The 5 Best Adjustable Dumbbells of 2022

Adjustable Dumbbell – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Playing sports or simply going to the gym on a regular basis can have enormous health benefits for anyone. If you do not have enough time, you can consider purchasing adjustable dumbbells, with which you can work various areas of your body to define them and gain muscle. One of the most recommended models is the Cclife DHSTA009010V set, which offers resistance to humidity and constant use, since its pieces are made of plastic, sand and polyethylene. In addition, it has a wide variety of discs to combine them according to your requirements. The next option is the Ativafit Home kit. This product is situated in the new trend of adjustable weights, so you don’t have to fight with threads or complications. In its structure it offers weights from 2.5 to 12.5 kg, with an easy adjustment system.

Buying Guide – What are the best adjustable dumbbells on the market?

Adjustable dumbbells help save space at home when doing strength exercises, but without giving up having all kinds of weights available, which we can easily adjust to our training. Products that you can buy wisely thanks to our guide to buying the best adjustable dumbbells, with which you will know what to look for to adjust the purchase to your training needs and your budget.

weight distribution

Unlike conventional dumbbells, adjustable dumbbells have the advantage that we can set their total weight with different versions depending on our level of training. For this reason, we want to start by talking about the weight distribution of the product, which should be available depending on what our training requires.

In the first place, it is necessary to see the total weight that the dumbbell can achieve, counting for this on the global weight of both all the discs that we can mount on it, as well as elements such as the bar and the fastening screws, which also weigh. A weight that is usually around 1.5 or 2 kilos in minimum load, which can reach up to 10 or 15 kilos in maximum load. Adjust the choice to your specific weight need.

In line with the above, when choosing good and cheap adjustable dumbbells, it is also necessary to check the way in which the weight is distributed. Since the weight training must be progressive, the distribution of the weights must also be, so that it allows you to add weight from kilo to kilo, or better from half to half. Something that is achieved if the difference in weight between the discs is not very high, which allows these smoother increases to be made.

Material quality

Another important aspect when we read or make our own comparison of adjustable dumbbells is the quality of the materials they offer. Some materials that must be resistant, in order to adequately withstand our work pace, while also maintaining good comfort during training, as we will see later.

Among the usual materials for discs, theirs is that these discs have been manufactured in solid pieces of polished metal and properly protected. This avoids problems such as friction and other damage when using them, while also protecting the discs, so that the possible humidity of the environment and the use itself do not end up damaging the structure of the discs.

As for the assembly parts, both the bars and the screws included in the dumbbell must offer high resistance. This is essential so that the discs do not come loose during training, which can cause a serious accident if the disc lands where it should not. An aspect that is worth putting above everything, including how much the adjustable dumbbell that we want to buy costs.

comfort of use

The last idea that we launch when looking for your future dumbbells has to do with the comfort of use. An aspect in which it is important to consider both the use of weights during lifting, and the use when mounting and adjusting the plates and other elements safely when placing the plates on the bar.

Starting with the comfort of use, this is an aspect in which the bar has the most prominence. This bar must have a soft and pleasant touch, which prevents the dumbbell from coming loose or slipping from the hands, making it easier to apply the lifting force. An area that must also be resistant, so that we do not have problems with premature deterioration related to use.

Regarding the placement of the plates, the bar and the plates must have a good construction that offers a smooth placement, without the plates getting stuck during the process. The same goes for the closing elements, which should be well placed without the need for tools or too many complications. In this case, dumbbells with large and ergonomically designed clasps are recommended, which are easier to adjust than smaller ones.

The 5 Best Adjustable Dumbbells – Opinions 2022

If you are one of the people concerned about maintaining your physical appearance and want to buy adjustable dumbbells to train, you will realize the many options on the market and how difficult it is to decide. We have prepared this comparison guide with the best adjustable dumbbells of 2022 to help you acquire the ones that suit you best.

1. Cclife Kettlebell Adjustable Dumbbells 

It is a 20 kg set that includes 4 plates of 1.25 kg, 4 plates of 1.5 kg and 4 plates of 2 kg, which allows you to select the weight according to your physical capacity. In addition, the set has two handles to form kettlebells. In this way, it is possible to perform a greater variety of exercises.

It is important to mention that the discs have a hole with a diameter of 3 cm, so they can easily fit on the pair of 46 cm bars included in the package. Also, the set has a connection bar covered with 1.5 cm thick foam, capable of providing a more comfortable workout.

Also, it includes 4 star closures that provide a double lock to prevent the discs from loosening while you perform the exercises, which offers greater security.

