The 4 Best Trikes of 2022

Tricycle – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Acquiring a new tricycle for our children is a task that you must carry out very carefully, since in addition to thinking about the fun of the little ones, it is also very important to acquire a model that provides safety and comfort, appropriate to their age. Therefore, before choosing a particular model, we recommend that you take into account that its dimensions are appropriate for the age, height and weight of your little one. It is also very important that it has brake safety systems, belt, and a robust structure. Among the models best valued by users on the web, we can first highlight the Little Tikes 634321, with four adaptable positions for children from 9 months to 5 years old, it also includes a sun visor and a basket to carry what you need. In second place we highlight the Injusa 676007, with a classic and very attractive design, made of high quality resistant plastic.

The 4 Best Tricycles – Opinions 2022

Among the most desired toys for any child we find children’s tricycles. They are fun, they are exciting and they also help them improve their mobility, coordination and exercise. If you are only looking for the best for your little ones, you will be interested in knowing our selection of the best tricycles of 2022, with quality products, safe and even cheaper than you think.

1. Little Tikes 634321 Kids Trike

Main advantage:

This beautiful Little Tikes brand tricycle offers you the great advantage of being able to adapt it in four positions as your baby grows, that is, from 9 months of age, your baby will be able to use the tricycle even up to 5 or 6 years old.

Main disadvantage:

As for its main drawback, this baby tricycle is delivered completely unassembled, according to the comments made by some users on the review pages, so you will have to assemble it at home.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you are looking to please your baby with the best products on the market, you could look at this tricycle from the Little Tikes brand that, in addition to offering you quality and resistance, is always made with maximum safety for your little one in mind.

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If you are interested in buying a tricycle for your baby, you should take into account some features that would help you determine how practical it could be.

When it comes to the fun and entertainment of the baby in the house, you should always look for those products whose design is striking and fun. In this case, the model 634321 of the Little Tikes brand, has two shades of very striking and attractive colors, being the same black and fuchsia. In addition, it has built-in details for great entertainment while using the equipment.

On the other hand, if you are going to buy a tricycle, you should check both its size and weight, so that it is easier for you to determine whether or not it would be the right one for your baby. The 634321 model has dimensions of 50 x 108 x 101.1 centimeters, while its weight is only 9 kilos, so it is considered a fairly compact product.


Just as it is important to take into account the design that this tricycle may have, it would also be ideal for you to look at features such as the number of accessories it includes, in this way you could determine how practical the tricycle would be for your baby and even for you..

The Little Tikes brand offers you a totally complete tricycle for the spoiled baby of the house thanks to the accessories that make it up. These are a special umbrella to protect you from the sun which in turn can be positioned the way you want. It also includes a basket where your baby can carry her toys wherever she wants her to go or on the contrary you can use it to carry everything you need once they go out for a walk. In case you need more space, a backpack is also included with the purchase.

And, as if that were not enough, always thinking about the comfort of the baby, this tricycle includes a footrest that you can use when you are tired of pedaling.


One of the features that makes this tricycle more interesting is the fact that it is fully adaptable, so the Little Tikes brand model 634321 could be a great choice for your baby’s enjoyment.

This model as such, has four adaptable positions, which allows your baby to use it from 9 months to 6 years of age. This feature gives it a long time of use.

The tricycle has a five-point harness on the seat, ideal for preventing the child from slipping or falling while using it. It also has a safety bar for maximum protection and an ergonomic handbrake.

Best of all, the seat on this trike features a padded surface in both the top and bottom seats for maximum comfort.

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2. Injusa 676007 Max Tricycle With Front Basket

The Injusa 676007 model is a classic among consumers for its simplicity but also for its quality at a good price.

We are talking about a traditional tricycle made of high quality ABS plastic with a high level of safety in terms of assembly and removal of dangerous elements. It is designed to be used by users from 1 to 3 years old, for which the seat is located about 30 centimeters from the ground, and can also be used as a ride-on since the pedals are mounted on the front wheel.

