The 5 Best Balance Bikes of 2022

Bicycle without pedals – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Bicycles without pedals are toys that, in addition to providing entertaining moments of fun for your little ones, also help them exercise practically without harming themselves. Some fun toys that have a secure hold during the journey, a light weight to carry them when necessary, as well as pleasant and light materials when rolling. Do not forget to check the quality elements of the bicycle, so that the product is safe and comfortable for your little cyclist. If you are looking for some of the most outstanding products in this segment, we can talk about the Chicco First Bike. A product from a top-tier manufacturer that incorporates an adjustable saddle system that grows with your traveler along with anti-puncture wheels for better support. If what you want is for your little one to look good when riding, nothing better than the Feber Speed ​​Bike Blue model. A product with a design similar to a top-level motorcycle that also offers a quality running system so you can move without complications.

The 5 Best Bicycles without Pedals – Opinions 2022

For your little ones to have a good time while exercising, nothing better than using one of the best pedalless bikes of 2022 that we present to you in this article. Products of all kinds and quality, from the most expensive and complex options to the cheapest, but quality ones, in which you will surely find the best bike without pedals according to your needs or preferences. Let’s find out what moves in this market and what they have to offer you.

1. Chicco First Bike Balance bike with adjustable seat

Main advantage:

Because it is a very light bike, your daughter will have no problem transporting it to her favorite playground to ride it. This gives him the ability to feel independent from her, which can be attractive to her.

Main disadvantage:

It is possible that after a lot of use the embossings of the wheels become worn. But possibly by then your daughter might want a conventional model with pedals, since she has gained enough balance.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This could be the best option for your little one to learn to ride a bike due to its lightness and size. It also offers an attractive pink color.

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Children are very selective and the appearance of their toys is a fundamental part of whether they are attracted to use them or not. That is why the model is available in a striking pink color that could be to the liking of every little girl.

On the other hand, the paint has a high gloss finish and contrasts with the black parts to make the model even more sporty.

In addition, the saddle includes an ergonomic shape that is very suitable for your daughter to sit comfortably, while the embossed rubber grips on the handlebars help prevent her hands from slipping and give her a better grip to hold on while she rides.


Children grow very quickly and the period between 2 and 5 years is full of new skills and possibilities that children want to explore. Thinking about this need, Chicco offers us this bicycle that has been designed so that you do not have to replace it too soon.

To achieve this, it has a height-adjustable saddle and in the same way the handlebar can also be raised to adapt to the constant change in size of your daughter. In addition, because the adjustments are made with tools that are normally found at home, such as pliers, it is not difficult for you to do them yourself.

Because of this feature, you could enjoy your bike for several years while gaining enough balance to take on a new challenge by trying to use a conventional pedal bike.

On the other hand, thanks to its lightness, it will not be a major inconvenience to take it to the park or load it yourself when necessary, which is quite convenient.


Most likely, your daughter will use this bicycle on many occasions, so that there are no inconveniences due to deterioration, it is best to choose a resistant model and the Chicco brand offers a frame made of plastic of sufficient density to support the weight of your little one without suffering torque while providing adequate strength.

Other parts like the saddle and handlebar rubbers can also offer adequate durability, so your child can play comfortably as she grows. In such a way that she gives him the solidity that she needs to spend hours practicing her skills without damaging herself too much.

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2. Feber Speed ​​Bike 800007595

The Feber bicycle without pedals is another model of the classics that we find on the market. The Feber Speed ​​Bike Blue model has come to improve the traditional design, which now resembles that of a large displacement motorcycle and an image with which to show off style when riding.

A light and simple model suitable for ages three and up, with the necessary measurements and resistance to guarantee quality gliding. Such quality is just right so that, together with a good price, it can be considered the best bike without pedals for value for money at the moment.

A quality that supports up to 30 kilos of price in its frame, maintaining the quality of its finishes without complications.

