The 5 Best Bikes for Kids of 2022

Children’s bicycle – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Every time we think of giving something to our children, nephews or any child that we appreciate and want to give a gift, we do not stop looking for quality and durability. If you plan to give a bicycle as a gift, but you have doubts and do not know which model to buy, in this comparison we want to let you know two models that have been ranked among the best, after a research work that we have carried out with great care and caution. We can mention the Chicco First Bike model, which is characterized by having wheels made to avoid punctures, in addition to having a fully adjustable handlebar and seat tailored to your little one. Its design and presentation are very nice and it will be very easy for children to get started in this activity, thanks to its features. On the other hand, we find the Toimsa 611 EN71 model, which has a light and quite colorful design. In addition, its materials are quite durable and resistant so that your little one is more comfortable and safe.

The 5 Best Bicycles for Children – Opinions 2022

Children’s bicycles are very useful objects for the smallest of the house to learn to ride a bicycle in the most comfortable and safest way possible. Your purchase can be a complicated task for many users who wonder what is the best bicycle for children. That is why we bring you a guide so that you can consult what, in the opinion of buyers, are the best cheap children’s bicycles of 2022.

1. Chicco First Bike Balance bike with adjustable seat

Main advantage:

Since it is a bicycle that weighs less than 3 kg, it will not be a problem for your child to move it wherever he wants. This will help you have more independence.

Main disadvantage:

The rear wheel bolts could be a little less prominent, this would help avoid discomfort for children and give them more leg movement without bumping into them.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a model that, due to its lightness and design, can help children approximately 2 years old to acquire the ability to balance, so that they can later use a conventional bicycle.

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It is a fact that little ones grow every day, which is why the most appropriate toys could be those that adapt to their increase in height. This has been considered by Chicco by including an adjustable saddle and a handlebar that is equally adjustable in height. For this reason, it may be an appropriate model for use by children between the ages of 2 and 5 with a maximum weight of 25 kg.

Also, it’s not just an ordinary bike; since by not including pedals, the child can develop the sense of balance in a fun way and have better control of the device by using their feet both to propel themselves and to make maneuvers. When you master this skill, then it will be much easier for you to learn to use a bicycle with pedals.


To provide this bike with a robust frame, it is made of plastic with an appropriate density. At the same time, this material is light enough so that your child can have the independence to move their vehicle without having to ask for help.

But on the other hand, the parts that need more resistance to not wear out are made of metal. In this way you can count on a model that will be able to withstand the normal ravages of your little one’s trips and games.

As for its finishes, you will be pleased to know that its paint has a metallic touch that helps it look attractive, sporty and that could well be liked by both boys and girls.

On the other hand, its saddle has a non-slip texture, which will allow your child to sit comfortably and without slipping, so that he can only concentrate on what is important, which is riding his bike and having fun.


To avoid having to worry about having a pump on hand to inflate the bicycle tires, the model incorporates anti-puncture wheels. These offer good traction, are light and resistant; so that the bike will always be ready to roll with your little one.

In addition, because it has dimensions of 12 x 45 x 60 cm, it can be considered compact. This way you can transport it more easily and its lightness will allow you not to get too tired in case you have to carry it.

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2. Toimsa 611 Minnie Girls Bike

This Mickey Club House bike model is specially designed for girls. Its soft pink and white colors make it very attractive to look at. In addition, it has small wheels on both sides to provide greater balance in the first bicycle lessons.

It is recommended for girls between 3 and 5 years old. As for its dimensions, it measures approximately 300mm. It also has front and rear horseshoe-shaped brakes, chain guards and fenders, which provide greater safety.

Its wheels are easy to inflate and assemble. In general, the opinions about this product are very good. The only thing that has been commented is that the weight can be an inconvenience, but it is not something that determines that the product is of poor quality.

It is practically impossible to imagine childhood without having a bicycle as one of the basic elements for entertainment and fun. That is why in this article we bring together all the benefits and disadvantages of a model that could be the best children’s bicycle of the moment.


Design: As it is a bicycle for girls, it has one of the most striking aesthetic structures there is, since it exhibits a combination of white and pink, contrasted with fun stickers.

Balance: It has two wheels on the sides that are responsible for providing all the necessary security while learning to ride. In addition, it has easy-to-operate front and rear brakes.

Dimensions: It measures 30 cm, making it an ideal model for girls between three and five years old.

