The 5 Best Basketballs of 2022

Basketball Ball – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

To perform well on the pitch, you need a good ball. This is largely possible if you do a detailed search of the sporting goods market. For those who have little knowledge about this type of equipment, it is necessary to mention that not all models are suitable for interiors or exteriors. So before making a purchase decision, it is best to explore several options. Therefore, we present two frequently recommended products. The first of them is the MOLTEN GG7X model., with a 12-panel design in quilted polyleather and joined by flat seams. The ergonomic shape of the ball, added to the texture of the material used, are responsible for offering adequate support, thus avoiding slippage. The next alternative is Spalding TF50, a product that weighs 350 grams and has a compact size five format, which is equivalent to 55 centimeters in diameter.



The 5 Best Basketballs – Opinions 2022

If you are about to buy a basketball, it is important that you take into consideration the variety of established brands on the market today. For this reason, we have made a compilation with the five basketballs that capture the attention of customers in a positive way, thus detailing their main qualities.


On this occasion, the MOLTEN house, known for offering its customers products with high standards of quality, resistance and ergonomics, presents us with what could well be classified as the best basketball.

An example of this is the positioning that it has acquired due to the positive evaluations of the buyers, who first of all praise the leatherette used for its elaboration. It is a robust material that has been provided with “Dual cushion” technology, which provides an adequate level of padding.

In addition, the body is textured to provide a better grip and prevent the ball from slipping from your hands. The design is 12 orange panels joined together with flat seams and bordered with thin black lines. Also, some white details stand out, the inscription of the brand along with the FIBA ​​certification as a category number seven ball and the product model.

The MOLTEN GGX model has everything you need to become the best basketball of the moment. Its structure has advanced technology, the design is ergonomic and visually attractive.


Design: This model of basketballs has a 12-panel design, an attractive aesthetic where orange predominates. Also, it incorporates details in white and some inscriptions in black.

Resistance: The ball has been made with high-end polyleather, offering a robust, padded body with a soft touch.

Seams: The seams of the ball are flat and practically imperceptible, thanks to its flat Pebble-like surface.

Instruction manual: The manufacturer included an instruction manual in the purchase package with some instructions for inflating and cleaning the balloon.


Swollen: At the time of inflating the balloon, the skin is left with some wrinkles, which according to the buyers disappear with use. However, this is an isolated case.

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2. Spalding TF50 Outdoor 73-852Z

Among the best basketballs of 2022 is the Spalding TF50 model. Its positioning is due to the fact that the equipment brings together a series of characteristics that have managed to capture the attention of buyers, such as minimalist design, light weight and quality in the manufacturing finishes.

The product has been designed in a size 5 format, that is, it has a circumference of just 55 centimeters. It is a small balloon, designed to adapt to the anatomy and use needs of children no older than eight years of age. The weight of the product is 350 grams, the exterior is ergonomic with a soft and non-slip touch, thanks to the incorporation of texture in the material, thus offering a correct grip despite perspiration.

Aesthetically, the model is orange and the name of the brand and the model inscribed on it stand out. In addition, it is made up of eight panels outlined in black and the seams are flat.

Spalding is a renowned manufacturer in the world of basketball, offering products with quality and durability. That is why when you are looking for the best brand of basketballs, its name appears among the main lists of recommendations.


Weight: Once inflated, the ball weighs only 350 grams, thus offering a fairly light weight.

Grip: You will be able to enjoy a correct grip on the ball, since the manufacturer incorporated texture to prevent it from slipping from your hands.

Design: The design is simple, but at the same time attractive. The body is opaque orange, while the panels are outlined in black, as is the make and model lettering.

Seams: This model has a system of flat and resistant seams, responsible for joining the panels that make up the structure.


Valve: A couple of buyers have complained that the balloon valve is leaking air, making it necessary to constantly inflate it.

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3.Wilson MVP

For those who have raised the question of which is the best basketball, this model marketed by Wilson is a good alternative. Its structure is made of robust brown rubber, the design has a total of eight panels outlined in black and the material is also textured to offer a better grip, preventing unexpected slippage due to sweating.

The circumference of the equipment is 75 centimeters and the weight is 450 grams, with specifications that are equivalent to a number seven format on the scale of this type of sporting goods. However, it is offered in size 5 and size 6 respectively. Likewise, you will obtain a correct performance on the field of play, enjoying an adequate control of the ball with precision when dribbling or making a shot. On the other hand, we must refer to the inflation system, since the manufacturer had a locking valve so that the air does not escape.