It also has a small basket, located on the handlebar, so that the driver can carry everything he needs. With so many functions at a good price, it is logical that this model is considered the best tricycle for value for money among users.

Injusa’s 676007 model is among the cheapest equipment on the market for those more economical customers:


Materials: Since this tricycle is a children’s toy, we consider it an advantage that it is made of high-quality ABS plastics, which guarantees that the equipment is free of toxic agents for the child’s safety.

Basket: as an accessory, the 676007 has a small basket built into its handlebar that will be used by your child to place their toys, their water, their clothes or any accessory they want to take with them.

Ages: due to the size and design of the tricycle where its seat is only 30 centimeters from the ground, it can be used by children between 1 year and 3 years of age to be enjoyed for a long time.

Colors: and so that you can satisfy any requirement of the most spoiled, you can choose the Injusa tricycle in two color combinations; red and green or yellow and blue.


Size: Apparently, some users consider that it is too small for the recommended ages, so you should take it into account if your child is older than indicated.

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3. Injusa 325 Evolutionary Body Sport Children’s Tricycle

In our selection of the best tricycle for children, the Injusa 325 model could not be missing. A product that stands out for its modern and urban design that resembles that of a high-end motorcycle, including details such as the colors, the seat or even its rear-view mirrors.

It is a high-quality product designed to be used from one year of age with various security improvements to protect the user. Among them we find the steering control system, the safety belts that prevent falls, the folding pedals to prevent unexpected bumps as well as the handlebar for parents that allows it to be easily moved during use.

It also has a rear bag to store everything you need and a sunshade to protect our little one from the power of the sun while walking.

Injusa also has for you what could be the best tricycle for 75 euros at the moment in case you don’t want to spend too much:


Design: the Injusa 325 is a tricycle that will most likely catch the attention of your children. It has a very striking design with a large number of accessories to get the most out of this small means of transport.

Accessories: Among the accessories mentioned are storage baskets, bags to carry your things, umbrellas to protect them from the sun, and even a pair of mirrors.

Safety: and in addition, it is quite safe to use since it has straps on its seat that will allow you to keep your child stable on the tricycle.


Protection – Some parents expressed concern that the front wheel does not perfectly cover the turning mechanism so children can reach in.

Noise – And other buyers let it be known that the wheels can squeak after a while of use.

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4. Feber Tryke Baby Plus Music Tricycle

The FEBER Tryke Baby Plus Music model combines the traditional fun of a tricycle with the addition of music that our young driver can enjoy while having fun.

This model is designed for use from 12 months, counting for it with different security measures such as a safety belt for the seat as well as an adjustment system similar to that of a high chair where you will find various activities and games.

It also features additional footrests and a pedal lock system for when you want to push it with the included ergonomically designed, heavy-duty handlebar. To be more comfortable, the product has a small bag in the back along with a sunshade that protects your little one from the effects of heat.

Perhaps Feber is the best brand of tricycles on the market because it offers quality, durability and safety for the little ones in the house:


Footrest: This tricycle has a pair of footrests that can be folded in case the child no longer needs the parent’s assistance to handle it.

Colors: can be purchased in three different styles; blue, Heidi and pink to be able to please the tastes of any little one in the house.

Seat: In addition, its seat can be adjusted in height so that it can be adapted to the size of the child for greater comfort.


Robust: it was learned that the equipment does not have the robustness that many of its buyers expected due to the fact that some parts broke with normal use.

Batteries: In addition, despite the fact that it plays music, this tricycle does not allow a change of batteries, so when they wear out, new ones cannot be placed.

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Little Tikes 634321 Kids Trike

If we are looking for the best tricycle for babies, for children and for all ages, we talk about the Little Tikes 634321 model.

A special model since it has four adaptable positions that, with its format, allow you to start using them from just nine months of age up to 5 or 6 years.

For this, it has a detachable design similar to a car seat where the little one is totally attached while he is a baby and that we can later remove to turn it into a more traditional product, thereby guaranteeing the safety of the user.