If you want to prepare your little one for a normal bicycle, we recommend these alternatives and Feber could become the best brand of bicycles without pedals:


Design: One of the most striking aspects of the Feber model is its design. This balance bike resembles a children’s motorcycle and its colors are attractive and vibrant.

Wheels: The wheels are made of polyurethane and have a diameter of 27 centimeters to increase stability and speed.

Age: As recommended by its manufacturer, the Speed ​​Bike Blue is designed to be used by children between 3 and 5 years of age, so if you get it early, your child could enjoy it for at least two full years.

Capacity: Combined with the above, this balance bike can support a weight of approximately 30 kilograms, more than enough for the little ones.


Adjustments: Its main disadvantage is based on the fact that it does not allow height adjustments to be applied to the saddle or handlebar, which would force the child to adapt to the size of the bicycle.

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3. Besrey Bike without Pedals

The Besrey BR-D3013 balance bike is a product originally designed for children from 3 to 5 years old, with a maximum weight of 25 kilos. A design that slightly expands the measurements of these bicycles and lengthens the time it can be used by our little ones.

To do this, the bicycle offers an adjustable handlebar and saddle system, which grows and varies the position of these elements as our little rider grows. It also incorporates a quality structure, with details such as the carbon steel frame or the 12-inch inflatable wheels, with which to enjoy greater durability and comfort when moving on any terrain. The only drawback is that you will have to watch their inflation, although they do not tend to lose much air.

The result is a comfortable bike, easy for the little ones to ride and that will accompany them for many hours of fun.

If the usual pedalless bikes are too small, with this model you can forget about that problem.


Range of use: This product extends the range of use up to 5 years or 25 kilos of user weight, above other models on the market.

Materials: The bicycle has high quality materials, such as the carbon steel frame. Elements that give more resistance to the product.

Wheels: The rubber wheels are inflatable, giving more comfort than the usual solid wheels of other proposals.


Frame union: The union between the fork and the handlebar must be done carefully, as it has some weakness.

Weight: The weight of the bicycle is 4.5 kilos, somewhat higher than other similar models that we have analyzed.

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4. Janod 4503243 Mint Scooter Bike Without Pedals

Within the bicycles without pedals that we find in the market we also have space for wood. The proof is found in the Janod 4503243 balance wooden bike.

A model made entirely of this material and whose design is reminiscent of the traditional scooters of yesteryear with a striking resemblance to a classic Vespa.

This bike without pedals has a wooden frame and rigid wheels, which do not add too much weight to the product, but at the same time maintain an adequate balance to roll wherever your little traveler needs.

The bicycle can be used from the age of three, supporting a weight of up to 50 kilos and having a simple assembly so that this is not a problem either.

Balance bikes are very useful for teaching children to maintain their balance, which makes the transition to regular models easier:


Design: The 4503243 balance bike has a very particular design, similar to classic motorcycles. It is painted in pastel colors and has attractive and fun details.

Materials: The entire structure of the bike without pedals is made of treated wood and its finishes are of good quality.

Capacity: It can support a maximum weight of up to 50 kilograms, which is usually enough for the recommended ages of between 3 and 5 years.


Weight: For some tastes, the bicycle can be a bit heavy to transport, possibly because it is made of wood.

Blows: You must also be careful not to rub against any surface, as this would mark the wood forever.

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5. Paw Patrol 119 Paw Patrol Bike without Pedals

The Paw Patrol bike without pedals is an interesting product, since it not only offers all the functions of this bike, but also incorporates the fun characters of this particular patrol into its decoration.

Decorations aside, the bike has all the improvements such as adjustable handlebars and saddle, along with an ultralight metal design weighing approximately 3.7 kilos. A light model with good resistance that can be used from 36 months to six years without complications.

The model rotates on solid wheels, which do not get punctured, and a system of plastic spokes that also make it easier to roll and operate the product so that your little one moves as Ryder would.

