The 5 Best Bike Locks of 2022

Bicycle Lock – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Riding a bike can provide us with comfort, fuel savings, fun, health and well-being. However, it is important to have implements that help us feel safe when leaving the bicycle outdoors. After having carried out a study of a large number of brands and models on the market, we dare to mention two of the bicycle locks with good features and at a price that can easily fit your pocket. In this sense, we can mention the 5-digit Looxmeer, a lock with a security code that favors greater protection for your bicycle, in the same way, it is important to note that it is compatible with common, Dutch, mountain bicycles and even motorcycles. Second, we mention the modelFischer 85852, which is made of robust, resistant material and you can take it anywhere, as its dimensions and folding design allow it.

The 5 Best Bicycle Locks – Opinions 2022

Bicycle locks are essential tools when riding through the streets of a city. Your purchase can be a complicated task for many users, who wonder what is the best bicycle lock. That is why we bring you a guide so that you can consult what, in the opinion of buyers, are the best bicycle locks of 2022.

1. Looxmeer 5 Digit Chain Bike Lock

It is a bike lock with a 5-digit number lock, which allows you to configure more than 100,000 codes. In addition, it is made up of a chain that can be placed on different types of bicycles, whether they are common, mountain, Dutch, electric and motorcycles.

This is one of the most versatile locks, as it can be used to lock doors and other objects. On the other hand, the chain has a length of 90 cm and a diameter of 85 cm, so you can secure several bicycles if you place them side by side, which can increase the usefulness of this model.

In terms of strength, the lock is made of zinc alloy for long life. For added protection, the chain is covered in a nylon sheath, which prevents rust and provides more discretion from potential thieves.

If you are looking for a product that offers you security at an affordable price, this chain with a protective cover can be a good option. Let’s see its most outstanding positive and negative characteristics.


Configuration: It is an easy model to configure, since it includes an instruction manual that tells you in detail what you must do to establish a password.

Versatility: It has a length of 90 cm, so it can be used to chain more than one bicycle simultaneously. Similarly, it is suitable for blocking doors, bars or other objects.

Security: It offers a 5-digit lock, which allows you to choose between 100,000 security codes to protect your bicycle or motorcycle, in this way, you can leave it parked on the street and carry out other activities with greater peace of mind.


Weight: It could be uncomfortable to move regularly, since the chains that make it up weigh 916 g.

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2. Fischer 85852 Folding Padlock with Bracket

There are many types of locks on the market, so bike lock buyers can find cheap products that completely suit their needs. Among so many peculiarities is the Fischer 85852, which is a folding padlock.

With a length of 85 centimeters, this lock is consolidated as one of the most resistant on the market. The manufacturer gives its buyers a ten-year warranty. Also, its opening mechanism is done by means of keys. In this case, the Fischer 85852 brings two.

This lock is a rectangular black structure, which has a fixing system between the bicycle and the place where it will be secured. Its color, on its entire surface, is black, so it does not clash with most bicycle designs.

According to user experience, Fischer could be the best brand of bicycle locks. By knowing the most relevant aspects of its 85852 model, you will be able to decide if it is the one you are looking for to secure your means of transport.


Folding: Because it is a lock with this quality, it takes up little space and is easy to transport on the bicycle by placing it on the frame.

Versatile: Due to its greater mobility in its sections, it provides different options to fasten the lock on objects with irregular shapes.

Harness: It has a fixing system to the bicycle for its transport, so you can have it at hand when you need it, it also protects the paint of the frame.

Resistance: Since its pieces are made of metal with an adequate thickness, it offers sufficient resistance against attacks of various types.


Length: Some users would recommend a length of at least 10 cm more for greater practicality when holding the bicycle.

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3. Dinoka High Security Bicycle U-Lock

This is a robust bike lock, made up of a U-shaped lock and a high-quality steel looped cable, which favors the durability of the structure. Likewise, it is coated in PVC to resist corrosion caused by water, dirt and dust.

As for the design, the cable has been braided for greater flexibility and resistance, in addition, it measures 1.2 m in length, so it can be used to lock the front and rear wheels of the bicycle, as well as several bicycles at the same time..

On the other hand, it includes 2 keys to open the lock, which allows you to take one everywhere and leave the other at home, so you can have one saved in case of loss. As if that were not enough, this model is compatible with bicycles, motorcycles and other electrical transport devices, such as electric scooters.

A bicycle lock can provide you with greater security, so it is good to have a resistant and versatile one, like this model from the Dinoka brand.


