The 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Men of 2022

Men’s Basketball Shoes – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

Our feet require an anatomical, comfortable support capable of offering an adequate level of stability when moving around in our day-to-day life or when practicing sports. If you are one of the people who want to buy men’s basketball shoes, you will need to know that the purchase catalog is quite extensive and each model has distinctive manufacturing characteristics, which you must evaluate in order to take with you a product that suits your needs. The Reebok Ex-O-Fit HI model repeatedly appears among the recommendations, which is a classic design in soft black leather with a high shaft and a double closure system, thus improving the level of fit. In addition, it incorporates an EVA midsole, which absorbs a large percentage of the impact generated on the foot when walking. A second purchase option that offers a padded and breathable interior is the Nike Air Force 1 Mid 07 model, which has a flat, robust and flexible sole.



The 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Men – Opinions 2022

When selecting basketball shoes for men, you cannot forget that the sporting goods market has numerous models, so you should check their main characteristics before deciding on one of them. Next, we want to recommend five products with high quality standards.

1. Reebok Ex-O-Fit HI

The catalog of sports shoes developed by Reebok offers you resistance, stability, cushioning and an aesthetic that varies from the striking to the minimalist. In this way, when purchasing any model, you will be taking with you a functional product that adapts to your needs.

An example of this is this classic model that recalls the 90s, which is considered by buyers as the best basketball shoes for men. Its design is high-top, it has a strap with velcro closure in the ankle area and an adjustment system on the instep by means of laces, thus offering better support and stability when moving.

The exterior is crafted from smooth black leather, while the stitching finishes and reinforcement cuts denote quality. The midsole in EVA foam absorbs shocks, the rubber sole provides a correct grip and the padded insole is comfortable.

This sports shoe gives you efficient performance, comfort and stability both on the pitch and in everyday life. For this reason, buyers comment that they are the best men’s basketball shoes of the moment.


Design: These are classic black Reebok sneakers, with a high cane, very easy to combine with different clothes.

Cushioning: The EVA rubber used to make the midsole is responsible for absorbing much of the impact generated when it comes into contact with the ground.

Sole: Non-slip rubber with some grooves was used for the sole, in order to improve grip on the surface.

Closure: The manufacturer incorporated two rows of holes for the laces in the instep and a Velcro strap in the ankle area.


Last: One of the buyers recommended purchasing a size larger than usual, since the last of this model is somewhat fair.

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2.Nike Air Force 1 Mid 07

One of the iconic brands that has transcended time is Nike. Its sports footwear offers designs with precise cuts, resistant seams, high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology, to achieve better performance in your workouts. The Air Force 1 Mid 07 model is no exception, so when you review any shopping list you will find it among the best men’s basketball shoes of 2022.

Its robust rubber sole incorporates a midsole that cushions the impact received on the sole and heel when supporting you to walk, jog or run. In addition, it has some shallow grooves so that you have a correct grip on smooth or irregular surfaces.

The smooth leather upper has an anatomical design that you can adjust for greater stability, using the lacing system that passes through the eyelets on the instep and the hook-and-loop ankle strap closure. The interior is lined with breathable cotton fiber.

There are many indicators of quality that according to buyers make Nike the best brand of men’s basketball shoes. Next, we present a high-top model that does not go out of style.



Closure: In addition to the two rows of eyelets to crisscross the laces on the instep, it also incorporates a strap in the ankle area.

Upper: The upper of these men’s basketball shoes was made with soft leather, thus combining resistance and flexibility.

Interior: The entire interior of the shoe has been lined with cotton textile, so you will enjoy a comfortable and breathable area.

Sole: These shoes have a sole made of robust rubber. Its design is flat with medium depth grooves, designed to improve grip.


Weight: According to one of the buyers, this model is a bit heavy. However, this observation may vary from person to person.

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3. Adidas Hoops Vs Mid

Carrying out a review to pinpoint which are the best basketball shoes for men can certainly become a tedious process. Especially for some buyers who due to their occupations do not have enough time. So if you are one of them, the recommendation is to review the following model patented by Adidas.

It is a product made of high-end black polyleather, with reinforced cuts with resistant seams at the toe and heel. Its high-top design, together with the closure method by means of laces on the instep, will provide an adequate fit, stability and protection in the ankle area.

The padded interior has a blue cotton fiber lining, with a soft and breathable texture. The sole is made of white synthetic material, its design is flat and has some grooves that guarantee a correct grip on any surface.