We know that deciding which basketball to buy can be a time-consuming task. However, it is necessary to review several options so that you acquire a resistant, light product with adequate pressure. Therefore, we want you to know the pros and cons of this model.


Weight: It is a fairly light basketball, offering a weight of just 450 grams.

Resistance: The material used to make the ball offers a high level of resistance, which will allow you to use it on any surface.

Valve: The manufacturer has incorporated a locking system in the valve area, preventing unexpected air leaks.

Size: The circumference of the ball is 75 centimeters, being suitable for both children and adults.


Finishes: A disadvantage commented on the web is about the finish of the lines that frame the ball, since according to the user the paint comes out of the channels.

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4. MOLTEN Ebb Ball

This model from the MOLTEN house stands out in this list among the cheapest, because according to the evaluations made by the buyers, it may be the best quality-price basketball. It is a mini ball for women, which you can use both indoors and outdoors, due to the adaptability and resistance of the material.

For its elaboration they used high-end robust rubber, interior with a butyl chamber and a format that adapts to FIBA ​​regulations. In this way, you will be able to use it on any surface without reducing its bounce level when dribbling, thus having total control due to the ergonomic shape of the ball and texture, which prevents slippage by printing speed to each of the plays. In addition, it incorporates a quick fill valve, orange design with eight panels and flat seams.

Ebb-5 is a model that offers traditional aesthetics, outdoor and indoor adaptability and the prestige of its manufacturer MOLTEN. In addition, it is valued as one of the cheapest on the market.


Design: The design of the ball is orange and the panels are outlined with black paint, as is the brand and model.

Resistance: For the construction of the ball, the manufacturer used robust rubber with a soft texture and touch.

Seams: This model has flat seams responsible for joining the panels safely and aesthetically attractive.

Valve: The equipment incorporates a quick-fill valve that, with the help of the butyl chamber, allows the air to be maintained for a longer time.


Bounce: According to one of the buyers, the ball has an excessive bounce, being a bit uncomfortable when dribbling along the court.

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5. Wilson NCAA Street Basketball

Wilson is a renowned manufacturer that has built its reputation in the world of sports, being considered an iconic brand that transcends time. An example of this is its line of basketballs, in which you will find a model that adapts to the needs of each of the buyers, whether for women, men, adolescents or children.

Specifically, the Ncaa Street Shot ball is a piece of equipment aimed at the amateur target. Its design is brown, has eight panels outlined with black paint and also highlights the name of the brand next to the model engraved on it. The size of the product is number 7 and the weight does not exceed 1.3 kilograms, so you can handle it comfortably on the pitch. In addition, the synthetic material used for its preparation provides the right texture, so that it does not slip from your hands when you sweat.

Ncaa Street Shot is one of the lightest models on the market, developed by the manufacturer Wilson. Its format adapts to the anatomy of both children and adults, the design offers strength and visual appeal.


Weight: It is a team that stands out for its lightness, since it only weighs 1.3 kilograms.

Size: This basketball has a size seven structure, designed so that it can be used by both children and adults.

Design: The aesthetics of this model of basketballs is brown with some lines painted in black.

Resistance: The ball was made of high-quality, robust synthetic material, offering adaptability for use indoors or outdoors.


Valve: Some of the clients have agreed that it is necessary to inflate the ball after playing for approximately an hour, since the valve has a leak.

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Shopping guide

If you practice basketball or enjoy playing non-professionally, you need a ball that allows you to improve your techniques and movements from anywhere, while enjoying time with friends. If you are going to buy one of these, you should know that there are many models, but few are recommended, so it is convenient that you can distinguish the characteristics that lead to a design according to the demands. Aware of how complex it can be to select an efficient ball, we have prepared a guide for you to buy the best basketball, in which we detail the properties you should look for for a successful purchase.


Sports manufacturers provide the models they offer on the market with technology or engineering that improves the properties of the ball. This usually happens through the materials, so if you want to know how much a basketball costs, you could get an idea of ​​it through the quality of the materials that have been incorporated into its structure.

Many designs are made with a rubber coating, others incorporate lower-end materials such as low-density synthetic leather, while the best and most expensive ones are made with natural leather. In any case, when making the selection, care must be taken that the materials are robust and resistant to continuous use, being necessary that before buying you determine the type of game, since synthetic or rubber ones are suitable for outdoor use, but if When it comes to matches on a covered court and parquet surface, only models made of genuine leather are suitable, because there is less wear.