Cable: The cable is 1.2 m long, has been braided with steel and is covered with PVC, which provides flexibility, resistance and allows you to protect both wheels of the bicycle simultaneously.

Lock: The lock has a U-shaped design, which allows you to easily go through the frame of the wheels, the steering wheel and other parts of the bicycle.

Keys: It has 2 keys, one that you can use daily to open and close the padlock and another to keep in case you lose the first one.


Coating: The plastic coating on the padlock may not be shock resistant. However, this does not diminish the durability of the internal structure.

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4. Lolypot Portable Mini Universal Anti-theft Bicycle Lock

It is a bicycle lock with a circular and discreet design, which you can slide in a practical way through the structure of the steering wheel and wheels. In addition, it is an easy model to use, since you can quickly lock it by simply pressing the head, which gives you greater practicality when you do not have much time.

For added strength, the lock head is made of a zinc alloy frame, which protects against corrosion and is rigid under pressure. In addition, it is covered with PVC to protect the structure from dirt and moisture.

Regarding the size, it has a diameter of 12 cm and the cable offers a thickness of 12 mm to provide a more robust structure. On the other hand, the lock is circular just like the keys, which makes it more difficult to copy and increases the level of security.

If you are looking for a lock that you can easily take anywhere, then it is recommended that you know in detail the most outstanding features of this model.


Materials: The body of the cable is surrounded by PVC, making it soft to the touch and prolonging the life of the lock. Likewise, the closing head is made of zinc alloy, which prevents oxidation and favors resistance.

Lock: The lock is made up of 7 central protections for greater security. In addition, it is only necessary to press the lock to quickly lock without using the key.

Design: It has a small and discreet design that guarantees the portability of the lock, allowing you to comfortably carry it wherever you need it.


Keys: The keys have a circular design that is very difficult to copy, which can be very secure, but also expensive if you have to. For this reason, you must pay attention not to lose them.

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5. Blusmart Bike Lock 

It is a bike lock that you can lock using a 5-digit code, which allows you to choose from more than 100,000 combinations to increase the level of protection. In addition, it is easy to set the password, which favors practicality.

As for its resistance, the chain is made of hardened steel and has been covered with a cover that protects from moisture, dust and prevents scratches on the bike’s paint. In this sense, it has a length of 1 m, a diameter of 7 mm and a weight of 860 g, making it a robust product, suitable for chaining more than one bicycle simultaneously.

On the other hand, it is easy to transport and use when you need it most, since you can roll the chain under the seat when not in use, as well as store it in any corner of the house.

If you are still wondering which bike lock to buy, then we invite you to learn more about some of the most outstanding positive and negative aspects of this model.


Combinations: It offers a 5-digit mechanism with numbers from 0 to 9, which allows you to select from 100,000 combinations for greater security.

Chain: The chain is made of hardened steel and has a length of 1 m, so you can chain bicycles, luggage racks, lawnmowers, skateboards, motorcycles, among others.

Cover: It is covered with a flexible fabric cover, which helps protect the surface of the bicycle from scratches. It also prevents moisture and dust from damaging the chain over time.


Lock: The lock has plastic parts, so it could be less impact resistant compared to the chain. However, its core is made of aluminum to increase durability.

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Buying guide – What is the best bike lock on the market?

Bicycles are a means of transportation that has accompanied us for two centuries. In recent decades, their use has become very widespread, because they have become the main ecological alternative for mobility in a city, although their use also extends to sports. Being a medium that is transported with the person, it cannot always be mounted on it.

When it is left on the street, it must be protected by a padlock to prevent theft. Buying one of these is an arduous task, but here is a guide to buying the best bike lock currently on the market, based on criteria such as how much it costs and its quality.

In addition, through this comparison of bicycle locks you will be able to know what you should take into account to buy the one that best suits your bicycle and your security needs.

Design and dimensions

Bicycles come in all shapes and sizes. Each person chooses a bicycle based on their needs, whether they are sports, recreational or transportation. That is why the designs vary widely and not only for the aesthetic part. Having different physical compositions, the location of the different padlocks varies.

Not all locks fit all bikes, especially because of their size and flexibility. Locks are understood as a removable bicycle accessory and not as an essential part of it.

Users prefer those bicycle locks that are versatile in their use, being able to be placed in different places and that also allow securing bicycles of different types and sizes. In this regard, users often prefer locks that have a much larger shackle and are flexible, so that it can be placed firmly between the bicycle and the place of support.


