The 5 Best Camping Kitchens of 2022

Camping Kitchen – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If there is an important piece in any camping set, it is the kitchen. This kitchen not only allows you to have a space where you can cook in a pleasant way, but it also has to have the necessary security so that you do not have problems and be portable, so that you can take it wherever you need and assemble it without too much effort. One of the most attractive products of the moment is the CAMPART Travel KI-0732 camping kitchen. This model, in addition to being the favorite of users, offers you a pleasant environment with support for the hob, mesh systems and shelves with which it is really comfortable to cook. And when you’re done, the kitchen folds up so you don’t have space problems. If you only need the hob, then the Super ego model M234197it’s just what you need. This gas-powered two-burner hob is very safe and resistant, so you can cook without any problem with ample space and a stable base to cook.

Buying guide – What is the best camping stove on the market?

Although it is true that going camping is something that we normally associate with a charcoal barbecue, the truth is that whoever really spends long periods in these places will surely appreciate having a suitable kitchen to be able to cook a variety of meals. For this reason, whether you want to equip yourself properly or if you want to renew your camping kitchen, we offer you our guide to buying the best camping kitchen of the moment, always adapted to your specific needs and so that your purchases are good and economical without being bad. quality.

Dimensions and weight

Within the different proposals of the comparison of kitchens for camping that we can find in the market, we have products with different measures, dimensions and compartmentalizations. Thus, we can find models that fit almost perfectly into the traditional furniture of any kitchen, with separate spaces for the cooking area, for preparation and for storing all the pots, pans and other kitchen tools.

The simplest ones simply offer a support for the cooking zone and a small lower compartment to store the cylinder in the case of gas supply. Therefore, you will be able to choose the model that best suits your needs, but always bearing in mind that it is light so that you can store it and carry it in your caravan or in your car easily, without it being a problem in any way. moment.

Cleaning and maintenance

In an aspect as important as cleaning and maintenance, it is necessary to make a distinction between the two models on the market: those that include cooking plates and those that do not. In the case of those that include this plate, cleaning should focus especially on the area of ​​the burners to ensure that it has adequate quality that allows it to be cleaned easily and without too much effort. The surfaces must be enameled and offer sufficient resistance to be able to withstand cooking without any problem.

In the case of products that do not include the plate, this cleaning should focus on the preparation and support areas, as well as on the walls and other support elements of the product. These coverage areas must be made of textile material and a simple damp cloth should suffice to clean them. As for the preparation and support areas, they must be able to be cleaned in the same way, so that their maintenance is especially easy.  

It goes without saying that its materials must withstand its use outdoors and that they must be able to be completely cleaned, especially complicated areas and joints, so that the product is free of all types of residue that can affect both its resistance and duration as well as its durability. being able to contaminate the products stored in it.

Burner power supply and safety

As a last aspect, we wanted to talk about the burner supply system in those models that include the cooking area together with the kitchen. In this aspect we find two main feeding systems. One of them is the electrical system, which has the advantage of being considerably safer than the gas system and also avoids having to carry the additional weight of butane cylinders. Its main disadvantage is that it requires a plug nearby to be able to use it or, failing that, an electricity generator.

In the case of plates that work with gas, the plug is not necessary, but it will be necessary to have a gas cylinder, which we will have to charge and also take certain precautions during the trip and its storage to avoid possible accidents due to gas leaks. gas that feeds the plate. As always, choose according to your preferences, although it is true that the most purists tend to opt for gas that offers more economical operation and greater control over your dishes.

And with respect to gas, it is also true that if you carry out adequate periodic maintenance of the flexible tubes, the connections and the other elements that are part of the circuit, you will considerably reduce the risk of accidents. This risk is further reduced by the use of windscreens. Windscreens are metal panels that prevent the air from extinguishing the flame and allowing the gas to pour out uncontrollably. That is why it is essential that the chosen model has these windscreens if you are finally going to use gas for cooking.

The 5 Best Camping Kitchens – Opinions 2022

Although a good campsite always calls for a barbecue, the truth is that camping kitchens are a necessary element to enjoy your experience more.

Although it is true that the answer to which is the best camping kitchen varies depending on the type of camping we do, so that you can have an adequate variety, we have selected some products from among the best camping kitchens of 2022, with which you can choose exactly which model best suits what you need, including cheap options that do not require spending a lot of money to cook.

1. Campart Travel KI-0732 Camping kitchen Malaga

Main advantage:

Despite its low weight and its high folding capacity, this product offers you a wide and versatile space with which to set up your camping kitchen anywhere, without the need for tools or other elements.