Security: To increase the security provided by this model, this bicycle has a chain guard and a fender that reduce the chances of an accident.


Weight: There are some users who point out that this bike can be a bit heavy compared to its size.

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3. Spiderman Boy’s Bike

This time the offer is for children. This model offers a design totally inspired by Spider-Man.

It is recommended for children from 3 to 6 years of age. It features 16-inch inflatable wheels, a front and a rear coaster brake.

It also includes accessories such as the bottle, the number holder, chain guard and stabilizer wheels.

It is made of strong steel, which gives the product durability and allows it to be used for much longer.

When it comes to pampering little movie buffs, Spider-Man consistently competes as the best kids’ bike brand on the market. Not only because of its striking animated designs, but also because of its quality and security system.


Wheels: It has 16-inch inflatable wheels that are a suitable size to maintain balance.

Brake system: It has a double brake system, one front and one rear, which significantly increases the safety of the product.

Accessories: Among the additional implements included in its factory equipment is a water thermos, stabilizing parallel wheels, a number holder and a chain cover that improve the user experience.

Materials: It is made of stainless steel, which gives the product a guarantee of quality and durability.


Front brake: Some users point out that the front brake cable is very insecure, since it rubs against the first wheel.

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4. Gotty TX-35 Kids’ Mountain Bike

On this occasion, the Gotty brand offers a bicycle for children aged 10-12. It is perfect for children to train to later use a real mountain bike.

It is made of shock and drop resistant steel. It has front and rear brakes. Its design is rustic and its finish is made in blue. It is very economical considering the quality with which it is made.

In addition, it includes an assembly key and an assembly or maintenance sheet. It has steel cranks and disc brakes.

If you’re still not entirely sure which kids’ bike to buy, you’d better play it safe. Find a model that brings together some qualities such as resistance, durability, ergonomics and design in the same presentation.


Size: As it is considerably larger than most children’s bikes, it can be used even up to 12 years old.

System: Its pedal and speed mechanism make it a kind of training bike to later use mountain bikes.

Design: It has a great rustic design, which in combination with its white and blue colors, make it one of the most striking bicycles on the market.

Materials: It is made with steel connecting rods and disc brakes, elements that give it quality and resistance.


Brakes: The brake system may be slightly insufficient for the size and weight of the bicycle.

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5. Toimsa 1272 Paw Patrol Bike

This model is ideal for children between 3 and 5 years of age. It has front horseshoe brakes and inflatable wheels. Its saddle and handlebar can be adjusted to the height required by the child.

In addition, it has training wheels that facilitate learning, chain guards and mudguards. Its design is unisex and is inspired by the Paw Patrol cartoon, a very popular cartoon among children. It is recommended to use it under the supervision of an adult and with protective equipment such as a helmet and knee pads.

Buyers have expressed that this bike is easy to assemble, a bit heavy and sturdy, but easy to handle for a child learning to ride a bike.

Some have expressed that the wheels may not move easily at first. Users conclude that it is ideal to start children, in addition, its price is adequate, taking into account the quality it offers.

If you want to guarantee that a bicycle is totally to the liking of your little ones, then please them with their favorite cartoons. For this, this Paw Patrol model can be an excellent alternative. In addition, it is one of the cheapest.


Design: This is simply one of the most striking bikes on the market. Its lively colors and its large number of stickers make it very attractive to children.

Safety wheel: It has the two side balance wheels that are so necessary when learning.

System: Its presentation is made up of horseshoe brakes and inflatable wheels that provide it with an efficient driving system.

Structure: It has a structural constitution that makes this bicycle very easy to learn to pedal.


Weight: There are users who say that this bike can be a bit heavy and robust for its size.

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Chicco First Bike Bicycle without pedals with adjustable saddle

This model is a very good option for those users who are looking for the best value for money bicycle that provides safety for their children and is also cheap.

It has become one of the best options on the market because it is made of ultralight metal, it has height-adjustable handlebars and saddles, which allow it to adapt to the child’s complexion. Its dimensions are 12 x 45 x 60 cm. Its striking and bright metallic red color is very popular with children. Its use is recommended from 2 years of age.

Although this bicycle does not have pedals, it allows the child to maintain balance and become familiar with the use of the bicycle, facilitating the transition to a bicycle with pedals later. Its saddle is anti-slip and its wheels are anti-puncture, thus providing greater safety for children.