If you want the best adjustable dumbbells then you should consider this set as it includes multiple attachments to perform a wide variety of exercises. Let’s learn more about its most important aspects.


Durability: The weights are made of a mixture of polyethylene and sand, so they do not deteriorate when in contact with the sweat that occurs during exercise.

Coating: The connecting bar is soft to the touch as it is covered with thick foam. For their part, the dumbbells have a rubber coating to promote better support.

Accessories: The set includes 12 plates of different weights, 2 short bars for dumbbells, 1 connecting tube to form a bar and 2 handles for kettlebells, which increases versatility.


Clamping: Changing discs may be slower than expected as the bars have a double thread system. However, this also provides added security.

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2. Ativafit Adjustable Dumbbell for Home Gym

The Ativafit Home model is a product that fits within the new market trend, which offers us dumbbells of variable weight that do not need threads and nuts for their configuration. In exchange, the dumbbell includes a base and a weight selector, which activates the necessary connections to obtain the necessary discs according to what you require at any given time. 

A simplified approach, with which to have weights from 2.5 to 12.5 kilos in total. This weight is easy to handle thanks to the good size and approach of the central bar. 

Otherwise, all the elements that are part of the weights have a high quality and resistance, in order to adequately withstand the most intensive uses. 

Join the new market trend with this modern dumbbell from Ativafit.


Selector: Its selector system avoids fighting with threads and weights, saving you time and giving you more security.

Silence: The weight fastening system eliminates the noise typical of other models.

Central bar: The central bar is also up to the task, giving you more grip when training.

Weights: The product offers weights ranging from 2.5 to 12.5 kilos in total, depending on what you need.


Pair: If you need two dumbbells, you should know that the product only contains one piece.

Placement: It is key to place the dumbbell correctly in the support so that the selector system works as it should.

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3. Importradeco Adjustable Dumbbell Kit 20 Kg 

This weight kit offers a total of 20kg, divided into 4 x 2kg plates, 4 x 1.5kg, 4 x 1.25kg, and a pair of 0.75kg solid bars. For this reason, you can increase the training weight progressively. In addition, the dumbbells have non-slip grips with screw closures, to prevent the discs from moving during the exercise.

It is important to mention that the set includes a connection bar to convert the dumbbells into a barbell. In this sense, it is possible to perform a wide variety of exercises, either to increase the shoulders, biceps or triceps, as well as to exercise the muscles of the back and abdomen. 

Also, it allows you to train the pectorals, perform squats, practice deadlifts, among other exercises. 

If you are looking for a model that does not cost a lot of money and that also allows you to exercise at home, you should know that these are the best value for money dumbbells according to the opinion of some users. Let’s review its pros and cons.


Resistance: The discs are made of cement, iron and sand, which increases their resistance and durability, since they are capable of withstanding abrasion and oxidation.

Plates: This set includes several plates of 2, 1.5 and 1.25 kg to make a total of 20 kg, which allows you to combine the weight according to your needs.

Coating: You can place the discs on the floor of the house without fear of causing bumps or scratches, since they have a smooth finish for greater safety.


Grips: Dumbbell grips may leave marks on your hands when gripped too tightly, due to their dotted texture.

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4. Arteesol Single Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbells 

This Arteesol model is a product that fits within the traditional market trend, which offers us dumbbells of variable weight to our liking, equipped with threads and mounting bars. A process that maintains the ceremony of preparing the weights and that, thanks to its discs and its good-sized bar, it is easy to train according to what you require at all times. 

This approach helps you to have a good variety of weights, just by adding or removing the discs that are necessary according to your preferences. In addition, this weight is easy to handle thanks to the good size and approach of the central bar. 

Otherwise, all the elements that are part of the weights have a high quality and resistance, in order to adequately withstand the most intensive uses. 

We leave you some more details about what these complete weights put at your fingertips.


Materials : The materials of the product have the adequate resistance and durability that your training deserves.

Central bar: The central bar is also up to the task, giving you more grip when training.

Weights: The product offers variable weights, from 10 to 30 kilos, variable depending on the model and adjustable by simply removing or adding the corresponding discs.


Pair: If you need two dumbbells, you should know that the product only contains one piece.

Placement: It is key to correctly place the threads on the sides, in order to prevent the weights from moving.

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5. Bowflex 552i Adjustable Dumbbells 

They are adjustable dumbbells from the Bowflex brand, which allow you to select their weight between 2 and 24 kg. This is possible thanks to the fact that they have a rotating mechanism that releases the plates that you do not use from the structure of the dumbbells, leaving only the weight that you need, which provides greater ease of use.

Also, the set includes a free practical application for smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems, which can tell you how to perform exercises for the back, legs, chest, abdominals, arms and shoulders.

