The 5 Best Billiards of 2022

Billiards – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

Billiards is an entertaining game that you can enjoy with your family or friends. When buying one, it is convenient that you compare the main characteristics of elaboration, storage and assembly of the models of your interest. Also, it is recommended to review the evaluations made by other buyers regarding their experience with the equipment. This is how you can acquire the product that best suits your needs for use and space. If you want a billiard table with a professional format, then do not hesitate to take a look at the Professional Table 2, made with high-end certified polymers that give it a robust, resistant appearance and a soft touch. The surface is spacious and has a waterproof textile fiber coating that is easy to clean. But if what you want is a table for the little ones in the house, IFOYO ZQT235BU-UK could be what you are looking for, with a compact, lightweight format that is easy to assemble and store.



The 5 Best Billiards – Opinions 2022

We know how limited your time is, which is why we have compiled five of the main billiards that are currently preferred by buyers. The invitation is for you to review its specifications in detail, so that you can make a beneficial purchase for you and your family.

1. Professional billiard table 2

This table for professional use, patented by Mesabillar, stands out among its competitors due to its resistance and high-quality finishes. So if you want to acquire the best billiards, you will not be able to leave it out of your list.

Its dimensions are 213.5 x 117 x 94 centimeters, being a robust structure, made with various types of polymer such as polyvinyl chloride, both in the structure and in the pockets, and polypropylene at the entrances.

The playing surface has a format of 190.5 x 94 centimeters and has been covered with blue polyester textile fiber, offering an intermediate level of impermeability and softness, so that the balls slide easily.

This pool table weighs 111.5 kilograms, the corners are chrome as well as the base finishes and it includes a triangle, 5.72 centimeter balls, a pair of 144.5 centimeter sticks and their respective chalk.

With a spacious design that invites you to play as a family, you will find this model valued by experts as the best billiards of the moment. Read its pros and cons below.


Game area: The game surface provided by the manufacturer has dimensions of 190.5 x 94 centimeters and has been covered with polyester fiber.

Legs: The finishes of the bases offer great resistance and stability, since they are made of chromed steel and incorporate non-slip rubber.

Resistance: The raw material used to make this table belongs to a high range, so it is robust and resistant materials that will offer you a long service life.

Accessories: In the purchase package you will find a couple of sticks, chalk, triangle and game balls.


Weight: When moving the table, you must do it with the help of another person, since the 111.5-kilogram structure is heavy.

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If you want to take home the best value for money pool table, then this IFOYO model is a good option, because according to buyers it is one of the cheapest. It is a folding pool table for children, with a compact and lightweight format.

The table has a length, width, height of 140 x 74 x 80 centimeters and its weight does not exceed 19 kilograms, so it takes up little space when assembled and is easy to handle. In addition, you can store it in any closet or if you wish under the bed, since by folding its bases the height is reduced to seven centimeters.

The structure is stable due to its medium-density polymer and aluminum construction, the pockets are made of brown poly-leather and the playing surface has been covered with blue textile. Among the incorporated elements, 16 balls with a diameter of 3.80 centimeters, a triangle, chalk, a couple of sticks and a cleaning brush stand out.

For those who want to give their little ones a folding and resistant pool table, the recommendation is to acquire this model, which also stands out as one of the cheapest.


Format: It is a table with measurements of 140 x 74 x 80 centimeters corresponding to its length, width and height.

Folding: The table incorporates a folding mechanism in the base area, which will allow you to open and close it quickly, safely and easily.

Weight: Due to its weight of 19 kilograms, you can move and manipulate the table with total comfort from one space to another.

Accessories: The manufacturer incorporated a game set made up of 16 balls, a pair of sticks, a triangle and chalk. In addition, a brush to keep the surface always clean.


Flimsy: At first glance the bases are a bit flimsy, but finally they offer great stability, according to what the buyers commented.

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3. PL Ociotrends Devessport Multigame 3 in 1

If your goal is to get a multigame table for children, it may be convenient for you to review the best billiards of 2022, since among them you will find a model with the PL Ociotrends quality seal.