Main disadvantage:

The product is accompanied by a transport bag where you can store it when you don’t need it, although some users say that the folding and storage process inside it requires a certain amount of skill.

Verdict: 9.8/10

A very complete camping kitchen with which to practically organize everything you need to cook with the same comfort as if you were at home.

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Distribution of spaces

This camping kitchen offers you a spacious and very practical distribution in which almost everything has its place. The specific measurements of the product are 172 centimeters wide by 79.5 high expanded to 110.5 centimeters with the burner windshield and up to 48 centimeters deep. Something that makes cupboards and other work surfaces comfortable and spacious.

Specifically, the product has a table for the burner with a windscreen, a lower central table with a hard base to place kitchen containers and two mesh side cabinets and a shelf in hard material to organize all your kitchen items. These two cabinets also feature a hard top area, so you have more space to organize yourself better when cooking.

mounting system

The Campart Travel KI-0732 kitchen consists of a simple accordion-type assembly system, so that when you need to use the kitchen you only have to unfold its different elements. Something in which the fastening and support elements are of great importance when giving you a fluid turn, so that you do not have to exert too much force in the process.

Once extended, all you have to do is put the windshield for the burner in place, as well as adjust the fabric of the mesh cabinets, so that they are properly extended. And to adjust the kitchen so that it doesn’t get “limp” you can also adjust the four legs that go to the ground and that help stabilize the table in case you mount it on a non-level or uneven floor.

Manufacturing materials

In order for this kitchen to function properly and withstand the elements and being outdoors, the product has been manufactured with quality materials that will keep up with you wherever you travel. Specifically, the structure and the main body of the kitchen have been made of high-quality aluminum with a chrome finish, which makes it easier to withstand use and gives you good resistance when carrying weight on it.

And to finish it off, on the two sides we have cabinets made of mesh fabric, with perforations that help air circulate inside and at the same time prevent insects from accessing the interior. A resistant material that also prevents damage during use due to its good resistance to friction and the elements.

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2. super-ego SEH024800 Portable gas cooker

Good quality and adjusted price. These are the two elements that define the Super ego M234197 cooktop, which offers two different burners so you can cook any type of dish.

We are talking about a camping gas stove, with two burners of different sizes and a high-quality enameled grid that closely resembles the characteristics of a domestic kitchen wherever you need it.

In addition, you have the advantage that the lid protects the assembly from the wind so that heat is not lost or the fire is accidentally put out.

A set that is very easy to clean and that, due to its adjusted price, is considered the best camping kitchen for value for money at the moment.

So that you can learn about and take into account other very good quality products, with excellent features, we present the main characteristics of this product, which has been manufactured by the best brand of camping kitchens.


Grid: Its enameled grid makes it look like a conventional kitchen, accompanied by a high quality to offer great durability.

Lid: It has a lid that you can keep closed to move the kitchen easily, or open it to protect from the wind and prevent the flame from going out or dissipating.

Burners: Includes two burners of different sizes so you have the possibility to choose according to the type of pot or preparation you need.

Maintenance: Its maintenance is very practical and simple. You will be able to reach every corner of this kitchen to keep it completely clean.

Ignition: Its ignition system is manual, so you can turn it on safely, always keeping it away from the little ones.


Reducer: The kitchen requires a reducer or centering device that allows objects with a smaller diameter to be placed, since otherwise they will not hold up on the grid.

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3. Ultrasport Camping Kitchen Folding Cabinet

Although it does not include the cooking plate, the Ultrasport Compact camping kitchen is another excellent alternative to organize all the elements of your mobile kitchen in an accessible way. This product has an upper area protected with windbreak plates for the cooking area, as well as a very large preparation area.

And in its lower part, lined with canvas and mesh, we can have a large cabinet for all your pots and pans and two other areas with shelves where you can arrange the rest of your things.

All these spaces can be closed with a zipper, to prevent dirt and animals from roaming freely. And once you don’t need it, just fold it and store it so that it barely takes up space.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been able to make your choice and you still don’t know which camping stove to buy. Here we mention the pros and cons of this interesting model that can offer you what you are looking for.


Portability: Its portability is incredible, thanks to its folding design and its built-in case that will make it easy for you to take this product on the go when necessary.

Wardrobe: Its wardrobe has 3 compartments with fabric doors and their respective zipper, so you can store utensils and food with great comfort.