To make your experience more enjoyable, in addition to a stylish pink and black design, the product has an adjustable sunshade and a large basket to carry everything you need. And since it is a tricycle with a stick, if our little one does not reach the pedals or gets tired, we can walk it without any effort.

If you are looking for the best tricycle of the moment, you have come to the right place since here you will know what makes one model different from another:


Adaptable – The Little Tikes trike is a great choice if you want a product for long-term use, as the ability to adjust it for children of various ages and sizes allows both your 9-month-old and toddler 6 years old can use it without problems.

Accessories: this is a model full of accessories, among which are a special umbrella to protect your little one from the sun, a basket to carry everything they need, some footrests in case they feel tired and even a small backpack to offer even more space storage.

Assistance: in case the user is a small child who does not know how to pedal yet or tires too quickly, the 634321 has an assistance handlebar that will allow you to carry it while he rests.

Safety: as a safety measure, this tricycle has safety harnesses on the seat to prevent the child from slipping or falling by accident, ideal for when he is very young or likes to go fast.

Seat: In addition, its seat is quite comfortable since it has a padded surface both in the upper and lower space to prevent lacerations or bruises from excessive use.

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Buying Guide – What is the best trike on the market?

When it comes to toys for the little ones in the house, it is essential to spend time choosing fun products that are also safe and suitable for their characteristics. So to choose this classic, we present our guide to buying the best tricycle on the market, with the issues you must take into account so that your investment is a success.


When it comes to this type of product, getting the size right is key. Each tricycle has a recommended measurement in terms of age, size and weight of the user. In this case, it is always advisable to bet on models that respect these measures but that at the same time can be used for a long time.

However, this issue is not a problem at the top, since the products have a sufficient age range so that our little ones can enjoy the chosen tricycle for a long time.

Especially the larger the dimensions and age of onset. Therefore, the most important range to respect is the lowest level, although if the child has greater autonomy or size than expected for her age, you can slightly ignore this measure.


In any toy, safety is fundamental and it must be something independent of how beautiful the chosen tricycle is or how much it costs. To guarantee this safety, it is necessary that the product has the European CE seal and that it comes from a well-known and trusted brand. It is true that there are cheap tricycles that cost less than the first level ones but sometimes that safety is more doubtful.

Don’t forget to check that the chosen product is free of sharp edges, corners and other elements that could be dangerous for your little one. The same happens with the possible included accessories, which must not cause the presence of small parts or sharp edges when breaking, as well as the presence of mobile elements that can cause entrapment and other similar incidents.

And of course we cannot forget the safety belt, which prevents the child from accidentally falling off the tricycle in the event of a trip. Always remember that a safe toy will always be a happy toy.


The last element that makes the difference in any tricycle comparison is the included accessories that increasingly go beyond the vehicle itself. On the one hand we find dump trucks and trailers.

In these dump trucks the little one can carry his things or play with the sand, as he can also do with this dump truck. Also attractive is the hood or awning that allows the tricycle driver to be protected against inclement weather and the effects of the sun. Another common element is the handle of the tricycle, with which parents can carry the child on the same tricycle without having to pedal when he gets tired.

And lastly, we are talking about other accessories such as baskets to carry objects, the horn to request passage in your race or even the special decorations of cartoon licenses. They are little extras that give a special touch to the product.

How to use a trike

Teaching your toddler how to ride a trike is not a difficult task. Compared to potty training or good table manners when eating, teaching him to ride a trike could be defined as child’s play. With a little effort, you can usually teach your child how to pedal his trike in less than an hour.

Sit your child in a chair

Kneel in front of him and extend your arms, fingers pointing up and palms facing him. Tell him to push against your hands with his feet. If he is afraid, you will have to motivate him and reassure him.

Pull your hand back as he pushes with his feet

Pull one hand back and then the other each time you push off with your feet. In this way and alternating each time the withdrawal of the hands, you will simulate with your child the pedaling movement of the tricycle. For there to be a compression at the learning level of cause and effect, you must explain to your child that the same thing will happen when he pedals on the tricycle.