For the functions of a padlock to be successful, it is essential that the materials of which it is made are of high quality. The security provided by this type of product depends largely on the materials with which they were made.

Generally, and to guarantee a more complex security system, the materials are various. One of the most popular among bike locks is stainless steel. On many occasions, this steel is shown sheathed in another more elastic and resistant material, so that the inclemencies of the exterior can be accepted more promptly.

Contrary to the opinion of many people, a cheap lock does not mean that it is a poor quality lock or that it is made of poor materials. Quite the contrary, there are many products of excellent quality at a good price, so users have easily obtained very good options.


Like any other padlock, the opening mechanism is one of the characteristics that define its absolute composition. There are many opening mechanisms, which are adapted to the maximum security needs of some users and the haste and speed of others. Generally speaking, the two main categories of bike locks are number combination locks and key locks.

The vast majority of padlocks have a key opening mechanism. However, this mechanism becomes auxiliary when there is the numerical combination. In the case of bicycle locks, users prefer combination locks, because while playing sports or moving from one place to another, the key is more of a concern.

But there are also other users in favor of the key, so this does not represent a decrease in quality.


If a lock doesn’t protect the bike it’s attached to and doesn’t prevent theft and robbery, it simply doesn’t work.

Fortunately for most bike lock buyers, there is a wide range of products that can guarantee the best protection for any bike if used correctly. To achieve this, in addition to having quality materials, its design usually has several layers of different compositions that make forcing the lock much more difficult.

To enhance protection, many padlocks are coated with vinyl or other materials. Also, many others are designed with a crossbar in the arch that divides the lock in two and forces that if you want to force one side to open it, you will have to do the other too.

How to use a bike lock

The bicycle has always been an easy, comfortable and safe method of transport, with which, in addition to traveling the streets of your city freely and in a fun way, you will not generate any expense in terms of fuel.

In this way, keeping it protected every time you decide to park it somewhere should be a priority for you, so having a lock that can guarantee protection and security for your bicycle would not hurt. That is why, below, we will describe a list of steps to follow with detailed information about the use that you must give the padlock so that it works properly every time you put it on.

Unpack the lock

As usual, every time you receive a brand new and sealed product, the first thing you should do is unpack it. And this is no exception, since your new bike lock will surely come very well packed.

In this way, you will first have to open the box where the padlock is supplied and then remove the wrapping material that covers it. Once it is unpacked, all that remains is to confirm that everything is in perfect condition and ready to use.

Read the instruction manual

Nowadays, there are a large number of models available in terms of bicycle locks, so not all of them are used in the same way. That is why it would be ideal for you to be able to read the instruction manual that includes the lock you have purchased, since thanks to the information described therein you will be able to make good use of this new accessory for your bicycle.

Put your lock on

The use you should give your bicycle lock will depend a lot on the model you have chosen. In the case of traditional locks, you simply have to place your bicycle in a visible place that has an ideal space to park it and use the lock.

In this way, you only have to interlock the front or rear tire with the support surface where you are going to place your bicycle, then you must make sure to bring the key with you to be able to close the lock so that you can do your errands confident and sure that your bike is protected.

As for the folding locks, even their transport becomes more versatile and comfortable, thanks to the support designed to adapt it to the base of your bicycle, so that you can always count on its availability. In this way, you will only have to unfold the lock easily and put it into operation whenever you want. But remember that reading the instruction manual will always be ideal to have a clearer and more precise idea of ​​the steps to follow.

Now, although your lock is designed to protect the bicycle under a 4-digit number, you can easily use it. Being the first time that you will put it into operation, you must first establish your own security code. To do this, you must dial the default code described by four zeros, then you will have to open the lock and turn the knob to the right, 90 degrees precisely to insert your new code, which we always advise you to keep confidential.

Now all that remains is to turn the control to the left, at 90 degrees as well, to be able to return to the initial position and be able to use the new code that you have provided. In this way, your padlock will be ready to use.

The most popular brands

Cars and motorcycles, like many means of transportation, have security measures to prevent them from being stolen, however, most bicycles still do not have the necessary technology to have automatic security and that is why they require other methods that keep them secure, such as sturdy locks that allow you to leave them in one place with no way for someone malicious to take them. Kryptonite, Abus and Enkeeo are brands that have dedicated themselves to creating bike locks to meet the needs of all cyclists.

If you have ever wondered where the famous u-locks came from, then you will surely be happy to finally find the answer. The history goes back to the year 1971 when Michael Zane had a great idea that would revolutionize the world of cycling, this U-shaped lock that would keep any bicycle safe.