Perhaps right now you are wondering which men’s basketball shoes to buy. If so, then you will have to review the pros and cons of the following model with the Adidas quality seal.


Design: The design of the shoes is high-top in black. In addition, three superimposed lateral white stripes stand out that characterize the brand.

Sole: These shoes have a flat white sole, some grooves at the bottom to improve grip and additionally the sole has been cooked for greater durability.

Closure: On the instep, you will find a couple of rows with nine holes in each of them, through which you will have to crisscross a lace in order to adjust the shoe to your liking.

Interior: The manufacturer used foam and cotton textile fiber in blue, to make the interior lining of the shoe.


Cost: Feedback from buyers has indicated that the cost of the shoes is a bit high.

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4.Under Armor UA Jet 2017

Under Armor is a brand that has been present on the market since 1996. Among its products, the UA Jet 2017 model of high-cut men’s basketball shoes stands out, characterized by incorporating advanced technology, breathable and durable raw materials, as well as for having a high level of adaptability to the needs of each individual, to obtain better performance.

The manufacturer used a breathable mesh panel on each side, polyleather on the toe, instep and heel, a cotton textile lining for the interior and together with an EVA memory foam insole. This last material was also used for the midsole of the shoe. In this way, you will enjoy proper cushioning when stepping, isolating the impact generated.

The adjustment is made by crisscrossing laces in two rows of front holes. The rubber sole and the weight of 340 grams of the product will give you control in each step.

If you are looking for lightweight basketball shoes for men, with a pleasant aesthetic and comfortable interior, then check out the characteristics of this model from the Under Armor house.


Sole: The manufacturer used a robust and flexible white rubber for the sole of these basketball shoes.

Design: Aesthetically, the shoe is black. On one side the brand logo stands out in white and the design is high cut to keep the ankle protected.

Weight: The weight of only 340 grams that these shoes have will allow you to walk, jog or run with total freedom, since they are so light that you will not feel that you are wearing them.

Insole: In the interior area, you will find a removable insole made of EVA memory foam, which offers comfort and freshness.


Last: One of the users recommends buying a size above the one used frequently, since the last is a bit tight.

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5. Peak Sport Europe Kyle Lowry

This is a product belonging to the purchase catalog of the Chinese manufacturer Peak Sport Europe, who for approximately 29 years has been dedicated to the development of all kinds of sports accessories.

It is a model positioned by users as one of the best value for money basketball shoes for men, as it is one of the cheapest you will find in our list.

Its exterior in synthetic material combines black, white and red tones, thus offering a striking aesthetic. Likewise, it has a reinforcement piece that surrounds the pointer and the sides, precise cuts and double seams in high-resistance thread.

The instep is made up of a fixed elastic, followed by two rows of four lace-up loops. In this way, the foot will achieve a proper fit, avoiding internal chafing when moving. The interior has a textile lining and the sole is made of flexible rubber with medium depth channels.

If you are looking for the cheapest men’s basketball shoes, then you have to check the pros and cons of this model.



Sole: The sole has been made of flexible rubber to adapt to the movement of the foot and has some grooves that improve grip on the surface.

Interior: The interior of the shoe is soft to the touch, breathable and padded, thanks to the incorporated textile lining.

Design: The aesthetics of these shoes is quite striking, the finishes have been well cared for and the high cut of the cane protects the ankle.

Closure: Thanks to the built-in lace closure system, you can adjust the shoe to your liking.


Design: The shoes have an elastic band at the beginning of the instep, which for some of the buyers is uncomfortable when putting on the shoes.

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Shopping guide

There are many shoe models, but few have quality standards that provide better performance, comfort and fit. These sports shoes must have attributes that improve the player’s performance on the court. So before making a hasty purchase, we invite you to read the following guide to buying the best men’s basketball shoes on the market, in which we detail the main properties that you should consider for a successful purchase.


There are countless brands on the market that annually incorporate a variety of models with different designs. So in addition to looking for good and cheap basketball shoes for men, it is recommended that you get a design that fits your style and needs.

Some manufacturers have designed their shoes with modern and aerodynamic styles, while others go for classic and simple designs, with properties that improve sports performance.

As basketball is a discipline that involves dexterity, speed and jumping, it is necessary that the shoes are equipped with a mechanism that provides security and stability to the ankle to reduce the risk of injury. For this reason, the most popular designs are lightweight to provide greater agility and response speed, as well as high-cut, a little above the ankle, so that they provide adjustment and support in the area.

closing system

In the comparison of basketball shoes for men, it can be seen that the closure system is a feature that should not be overlooked. Although each brand offers models with different designs, several options are also provided regarding the closing modality, being possible to select between at least three options.

