre naturaleza propone, seguro que encontrarás en este dispositivo un gran aliado.

Este modelo es muy recomendado para la cada vez mayor comunidad de aficionados al geocaching, recibir las coordenadas directamente en tu dispositivo y empezar a buscar será realmente sencillo.

Utiliza  satélites GPS y GLONASS para adquirir la posición de forma más rápida, y una vez adquirida la posición llegar a tu destino será más sencillo que nunca.

Este GPS es muy resistente, tanto al polvo, suciedad, humedad o agua.  Además, su gran memoria interna (1,7 GB) más la posibilidad de almacenar mediante una microSD  te permiten almacenar muchos mapas sin tener que estar cargando y descargando.  Apto para usar en la mano, en coches todoterrenos, bicicletas y barcos.

Con este GPS podrás localizar tu posición de forma rápida y precisa,  sin perder la ubicación GPS incluso en condiciones geográficas difíciles como bosques espesos y cañones de gran profundidad.

En el segundo puesto de nuestra lista, tenemos que mencionar otro producto de Garmin, considerada la mejor marca de GPS portátiles. Esta vez, le tocó el turno al Etrex 20:



Mapa integrado: lo más destacable de los GPS de Garmin es que prácticamente todos vienen con mapas base incluidos y este sigue siendo el caso del GPS Etrex 20, el cual cuenta con una integración de mapa base mundial, ¿increíble, no?

Pantalla: cuenta con una respetable pantalla de 2,2” totalmente a color que te permite la lectura aún bajo la inclemencia de los rayos solares evitando los reflejos.

Batería: otra de sus características más destacadas es el hecho de que tiene una autonomía de funcionamiento de hasta 25 horas con apenas un par de baterías AA, por lo que podrás salir de excursión tranquilamente sin preocuparte por perderte durante el camino.



Peso: una de las desventajas encontradas es que algunos usuarios comentaron que el GPS les resulta un poco robusto y pesado para su tamaño y por ende, algo complicado de manejar pero que esto no afecta en lo absoluto su funcionamiento.

Garmin Etrex 30

Ademas de tener todas las funcionalidades del modelo anterior, el Garmin Etrex 30  cuenta con una brújula de

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