The 5 Best Barbecue Grills of 2022

Barbecue Grill – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

For your barbecues to be your success, the best charcoal or the best barbecue is not enough. It is also important that you surround yourself with the best tools such as a good barbecue grill where you can prepare your food. A poor quality product, in addition to being of little use, will surely end up causing food to stick and the results are not what you deserve. To avoid this, it is advisable to bet on quality products, such as the Velaze ‎VLZ-ZTKP-02-US barbecue griddle, the favorite of many consumers. It is a resistant cast iron plate, so it distributes the heat correctly. In addition, thanks to its reversible design, you can use it according to your needs. Another interesting product is the Imex El Zorro 71614 iron.. In this case, we are talking about a traditional smooth iron made of iron, with two top-quality wooden handles so you can handle it comfortably. It offers a large fully non-stick cooking area, so you can improve the results of any dish you want to cook.

Buying guide – What is the best barbecue griddle on the market?

Those of us who care about eating healthily love barbecues, both grilled and grilled. On this occasion we want to talk about the latter, the ones that we put on the heat to roast all kinds of meats and vegetables, which provide a particular flavor, unlike any other.

Everything seems to indicate that the use of the iron originated in the 19th century in Spain. The ease of use, transport and cleaning made the pilgrims adopt the use of the steel plate during their transit along the roads that lead to Santiago de Compostela.

And it is that these plates required a minimum effort, they only had to put them on the fire, burning wood or coal, to cook the food that they collected during their trips. According to historians, since then the barbecue griddle has been conquering the world. Currently, professional chefs use it for its ease of use and technical characteristics that offer healthy and creative dishes without further complication.

But there are so many models and brands that it is difficult to choose one, that is why we have decided to create this small guide to buy the best barbecue griddle in 2022. Pay attention to the characteristics that we will share below so that you can make a good comparison of barbecue griddles and finally you can choose one with good quality and low price.

types of iron 

Among what the market offers, we find plates such as iron, widely used until a few years ago, but whose use has decreased because they get very dirty and can be difficult to clean.

In return, we have laminated steel plates, the most common today. There are various thicknesses, from the economic series of 5 mm for normal use through those of 8-12 mm, to those of intensive use that have between 12 and 15 mm.

We also have the hard chrome plates, which some people love and others hate. They are low-temperature plates and short thermal radiation, so that if we put our hand on the plate, we will not notice the heat unless we put it very close. Models that are easy to use and clean since, if they are chilled suddenly with ice, the dirt practically “jumps out” and can be removed with a clean cloth.

plate design

In the current griddles there are both smooth and striped designs depending on the dishes to be prepared. The striped designs are the ones that give the best appearance to the food and are used mainly for meats and the like. On the other hand, some of the smooth designs, being suitable for all types of food, are the most recommended for fish and other weak or fragile foods.

If you don’t know which option to decide on, the best idea is to have mixed designs, which include both the striped and the smooth area. It is a good alternative so that you can prepare everything, without changing the iron. By the way, if the product has a fat channel, the cleaning process will be much easier, in addition to generating a much healthier meal.

Dimensions and measurements

We have left this aspect for last because it is obvious that we are not going to buy an iron that does not fit the measurements we need. However, it is true that this measurement to be met should at least be the width of your barbecue, since if the plate does not have support, it will not do any good.

In any case, check all the measurements, both in width and length of the cooking area, so that it fits the fire and your specific needs. The good news is that if the model is somewhat larger, you can have more cooking surface, if necessary.

The 5 Best Barbecue Grills – Opinions 2022

With the arrival of summer, moments of relaxation and delicious barbecues in the garden are recreated in our minds. If you are looking to surprise your family and friends with healthy and exquisite grilled dishes, consider among these formidable griddles, which one is the most suitable for your needs and budget.

1. Velaze Striped Cast Iron Grill

If you are looking for the best barbecue grill, we recommend you look at the attributes of this model. It has dimensions of 48 x 28 cm, so you can use it on barbecues, but also adapt it to standard kitchens. In addition, it has a very practical reversible design, with a ribbed texture on one side and smooth on the other. Thus, your food acquires the qualities you expect.

Do not forget to mention that it is made of high-density cast iron. Due to this, it will allow you to prepare your food in a homogeneous way, thanks to the correct distribution of heat that this type of material provides.