Countertop: It has a countertop with enough space so you can place your kitchen plate, cut, mix and give a special touch to each of your meals.

Protection: It has a protection against the wind, which is appreciated by those who usually use this type of product when leaving the comfort of their home.


Plate: It can be mentioned as a negative aspect that it does not include the cooking plate, although its users speak very highly of the quality of this product.

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4. Duronic HP1BK Portable Hot Plate/Electric Stove

Continuing with the different options on the market, we find the Duronic HP1BK electric camping stove. This plate has a maximum power of 1500 watts with a capacity for containers of up to 20 centimeters, similar to the electrical capacity of a domestic product.

The temperature can be easily adjusted with the included selector, adjusting the heat to what you may need. In addition, it has protection against overheating so that you do not have risks for this reason, also having four legs that prevent the heat from having an effect on the surface on which you cook.

A product that is practically a traditional electric stove and that therefore you can use just by having a plug at hand.

Probably your budget is not very large and you want to know other options. Well, here we offer you the positive and negative aspects of this model of cheaper camping kitchens with very good features.


Power: The electrical power of this hob is 1500 watts, which will help you bring your most delicious preparations to the table in a short time.

Safety: To provide safety, this hob model has 4 legs that do not allow contact with the surface under the hob, and protection against overheating.

Settings: You can make adjustments to its temperature according to what you need, thanks to its built-in selector.

Design: Its design is made of metallic material and has two handles on its sides so that you have a good grip when moving the plate.


Corrosion: One of the users has commented that it is easily invaded by corrosion if you drop water on it, so you must be careful to do good maintenance.

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5. Campingaz Camp Bistro 2 Kitchen Gas Cartridge

Finally, we cannot forget the fully autonomous gas stoves, which work with liquefied gas cylinders. In this category is the Campingaz Camp Bistro 205370 model, which can be used independently without having to carry a lot of weight.

When working with cylinders, this product has a determined autonomy of approximately 90 minutes, variable according to the level of intensity. However, this product can heat 1 liter of water in just 5 minutes, making it highly effective. For your safety, it has a protection system that prevents unwanted activation and a maximum safety piezoelectric ignition.

Once the gas has run out, all you have to do is change the bottle, which is also light and simple, to return to cooking practically instantly.

Below we describe in detail the pros and cons of the best camping kitchen for 25 euros. Read carefully and you will be able to define if it is the model that best suits what you are looking for.


Security: Its security system includes protection against unwanted switching on, which will make you feel calmer, especially if there are children.

Operation: For its operation, it requires a gas bottle that you can change very easily.

Power: Its power is 2200 watts, which will allow you to cook in a very short time.

Portability: Thanks to its compact design, its low weight and its carrying case, it is capable of offering great portability.


Bottle: Although it is a product of excellent quality and very good features, it is a pity that it does not include the gas bottle to start its operation at the moment of receiving the kitchen.

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CAMPART Travel KI-0732 Camping kitchen Malaga

The CAMPART Travel KI-0732 model is a high-quality portable camping kitchen on which it is easy to cook and organize everything you need to be able to enjoy any dish wherever you are.

For this, you have a large folding space where you can arrange the plate, the preparation area, the kitchen utensils and many more things.

All this in a really light set and that once you have finished cooking you can fold and transport wherever you need thanks to its adjusted weight.

And as if that were not enough, its protective meshes prevent insects and dust from sneaking inside. A very interesting product that has been considered the best camping kitchen of the moment by consumers.

We complement this comparative guide by delving into this model of very good quality that can offer you what you are looking for. We will describe the most outstanding aspects of the best camping kitchen of the moment.


Foldable: Its foldable design allows you to easily store it to take it with you wherever it is needed.

Materials: Aluminum structure, 3 surfaces with aluminum edges. Its bases and work areas are made of polyester material.

Compartments: On each of its sides it has two compartments that will be very useful to place the different kitchen utensils.

Protection: In the upper part of the table, it incorporates a wind protection that will prevent the gas from dissipating easily and becoming dangerous.

Dimensions: Its dimensions allow you to work comfortably when cooking away from home, but it also allows you to easily move it from one place to another, once folded.


Windbreaker: The fastening of the windbreaker is sometimes not the most precise or solid, according to what some customers have expressed.

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How to use a camping kitchen

Going to spend a pleasant time with your family or friends outdoors is now easier if you have a kitchen that allows you to store your meals and cook safely. If you have already bought your camping kitchen, in this guide we will indicate the steps to follow to use it efficiently and safely.

