The 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Kids of 2022

Basketball shoes for children – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

In order for children to have an optimized performance and adequate movement on the basketball court, they need to have the necessary equipment, knowing that part of these implements are shoes. Making a comparison between the available models is one of the appropriate mechanisms to achieve one that is efficient. Although there are several prototypes, there are two that lead the preferences of the users. The first is the Under Armor UA BGS Jet 2017, sneakers with a sporty style, available in gray with a green contrast. This model has non-slip soles made of EVA, is made of synthetic material and a high-resistance fabric lining, in addition to having a lace-up closure system. Another interesting option is the Adidas Hoops Mid 2.0 shoe, which offers a mid-cut design that helps protect the ankles and has an urban style for added appeal.

The 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Kids – Opinions 2022

If your child or a little one in your family trains basketball, they require adequate equipment to achieve better performance in the sports discipline. Part of this depends on the shoes. Before selecting a model, you must remember that there are many brands and designs, but not all of them are suitable. For this reason, we present and explain the characteristics of the five models of basketball shoes for children that lead the preferences of buyers.

1.Under Armor UA BGS Jet 2017

If you want to get the best basketball shoes for children, it is convenient that you know the characteristics of this model, which stands out for having a versatile and striking design. On this occasion, the brand presents shoes made with high-quality and resistant materials, which combine synthetic material with fabric covering on the outside, as well as leather side panels for greater reinforcement, which serve as support for foot comfort..

Thanks to the development of textile technology, through engineered mesh, this design has a ventilation area to prevent bad odors from concentrating and thus reduce the risk of bacteria.

In addition, this is a design with a non-slip and lightweight sole made of solid rubber with herringbone traction for better grip and skidding, while the midsole is made of EVA, a mixture of ethylene, vinyl and acetate, which provides lightness and comfort during the play.

The UA BGS Jet 2017 from the manufacturer Under Armor can be considered the best basketball shoes for kids at the moment, since in addition to having a modern design, they also have resistant materials and textile engineering that provide them with ventilation and comfort.    


Materials: They are resistant, robust and versatile, they combine leather with synthetic and textile material to provide greater durability under intensive use.

Comfort: The brand has incorporated textile technology into the mesh, for better ventilation of the foot, comfort and reduction of bad odors produced by sweat.

Design: Its structure is striking, modern and versatile, with a classic sports style, suitable for training or casual outings with jeans.

Sole: The shoes have a non-slip sole with a herringbone pattern, to provide better traction, grip on different terrains and allow skidding without falling.


Size: This model does not have a conventional size, so the user must consider the dimensions of his foot and compare them to select an appropriate number.

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2. Adidas Hoops Mid 2.0 Unisex Kids Trainers

They are basketball shoes for boys that have a synthetic coating. In addition, the external part is made of synthetic leather with a mesh panel around the ankle. In this way, it can provide greater flexibility to wear during sports practices, which is why many think that they are the best basketball shoes for children of 2022.

Also, they offer EVA insoles that provide a more comfortable footprint. Likewise, they have an internal textile lining that provides greater comfort to the feet, thus avoiding uncomfortable friction.

As for the soles, they offer a flat design and are made with rubber to provide optimal support. As if that were not enough, these shoes are available in several presentations with different colors, so it is possible to choose the model that best suits the tastes of children.

Many think that Adidas is the best brand of basketball shoes for children and adults, so if you are looking for a quality model, it is convenient to know the Hoops 2.0 Mid in depth.


Soles: The soles are made of rubber to provide good support and have a flat heel that favors comfort.

Style: They offer a sporty, classic and urban style, making them attractive shoes.

Colors: They are available in a wide range of colors to choose from according to the tastes of the child.


Width: Your inside may be wider than expected, so it might be a good idea to buy a smaller size.

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3. Nike Court Borough Low PSV Basketball Shoes

These are Nike sneakers that offer a firm and comfortable fit made up of laces and a velcro closure on the upper part. In this way, they can provide maximum foot support to prevent children from losing their shoes during play.

Also, it is important to note that the soles are made of rubber and offer a relief surface with a circle pattern. In this way, they provide optimal support to the ground. For this reason, they can be a good option if you are wondering what are the best basketball shoes for children.

To add to its appeal, the heel counter, tongue and side are embossed with the brand’s name and logo. As if that were not enough, they have a white unisex design, but you can get them in other color presentations.