On the other hand, it is a model that you can use for a long time, since it is resistant to use and heat and, thanks to the fact that it has a pair of handles on the sides, you can manipulate it and transport it to the place where you need it.

Before making a purchase decision, it is convenient that you inform yourself of all the important aspects that are related to the model of your preference.


Quality: It is a plate made of cast iron in a suitable thickness. Therefore, it is resistant to wear and heat.

Design: It offers two different textured surfaces, which will help you give your dishes the cooking and presentation you expect.

Versatility: Its size is suitable for both kitchens and ovens and barbecues. This turns the iron into a versatile accessory that you can get a lot of use out of.


Position of the handles: The handles are narrow, which can make it difficult to handle the piece if you wear very thick gloves.

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2. Imex El Zorro 71614 Barbecue grill

Enjoying a barbecue is a real pleasure, not only when it comes to eating it but also when cooking it. Although to achieve this last pleasure it is necessary to bet on barbecue tools and plates with which to work comfortably and pleasantly.

This is what the Imex El Zorro 71614 model offers us, which has a flat design made of high-quality iron that offers excellent heat transfer, perfect for all your dishes.

Its wide surface allows you to cook taking advantage of the entire area, thanks to this heat transfer, also having a rail for fats where you can keep everything you don’t want to see on your dishes safe.

And when you finish cooking, thanks to its easy cleaning, you can leave your griddle looking like new and ready to cook again whenever you want.


Materials: thanks to its manufacture in a block of high calorific power, the iron is capable of transferring heat to the food in an effective and stable way, without having hot and cold areas as occurs in other models.

Handles: the two wooden handles allow you to move, change places and move the iron easily without the risk of burning yourself.

Fat collection channel: the fat collection channel allows you to keep fats and other unwanted elements away from your food, for healthier results.

Resistant: the design has been designed to withstand long cooking sessions, so that the cooking zone supports everything you want to cook and the instruments you want to use on it.


Oxidation: according to some users, this product has a certain tendency to oxidation, so you should not leave it exposed to the elements, and should dry it carefully after cleaning.

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3. Outdoorchef Plancha for Barbecue 480/570 BBQ

Another brand that stands out when looking for the best barbecue grill is Outdoorchef, with its barbecue grill model 18.211.57.

It has a medium size of 39 cm in diameter and 2 cm thick, and is also made of cast iron to provide optimal temperature distribution, as well as better retention of it, to prepare endless delicious and healthy dishes to the Grill.

It is a robust plate weighing 5.2 Kg with an exquisite design and 2 useful surfaces for cooking. One ribbed side, excellent for browning and grilling meat and fish, and the other smooth side, which you can conveniently use when preparing food.

It is also suitable for use on gas, charcoal and electric grills so you have wide options for use and it is very easy to wash.

The Outdoorchef 18.211.57 model has been promoted as the best barbecue grill for 50 euros, so we review its pros and cons.


Surface: The griddle has two surfaces, one smooth and one textured, which allow you to cook various foods according to their characteristics.

Size: It has a circular design of 39 cm in diameter, which is ideal for cooking large or small portions, without worrying about not having enough space.

Resistance: It is a robust iron that offers a good level of resistance, so that you do not have to replace it for a long time, thanks to its cast iron construction.

Adaptation: You can use it on a gas stove or cooker without worrying about its operation, because it is designed to adapt to various heat sources.

Cleaning: Allows easy cleaning without the need to use highly concentrated chemical products that can damage the material.

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4. Baumalu 385224 double iron

It is a practical double-sided iron for greater versatility; It has a completely smooth side and another grill type with separate strips, which allows you to adapt it to the type of food you want to cook. In this sense, it is indicated to enjoy healthy food and share delicious barbecues with your family and friends.

It is made entirely of cast iron, so it offers resistance to bumps and accidental falls. In addition, it is capable of withstanding high temperatures when cooking directly on the gas stove or on the barbecue coals. As for the design, it is black and has side handles for better support.

On the other hand, it has a weight of 2.9 kg to guarantee stability on the heat source. Likewise, its dimensions of 38 x 23 cm allow you to cook several foods simultaneously.

If you want to buy a barbecue grill that is especially useful for cooking inside and outside the home, we recommend that you evaluate the pros and cons of this model in detail.


Design: It has a two-sided design made up of a smooth surface and another with grill-type stripes. In addition, it has a length of 38 cm, but you can also get it in the 42 cm presentation.

