The 5 Best Camping Chairs of 2022

Camping Chair – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Camping chairs are the perfect complement to enjoy a good day in nature. They are easy-to-assemble chairs that simply unfold to be able to use them; and if they are made with resistant materials you can be safe during your rest. As a novelty, we have more and more alternatives to the usual chair, so it will be easy for you to find one with a suitable size and format, comfortable and easy to take anywhere. These parameters are met by the Oudort JIM-ST42 chair, weighing just 1 kg and offering a large sitting area, as well as a folding system that makes it a small carrying bag. As if that were not enough, it supports up to 136 kilos of weight. If you are looking for something different, the TecTake 401296 modelIt has a straight backrest compared to the usual reclining one, which will be greatly appreciated by those who prefer to remain seated rather than fall almost lying down in the chair.

Buying guide – What is the best camping chair on the market?

Going camping is a pleasure for which we should not miss anything. And among the most practical and basic elements are camping chairs. Some pieces in which to rest in a pleasant way and that even offer us space for our mobile or our favorite drink. However, the market has changed a lot, so the advice in our guide to buying the best camping chair on the market can be very useful when choosing.

Chair main format

The traditional camping chair has had a more or less clear format: a chair with ample space and backrest, halfway between lying down and sitting. Something that is usually comfortable for many, but that others do not find pleasant, since they prefer other positions.

Precisely this alternative is what makes the difference in any comparison of current camping chairs: their format. Compared to this model that we have already mentioned, we can find other pleasant and different formats, adapted to the needs of all types of users.

To highlight a couple of models we can talk, for example, of the stool format. In this case, the chair is made up of a seat and backrest, without arms, accompanied by the corresponding legs and allowing better support for the back. The same goes for traditional models in which the backrest is straight or at least adjustable. This allows you to take the exact position when sitting down so that comfort is exactly what you want.

Manufacturing materials

This is one of the few elements that has not evolved too much over time, but still has great importance when choosing a chair. In fact, a good and cheap camping chair must necessarily have suitable materials, both in the part of the structure and the seat.

In the part of the structure, these are normally made of high quality and resistance aluminum tube. These tubes are light and help to easily fold and unfold the chair for which appropriate elements must be included. Do not forget to check that the metal has been properly treated to withstand humidity, cold and the effects of nature.

These same precautions must be taken with the textile elements that are part of the chair. In this case, the most common materials are polyester fabrics and other synthetic products that offer better resistance. Do not forget to take a look at the backrests, so that they have the comfort you deserve when resting.

Transport and folding

Vacations are to be enjoyed and surely carrying weight is not the best option. The fridge with the food already weighs enough so that the camping chairs are also another hindrance. For this reason, it is convenient to look for compact and light models, regardless of how much the chair we are considering costs.

The usual weight of one of these chairs is between 2 and 3 kilos, under normal conditions. It is true that there are products in stool format that reduce the weight to just half a kilo, although the applications of the model are also limited. In any case, you should not choose models that weigh more than the three kilos that we have mentioned. By the way, do not forget to check that the chair is accompanied by its corresponding transport bag.

As for the folding and its size, these partly depend on the format of the chair. The most common folding system is crossed under the seat, which allows a folded product to be obtained in a compact and easy-to-carry format. In the deckchair or stool type models, the folding is produced in square format, being a good alternative. Whatever the folding, it should always be compact and not take up more space than necessary.

The 5 Best Camping Chairs – Opinions 2022

If there is something that should not be missing in your camping equipment, it is a good chair in which you can rest when you need it or simply relax while you have nothing to do. If you want to know which is the best camping chair you can find, surely you want to know our selection of some of the best camping chairs of 2022, in which comfort and quality go hand in hand so that you rest better.

1. Oudort Aluminum Lightweight Camping Folding Chair

Having a folding chair with you is necessary if you want to go camping, therefore, it is advisable to look for one that really occupies as little space as possible when moving around, but at the same time, provides enough space to sit comfortably. Fortunately, this is exactly what this chair from Oudort provides, and for that reason, it is one of the most prominent options.

Made from 900D density Oxford cloth for durability, the chair can support up to 300 pounds, thanks to its 18mm diameter aerospace-grade aluminum alloy legs. To give you more comfort and a better posture, the chair can be adjusted to 3 different height levels: 32 cm, 34.5 cm and 37 cm.

In addition to that, when you sit down, you can use the side pockets of the chair to store your things. On the other hand, while you relax, the mesh backing will promote adequate ventilation, giving you more freshness.

Having this chair with you, you will be ready to go camping and enjoy some well-deserved time outdoors.


