The 5 Best Campingaz Barbecues of 2022

Campingaz Barbecue – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If there is a brand that offers us a wide variety of barbecues, it is Campingaz. A company whose proposal ranges from portable models to those of large format and high cooking capacity. A wide line where we can choose what we need at all times. However, it is convenient to really see what we need, without forgetting both the quality and the cooking surfaces and food. Within the proposed offer, if we need the best of the best, we find the Campingaz 3000002428 model. A barbecue with a large surface area and high calorific power, which has managed to win the favor of users as the best Campingaz barbecue of the moment. A quality gas-powered product with which to have up to 8 kilowatts of cooking power. If you are looking for a pure garden model, the Campingaz Expert Deluxe barbecue is your choice. A very complete product in trolley format, which includes the grill and an additional burner, so that it becomes a portable kitchen to take wherever you need it.

Buying guide – What is the best Campingaz barbecue on the market?

Campingaz barbecues are a classic on the market both domestically and when taking them with us camping or on a day at the beach. The wide variety of options is ideal for finding the precise barbecue you need. Our tips gathered in the guide to buying the best barbecue on the market will be of great help to make your best investment.

barbecue type

Finding a good and cheap barbecue can be difficult. But a mere glance at any comparison of Campingaz barbecues that we find on the net will make the selection easier. Its wide range includes from field or camping barbecues to conventional models, as we are going to see below.

Traditionally, Campingaz barbecues are presented in formats such as camping. A format that you can take anywhere, as they are powered by gas cylinders. Another interesting model are the simple tabletop barbecues with which to maintain this cooking in good control and format.

If we go to the more conventional models, we can have models such as the traditional car barbecue of a lifetime, which you can take out to the garden on a summer day. Or the large-capacity griddle models, with which you can cook for all your friends, without space problems and without anyone getting desperate waiting. Be that as it may, the models are at your disposal so that you can choose precisely the ones that suit you best.

Feeding and cleaning of the barbecue

Continuing with the options offered by these models, it is now time to talk about feeding the equipment and cleaning it. Elements that in part have to do with being coincident in some cases. So, on the power side, we distinguish between gas and coal models.

In the gas models we have the butane models and the cartridge models, generally portable. Both elements offer us precise heat control, reduced consumption and easy cleaning. In the case of charcoal, although it is true that we have heating without tablets and the usual natural flavor, it is also true that cleaning is complicated.

As for this cleaning, part of it depends on the power supply, but above all on the surface and the material of the plate. The better the quality and format of the grill, the easier it will be to clean it. And the more metal surface there is in the chosen model, the easier it is for us to keep it in perfect condition without complications. By the way, beware of cheap models, you should check them properly to see how easy it is to clean.

Surface and cooking area

One of the key elements of any barbecue is precisely in the area of ​​your grill. Both in the surface that it presents us for cooking and in its measurements. We have already commented on the importance of it for cleaning, so we will not go back to it.

On the surface that we are commenting on, we usually find two base designs. One that is the smooth grill, generally typical of gas models, with which to cook food evenly. Another is the open grill model typical of traditional charcoal-fueled formats. Some models even have mixed grills or that you can change as needed. It all depends on what you like the most.

Finally, we talk about the cooking measures. Something that depends mainly on the number of guests you have planned to eat. The larger the cooking area, the more dishes and more food you will be able to prepare at the same time. In the Campingaz offer we can find models that range from 750 to almost 3000 square centimeters of surface. So you choose the correct size, of course, without forgetting how much it costs to extend this size.

The 5 Best Campingaz Barbecues – Opinions 2022

Campingaz barbecues offer such a variety of options and possibilities that they can be used for almost everything. Something that can make it difficult to know which is the best Campingaz barbecue, but the truth is that thanks to this wide range it is easy to find the perfect model for you. If you want to know what is moving in the market, we offer you our selection of the best Campingaz barbecues of 2022, with models of all types and varieties, both expensive and cheap.

1. Campingaz 3000002428 Gas Barbecue

Main advantage:

This model has an adjustable power that can reach high levels, so you get a barbecue that heats up quickly so you can start cooking without wasting time.

Main disadvantage:

One of the buyers has had problems with the ignition of one of the burners, although it may be a manufacturing fault.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Campingaz is a good option for anyone who wants to enjoy barbecue food at home and this model has everything you need to prepare all those recipes that call your attention so much.

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Cooking in the company of family and friends can be a really fun and entertaining activity. If your intention is to take it one step further, a barbecue could be a great option for that boring afternoon or weekend off. Of course, do not forget to evaluate its power before spending a single euro.

If you are interested in the Campingaz model, you should know that it stands out for having a power of 8,200W. This level is quite considerable compared to other models on the market. With this power, the equipment will be able to reach the right temperatures in just a few seconds, preventing you from wasting time and you can start preparing your recipes as soon as you turn it on.

In addition, it has power regulators so you can adjust the heat of the griddle depending on the finish you want on your meat, chicken, fish or vegetables.


Barbecues can be purchased mainly in three different types depending on the fuel they consume: coal, electricity or gas. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, but they also all need an essential element: an iron. We highly recommend you analyze the griddle in detail, since your food and that of your family will be cooked here.

In the case of the Campingaz model, we find a barbecue large enough to prepare different dishes at the same time. It has a 2,800 cm² cooking space, offering freedom of movement and comfort so you can easily turn, season and sauté your food.

It is also noteworthy to mention that the plate has raised edges that will prevent food from slipping or falling while handling it and its non-stick treatment will ensure that no remains are stuck to facilitate cleaning.