On the other hand, they are compact dumbbells, since each one measures only 40 x 20 x 23 cm, so you can place them in any corner of the room without taking up too much space. Also, there is no need to have multiple teams around the floor during training.

The best dumbbells are those that give you practicality and functionality, as is the case with this BowFlex brand model. Let’s review in more detail some of its most outstanding positive and negative aspects.


Weight: This is a heavy weight set that can be progressively adjusted as you improve your physical endurance. In this sense, each dumbbell offers a weight of up to 24 kg.

Adjustment: These dumbbells have a turning mechanism that allows you to adjust the weight in steps of 1 and 2 kg, which is more practical during training.

Silent: The design of the dumbbells prevents the plates from colliding, so they do not produce the annoying noises that metal dumbbells commonly cause.


Bar: This pair of dumbbells does not have a connection tube to join them and form a longer weight, which reduces their versatility compared to other models in the selection.

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How to use an adjustable dumbbell

To exercise the muscles of your body, you will need dumbbells, in addition to requiring a versatile product that allows you to modify the weight of the dumbbell for each exercise or when you need it. Therefore, you have decided to buy some adjustable dumbbells. But, if this is the first time you have this type of product at home, in this article we are going to teach you how to use adjustable dumbbells efficiently for the benefit of your health and well-being.

Start by using the lightest plates or weights

In order to determine how much weight your body can support, you should choose the lightest dumbbells in your package. In general, some adjustable dumbbells are presented in bars and plates that contain the different weights. For example, for the man it may be recommended to use dumbbells of 2 to 2.5 kilos for the first time, while a woman can start with dumbbells of 1.5 kilos. To do this, take a light disc in each closed hand and move them up and down and if you feel that this weight is for you, proceed to assemble your dumbbells. If not, locate others of a slightly higher weight.

Proceed to assemble your dumbbells

Once you have established the weight that you can support with your dumbbells, proceed to assemble them. In case the model of your dumbbell is discs and gears, locate the main bar that will support the weight of the dumbbells.

Insert the bar into the hole of the selected disc, until it touches the disc support and place the wing nut on the bar, screwing it until the disc is fixed as hard as possible, so that it does not move.

At the other end of the bar insert the other disc and fix it with its respective wing nut. The plates are fully attached and aligned, so the dumbbell is already assembled correctly.

Choose the weight of your adjustable dumbbells

The dumbbells use a base and a thread identified with several numbers where you can select the weight; These types of dumbbells are adjustable.

To do this, place the base with the dumbbells on the ground, locate one of the ends and turn the thread to choose the desired weight. Proceed to locate the other end of the dumbbell and perform the same process. Raise the dumbbell and you will see that there will be some discs at the base, where only the weights of the selected dumbbell will be on the bar.

Now, if you think you can support more weight on each dumbbell, proceed to place more discs according to the weight you can lift, depending on the exercise to be performed.

Reduce the weight of your dumbbells

In case you have assembled your dumbbells, but you want to lose the weight because you are going to do another type of exercise that requires it, it is very simple. Just place the base, choose a lower weight at each end, lift the dumbbell and the appropriate plates will automatically be removed from the dumbbell, leaving a lower weight. Now you can perform your exercises to tone your muscles.

The most popular brands

Exercising is one of the most important and healthy practices for human beings; however, doing it with the proper equipment is ideal to avoid damage and injury to the human body. In this sense, multiple brands throughout the market are constantly striving to provide comfort. ScSports, Physionics and Power Block are the main brands of adjustable dumbbells that, according to previous customer experiences, guarantee adequate compliance with the expectations that may be had regarding this type of product.

The beginnings of ScSports began in the year 2003, and only 14 years later it has become one of the main brands and leading companies in terms of sports products. Together with an imaginative, innovative, hardworking and professional team, they have fulfilled their objectives and have achieved great goals at a business and commercial level.

This brand and company’s main objective is to meet the needs of its customers, to ensure complete satisfaction; therefore, they have various help and customer service systems, agile and fast, really focused on dealing with complaints, responding to suggestions and making changes.

Similarly, the speed to make shipments is something that characterizes them. In just a few days you will be able to have each of the products purchased at the door of your home, something that many users value and appreciate.

Its main advantage is that they try to offer articles of the best quality that when used are comfortable to the touch and without gripping difficulties.

Knowing the need to provide products that are easy to use, yet help each person both maintain and improve their body composition, Physionics has implemented various technologies and methods to achieve this.