Portability: The size of this chair, along with its light weight, makes it easy to move it from one place to another. In addition, being able to fold up to fit in a transport bag, makes the process more comfortable.

Adjustment: With this chair it will be possible to adjust the height in three levels in order to find the most comfortable position for you.

Materials: Oxford cloth along with aluminum legs work together to provide very good stability. This is complemented by the mesh fabric on the back, which provides adequate ventilation.

Capacity: This chair manages to support a maximum of 136 kilograms, so most people can sit comfortably.


Height: For really tall people, this chair can still be considered somewhat low. So it might not be as comfortable for everyone.

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2. TecTake Folding Camping Chair Drink Holder

If the traditional camping chair falls short, the TecTake 401296 model can be a good alternative. This camping chair has everything that conventional models have, such as its folding aluminum structure or its transport bag.

However, it has some differences such as the padding that it includes and that offers you greater comfort when sitting down. It also has a wider design, 92 centimeters by 56 centimeters deep, in which you can have more space to accommodate.

And compared to conventional chairs, which often have too much reclining, this model improves this issue, offering an almost straight backrest, more comfortable for those who do not want to lie down so much.

This camping chair is one of the most striking and one of the cheapest at the moment. Check the following features:


Folding: This model of chair is very easy to open and handle. In just seconds, it can be opened and installed wherever you want.

Comfortable: It has padding so that, when using it, it is much more comfortable.

Accessories: It has a support for phones or drinks on its armrest, so that, when one is required, these are at hand and thus avoid discomfort.

Protected: It also has a transport bag to protect it.


Weight and volume: A user who has already bought this model of camping chair indicates that they are larger and heavier than expected, but this could be an isolated opinion, since he also reported that they perfectly fulfill their function.

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3. Pelliot Ultralight Folding Camping Fishing Chair

Anyone weighing up to 150 kilograms can comfortably sit on this camping chair and enjoy any outdoor activity. This comfort and resistance is not only given by its ergonomic structure, but also by the materials used in its manufacture. 

The chair has been made with high quality Oxford fabric, with a suitable density to give you enough comfort and is complemented by resistant iron tubes. In turn, the fabric is waterproof too.

As for its dimensions, these reach 59 x 59 x 99 cm to give you enough relaxation space. However, when the chair is folded, it will measure 19 x 19 x 93 cm, which will make it easier to move around. This, in addition, will be more comfortable thanks to the transport bag included in the purchase.

Finally, to provide you with more comfort, the chair has side pockets to place glasses or drinks, as you prefer.

With a classic design, this chair stands out for providing comfort, not only when sitting, but also when unfolding and moving.


Materials: Oxford fabric not only stands out for providing great comfort thanks to its density and soft finish, but also because it is a waterproof material that helps keep the chair in good condition outdoors.

Mobilization: Mobilizing this chair to take it to your destination without taking up much space is really simple. To begin with, the purchase brings with it the necessary transport bag for this and, in addition, the measurements of 19 x 19 x 93 cm that the folded chair reaches facilitate this process.

Capacity: This product can be used by anyone weighing less than 150 kg, as this is the maximum capacity of the chair.

Sides: The sides of the chair come with pockets to store glasses, mobile phones and anything else you need to have close to you.


Backrest: The backrest of this chair is not very high, so it is not very comfortable to lie down on.

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4. Relaxdays Folding Chair with Beach Bag

Unlike many camping chairs that go for a classic plain design, this chair from Relaxdays comes ready to turn heads with its modern design. Around the mesh that facilitates the ventilation of whoever is seated, this chair has images of trunks and leaves, giving it a stylish camouflage look.

An outstanding feature of this chair is the height of its backrest, as it reaches 70 centimeters and this is a measure that will allow you to lie down comfortably and relax while enjoying the outdoors. Measurements of 57 x 55 centimeters will also give you enough space to sit down without feeling cramped. All this is complemented by padded armrests and extra-wide legs that provide great stability.

When folded, the chair reduces its size to 15 x 15 x 80 centimeters and, in addition, can be easily moved thanks to its included transport bag.

This chair, in addition to giving you a comfortable seat to rest, will also give you the opportunity to stand out in any camp with a modern and unique style.


Backrest: The backrest of this chair reaches 70 centimeters, which provides good support so you can relax comfortably and rest your back and shoulders.

Comfort: Oxford cloth, mesh, and padded armrests are all aspects that will benefit your comfort.

Design: The design of this chair, unlike other unicolored and traditional models, has been elaborated to exalt nature, since it shows trunks, branches and different leaves. This gives it a different look.

Mobilization: Taking this chair with you everywhere is really simple, since its dimensions when folded are small and with the transport bag it is possible to carry it comfortably.