Materials: It is made of cast iron, which provides greater resistance against shocks and makes it possible to maintain heat for a long time.

Compatibility: It is a practical and versatile griddle, suitable for use both on outdoor barbecues and on gas stoves inside the house.


Handles: The handles are part of the cooking surface, so they get hot when using the griddle. In this sense, it is advisable to use protection when holding it.

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5. Paella World 3838 Barbecue Accessory

Of course, if you are looking for a barbecue grill, the first thing you should check is the size of the place where you plan to use it and in this way know if one or another model will be useful to you.

In the case of the Paella World 3838, we must mention that it has dimensions of 38 x 38 centimeters, so it is not very big, but not very small either, being a good option for cooking at family gatherings or even at home and that your recipes are how you want them.

Being made of cast iron, you can be sure that the useful life of this barbecue plate is very long, and thanks to this you will be able to take advantage of it over the years. Plus, it’s fully reversible! This model is designed so that you can use it on both sides, one being grill-style and the other completely flat.

Due to the quality of its material, the Paella World 3838 weighs 6 kilograms, however it is capable of withstanding high temperatures and the effect it has is what you would get with a hot stone. As if that were not enough, it includes handles in its design, to facilitate its transfer, but be careful when moving it without gloves!

In case you don’t know which barbecue grill to buy, the Paella World 3838 model is another option recommended by users. Learn about its pros and cons below.


Reversible: It is reversible, so that it has a flat or smooth side and another in the form of a grill or with a texture, which allows the processing of various food products.

Resistance: Being made of cast iron, it is a robust plate that will offer a long useful life and will not need to be replaced.

Cleaning: Its cleaning can be done quickly and easily, due to the fact that in general the manufacturing material allows no remains to be adhered to the surface.

Size: It measures 38 x 38 cm, so it not only fits perfectly on various models of barbecues, but can also be used as a baking tray.


Handles: The handles can get hot just like the rest of the iron, so you will need to use some protection to hold the iron if you want to move it to another location.

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How to use a barbecue griddle

When we share a good barbecue among family and friends, it is necessary to have tools, as well as a good barbecue grill and the best charcoal, to enjoy the best and richest grilled foods. That is why below you will find some recommendations that will allow you to make good use of your barbecue grill.

A healthy diet

When using a barbecue griddle to prepare food, such as: meats and vegetables, you must wait for the griddle to be very hot before grilling the food, so that they can be cooked homogeneously and perfectly, preserving their nutrients and proteins, to obtain of rich and healthy food.

Food does not stick

It is very important that when you prepare meats and vegetables, among other foods, on your barbecue plate, you do not use metal utensils such as: forks, spoons or knives that can scratch and affect the non-stick layer that it contains on its surface so as not to minimize its quality..

i can grill fish

When you grill fish on your barbecue griddle, you must ensure that the griddle is completely clean free of any food residue; once clean you should let it be hot enough before putting the fish on it. While it is very hot, spread the fish in oil and place it with the skin on the griddle, turn it over until it is well cooked and enjoy the good grilled fish.

high quality materials

Use a barbecue plate made of top quality materials that is resistant and provides a greater degree of durability, in addition to being able to transfer heat to the food in a homogeneous, effective and stable way to create dishes of your choice, which you can enjoy with the whole family.

Fits on the barbecue

When you are going to use a barbecue griddle, it is advisable to know exactly its measurements to take into account if it adapts to the barbecue; once installed you can prepare the best healthy and tasty dishes.

Not only fit on barbecues

You can use barbecue griddles not only on a barbecue, you can also use it on a gas stove or stove, obtaining the same results when grilling food, that is why you can have the griddle every day and not only do outdoor barbecues.

Make sure you don’t get burned

When you move, change places or move the barbecue plate, take it by its handles, since these are made of heat-insulating materials, so that you do not run the risk of suffering a burn during handling.

Easy to clean

Good barbecue grills are characterized by their easy cleaning, which can be done in different ways. Let the iron cool down, rub it with a soapy sponge, rinse with enough water and dry with kitchen paper.

The other way is to heat the iron enough, turn off the burners and add regular ice, blowing up the dirt by contrasting temperature and then collecting it with a damp cloth and ready for the next job.

The most popular brands

The barbecue plates are a perfect complement to prepare meals outdoors or to cook in the comfort of your home, these grills allow you to comfortably handle food and cook it evenly. In order for you to choose the best option, we present the characteristics of some models, taking as a reference the comments on the Web, speaking in this opportunity of the Weber, Campingaz and Paella World brands.