It is normal to wonder which basketball shoes for children to buy among the wide variety of models on the market, so it is a good idea to thoroughly analyze these Nike shoes before deciding.


Closure: They offer a double closure system made up of laces and velcro, so they provide an optimal fit to the feet.

Exterior: The exterior of these shoes is made of synthetic leather, which provides greater resistance to moisture.

Pattern: The soles have a pattern of multiple circles that guarantee a good grip on different surfaces.


Toe cap: The toe cap does not offer great resistance, so it is advisable to avoid bumps and scrapes in this area.

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4. Ashion Synthetic

Available in a variety of electric and striking colors, this model is recommended for those users who are looking for the best value for money basketball shoes for children, because they are the cheapest shoes in our selection of products.

They are shoes made of synthetic material and fabric lining, with an internal composition of 80% microfiber and 20% cotton for foot comfort. In addition, this model has molded smooth leather panels on the upper part and mesh to allow better ventilation.

Likewise, they are equipped with a non-slip rubber sole to guarantee better traction on the ground and have a two centimeter high heel, which cushions the blows in falls and protects the heel. The shoes have a modern and lightweight design, with a lace-up closure system.

The following shoes are recommended by users for the variety of colors and internal comfort they provide. In addition, they are considered among the cheapest.


Design: They have a striking design with electric colors that fit various styles of users, to be used on the court or off it.

Comfort: Each step and jump are comfortable for the foot, since its internal composition is 80% microfiber and 20% cotton.

Platform: They are equipped with a platform heel about two centimeters high, which prevents impacts after falls from causing heel injuries.

Sole: The sole is suitable for maximum sports performance on different surfaces such as cement or wood.


Slipping: According to a user’s review, this model has traction problems in the sole on the parquet, which leads to constant slipping.

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5.Elaphurus Vitike Casual Unisex

This is one of the models recommended by users for those looking for basketball shoes for children that combine quality and comfort. These shoes have a modern and unisex design, available in various colors, with a light weight of 750 grams.

They are made with materials of a high degree of quality and resistance, among which synthetic leather and elastic mesh stand out, with additional protection in the ankle area. In addition, the sole is made of high-density non-slip rubber, which provides greater resistance to wear, as well as a high degree of flexibility and traction during steps. Thanks to this property, this is a suitable model for use on concrete, PVC or wood floors.

It has a closure system through laces to provide greater support. It is also equipped with a platform heel two centimeters high, for greater stability and cushioning.

This is a competitive price model, as explained by users. In addition, they are lightweight shoes made with high-quality materials.


Weight: They have a structure with resistant but light materials, which provide comfortable footwear and allow adequate movement, since they only weigh 750 grams.

Platform: They have a platform heel two centimeters high, for greater stability and cushioning.

Sole: The manufacturer has incorporated non-slip rubber to offer a sole suitable for skidding and traction without risk.

Safety: They have additional protection in the ankle area that improves safety in falls after jumps and possible sprains.


Smell: According to the opinion of a user, this model initially has a strong smell that can cause dizziness.

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Shopping guide

If you have already decided to buy basketball shoes, you should be careful with your choice, since there are many alternatives available, but not all of them are suitable. Different manufacturers offer models with attributes that can be attractive, which makes selection more difficult, and it is convenient that you know some common denominators regarding quality and functionality. For this reason, we present a guide to buying the best basketball shoes for children, a section with which we explain the characteristics that you should look for so that your purchase is successful.


The quality and resistance of almost any product can be determined through the materials that the manufacturer has included in its structure, these being also an indicator of price, so if you are wondering how much basketball shoes cost, their construction could give you an indication..

Each brand selects different materials, even the same manufacturer can present models from a different range that vary in their preparation, offering designs of greater or lesser cost. In the market, you can find from sneakers made of synthetic material, to models in leather or others that combine both materials to provide a mid-range and wear-resistant design.

The structure of a shoe is made up of an exterior and an interior. The exterior of most models is usually made of synthetic material or leather, with a textile lining. It is recommended to select shoes that have reinforcement in the tips and provide comfort and support for the foot.

Ventilation and technology

Basketball is a sport that requires a high degree of physical performance, since both training and playing games involve effort, as well as the generation of heat and sweat, not only in the upper part of the body, but also in the feet. Being these in a closed environment, there is more exposure to the proliferation of bacteria that produce the bad smell.