Capacity: Unlike camping chairs that support between 130 and 160 kg of maximum weight, this chair can only be used by people who weigh a maximum of 102 kilograms; a much smaller amount.

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5. Highlander Traquair Gloves for Women

Among the good and cheap alternatives offered by the camping chair market, we find the Highlander Traquair Folding Chair model. A chair with a conventional character, folding diagonally and with a light design.

This model has an Oxford-type polyester fabric, which together with its structure is capable of supporting up to 100 kilos of weight. This light blue fabric does not accumulate heat, so the sensations are always cooler than with traditional dark products.

Its design responds to the conventional format, which includes large armrests and a mesh space to place the drink. Once folded, the product occupies little space and weighs about 2.2 kilos, so you can take it wherever you need.

The Highlander Traquair Folding Chair is considered to be the best camping chair of the moment. Here are its main features:


Folding: This model of camping chair is completely foldable and light to be able to take it anywhere when required and thus avoid discomfort and unnecessary efforts.

Accessories: It has a bag to store it when you need to move it, thus avoiding situations that could damage it. It also has a space to store drinks or mobile when it is necessary to have them at hand.

Support: It can support a maximum weight of 100 kilograms.

Materials: It is made of metal and the fabric is Oxford polyester and, in addition, it is coated with PVC.


Weak: Several users have reported that this chair is a bit weak, as the fabric where it has the seams can start to unravel.

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How to use a camping chair

For those people who love nature, who from time to time choose to go camping, it would be ideal to be able to count on the accessories of this type of outing, such as, for example, camping chairs that, in addition to being super simple and comfortable to transport, they would not take up much space in your luggage, thanks to their folding system. Likewise, there are numerous offers of camping chairs available in the market, since there are them in different colors, designs, brands and models, so that you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Unpack the camping chair

First of all, the first thing you should do is carefully unpack your camping chair. To do this, you just have to take it out of the box or, failing that, remove the wrapping material that covers it. Later, it would be ideal for you to read the instructions given by the manufacturer, so that you can have more or less an idea about the proper use that you should give your chair.

Check that everything is in order

Now proceed to verify that everything is in order and ready to use. If your camping chair is made with an aluminum base, you should check that it does not have any type of dent or crack, since, when you sit down, you would easily collapse.

Proceed to open the camping chair

Commonly, camping chairs have an easy opening system, while being folded will allow you to easily take them wherever you go, comfortably and safely. To open your chair, you simply have to unfold it according to its design. In this way, it would be ready to use, all you have to do is sit on it and see how comfortable it is, even more so when you opt for those special designs, which even have a padding system on the seat for a better user experience.

If you are no longer using it, close it

Now, if you are no longer using the chair, then it is time to close it, taking into account that the folding system is as simple and the same as the opening system. You simply have to fold it by taking its ends and joining them. Some chairs have a cross-folding system under the seat, while in other chairs, the folding occurs in square format. Even so, both formats are very compact and easy to store.

Take advantage of chair accessories

At the same time that you rest comfortably and pleasantly, you can use a support, either for your mobile or a drink. Located in one of the armrests, this will allow you to place a drink, your car keys or even your mobile phone in it so that, when you need one of these, they are at hand. Also, when transporting it folded from one place to another, you can store it in a transport bag that comes with the product, if this is your case.

From time to time, do a cleaning

As it is a chair with an aluminum base and a seat made of fabric, it would be necessary to do a little cleaning from time to time, so that the fabric does not get stained. This would prevent the chair from looking unsightly and, in turn, prolong its useful life.

The most popular brands

To enjoy an excellent picnic, you will need several products to make your evening the best. We refer to camping chairs, which you can find in endless designs and colors. If you would like to know the best brands that currently offer these products, we invite you to continue reading this article.

Outad is a registered trademark owned by YKS Electronic Commerce Co. Ltd., located in Guangdong City, China, filed on May 19, 2015.

Outad, being a Chinese brand, develops and manufactures various types of products, which are distributed among these major categories: outdoor and sports, gardening, luggage, tools and DIY, electronics, home and kitchen, industries, vehicles, footwear and accessories., lighting, computers, clothing and accessories, stationery and office supplies, health and personal care, food and beverages, musical instruments, games and toys, watches and pet products.

Outad products are characterized by providing quality at really competitive prices; In addition, most of them are sold on the web, mainly on Amazon, where the brand has had an excellent acceptance by buyers.

Although Outad is a young brand, it has found a significant place in the online market due to the sales of camping chairs, since the finishes are of quality and provide a series of designs and functionalities for outdoor life.