If kryptonite is capable of defeating the most powerful beings on the planet, like Superman and Supergirl, then surely it’s a fitting name for the brand that invented the locks that would defeat all attempts at bike theft.

Kryptonite is a company that has earned the trust of many for its technology and rugged artifacts, taking it from a well-known company in New York to an international name.

Bicycle locks have, since the earliest years, undergone public testing which has shown that a bicycle can be kept secure with a Kryptonite lock in the most dangerous places and that, despite numerous people trying to force them open, they cannot. it has been possible to do it. An artifact of this brand immediately becomes one of the best options for those seeking security.

Innovation and creativity are two things that characterize Abus. This company has been dedicated to providing solutions for the security area since 1924. Volmarstein was the small German town that enjoyed Abus products for the first time, when its creator August Bremicker manufactured, together with his sons, padlocks of shackle that quickly gained fame.

Since then, Abus products have been synonymous with durability and resistance following the commandment of its slogan ” safety needs quality” and for more than 80 years it has been a brand that has taken its creations to the whole world from its 3 large factories. from Germany.

In the case of bicycles, Abus locks have been full of new innovative features such as some folding models, with chains and even certain designs with connection to smartphones for unlocking.

Most of the adventurers around the world have probably heard of the Enkeeo brand, as this company has been manufacturing the perfect equipment for use in the sports area and also in outdoor activities for several years.

The products of this company are totally practical and versatile and due to that, each one of them has accumulated quite a lot of positive reviews, as all of them have managed to meet the expectations of the customers. For that reason, buyers continually place their trust in this brand. Online sales have been his way of reaching different countries around the world on e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

Some of their solutions for cyclists are folding locks and the classic U-lock to keep bikes totally secure. Enkeeo products are long lasting to offer the best quality for as long as possible. In addition to that, the brand offers various bicycle products such as phone holders, computers to keep track of time and even small bicycles without pedals.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Kryptonite KryptoLok 2 Candado antirrobo con Cable para Bicicleta

Ventaja principal:

El endurecimiento adicional que ofrecen las piezas del modelo, dificultan de modo adecuado la apertura del candado por los métodos más frecuentemente utilizados. Por esta razón puede cumplir con su función de manera eficiente.

Desventaja principal:

Su peso de 1,63 kg puede que no permita considerar a este modelo entre los candados más ligeros, sin embargo debido a que es resistente podría pasarse por alto este inconveniente.

Veredicto 9.8/10

Es un candado que puede considerarse eficiente por la resistencia de sus materiales.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


Para que resulte eficiente en su función de mantenerse cerrado ante un intento de robo, este modelo te ofrece un grillete de acero de 13 mm con un tratamiento de endurecimiento.

Esta cualidad le permite resistir de manera adecuada a los ataques más comunes, que suelen ser los cortes con sierras o bien a la presión ejercida por otros medios como podría ser el apalancamiento. Por esta razón puede dificultar considerablemente la labor de apertura evitando así el robo de tu medio de transporte.

Por otro lado, la barra transversal en la que se encuentra la cerradura también ha sido endurecida para de esta manera reducir en lo posible las zonas vulnerables del candado.

En cuanto a su cable, te proporciona un grosor de 10 mm y está trenzado para otorgar mayor resistencia; además de contar con un recubrimiento de vinilo, que le protege contra el clima.


Un aspecto que suele preocupar cuando necesitas transportar un candado en la bicicleta, es el lugar en donde lo colocarás y si esto no resultará incómodo.

Para cubrir de manera conveniente con estas necesidades y que siempre lo tengas a mano en tu bicicleta, el modelo ofrece un set de fijación que hace más práctico el transporte del candado y disminuye el tiempo que dedicarás a su acomodo. De esta manera puedes estar listo y comenzar tu viaje sin contratiempos.

Por otra parte, incorpora una cubierta aislante de vinilo en toda la longitud del cable. Esta actúa como un recubrimiento muy conveniente, que te ayudará a que viajes sin sonidos desagradables provenientes del choque entre metales. Además, podrás colocarlo alrededor del marco de la bicicleta sin mayor problema y sin que te incomode o que ocupe demasiado espacio.


Otro rasgo que puede ser de tu interés es que su utilización es muy sencilla. La apertura de la cerradura es de tipo tradicional, ya que se abre con llave y giro.

Además, para dejar segura tu bicicleta solo debes asegurar el candado en el marco y encargarte de rodear con el cable alguna pieza firme y segura. Esta actividad resulta muy fácil debido a su flexibilidad, que le permite adaptarse con facilidad a los contornos del objeto en el que quedará fija la bicicleta.