For this reason, it is recommended to acquire shoe models that have ventilation and the development of technology or textile engineering, which provides advantages for maximum comfort and performance in skills. Many brands endow their designs with mesh panels, smooth leather or other molded material, which allows air to circulate for heat to escape, this being conducive to avoiding bad odors and keeping the internal temperature inside the shoe regulated.  

sole and midsole

Comfort should not be neglected. If you are going to establish a comparison of basketball shoes for children, you must include the insoles or midsole of the designs among the characteristics to be contrasted. There are various models on the market, some more comfortable than others, and it is necessary that they also have a high degree of cushioning and shock absorption, as this will allow the user to execute jumps safely.

Some designs incorporate microfiber or cotton inside the models, as well as a kind of stocking and ankle adjustment that prevents injuries. Other models are suitable because they are equipped with a soft, cushioned midsole. In addition to this property, when selecting an option you should consider the sole, which must be made of rubber and have anti-slip and traction properties, so that it allows you to run, jump and skid without falling to the ground. The most recommended soles are those suitable for different surfaces.

design and colors

If you want a good, affordable shoe option, you’ll need to pay attention to design. These items can have classic or modern designs, all being sporty in style. Many models are made with a light and flexible structure, this being recommended to gain agility and speed on the pitch.

The most popular models among users are without a heel, but with a small elevation on the platform to improve jumps, as well as an addition to the ankle to prevent injuries. In addition, within the design you can select the colors, adjusting these to your personal taste and to the rest of the sports clothing.

closing system

The fit of some shoes is given by the type or closure system they have, which can be through velcro, laces or dual. Although this is a property that will depend on the user’s tastes, each one has its pros and cons. The shoes with velcro closure are easy and quick to adjust, but if the velcro is damaged the shoe will be unusable, while the closure through laces provides greater security and, even if they are damaged, they can be changed.

Another model that appears is the one that incorporates both systems, since it provides a greater fit and another level of security in case one fails, while providing stability to the foot.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which brand of basketball shoes for kids is better, Nike or Adidas?

Of the variety of brands of basketball shoes that exist for children, there are two brands that have more models than others: Nike and Adidas. Nike is attractive because it meets the needs of the little player. Their shoes stand out for being versatile models of great comfort that incorporate the best materials, with good resistance and durability.

But Adidas is also notable for having great combination designs and being present in many championships, so either option will be suitable, knowing that the shoes are designed to support and protect the foot against possible impacts during games.

Q2: Are kids basketball shoes safe or are boots better?

Boots are better because they provide greater security and, being high shoes, offer better ankle grip. For the most part, professional basketball players prefer to wear these types of shoes and not low-top sneakers to avoid ankle injuries.

However, several brands began to lower the height of the shoes to improve the freedom of movement of the players. So when it comes to purchasing the most suitable shoes for basketball, the best thing you can do is advise yourself before deciding on a particular model.

Q3: What maintenance do kids basketball shoes require?

Clean basketball shoes will make the little player feel safe and move better on the court. If the soles are slippery from dirt, they won’t provide adequate grip. The shoes should be washed frequently and by hand, the washing machine is the last resort. Cleaning them is very simple, all you need is a damp cloth to remove dust from the surface and a hard bristle brush (toothbrush can be used) to remove dirt or mud.

If it is still fresh, you can use a soft, slightly damp cloth with a foamy cleaning solution. This solution is prepared with warm water and several drops of mild detergent (conventional detergent works). Finally, the shoes must be placed in a ventilated and dry place. The use of clothes or hair dryers should be avoided, because the artificial heat causes them to shrink or crack.

Q4: How often should children’s basketball shoes be changed?

There is no manual that indicates how long basketball shoes will last, nor does the manufacturer say it, but players change them when they notice that the materials have lost their properties. The duration of the shoes is subject to the style of the player and the surface on which he practices this sport, whether on a cement court or on a rubber floor.

In the first, they should be changed more often due to the wear of the sole, while in the second perhaps once a year. On the other hand, if the shoes begin to cause discomfort and chafing, it is time to change them to avoid further inconvenience when playing basketball. Remember that having the right shoes is essential for the performance of the players and even more so if they are children, since they require more care.

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