The 5 Best Backpacks for Men of 2022

Backpack for men – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

To carry books, take a short trip, keep gym items organized, among other situations, it is necessary to have a backpack that allows you an appropriate and comfortable way of loading. There are many models on the market, but not all of them have the endorsement of buyers. In fact, there are few backpacks that stand out for having quality features that lead them to position themselves among the favorites of users, with two being frequently recommended. The first model is the Vans Old Skool II, a backpack available in several colors and with two compartments, one main and one front, to distribute your belongings more practically. Both spaces have a lock, which provides more security. Next, there is the modelNike Nk Brsla Gmsk, a sporty-style backpack that looks like a drawstring bag while being lightweight and easy to carry.



The 5 Best Backpacks for Men – Opinions 2022

Carrying your belongings from one place to another will be much easier with a backpack, since the load is distributed, giving the opportunity to free your hands. There are many options available with masculine, classic, sporty, multi-pocket styles and more. Therefore, selecting a suitable option can be difficult. So we offer you a list of the five options of men’s backpacks that are frequently recommended by users, with the attributes of each of the designs.

1.Vans Old Skool II

If you are looking for the best backpack for men on the market, then you should know the properties of this model from the manufacturer Vans. Available in various colors and prints with which you can show your personal style, this is one of the most recommended options for its functionality and versatility.

It has a classic and casual style, with two compartments, a large main one and a smaller front pocket, both with a strong zipper closure to protect the contents inside. It is 42 cm high, 32.5 centimeters long and 12 centimeters wide, being small, but with a load capacity of about 22 liters.

In addition, it is a lightweight model, since its weight is less than 400 grams. It is made with high quality and resistant materials, incorporating polyester throughout its structure, hence its soft properties. Its design is double adjustable strap on the shoulders.

The Vans Old Skool II model has a casual style and is soft but functional properties, being comfortable to carry belongings. Hence, it is recognized by many as the best men’s backpack of the moment. Here the pros and cons of it.


Design: The backpack has a classic, casual style design, being useful to take to school and keep belongings organized, with a capacity of 22 liters.

Colors: According to your taste, you can select from various colors and combination of tones the one that best suits your personal style.

Compartments: It is equipped with two compartments, a main one and a front pocket to carry smaller objects.

Closure: The model has a zipper closure system to protect the items contained inside its two compartments.


Seams: The model lacks double seams that serve as reinforcement to prevent the material from giving way.

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2. Nike Nk Brsla Gmsk

This model is usually recommended for those who are looking for the best value for money backpack for men, being one of the cheapest on the market and the lowest cost of our selection of recommended products.

The manufacturer Nike offers a lightweight, minimalist option with a versatile design, since it is a drawstring bag, suitable for carrying sports items or for the gym. It is available in several colors: blue, gray, black and red.

Its structure is formed by an exterior of colored panels, together with a small mesh panel. Likewise, the sides have a zipper closure and the main entrance is adjusted with the same straps, which also serve to hang on the shoulder.

It is made with quality and resistance materials such as polyester in 100% of its composition. Its use is simple and the objects stored inside will remain safe.

Nk Brsla Gmsk by Nike is a model with a competitive price and made to carry lightweight objects, such as sports equipment, and is also one of the cheapest backpacks for men on the market. Therefore, it is convenient that you know its attributes and disadvantages.


Design: This model has a practical and lightweight design to carry few objects, since it looks like a bag with straps that allow it to be carried on the back.

Colours: If you want to stand out and show your personality through the backpack, you can do so with this model because it is available in several colours.

Versatility: Due to its design, it is a backpack suitable for different purposes, since it can be worn for sports training or to carry small objects.

Materials: The backpack is made with materials of a high degree of quality and resistance, with polyester being part of its structure.


Seams: If too much weight is added, the internal seams may begin to sag.

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3. Adidas BP Power IV

You probably want to make your selection among the best men’s backpacks of 2022, so you should pay attention to the properties of this model from the manufacturer Adidas. The BP Power IV design is available in several colors, being able to select between grey, black, blue, lilac and green.