You can find many options in bicycles without pedals and we advise you to choose a model that is striking and can excite your little one:


Design: If your little one is a fan of the Snow Patrol TV show, this might be the bike for you as it’s inspired by the characters.

Materials: The frame is made of lightweight metal so you can easily move it around without sacrificing strength.

Saddle: Its saddle can be adjusted in height, which is very useful to adapt it to the needs of your little one.


Finishes: One of the users commented in the reviews section that the bike’s joints could be improved to increase stability.

Screws: Others indicated that the wheel screws should be tightened every so often because they loosen with use.

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Chicco First Bike Bicycle without pedals with adjustable saddle

The pink First Bike model Chicco bicycle without pedals is a traditional product that maintains a notable presence in the market due to the quality and evolutionary design of the product. A bicycle made of high quality materials, light and with an evolutionary design that allows it to be used from 24 months of age to approximately 5 years.

For this, the bicycle has a height-adjustable saddle, as well as a frame of good resistance, to avoid safety problems. The bicycle is accompanied by anti-puncture rubber wheels, so you do not have to worry about their deterioration.

A complete design that, according to users, could well be the best bicycle without pedals at the moment due to its characteristics.

Chicco offers you what could be the best pedalless bike of the moment and, being one of the cheapest, it is also considered possibly the best pedalless bike for 30 euros:


Design: Chicco’s First Bike can be a great option for the girls of the house. This bike without pedals is bright pink and its wheels, saddle and some details are black. It is attractive because it closely resembles a regular model.

Capacity: One of its most practical advantages is that it has a robust and resistant structure, which allows it to be used by infants between 2 and 5 years of age. These ages are the most recommended to teach them to ride a bike.

Wheels: When riding a bike, children prefer to go to the park or around the block from home and to prevent the First Bike from being damaged in any way, Chicco has incorporated anti-puncture rigid wheels that will last much longer than the common ones.

Handlebar: You should also know that you can adjust the height of the handlebar to make it more comfortable for your little one to hold, which will help increase her confidence to improve balance.

Saddle: In addition, the saddle can also be adjusted and adapted to the height and length of your legs. Very useful so that you can always keep your feet on the ground.


Brake: Some parents consider that it is necessary to integrate a brake on the bicycle, since it is very easy for the little ones to take a road downhill and lose control.

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Buying guide – What is the best balance bike on the market?

Bicycles without pedals belong to that category of toys with which you can give your little ones fun and make them exercise practically without realizing it. But to achieve this, it is necessary to resort to quality and safe models, like the ones you can find thanks to the advice in our guide to buying the best balance bike on the market. Let’s find out what aspects we have to pay attention to during the purchase.

Product construction and materials

Currently, the market offers us all kinds of bicycles without pedals, in terms of the materials used to manufacture them. In fact, this is one of the fundamental elements of any comparison that we make, so it is the one that we are going to start evaluating.

The most common material for a quality balance bike is metal, preferably aluminum. This metal generates a light product, which we can take wherever we need without complications and which also adequately withstands the bumps and rattle of bicycle use. Something similar to what happens with the wooden models, in whose treatment we also have a resistant design to be able to roll without problems.

The last usual material for these bikes is plastic. In this case it is no longer just about the additional decorative elements of the bicycle, but also even affects the frame of the product. It is true that if this is the case, the resistance is not that high, but it is a good and economical option if it is a bicycle with a short useful life due to the user’s measurements.

User age and product resistance

As with the bicycles of the elderly, the bicycles without pedals for the little ones must also have adjusted measurements and designs so that they are comfortable and safe during use. In this case, it is true that the advice to check the ground clearance from the seat is not so practical, and it is best to have the information provided by the manufacturer to make the best choice.

Normally, bicycles without pedals are recommended from two years of age, since it is the age in which the little ones have the necessary control and balance to be able to use them safely. In this case, the product must have an adjusted and low height, so that it reaches the ground adequately. Remember that this is still the maximum and more so considering that it is the feet that, with their sliding, move the bicycle.