The Chicco First Bike is one of the favorite bicycles of users. Its model, its dimensions, its security system and its materials make it recommended to those looking for the best children’s bicycle for 30 euros. Learn about its pros and cons below.


Materials: It is made of an ultralight metal that is of very good quality and also facilitates transfer and guarantees durability.

Adaptability: It has fully adjustable handlebars and a chair that allow adaptation to the context of each child.

Dimensions: This bicycle has measures of 12 x 45 x 60 cm, which means that it can be used by children from three years of age.

Design: It has an attractive aesthetic structure generated mainly by its platinum red color, which is very attractive to children.


Casters: This product does not have the safety caster system in charge of guaranteeing the balance of the person riding it.

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Buying Guide – What is the best children’s bike on the market?

Bicycles are a means of transport that have accompanied man for many years. In recent years its use has spread, since many people are forced to take alternative transport and this turns out to be a very friendly option with the environment. Being part of the culture, it is essential that children learn to ride a bicycle from an early age.

That is why many parents have given themselves the task of looking for a good and economical bicycle model but at the same time it is the one that best suits their children from very early ages such as 3 or 5 years of age.

Buying one of these bikes can be a daunting task, but here’s a guide to buying the best kids’ bike currently on the market, based on criteria like how much it costs and its quality. In addition, through this comparison of bicycles you will be able to know what you should take into account to buy the one that best suits your needs.

design and material

Because these products are aimed at children, the color and figures used make the bikes eye-catching and the child is more attracted to the product.

It is recommended that the design be somewhat rustic so that it can withstand the bumps and scratches that it may get while playing with it. For this, it must be made of a resistant material, but also light enough to handle it. There are bikes made of stainless steel, which makes them more durable. Another resistant and also light material is aluminium. This makes the bike easy to transport.

There is a wide variety of designs in children’s bicycles. There are counter-pedal brakes, rim brakes, fixed gear, different handlebars and frame geometry. There are also bikes for those who want to learn to balance and control the bike before actually riding it; instead, there will be others who need bicycles with pedals.


As for the dimensions, it will depend a lot on what age the bicycle is aimed at. There is a variety of bicycles; from bikes for 3 year olds to bikes for 12 year olds. For the most part, they have the option of adjusting the size to the child’s complexion, since not all of them are the same weight and size at the same age.

To find the right size for a children’s bicycle, the diameter of the wheels is taken as a reference. The proportions of the bike are determined by this measurement. Common wheels for children’s bicycles are: 12”, 16”, 20” and 24”. A standard referring to the age of children recommends 2-3 year olds for 12″ bikes, 3-4 for 14″, 4-5 for 16″, 5-8 for 20″ and from 8 to 10 those of 24”. However, the measurement will largely depend on the height of the child.


Over time, bicycle manufacturers have taken on the task of equipping children’s bicycles very well to provide greater safety when driving. Thus we found that, depending on the age, the bicycles have small wheels on each side to provide balance for 3-year-olds who are just learning to drive.

Once the child has learned, some bikes have the option to remove these wheels. In addition, some models include, for example, an anti-slip saddle, anti-flat wheels, chain guards and mudguards. It is recommended to check if the wheels are inflatable, as this feature is very useful.

Everything to make the trip by bicycle something safe, the child being prepared when encountering an obstacle on the way. It is very important to check if the model to be chosen has both front and rear brakes. There are also models that include safety equipment such as helmets and knee pads.


A few decades ago there were not as many options on the market as there are now. There was no such concern to create ergonomic designs whose weight would be optimal and allow comfortable handling. Over time the criteria when manufacturing children’s bicycles evolved. Now it is feasible to find a wide variety in terms of the weight of the bicycles. Children’s bikes have small wheels and short cranks, so it’s a bit difficult to propel yourself when pedaling.

That is why you should look for the lightest option on the market. A light weight bike will be much easier to control. To choose a bicycle with the appropriate weight, you must consider the child’s age and ability to handle it, in this way they will not tire more than normal when using it.

How to use a children’s bicycle

Children’s bicycles today have become one of the most appreciated toys by the little ones in the house. So if you want to please the child of the house, buy a children’s bicycle, but it is important that the bicycle meets a series of characteristics such as: adjustable seat, puncture-proof wheels, bright colors, weight, accessories, among others, so that the little one feels more attracted and can fully enjoy his good bicycle for children.