This pool table is robust, resistant and offers great stability. Its general measurements are 121.4 x 61.7 x 79.4 centimeters and it weighs approximately 34 kilograms. The surface has a green textile coating, the pockets are deep and the manufacturer incorporated a pair of 92-centimeter sticks, chalk, a triangle and a set of balls.

The best thing about this design is that it offers you the possibility of enjoying three games in the same structure, since you can also mount a 104.5 x 57.4 centimeter ping pong board on it, along with its respective mesh and paddles.. You also have a foosball table with aluminum bars, ergonomic black rubber handles and three balls.

PL Ociotrends is a manufacturer with many positive ratings for each of its products, which have led it to position itself this time as the best billiards brand. You know the pros and cons of one of their models.


Design: This multifunction model supports the execution of a total of three different games such as billiards, table football and ping pong.

Table: The table has general dimensions of 121.4 x 61.7 x 79.4 centimeters, suitable for both children and adults.

Accessories: Among the accessories you will find a set of balls, triangle, sticks and chalk for billiards. Also, a pair of paddles with their respective ping pong spheres and a total of three balls for foosball.


Board: The ping pong board is made of robust cardboard, so it is necessary to be careful when using it so as not to damage it.

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4. Frizzo Pool Table 7ft

With the variety of gaming tables out there, making a purchase decision can be overwhelming. However, by evaluating this model developed by Frizzo, you may clear up your doubts about which is the best pool table.

Its structure has a professional format of length, width and height corresponding to 213 x 121 x 80 centimeters. For its part, the playing surface is 188 x 96 centimeters and has been covered in green textile. The structure is made of polyvinyl chloride or PVC, the pockets are 10 centimeters deep and the corners have a thin chrome-plated brass cover, thus reaching an overall weight of 145 kilograms.

We cannot fail to mention that the bases of this pool table can be adjusted in height, as well as that in the purchase package you will find tools to facilitate assembly and some accessories such as a cleaning brush, a pair of 145-centimeter sticks, chalk, balls and triangle.

To prevent selecting which pool table to buy from becoming a tedious task that ends up consuming a large part of your time, we have decided to present you with the pros and cons of a model with high quality standards.


Accessories: With the purchase of this table you will have at hand some game accessories such as balls, triangle, sticks and chalk.

Tools: The manufacturer incorporated a kit of basic tools so that you can assemble the table quickly and instinctively.

Dimensions: This model has measurements corresponding to a professional table of 213 x 121 x 80 centimeters, as well as a playing surface of 188 x 96 centimeters.

Legs: Each of the four table bases has been provided with a practical height adjustment system.


Instruction manual: The steps described in the instruction manual to carry out the assembly are a bit vague.

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5. Devessport American Lucentum Pool Table

Devessport is a manufacturer with a strong track record in the market, which on this occasion presents us with an American-style pool table, with a robust body made of MDF wood. This is a medium density material, which is produced through the compression process at a high temperature of wood fiber together with synthetic resin.

In this way, the product offers resistance, stability and durability with a spacious semi-professional format of 211.5 x 120.5 x 78 centimeters. As for the playing surface, it measures 185 x 93 centimeters and is covered in blue textile fabric.

The table weighs 103 kilograms, the corners of the table have a cover in chrome material and the bases require to be screwed. On the other hand, we have the accessories included with the purchase, such as a cleaning brush and a game set, made up of a pair of sticks, balls, a triangle and chalk.

Lucentum is a model of billiards made by the Devessport house, which will accompany you for many years. Review its advantages and disadvantages here.


Resistance: The product offers great resistance, stability and soft touch, since its structure is made with medium-density MDF sheets.

Dimensions: The table has semi-professional dimensions of 211.5 x 120.5 x 78 centimeters.

Surface: The surface set up for the game has a format of 185 x 93 centimeters and has been covered with robust blue textile fiber.

Accessories: You can start playing once you purchase the billiards, since the model incorporates a game set with balls, triangle, stick and chalk.


Weight: There are those who comment that the weight of the table is high to be mobilized by a single person.

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