En caso de que llegues a perder una de las llaves, no debes preocuparte, ya que el modelo incluye en el set dos llaves, así puedes tener almacenado el duplicado en un lugar seguro, para el caso en que llegue a ser necesario.

Enkeeo Candado U Retorcible Cerradura Antirobo para Bicicletas

Seguridad y practicidad son dos de los principales elementos que los usuarios destacan del Enkeeo Can U. Este candado para bicicleta ha sido una buena opción para gran parte de los compradores de estos productos.

Esto se debe a que posee un mecanismo de alta seguridad con un sistema antirrobo, que no perjudica su comodidad, porque tiene un sencillo cierre. Su apertura se realiza por medio de una llave, habiendo adicionalmente una de repuesto. Sus dimensiones son de 255 mm x 165 mm y el diámetro de su grillete es de 12 mm. Su peso es de 1.09 kilogramos.

Por otra parte, el Enkeeo Can U tiene un núcleo fundamental fabricado de cobre antioxidante. El grillete es de acero templado y está recubierto con PVC.  Además, dispone de una pequeña montura para bicicleta sumamente práctica que funge como mecanismo de conexión con el candado.

El modelo de la marca Enkeeo se encuentra entre los candados para bicicleta más baratos. Te proporcionamos sus rasgos más destacados y lo que podría ser una desventaja en el siguiente resumen.


Mecanismo: Por su sistema antirrobo que soporta perforación y golpes es eficiente para cumplir con su función.

Peso: Se trata de un candado de solo 1,09 kg por lo que no tendrás que agregar demasiado peso a tu bicicleta para tenerla segura a donde vayas.

Materiales: Está fabricado con un núcleo de cobre y ofrece una buena resistencia a la oxidación para un uso eficiente a través del tiempo.

Sistema de transporte: Cuenta con un gancho para sujetar el candado al marco de la bicicleta y facilitar su transporte sin ocupar demasiado espacio.


Apertura: Algunos usuarios han agregado al candado un cable para mayor versatilidad debido a que la apertura es reducida.

Rixow Candado de Bicicleta de Combinación Flexible

El candado Rixow otorga a los usuarios muchos beneficios debido a sus particularidades. Para los que siempre están buscando cosas baratas, de esta lista, este candado es una buena opción si buscas el mejor candado para bicicleta de relación calidad precio.

Esto no va en desmedro de la calidad, principalmente porque este candado ha sido considerado como robusto y seguro. Esto se debe a que está fabricado de acero enfundado, un material considerado de alta calidad, además de tener un forrado transparente. El peso de este candado es muy escaso, porque solo asciende a los 337 gramos.

Su longitud es de 80 centímetros, pero lo que más resalta es que es un candado de combinación para bicicletas, por lo que su mecanismo de apertura se hace a través de una combinación de cuatro dígitos. Para muchos usuarios, esto es un gran beneficio, debido a que no deben cargar consigo una llave.

Por la buena relación calidad precio de este modelo muchos podrían considerarlo como el mejor candado para bicicleta por 10 euros. Si te sientes inclinado por esta opción te recomendamos conocerla en detalle en nuestro listado de rasgos destacados y desventajas.


No requiere llave: Por contar con un sistema de combinación de 4 dígitos, no será necesario que agregues a tu aro de llaves una más.

Ligero: Su peso es de solo 337 gramos por lo que no implicará demasiado peso agregado a tus viajes en bicicleta.

Longitud: Cuenta con una longitud de cable de 80 cm que facilita la colocación de la bicicleta en un lugar seguro sin problemas.


Memoria: Para algunas personas que suelen olvidar las combinaciones puede no ser el candado más apropiado.

Manual de instrucciones: Las indicaciones para utilizar correctamente este candado se proporcionan en inglés, lo que podría ser incómodo para muchos usuarios, sin embargo, su uso es muy sencillo.

Kryptonite KryptoLok 2 Candado antirrobo con Cable para Bicicleta

El modelo Kryptonite Kryptolok Serie 2 puede ser una buena opción si estás buscando el mejor candado para bicicleta. Esto se debe a que es considerado por los usuarios como una de las opciones más versátiles del mercado.

Cuenta con unas dimensiones de 8.2 x 17.8 centímetros y su peso es de apenas 1.63 kilogramos. Su tamaño ha sido calificado como mediano, pero con una buena distribución, debido a

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