Highlander is a Scottish company headquartered in Edinburgh, which was born in 1985 when a young man named Bahram Golzari bought a bankrupt military store that also offered outdoor life products, then called Leith Army Stores.. On April 5, 1985, Golzari formally established Highlander.

Over time, Highlander identifies some needs that existed at the time beyond outdoor living and military equipment, so it decides to manufacture a line of outdoor products to offer them at a lower price than other brands of outdoor equipment. that time, successfully satisfying the UK market.

The range of products in the outdoor life category is quite wide, where you can find camping tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and bags, travel bags, hydration items, clothing and footwear, walking aids, survival items and opticians.

The company has been run until today by Golzari’s sons. In 2014, the family business achieved national recognition for being awarded the Herald Family Business as the best Scottish family business, being one of the best brands that offers camping chairs to satisfy the European market.

The Mountain Warehouse company was founded in 1997 in Great Britain by Mark Neale, who is responsible for developing and manufacturing products and special equipment for outdoor activities, both for adventurers and for the whole family.

The products sold by this brand are solely and exclusively manufactured by Mountain Warehouse, so you can only find them in the company’s online store, in specialized stores and on Amazon.

Mountain Warehouse develops products that are suitable for cycling, hiking, camping, trekking, festivals, horseback riding, even skiing, among others, with superior quality at a reasonable price, since it does not work with intermediaries, reducing costs considerably.

In Great Britain alone, the company has more than 180 stores that allow it to satisfy local users, in addition to covering the needs of customers throughout Europe, where it ranks as one of the best brands that offer outdoor life products and camping chairs from the online market.

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Noorsk Camping Chair with Drink Holder

Ventaja principal:

Este modelo ha sido fabricado con una estructura de aluminio y unos materiales textiles de calidad que te ofrecen una resistencia de hasta 120 kilos en su superficie, al tiempo que soportan mejor el paso del tiempo y los efectos del sol y la humedad.

Desventaja principal:

Este modelo concreto, con materiales textiles en color gris, puede resultar algo soso para algunos usuarios. La buena noticia es que los usuarios que busquen otros diseños pueden elegir otro color más interesante.

Veredicto: 9.8/10

Una silla de diseño tradicional con la que descansar en cualquier parte, gracias a su fabricación resistente y ligera a la vez.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas

Materiales de fabricación

La silla Noorsk 100159a-4 sigue el diseño tradicional de este tipo de productos, para darte tanto la comodidad como la resistencia que necesitas. Esta silla dispone de una estructura de aluminio ligero que le da al producto una buena resistencia, tanto a la hora de soportar peso como de aguantar los efectos del tiempo sobre la estructura.

Algo parecido ocurre con el tejido de poliéster que forma parte de la zona del asiento y del respaldo. Este material también incorpora una buena resistencia, de modo que no tendrás que preocuparte por el deterioro de la silla. Esta unión permite que el producto sea capaz de soportar hasta 120 kilos de peso en su estructura, para que puedas sentarte con la comodidad y seguridad que mereces.

Medidas y diseño de la silla

Esta silla de camping incorpora un diseño con unas buenas medidas, que ofrecen una base de 50 cm de ancho por otros 50 cm de fondo, para darte un buen espacio para sentarte. En cuanto a la altura de la silla, esta llega a los 85 cm, siendo, por tanto, adecuada para todo tipo de usuarios, incluso para los más altos.

En cuanto a su diseño y fabricación, esta consta de un tejido continuo que une respaldo y base, junto con dos reposabrazos, forrados también con la misma tela, para darte una mayor comodidad. El conjunto se completa con un posavasos en el lateral derecho, para que no tengas que dejar tu bebida lejos de ti cuando estés sentado en ella.

Portabilidad de la silla

Una buena silla de camping debe ser fácil y cómoda de transportar y en este caso, el modelo Noorsk 100159a-4 también lo cumple. Como ya hemos visto, su estructura de aluminio no solo es resistente sino que también es ligera. Algo que hace más fácil el proceso de transporte de la silla, contando con un peso final de unos 2,5 kilos. Por tanto, no será un problema llevarte la silla a donde necesites sin complicaciones.

Un transporte para el que también puedes contar con el sistema de plegado de la silla, que reduce sus medidas de forma considerable. Esto reduce el espacio que utiliza la silla una vez plegada y también permite guardarla en la bolsa de transporte que se acompaña con el producto.

Outad Mini Oxford Silla Portátil Plegable de Aluminio

Pensada para servir como taburete de pesca, lo cierto es que esta silla de camping te ofrece todo tipo de posibilidades. Es una silla de camping de aluminio, que ofrece un diseño compacto en el transporte, pero realmente cómodo a la hora de usarlo, siendo capaz de soportar hasta 100 kilos de peso.