Check the instruction manual to assemble the folding kitchen

Before proceeding to assemble your camping kitchen, it is advisable to review the user guide where they explain the assembly process. Most of them have clear instructions in the form of explanatory drawings, to carry out the assembly little by little and safely.

Remove the folded frame from the bag

Take the bag that packs the camping kitchen and proceed to open the main zipper. Then remove the folded frame from the bag and place it on the floor. Proceed to also remove the boards that make up the shelves, the fabric that covers the frame and the wind protector if it is included. Arrange them neatly on the floor as you put together the kitchen.

Unfold the frame and place the textile part appropriately

Proceed to unfold the frame that is generally made of aluminum or stainless steel metal material. Place it on the floor and shape it into the shell of the kitchen until it is firm. Then proceed to place the textile part on the frame. Some models include hook-and-loop straps and snaps to secure the cooktop.

Place the boards to assemble the kitchen shelves

First start by placing the main countertop on top of the kitchen where it belongs. Then proceed to place the boards on the inside to build the shelves, fitting them into the corresponding fabric compartments that hold the boards. Check that each board is well fixed inside the sides and in the main part.

Proceed to place the wind protector

Take the windscreen and proceed to unfold it. Find the windscreen latching system and position it properly. For this, check if it has fastening hooks on the edges of the main countertop or if it has suction cups for fastening.

Place the plate on the main countertop

Locate your portable gas range and place it on top of the main counter top that usually covers the windscreen. Proceed to connect the cylinder intended for outdoor cooking, the recommended ones are those with a maximum of 10 kilos. You can also use an electric stove or an induction cooktop, but keep in mind that you would have to use an electrical outlet or portable electric generator.

Place dry food and tableware in each of the cabinets

In order to put your camping kitchen to good use, proceed to store food packages and tableware such as glasses, cups, cutlery and coffee pots on each of the kitchen shelves, according to their capacity. Proceed to prepare your meals outdoors, using the secondary and main countertops if you bring them.

The most popular brands

Camping kitchens are an essential element to carry out a whole series of outdoor activities. Our recommendation is that if you want to buy a quality item in this category, look for the best brands, this action will allow you to access highly reliable products since, when it comes to the internet, a good reputation is almost always backed by a good number of satisfied users.

In the following section we present the most popular brands of camping stoves that we could find.

In 1949 Campingaz takes its first steps in the world as an idea that emerged from a camping trip, this company dedicates its resources, technology and work team to offer its customers practical and modern items that make every little experience even more enjoyable; It doesn’t matter if the adventures you decide to live take you to the mountains, the countryside, the beach or the backyard of your house, the idea is that you can always enjoy that adventurous spirit and that you don’t lack the tools to do so.

Innovation is the backbone of the company, a fact that has allowed it to venture into a wide range of alternatives and create a very diverse product catalog; among them you can find: barbecues, camping kitchens, refrigerators, portable toilets, mattresses, lamps and much more; all of them being extremely necessary items.

Finally, mentioning the attractiveness and elegance of their designs, with which they present their customers with a striking collection of products and with all the necessary accessories for proper operation.

Petromax is for its part a company of German origin that distributes its products to Germany and the rest of Europe; They are based on innovation and tradition to offer their users high quality products that inspire everyone to enjoy nature and develop more outdoor activities.

It has a work team that feels real passion for this type of activity, which leads them to develop products designed to meet the specific needs that all adventurers end up experiencing.

Its extensive catalog includes items to prepare food such as camping stoves, but also pots, campfire skewers and a whole varied collection of accessories. Even so, we must confess that the most striking point of its collection is the high quality standards where the use of the best materials is evidenced, resulting in robust design pieces, designed to last and resist. Although the investment in a Petromax product may be a bit more expensive, durability is a guaranteed issue.

As a company, Campart Travel is an associated brand of a group better known as Grupo Smartwares; This company is dedicated to offering a wide variety of products in sectors as diverse as security, lighting and the latest generation of household appliances.

The group is made up of well-known brands such as Tristar, Princess, Nova, Campart and others, reaching official offices in Europe and the rest of the world. Consequently, it is a company of international prestige that uses the strength of the team to develop and promote its products to new markets.

According to official company data, Smartwares Group began its activities as we know it today in 1977; Campart Travel for its part would be born in 2002 to join the rest of the group 6 years later in 2008. Since its inception, they offer all kinds of furniture and basic accessories for camping activities, maintaining at all times some of the lowest prices. market competitive.

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