Founded in 2006, Physionics is a relatively new brand, but it integrates everything a user needs to have improvements in their physical condition. Whatever the sport that is practiced, from a simple jog, to yoga or pilates in the morning, the brand guarantees quality and durability in the dumbbells, weights, mats, and other products that make up its catalog.

Your training can become so much more effective and more comfortable, you just have to make sure you get the right gear and with Physionics you can.

Due to all the features that it integrates and the quality and comfort that it offers in its products, this brand is capable of adapting to most of its users’ requirements. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced when it comes to physical training, you can always get the most out of the products of this brand. All this has contributed to the company being included among the best worldwide.

Power Block is a company created in 1991. Currently, it has several specialists in sports, who are in charge of designing equipment for beginners, but also for the most advanced.

With the sole intention of guaranteeing greater reach and accessibility for all users, Power Block maintains alliances with distributor groups such as Parabody and Cybex.

In recent years, they dedicated themselves to carrying out a study on the products consumed and acquired by the sports world and thanks to the results, they were able to coin various techniques and technologies to all their products, obtaining not only the optimization of factory processes, but also in the experience of use by customers.

This is why there are now adjustable dumbbells that provide greater comfort when performing any physical activity. Due to its progress, dedication, quality and innovation, Power Block has remained one of the leading companies and brands in the manufacture of sports equipment.

» Review information from previous years

Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles


Ventaja principal:

El aspecto positivo que más podría interesarte acerca de esta opción es que te permite escoger entre quince niveles de peso distintos para que comiences con el que te sientas más cómodo y puedas ir aumentando el mismo según tu capacidad.

Desventaja principal:

Es probable que su precio sea algo exorbitado en comparación con otros modelos de mancuernas, pero teniendo en cuenta los niveles de peso y su practicidad, para algunos el precio quedaría en segundo plano.

Veredicto: 9.8/10

Las KOOLOOK son un modelo práctico que te da la libertad de usarlas a tu favor y según tu capacidad, por lo que te aconsejamos tener en consideración todas sus ventajas antes de decidir si invertir en ellas o no.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


Hacer ejercicios, al menos de vez en cuando, puede traer beneficios increíbles en tu aspecto físico y en tu salud en general. Si no tienes tiempo de acudir a un gimnasio, quizá te interese invertir en un par de mancuernas ajustables que puedas usar y tener en casa para entrenar cuando quieras.

KOOLOOK te ofrece una gran alternativa con su modelo de 48 kilogramos. Estas mancuernas son, como la categoría lo indica, ajustables. Están equipadas con un sistema especial que incluye diferentes discos, donde podrás escoger qué peso levantar.

Los valores de los discos son de 2,5 – 3,5 – 4,5 – 5,5 – 6,5 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 11,5 – 13,5 – 16 – 18 – 20,5 – 22,5 y 24 kilogramos. Estos niveles te dan gran libertad para que vayas aumentando tu resistencia poco a poco, hasta poder trabajar con el máximo de 24 kilogramos, es decir, 48 kilogramos en total.


Debido a que lo que estás buscando son mancuernas ajustables, es imperante que te fijes detalladamente en el sistema de cambio de discos. Te aconsejamos elegir aquellas que tengan un manejo fácil y sencillo que te permita ajustar el peso rápidamente para no perder tiempo.

El modelo de KOOLOOK parece destacar en este aspecto. El cambio entre discos se puede trabajar de forma automática, ya que están equipadas con una manivela de soporte, que podrás girar para escoger el peso a levantar. Además, para facilitar la tarea, en cada uno de los lados se encuentran identificadas las posiciones de los diferentes pesos, de forma que cada lado de la mancuerna se mantenga estable y equilibrada.

Gracias a este sistema, podrás mantener los discos en una sola posición sin tener que estar cambiandolos manualmente haciendo uso de tuercas y tornillos innecesarios.


Por último, nos enfocamos en uno de los elementos más importantes que, aunque no aportan al desempeño de la mancuerna en sí, evitan muchos dolores de cabeza: el soporte. Dependiendo del fabricante y el modelo, algunas mancuernas pueden incluir maletines de transporte o bases de soporte para mantener todo en orden.

Y eso es algo que obtienes si adquieres las de 48 KG de KOOLOOK. Dado que este modelo incluye varios discos para los diferentes niveles de peso, se ha incluido con la compra una base de soporte para las mancuernas. En esta base se encuentra también el sistema de ajuste de las pesas, por lo que los discos se mantienen allí mientras no se utilizan. Esto evita que los pierdas o los dejes en el camino y lleguen a estorbar en determinado momento. Además, facilita el almacenaje del equipo cuando no lo estés utilizando.