It can be useful to take on a trip or to work. Its structure is made up of a pair of mesh side pockets and two large compartments, one with space to safely store a laptop and the other at the front that is about 15 cm deep.

It has a strong and resistant zipper closure system. In addition, it has two side straps to control the depth of the main pocket and external hooks to adjust the back of the backpack and increase or decrease its capacity. It is made with quality materials, with a composition of 51% recycled polyester and polyurethane.

Adidas is a long-standing manufacturer, recognized in the sports world for providing products with high quality standards, which is why it is recognized as the best brand of men’s backpacks on the market. Here are the main positives and negatives of your BP Power IV design.


Zippers: Each of the pockets of this model has a closure system through strong and dense zippers to protect the content.

Pockets: The backpack is equipped with a couple of compartments to carry objects comfortably and organized, having a pocket where the laptop can be placed.

Design: This backpack has a sporty and spacious design that can be used for various purposes such as work, gym, institute, among others.

Colours: You can select from various colors such as black, lilac, green and grey, with three white stripes detailing, a characteristic aspect of the brand.


Compartments: The model lacks a small compartment or pocket to carry smaller objects, documents or money.

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4. Overmont 35L Vintage Multifunction

If you still haven’t been able to determine which is the best men’s backpack on the market, you may want to consider this Overmont model as one of your options. This backpack has a versatile vintage-style design.

It is available in two colors: khaki and black. It has a storage capacity of about 35 liters, being suitable for travel, excursions, camping, hiking and other outdoor activities.

It is made by hand with cotton fabric and leather or skin, being resistant and dense. Its design is versatile and ergonomic, its structure has adjustable straps with ABS buckles.

In addition, it is equipped with a main pocket with a 14.1-inch laptop compartment and another smaller one to carry small objects such as keys, documents or money. Its approximate weight is just over a kilo, it can be carried on one side of the body, on the back or shoulders, as well as in the hand.

A competitive price is an attractive feature, but if you add quality materials, light weight and versatility of use, then it is a recommended model. If you don’t know which men’s backpack to buy, this Overmont design might give you an idea. Here its attributes and disadvantages.


Design: It has a multifunctional design with a vintage style, it is made with solid materials, incorporating leather in its structure.

Versatility: It can be used for various purposes, take a trip, camping, hiking or other outdoor activities.

Compartments: This model is equipped with a couple of large pockets, with a zipper closure system and a laptop pocket.

Capacity: The model is equipped with a high volumetric capacity, since up to 35 liters can be carried in the backpack.


Pocket: Although it has a special pocket for laptops, this is not suitable for computers of all sizes, this being a limitation for some.

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5. Baosha XB-14 Retro Backpack

With a retro style, multiple pockets and compartments, this is another of the most recommended backpacks for men by users. Due to its size and characteristics, it is suitable for travel, hiking, work or institute. Its structure is used to carry crossbody, by hand or on the shoulder through adjustable straps.

The backpack is black, with brown details. It has high-grade materials of quality and resistance, made up of canvas and synthetic leather, giving it an elegant touch. Its dimensions are 20 cm long, 33 cm high and 11 cm wide.

Its structure has a main compartment with a zipper in two directions, another smaller secondary pocket, another under the flap and a side snap pocket.

In addition, it has a space to store the laptop and two additional small pockets, to carry small objects that require more care such as tickets, passports, money, documents, keys or others.

Baosha XB is a backpack that offers high quality standards, versatility of use and capacity to carry all kinds of objects. In addition, considering its qualities and materials, it has a competitive cost. Below, you can read its pros and cons.


Design: The backpack has a retro style and can be carried in various ways, either crossbody, hand or on the shoulders, through adjustable straps.

Dimensions: The backpack has large dimensions that allow carrying a large number of items inside; It even has space for a laptop.

Compartments: This is a versatile backpack, equipped with many pockets and zippered compartments, which allow you to keep your belongings organized.

Materials: It is made with resistant and strong materials, combining canvas and synthetic leather.


Zippers: Some of the zippers are of questionable quality, as they are easily damaged after constant use.

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