First of all, safety

Fit your child with proper elbow and knee pads, as well as a trike helmet. Make sure that both the case and the protective pads fit perfectly. Adjust the helmet strap until you can slide one finger (but not two) between the chin strap and your child’s chin.

ride the tricycle

Sit your child on the trike and adjust the seat (with a wrench if necessary) until the child can almost fully extend their legs while the front pedal is parallel to their outstretched leg.

To put what you have learned into practice

Tell him to push the pedals. Most likely when pedaling downhill at first you will also drop your foot off the pedal. With a little motivation and practice you will see him start to pedal with more control and the big smile that will appear on his face as he realizes that he can ride his trike.

security tips

Don’t buy a trike until your child is physically able to handle it, most children are ready around the age of three. Buy a trike whose base is low to the ground and has large wheels, this type of trike is safer because it is less likely to tip over. Get a proper helmet for your child and force him to wear it every time he rides the trike. Similarly, tricycles should only be used in safe places where there are no cars or driveways or pools around.

The most popular brands

If you want your child to enjoy their tricycle for longer, you should choose one made of resistant materials that guarantee greater durability. According to customer experiences, Molto, Injusa and Smoby are three brands that offer models with optimal resistance, safety and comfort characteristics.

The Spanish company Moltó began operating in 1955 in premises of 40 square meters. Currently, with more than 60 years of experience, it has a plant of 22,000 square meters, which demonstrates its great expansion over time. Thanks to research and work in the area of ​​toys, its products comply with all European and American standards in the sector.

This brand has established five international companies with which it distributes toys in some 82 countries around the world. It is characterized by manufacturing items with modern designs, quality materials and confidence in their use.

Within its catalog it offers, in addition to toys, various childcare products to meet the needs of the little ones, such as baby carriers, teethers, crockery, backpacks and others related to hygiene, rest and care. In the toy options, you have vehicles, kitchens, desks, motorcycles and bicycles, among others.

Its line of tricycles made with a strong metal structure stands out, as well as a silent system and a removable handle for use by parents. The best thing about these toys is that they evolve with the little one, as they adapt to the size of the baby from six months until it fits in the device.

Although Injusa was born in 1947 in Spain creating miniature cars, boats and trucks in wood and metal, after a few years it diversified into the production of toys. It is recognized for being the first Spanish brand to produce tricycles and bicycles using metallic tubes obtained from petroleum.

The company is guided by constant research with the aim of improving, which is why each year it invests in modernizing its equipment to maintain quality and provide safety and fun to all users. They have innovation as a premise, along with other principles of development, sustainability and social commitment.

Its production focuses on a varied catalog of battery and pedal vehicles, tricycles, ride-ons, hardware and other garden toys. It handles some brands such as Frozen, Cars, Hello Kitty, Avengers, Mickey Clubhouse, My Little Pony and Transformers, among others.

Injusa tricycles offer various models that adapt to the needs of parents and children. They are obtained for specific ages or with an evolutionary system that adapts to the size of the child. They have modern designs, in all colors and at different prices, always guaranteeing quality and safety.

The Smoby brand was created in 2008 as part of the Simba Dickie group. This began operating in 1982 and currently manages twelve independent brands in the toy sector. It can be said that it is one of the main manufacturers of these items, since it has more than 2,000 employees, with branches in about 30 countries.

The business group defines itself with the words “We love making toys”. Under this motto they put into practice the values ​​of credibility, innovation, service, quality and responsibility, with users and with the environment. Due to their philosophy, they have been able to win the preference of thousands of users around the world.

The Simba Dickie companies have developed a catalog that includes more than 4,000 items stamped with the symbol of modernity. In the case of Smoby, users will be able to get vehicles, dolls, ride-ons, tricycles, foosball tables, kitchens, tractors, three-wheeled skateboards, superheroes, products for school and crafts, among many others.

Its line of tricycles includes 17 models with which the little ones can have fun comfortably and safely. They are designed using modern structures of resistant materials to meet various needs; In addition, they can be found with famous prints, such as Cars, Winnie The Pooh and Mickey Mouse.

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