GS 552

Cuando se trabaja con mancuernas se mantiene mejor el equilibrio del cuerpo, ya que cada zona se entrena por igual con el mismo peso. No sucede lo mismo cuando se trata de máquinas y barras fijas ya que cuando levantamos el peso con las dos manos, usualmente uno de los brazos aguantará más peso que el otro.

Este modelo de dos mancuernas reemplaza a 15 juegos de pesas, basta con que gires el dial para cambiar automáticamente la resistencia desde 2,27 kg hasta 23,8 kg. Trabajarás en casa como si fuera un gimnasio, sin preocuparte por recoger 30 pesas.

Para principiantes es ideal ya que puedes comenzar tus entrenamientos con 1,13 kg e ir incrementando progresivamente la resistencia. Tendrás músculos tonificados y definidos siguiendo la rutina diaria.

Ahora tus entrenamientos serán silenciosos gracias a que el metal viene recubierto con plástico resistente, así cuidarás tus pisos y no molestarás a nadie en casa con el sonido metálico de las mancuernas. Si buscas unas mancuernas buenas y baratas, estas podrían ser las ideales para ti.

Así pues, cuando buscas las mancuernas ajustables más baratas del momento, entonces deberías echarle un vistazo a los pros y contras que listamos a continuación sobre este modelo GS 5372165:


Resistencia regulable: En este caso, puedes regular las mancuernas entre 5 y 52,5 libras, similar a los casos anteriores, que vendría siendo desde los 2,7 kilogramos hasta los 23,8 (24) kilogramos.

Elección de peso: Lo mejor de estas mancuernas es que la elección del peso o resistencia es a través de un dial, e incluso puede ser utilizado por principiantes al contar con un mínimo de 1,13 kilogramos (2,5 libras).

Revestimiento: Los discos que están diseñados con metal, poseen una cubierta que protegerá el piso de rayones, y, de igual forma, evitará la producción de los tan molestos ruidos que normalmente se hacen al depositar la mancuerna en el piso.


Dimensiones: Se trata de dos mancuernas que dadas las similitudes con los modelos anteriores, a pesar de tener una gran gama de pesos, también ocuparán cierto espacio ya sea en tu hogar, o en tu oficina.

Skaize VH999

Las mancuernas como todos sabemos te permiten realizar diferentes tipos de movimientos y rutinas, puedes trabajar todas las partes del cuerpo con ellas y sus beneficios son infinitos. Estas geniales mancuernas te brindan todo el entrenamiento que necesites. Cuenta con 15 juegos de pesas.

Con solo rotar automáticamente su dial y con un ajuste fácil y rápido puedes contar con una variedad de resistencia en peso que va desde 2,27 kg hasta 23,8 kg. Los discos robustos vienen protegidos en goma resistente, lo que las convierte en mancuernas silenciosas, así que te puedes olvidar de ese molesto ruido metálico que modelos emiten al usarlas.

Con las mancuernas Skaize VH999 ahorras espacio, puedes colocarlas en cualquier parte de tu casa, y ahorras dinero pues ya no tienes que comprar juegos de pesas para entrenar, en dos piezas tienes 30 posibles combinaciones. Basta con que gires los botones a tu conveniencia y seleccionar el peso que necesites. Cuenta con agarre ergonómico y mide 40 x 20 x 23 cm.

Además, si aún no decides cuál mancuerna ajustable comprar, no estaría de más revisar los pros y contras que se encuentran a continuación sobre el modelo Skaize VH999:


Resistencia regulable: Con este modelo puedes regular la resistencia entre los 2,4 kilogramos hasta los 24 kilogramos con el movimiento de un dial, es decir, de una rueda. Al ser tan sencillo como esto, puedes hacer el cambio de una a otra en cualquier momento que desees.

Revestimiento: Los discos poseen un revestimiento de goma para evitar el daño a los pisos (rayones, fracturas) así como el ruido que suelen hacer este tipo de equipos.

Elección de peso: Por otra parte, puede elegir entre 15 posiciones de peso o resistencia, siendo estos: 5, 7,5, 10, 12,5, 15, 17,5, 20, 22,5, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 52,5 libras, cabe resaltar que si bien se encuentra expresado en libras en las mancuernas, la equivalencia es de un mínimo de 2,4 kilogramos a un máximo de 24, tal como en modelos previos.


Dimensiones: Son dos mancuernas con unos soportes que poseen unas dimensiones de 70,5 x 52 x 62,2 centímetros, siendo grandes y por ello requiriendo de mayor espacio en casa.

Power Block PBS24 Mancuerna ajustable

Las Power Block Sport 2.4 son un set de ma

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