Una vez plegado el producto apenas ocupa espacio, teniendo un peso que no llega al medio kilo, lo que lo hace extremadamente fácil de llevar. Y gracias a la calidad de su tela Oxford, inodora e impermeable, la limpieza y mantenimiento del producto prácticamente es inexistente.

Por eso, y por su precio ajustado, está considerada como la mejor silla de camping por relación calidad precio del momento.

Las características de la OUTAD Mini Oxford la convierten en la mejor silla de camping por 13 euros. A continuación, te presentamos sus características:


Tela: La tela con la que está confeccionado este modelo de silla para camping es de Oxford. Este tipo de tela es muy fácil de limpiar, es resistente al agua, es anti manchas, no huele y, además, contribuye con el medio ambiente. Es decir, es una buena opción para los amantes de la ecología.

Estable: Viene con un diseño en X y es capaz de soportar hasta 100 kilogramos.

Materiales: Está hecha con una aleación de aluminio, lo que la hace resistente.


Pequeña: Un usuario que ya ha comprado y utilizado esta silla para camping indica que es mucho más pequeña de lo que se ve en la foto y lo que se esperaba, sin embargo, esto puede ser una opinión aislada, ya que no hay más respecto a este producto.

Miadomodo Silla Plegable de Camping

La silla Miadomodo CPST01 es otro modelo que podemos encontrar entre los productos de camping tradicional. Una silla con unas medidas de 60 centímetros de ancho por 50 de fondo en la zona del asiento, situada a una altura aproximada de 45 centímetros.

Un producto fabricado en aluminio y tejido blanco de rejilla que ofrece una mejor transpiración durante el uso, al tiempo que soporta mejor la suciedad y la limpieza. El asiento está acolchado para ofrecer una mejor comodidad, teniendo capacidad para resistir hasta los 100 kilos de peso.

Todo ello en un conjunto plegable con un peso de transporte de 3,5 kilos, que se acompaña de bolsa para poder llevarla a donde quieras. Y para ser más versátil puedes crear tu juego de sillas con el número de piezas que precises, a tu gusto.

Si te preguntas qué silla de camping comprar, las características de la Miadomodo CPST01 pueden ser la respuesta adecuada. Veamos sus ventajas y desventajas:


Medidas: Esta silla mide abierta 105 x 93 x 65 centímetros. Por otra parte, cuando está plegada, tiene unas medidas de 98 x 10 x 10 centímetros. El asiento cuenta con una altura de 45 centímetros y con una superficie de 60 x 50 centímetros.

Accesorios: Incluye una bolsa para poder transportarla y resguardarla y además posee un soporte de bebidas en el reposabrazos, para poner cualquier bebida o el móvil cuando así sea necesario.

Materiales: Está fabricada en metal y puede llegar a soportar un peso de hasta 100 kilogramos.


Montaje: Se advierte que este modelo de silla para camping necesita instalación. Debes tomar en cuenta este detalle, para que estés completamente seguro de adquirirla. Por supuesto, quizá no sea problema para la mayoría de usuarios.

Noorsk Silla de camping con soporte para bebidas

En tu búsqueda de la mejor silla de camping actual, toma en cuenta el modelo Noorsk 100159a-4.  Es una silla de camping plegable y ligera que podrás llevar a cualquier parte.

Estas sillas siguen el tradicional formato de silla de director, plegandose de forma cruzada en la base, lo que además ofrece una mayor comodidad a la hora de sentarte.

Estas sillas incorporan un amplio espacio superior, con dos respaldos muy cómodos y un espacio en el que poder descansar e incluso dejar tus bebidas.

Las sillas incluyen su funda de transporte y tienen un peso de apenas 2,5 kilos, lo que hace más fácil su transporte. Y aunque aquí hagamos referencia al diseño gris, puedes elegir los colores que más te gusten entre su amplia oferta.

Si tienes dudas sobre cuál es la mejor marca de silla de camping, observa las ventajas de los diferentes modelos que puedes conseguir hoy día en el mercado.


Plegables: Este modelo de silla es totalmente plegable, para que sea fácil de llevar a cualquier lado cuando se requiera su uso. Es muy fácil de plegar y desplegar, además, es un proceso muy rápido que solo toma unos segundos.

Bebidas: Cuenta con soporte para bebidas para que cuando sea necesario, se les pueda poner cerca y así evitar incomodidades.

Doble: Este modelo viene en un juego de dos unidades y, además, viene en colores diferente

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