Each of the mechanisms has advantages that can be indicated for a better performance of the activity, so that in the market you can get models that have a closing mechanism through laces, which allow the foot to be held with more or less pressure. This mechanism provides a high level of safety, as long as the laces are fastened, since releasing them could cause an incident.

Another closure system is through velcro, a mechanism that is fast and easy to fasten, but after a while the material can give way and the fit is lost. Finally, the most recommended closure modality is the one that incorporates a dual mechanism, combining velcro and laces for greater security, support and stability of the ankles.

Manufacturing materials

The materials that the manufacturer has incorporated to make the product could give you an estimate of how much a model of men’s basketball shoes costs. Before selecting, it is important that you know what it is made of, so you will have an idea of ​​​​the resistance, quality, durability and level of wear.

In the market you will find models of a diverse range. The higher cost options are usually shoes that are made with an outer structure of real leather. These models tend to have a slow wear level and provide quality.

Mid-range shoes are usually made with a poly-leather structure, which has less resistance to wear, but provides comfort at a reasonable price. However, the designs that lead the preferences of the user community are those that combine various materials, a semi-leather structure, textile mesh or cotton fiber lining, with a genuine leather interior. These models provide quality, comfort and strength at a competitive price.

sole and insole

Adherence is one of the characteristics that must be present in men’s basketball shoes, since this property will allow controlled movements and a reduced level of slippage, with a balance between skidding and speed. In the market you can get all kinds of soles, it being recommended that you opt for models that incorporate designs made of robust rubber, with a pattern for greater traction and adherence, but above all that they are suitable for various surfaces.

Some soles are specific for covered parquet courts, others are adjusted to cement courts, while many others are dual. In addition, the material of the midsole should be considered. These are usually made of EVA foam and are made to absorb impacts through a cushioned insole. The midsole and insole allow better grip and stability, providing cushioning to the foot after jumps, preventing heel injuries or ankle sprains and strains.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How often should men’s basketball shoes be changed?

Basketball shoes do not have a certain duration, since their life expires when the materials have lost properties, especially in the sole. Therefore, this decision is subject to the style of play of the person and the surface on which they practice this sport (wear is not the same on a cement court as on a rubber floor).

The player will know when it is time to have new shoes, if they begin to cause discomfort and chafing. In general, some people change their shoes twice a year and others only once. It all depends on the comfort of the people and the use. For example, in the case of a basketball player, the life of these shoes will be shorter, due to constant sports activity, while in a fan, the durability will be greater.

Q2: How to wash a men’s basketball shoes?

It is important that you keep in mind that it is always preferable to wash basketball shoes by hand and not in the washing machine, because it can cause damage. To remove bad odors and dirt you can follow these steps: First, you must remove the dirt from the surface with an old toothbrush.

Then proceed to moisten a cloth in a mixture of water with several drops of laundry detergent and apply to the dirtiest areas. Now it’s time to use another clean cloth with water to remove the detergent. Finally, leave the shoes in a ventilated and dry place. The use of clothes or hair dryers should be avoided, because the artificial heat causes them to shrink or crack.

Q3: How to make men’s basketball shoes non-slip?

If your basketball shoes are slippery, you should lay down a sticky mat, which will give your shoes better traction. Next, clean the soleplate with a cloth to remove dust and dirt. Now spray hairspray onto the soles to create a sticky layer for better grip.

Q4:  What are men’s basketball shoes made of?

Basketball shoes are a type of footwear generally made of light and breathable textile material. The upper part or lining of the shoes is made with synthetic material to give maximum durability to the product. The midsole is made of foam and the sole is rubber, for comfortable cushioning of the tread and total grip on the surface of the ground. Lace materials are usually polyester or waxed cotton.

Q5: What is the improvement of men’s air cushion basketball shoes?

The air chamber in a basketball shoe is that transparent bubble filled with air whose main contribution to the footprint is to cushion the impact received by the joints, especially the knees. Now you are probably wondering: and do shoes that do not have an air chamber protect the joints?

Yes, this footwear also reduces the chances of injury, due to the foam contained in the midsoles, although they tend to wear out and deform faster with use, compared to those with an air chamber. Several brands of shoes use a compound of gases to keep their shape longer.

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