This American company was founded in 1952 by George Stephen, who had the initiative to create a dome-shaped grill. It all started when George worked in a Chicago company dedicated to metallurgy, in charge of manufacturing marine buoys for the coast guard, from there he started the idea of ​​​​creating a spherical grill and that it be sealed to keep all the heat and smoked flavor inside..

The company has a series of products made of stainless steel such as grills based on coal, gas or electricity; cooking accessories such as aprons, utensils, trays, cleaning products, spare parts and others. Weber cooking grills have a 5-year warranty against rust. Weber also has a varied recipe book to prepare all kinds of meals: meat, fish, vegetables and, specializing in pinchos.

Weber has a section dedicated only to plates or grills, they can be removed to facilitate cleaning, in fact, the company has cleaning products such as brushes with metal bristles, dedicated exclusively to cleaning grills. Weber barbecue plates quickly absorb heat and distribute it over the entire surface; This product is ideal for cooking grilled food but with a smoky flavor, distinctive of barbecues.

The company was founded in France in 1949. This French company that loves outdoor life and camping is dedicated to creating new and useful products that support outdoor activities. The company was originally dedicated solely to manufacturing and marketing small butane and propane gas cylinders for use as fuel for excursions and camping.

Campingaz has a series of products related to camping and outdoor life, these products are designed to be effective and easy to use. The company has exclusive lines for barbecues, burners, gas regulators, lamps, refrigerators, mattresses, portable toilets, indoor stoves and gas-based tools for welding work.

The range of products for barbecues are designed to minimize the smoke produced by combustion, in addition to being electronic, which prevents burn accidents when lighting the grill. The barbecue plates come in general measurements of 50×30 cm, which is a fairly large area to cook multiple foods at the same time, they also have a small tank to drain excess fat.

Paella World

Paella World is a company dedicated to the import and export of Spanish paella pans, its products are distributed throughout the United Kingdom and part of Ireland. This company sponsors the largest food events in the United Kingdom and trains all its staff with all the guidelines to follow for the preparation of a Spanish paella.

This company has a diverse line of products for the preparation of paellas in the best and authentic Spanish style, it has different models as well as kitchen utensils and gas burners for paella pans. It also has a section of food and recipes to prepare delicious Spanish dishes.

Paella World paella pans and griddles are excellent heat conductors, resistant to high temperatures and last a lifetime. The griddles come in black or silver presentations with thermally insulating handles that make it easy to grab and move the paella pan to the center of the table or anywhere else. The paella pans are quite large in size and can easily accommodate a meal for 20 people, a considerable number for meetings or parties where food is the main attribute.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a barbecue griddle?

To carry out this type of task, you must first have the corresponding materials, in addition to the necessary tools. Also, the first thing you will have to know will be the size in which you want your new barbecue plate.

In this sense, you would have to acquire a metal plate with an adequate thickness to make this type of product. Once you have everything at hand, proceed to mark on the metal sheet with the help of a ruler the exact measurements in which you will cut it with the saw.

Subsequently, you will have to build a base on which to position the piece of plate that you will cut and, to achieve a correct union of both pieces, the only thing that will remain will be to weld them with a machine suitable for such action, taking into account that it will be essential have the necessary protection before starting work.

Q2: How to clean a rusty barbecue griddle?

Cleaning the griddle of your barbecue in case it is rusty will be easier than you imagine. In this sense, the first thing you will do is heat the griddle as if you were going to roast meat. In this way, the fat available in it will burn and then you can remove it together with the rust with the help of a brush with steel bristles.

Then, it would be ideal if you sprayed a little vinegar on the iron so you can make sure you get as much rust out as possible. Some experts recommend applying a dab of baking soda all over the rusty surface and then heating it up for a few minutes. Later, once it has cooled down, with the help of a tissue you will remove the remaining bicarbonate, rust and fat available in the structure.

In this way, you will already have an iron in perfect condition to use as many times as you prefer. One recommendation that you should take into account when using the griddle is that it would be appropriate to add salt to it when it is quite hot, because in this way you could prevent the meat from sticking.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Ultranatura Mansfield Plancha

Ultranatura, otro conocido fabricante de utensilios para cocinar, nos presenta este multifuncional accesorio como otra buena opción de la mejor Plancha para barbacoa.