Assembly of the children’s bicycle

To carry out the assembly of the children’s bicycle, it is recommended to read and be guided by the instruction manual; Of course, it is not a complicated task, but it is always better to be safe, even more so knowing that this will be used by the most precious thing we have, which are our children.

stabilizer wheels

When you have a children’s bicycle, the little one in the house will not have problems driving it, thanks to the fact that most bicycles have a pair of extra wheels that fulfill the function of stabilizing the bicycle in case the child loses control. control; in this way the child will feel safe and it will be easier for him to drive it.

adjust the seat

A feature that you will find in your children’s bicycle is that you can adjust the seat according to the size of the child, so that in this way he can comfortably and easily reach the pedals of the same, since these products have adjustable seats to give Greater comfort for the little one when driving.

They are strong and durable

Another fundamental aspect that you will find in your children’s bicycle is that they are resistant to shocks, falls and scratches, since these products are made of materials such as stainless steel or aluminum, chosen under strict quality controls, to provide the necessary resistance in case from falls and bumps.

protection accessories

When using your children’s bike, make sure you put all the necessary safety accessories on your little one; It doesn’t matter if it’s a short walk, because accidents never give warning; it is best to be prepared.

The most used accessories when using a children’s bicycle are: the helmet, knee and elbow pads. These usually protect the most exposed areas of the body in falls. The accessories must be according to the size of the child, they should not be small or large, but in the right size.

always watched

The supervision of children at all times or type of games is essential, any carelessness can be the perfect opportunity for something to happen that, although it is not of care, it still scares us tremendously.

A very important aspect when children use the bicycle is to keep an eye on them; They should always be under adult supervision. No matter how safe you think the area where they are playing with the bicycle is, you have to remember that they are children and are not capable of realizing danger like adults.

The most popular brands

Among the traditional gifts that children of all ages appreciate equally are bicycles. These are an interactive and fun toy through which the little ones at home can invest their leisure time and, in the process, do some physical activity. However, when buying this type of item, ensuring quality is of vital importance, which is why we have created a section where we study the most popular brands of bicycles on the current market, hoping that the information collected will serve to guide our readers about existing news..

Founded in 1958, Chicco is among the most emblematic companies in Europe. It is dedicated to the manufacture of toys and articles for baby care and, although it has an official headquarters in the city of Lombardy in Italy, its products are exported to almost every corner of the planet.

Its mythical history began in a very simple way at the time that its creator Pietro Catelli, dedicated himself to celebrating the first year of his son Enrico. The little boy at that time was affectionately called Chicco by his closest friends and family and the company adopted this nickname in his honor.

After Pietro’s death in 2006, the company passed directly into the hands of his three children: Enrico, Michelle and Francesca, who continued the glorious tradition of their father and opened new branches in more remote places such as Mexico, India and Russia.

Today the company has an active presence in more than 120 countries and around 150 stores in Italy alone, in the rest of the world the figure exceeds 160. Its items range from products for pregnancy and lactation to clothing and toys..

Toimsa is a company based in Toledo, specializing in the distribution and manufacture of children’s bicycles. It is the type of company that we recommend to all those who are looking for the quality of a specialized manufacturer, since Toimsa dedicates a large part of its budget to carrying out tests and research that allows it to bring safer and more attractive products to the public.

This company started as a small business that gradually expanded and changed according to market demands. In 1991, they built their first assembly line and began the process of manufacturing children’s bicycles. They were also the first Spanish company to apply licenses to the design and assembly chain, which allowed it to offer its customers safer and more efficient products.

The efforts soon bore fruit and the owners found it necessary to create two new assembly lines as a result of the enormous existing demand. When looking at its catalog of options, you will see that the company has specialized designs and bicycle models for all audiences and for all ages.

Finally, Dino Bikes is another excellent alternative for all those who are looking for a specialized manufacturer, but, at the same time, value traditionality. Founded in 1920, since its inception this company has been dedicated to the manufacture and sale of bicycles for children and adults.

Their popularity and excellent level of acceptance by the public are due to the enormous focus they place on the quality and safety of each of their creations. Since its inception, the company has invested vast resources in improving its products and recruiting the best professionals in every major industry.

Dino Bikes bicycles go through the most rigorous quality controls, as well as the necessary safety tests to certify the product as safe according to the statutes established by the European Union. In terms of design, its 98 years of experience have helped it to know in detail the tastes of the public, which is why they are capable of offering a refined aesthetic quality.

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