Regarding engineering, the big manufacturers equip their balls with sports technology that can provide better rebound, aerodynamics, padding and grip, properties that increase advantages and make the ball a professional-style model for effective plays and shots.


In basketball there are many factors that can affect the way of playing, since although aptitude and sporting ability have weight on the results, the properties of the ball can improve performance. You may be looking for an economic model, but since it is a high-intensity sports activity, it is normal to generate sweat and this sweat reaches the hands, which could cause slipping and losing the ball after a pass or when making a launch, being necessary that beyond the value, look for quality.

Therefore, it is recommended to select models of basketballs that have a high quality of grip. For this, the surface tends to be rubberized or textured to provide better grip and maneuverability for controlled, low-error plays.

weight and height

When comparing basketballs, users make it clear that it is necessary to include weight and height among the properties to be compared. Although at first glance or the untrained eye they seem similar, the balls of this sports discipline come in different sizes and in turn each size has a certain weight. Therefore, selecting a weight and size will depend on the needs, level and age of the user.

Manufacturers incorporate sizes ranging from 1 to seven to the market. Each size has features that make the model suitable for sporting levels. For beginner children, a size 1 mini ball is recommended, while for older children between 5 and 8 years old, a size 3 may be appropriate. From size five onwards, these are standard or professional type designs, with size five being the most popular for young people. Meanwhile, sizes six and seven are official models for women and men, respectively, with weights between 400 and 650 grams.


A basketball can have different designs and colors that vary according to the brand, so you can get models in brown, orange, gray or with a pattern of colors alluding to a certain team. As for the design, there are balls made up of 8 or 12 panels, it being appropriate that the seams are resistant, flat and outlined, but imperceptible. According to the game modality, a design can be selected, knowing that if it is for entertainment it does not require stipulated measurements or specifications, but if on the contrary it will be used for professional or official level games, it is necessary to follow the standards or regulations. imposed by professional leagues such as the NBA, WNBA, FIBA, and NCAA.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to inflate a basketball without a needle?

In a short time you can have a ball ready to go out on the court and you will only need items that you probably have at home, such as a paper clip, compressed air cartridge and a stick , to leave it as if it were brand new. The first thing you should do is remove the plastic covering the clip until it straightens out completely. Use a small amount of petroleum jelly to lubricate the clip. Press one of the ends of the clip into the air hole in the ball and slide a rod through the hole. Then, inject air until you see that the balloon is sufficiently inflated. Remove the dipstick and place a piece of tape over the hole to prevent air loss.

Q2: How to care for a basketball?

In order for your ball to last longer, it is essential to keep it at the right pressure. Also, it is necessary to clean it after use, as well as keep it away from extreme temperatures, either hot or cold. For cleaning, you should avoid using alcohol or products with ammonia, because they destroy the cover of the ball due to the effect of chemical agents. Another point to take into consideration is the importance of using the ball on the right ground, sincehard, rustic or stone floors cause damage. In case you want to store your ball, the most recommended thing is that you do it with a little air inside. Make sure it is not too inflated or completely deflated and you will be able to count on the ball for a long time. Make sure to inflate the ball to the correct pressure before starting each practice, as this prevents a possible deterioration in the qualities of the ball.

Q3: Why is the basketball orange?

The creators of basketball chose orange as the best color to prevent the ball from getting out of sight. Orange was also designed so that any player would have the same visual ability to search for, defend and score the ball, without any discrimination. It must be remembered that the orange color moves feelings of strength, energy, joy, determination and triumph, which is related to this sports discipline.

Q4: How do the measurements of the men’s and women’s basketball differ?

The measurements of a basketball are differentiated by its weight and size, according to gender. In the case of the balls corresponding to the male category, they are between 567 and 650 grams in weight and between 75 and 78 centimeters in size, while the balls suitable for the female category weigh a little more than those required for the youth category, with a weight of 510 to 567 grams and measures of 72 to 73 centimeters.

Q5: What measurements does an official basketball have?

According to the official regulations, a basketball must measure between 68 and 73 centimeters and weigh between 567 and 650 grams. This information is surprising to many, as these balls are generally believed to be heavier. But the reality is that they just look rugged and are professionally crafted to be very light, allowing players to control the ball and shoot it.

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