As for the resistance and the maximum age, this is usually around 5 or 6 years old, with weight supports that can range from 25 to 50 kilos of weight approximately. This aspect is important to consider if the user has a size or weight above their age, although as we can see, the clearance with which the different manufacturers work is not a problem, so that they can use the bicycle for a long time.

Additional elements of the bicycle

Within the offer of bicycles without pedals that we find in the market, we have different elements that improve both the comfort and the safety of the little traveler. Let’s look at some of the improvements that really don’t add extra money to the cost of the bike either.

One of the most interesting elements to look for is the handlebar and the adjustable saddle. This allows the pieces to be adjusted to the specific height of the user, so that it not only lasts longer in good condition, but also improves comfort and safety when used. The good thing is that the adjustment is simple and does not require large tools to do it safely.

Other elements that we can find are the safety brake. A brake similar to that of large bicycles that, applied to the rear wheel, guarantees the stop of the bicycle to reduce the risks when rolling. And since not everything is about safety, we are going to give it a touch of elegance, for example with the designs that we can find, that are reminiscent of more attractive motorcycles and vehicles or that even incorporate designs from well-known series licenses, such as Paw Patrol, SpongeBob or Disney characters, among others.

The most popular brands

One of the most difficult things for little ones to learn when it comes to riding a bicycle is mastering the pedals. That is why many parents wait until a certain age to buy a bicycle for their children. However, bicycles without pedals are perfect for the youngest, since children will be able to move easily as if it were a tricycle for babies. Some of the most famous brands in the world of toys manufacture these artifacts, such as Feber, Chicco and Molto.

One of the big problems today is the little interest of children in outdoor activities and in any toy that does not have a screen. Feber is a brand that, since its inception, has aimed to offer little ones many reasons to play and continue playing in a healthy way, always keeping them active.

60 years of history support this company and, for this reason, thousands of people buy Feber products for their quality and safety. This company has been operating since 1956, founded by José Rodríguez Zurita in Alicante, Spain. Although the brand achieved great success in Europe, starting in 2006, Famosa took over the company and made it possible for Feber to reach the global market and establish itself as an internationally recognized toy manufacturer.

The beautiful colors and the comfortable seats are what characterize the Feber balance bikes, one of the best-selling products of this brand. These artifacts are suitable for children from 3 years old, because, in this way, they will become familiar with bicycles and have very fun moments.

Every parent in this world has at some point heard of the Chicco brand. This company, founded in 1958, has specialized in creating products for children and babies, offering high-quality and easy-to-use devices to help parents and children in their daily routines.

This company is one of the few that has created articles for all stages of children, as they offer everything from products for pregnant mothers to artifacts that promote the motor, cognitive and emotional development of infants. Chicco is of Italian origin, but, due to its innovative creations, it is currently present in more than 120 countries around the world. Nothing else in Italy has about 150 stores where they offer their entire catalog of products.

The bikes without pedals are very famous toys in the Chicco portfolio and many parents decide to buy them to help their little ones exercise and move faster while having great fun. They come with adjustable handlebars and saddle and puncture-resistant wheels for added safety.

It was the brothers Antonio and Pedro and their friend José who wanted to give their surname, in 1955, to this new company that, despite starting in a very small place, would become one of the most famous toy manufacturers in the world.. At that moment Molto’s story began.

They began by creating traditional wooden and tin toys, perfect for the time, however, over the years they managed to incorporate various materials. After its appearance at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in 1966, the company began exporting its products to various parts of Europe and America. This consolidated its international success and, in this way, Molto became a brand recognized by millions of people around the world.

At present, the company’s toys are many and all stand out for their high quality. Bicycles without pedals are characterized by stability and resistance so that children can support themselves without risk and play running everywhere. As they are light, children can be fast when using them and, to avoid accidents, the purchase comes with a helmet included.

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