La plancha Houston, modelo 200100000079, de Ultranatura posee unas manejables dimensiones de 35 x 45,5 x 2 cm y está elaborada en hierro fundido de alta calidad para asegurar una excelente conducción del calor en toda la superficie.

Lo mejor es que, como es antiadherente, podrás eliminar el uso de grasas y aceites que terminan cayendo sobre el carbón caliente, salpicando y volviendo a los alimentos, generando un peligro para tu salud y la de los tuyos, por lo que resulta práctico para una preparación saludable de todos tus alimentos.

Esta plancha es utilizable por ambas caras, una lisa y una acanalada, los cuales podrás elegir según la conveniencia de lo que desees preparar para obtener exquisitos y atractivos resultados.

Si buscas la mejor marca de planchas para barbacoas, puede que este modelo te interese, de modo que te invitamos a leer sus pros y contras.


Universal: Es una plancha con diseño universal que se adapta al tamaño y forma de una gran variedad de barbacoas, y es ideal cuando solo necesitas sustituir esta pieza.

Plancha doble: Tiene su respectiva superficie doble, por lo que puedes elegir entre usarla por el lado de la plancha lisa, o por el lado de la parrilla.

Antigoteo: Cuenta con un sencillo sistema antigoteo, para que la grasa que expulsan los alimentos no entre en contacto con el fuego y el proceso de preparación sea más sano.

Resistente: Debido a que está hecha de hierro fundido, tiene un buen nivel de resistencia, y no necesitarás reemplazarla en un lapso de tiempo aceptable.


Diseño: El lado liso de la plancha, tiene la dirección web de la marca hecha en relieve, lo que resulta incómodo para algunos usuarios.

Algon AH52

Otra buena opción entre las mejores planchas para barbacoa baratas es este modelo de Algon que es adecuado para cocinar al fuego en barbacoas, paelleras, gas, y otros medios.

Esta plancha también está fabricada en hierro fundido de gran calidad y dureza, resistente a la corrosión, que brinda una repartición equivalente del calor a lo largo y ancho de cada superficie.

Cuenta con 2 caras de 24 x 44 cm de área utilizable, dispone de dos agarraderas laterales antitérmicas para un uso práctico y seguro y cuenta con bordes levantados para prevenir el derrame de los líquidos.

Cuenta también con revestimiento antiadherente para evitar que se peguen los alimentos y como dispone además de doble cara podrás cocinar cualquier plato en forma sencilla y eficaz. El lado liso es ideal para los filetes de pescado y el lado estriado para asar carne o verduras.

Entre las planchas para barbacoa más baratas, el modelo Algon AH52, es uno de los más destacados por los usuarios. Los siguientes son sus pros y contras.


Asas: Incluye unas asas antitérmicas que te permitirán trasladar la plancha de un lugar a otro sin problemas, ya que las asas no estarán demasiado calientes.

Tamaño: Mide 44 x 24 cm, por lo tiene un tamaño adecuado para diversos modelos de barbacoas e incluso para ciertos tipos de hornos.

Durabilidad: Su nivel de durabilidad es amplio, porque está fabricada con hierro fundido, y esto la hace una plancha muy resistente.

Reversible: También es reversible, con una cara lista y otra para parrilla, a fin de que puedas cocinar diversas carnes y otros alimentos de la forma adecuada.


Diseño: Su diseño rectangular permite que sea utilizada solo con ciertos modelos de barbacoa, así que debes fijarte en este aspecto.

Barbecook 223.0232.440


Entre las mejores planchas para barbacoa del 2022 también cuentas con el modelo 223.0232.440 de la marca Barbecook.

Esta placa rectangular con tamaño de 24 x 42 cm y 2 superficies aprovechables, lado plano y acanalado, es un accesorio apropiado para ser usado en todas las fuentes de calor, bien sea fuego directo o carbón, inducción, vitrocerámica, gas y horno.

Está fabricada en hierro fundido con esmalte de vidrio sobre ambas superficies para brindarle protección contra la oxidación, además se puede mantener fácilmente, evitando el uso de objetos afilados y los cambios bruscos de temperatura como echarle agua fría cuando aún no se ha enfriado lo suficiente.

Tanto por el lado liso como por el estriado, esta placa proporciona una distribución uniforme de la temperatura con buenos resultados de cocción y como aguanta temperaturas muy altas puedes cocinar una gran variedad de platos.

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