In this category, the barbecues are gas, so it is very important to take into account the quality and manufacturing materials of the different models. Thus, the resistance and approximate useful life of a product can be determined in order to invest in the most practical one and thus satisfy the needs.

Campingaz is a recognized brand in the world of barbecues. The finishes and variety of its products have made it one of the favorites among lovers of roast meat.

This model is no exception. It has robust and reliable finishes so you can cook comfortably. The burners have been manufactured in aluminized steel to guarantee their performance and durability.

The griddle is made of black enameled steel with non-stick treatment, more than enough for domestic and sporadic use. According to its buyers, it is a great option to vary the menu and prepare low-fat foods.

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2. Campingaz Expert Deluxe Volcanic stone gas barbecue

If what you are looking for is a comprehensive and complete barbecue that you can take out in your garden when you need it, the Campingaz Expert Deluxe model is your choice. This beautiful barbecue is mounted on a self-supporting piece of furniture with wheels that you can move wherever you need it.

This upper area includes both the barbecue area and an area with a fire where you can cook the dishes you need and that are not strictly grilled. The entire system is powered by gas, with two regulators for the grill part and an additional control for the cooking area.

A product capable of working with a power of 7,000 watts on the grill and 1,600 equivalent watts in the burner area. 

Campingaz is a company with a long history and experience in the area of ​​grills, which is why some claim that it is the best barbecue brand today:


Power: the Expert Deluxe has a power of 7,000 W so you can prepare all kinds of meats and vegetables on the grill in no time, ideal for meetings and parties at home.

Plates: it has a total of two plates, which gives a cooking surface of 1,500 cm² divided into two levels. This makes it easy to manage food portions, as well as separating meats from vegetables.

Materials: both the case and the structure of the Expert Deluxe are made of steel so you don’t have to worry about leaving it outdoors or washing it directly with water.

Lid: finally, it stands out that it is equipped with a lid that will prevent the smoke from spreading throughout the environment in case you light it in a closed place.


Burner: Although it has an extra burner on one side, some buyers indicate that the bars are not completely straight and this affects stability.

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3. Campingaz Bonesco LC BBQ

If you are not a fan of gas and prefer to bet on the usual coal, the Campingaz Bonesco LC model is a perfect, good and economical alternative. This barbecue has the capacity to support a good amount of charcoal with a fast and efficient ignition level. The model offers an oval chrome grill with a surface area of ​​1950 square centimeters for cooking.

The set is completed with its lid to be able to place it properly and cook even better. At the time of transport, the barbecue has wheels, as well as the transfer handles, which make it easier to take it wherever you want.

To finish off the set, the product incorporates a monobase ash drawer, which makes the cleaning process of the barbecue easier. Perfect for a piece considered the best Campingaz barbecue for value for money at the moment.

The Bonesco model could become the best Campingaz barbecue for 70 euros, which also makes it one of the cheapest on this list:


Materials: the Bonesco LC model has chrome grills, which will prevent premature wear so you can take advantage of it for a long time.

Lid: it has a lid with which you can cover the cooking area and thus obtain a smoked effect and prevent the proliferation of this gas in the environment.

Handles: it has a pair of handles through which you can handle the barbecue and move it easily thanks to the lower wheels.


Ignition: it requires approximately 15 minutes to ignite if at least 1 kilogram of charcoal is used.

Surface: it has a cooking surface of 1,950 cm² and, although it is quite comfortable, it is smaller than the other barbecue models mentioned.

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4. Campingaz 2000008369 Portable barbecue

The Campingaz 2000008369 model is a portable type product designed to be taken wherever you want and need. It is an autonomous product in all elements, including food, where it has a gas system based on the brand’s own cartridges or cylinders.

The product has a piezoelectric ignition and a regulator, with which to heat any of the three included cooking surfaces. The real operating power is equivalent to 1500 watts, with a cooking surface of approximately 645 centimeters.

To give you greater security, the product incorporates a bottle lock to prevent leaks, as well as a transport bag where you can take everything on a trip without having to worry.

If you want to invest in Campingaz equipment, but you are not sure which barbecue to buy, you can take into account the number of people you usually invite to your home and also the amount of food to prepare:


Portable: If you need a barbecue to take when you go camping, this model could be for you. It has dimensions of 48.5 x 36 x 19.5 centimeters and a weight of 6 kilograms.

Lid: the lid that covers the cooking area has a porcelain coating, which helps maintain heat as well as reflecting it evenly to improve cooking.

Safety: it has a safety latch that is responsible for locking the lid on the barbecue structure so that it cannot be opened by accident.


Bag: it was learned that the product does not include a bag to transport it, although its customers are satisfied with its portability.

Cartridges: you should know that it uses CV300 Plus or CV470 Plus cartridges which, apparently, are a bit expensive.

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5. Campingaz 2000020469 Portable Barbecue

To be able to cook anywhere, or in your garden without complications, the Campingaz 2000020469 model is an interesting alternative. It is a complete grill, with its usual cover and design, but with the particularity of being powered by a small Campingaz cylinder.

A complete product that offers about 1050 square centimeters of cooking, with a very nice grill to cook. The barbecue piece includes its corresponding lid to maintain heat, thus being able to cook all kinds of dishes in a pleasant way.

As for cleaning, this is simple both thanks to its grill design and the grease collection system incorporated in the product. Perfect so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up when you’re done.

Having a barbecue at home is practically essential for some people, especially if they enjoy occasional gatherings with friends and family:


Power: although it is a portable model, it has a power of 2,500 W, surprising for this type of device.

Measurements: its dimensions are 45.5 x 45.5 x 29.4 centimeters and it weighs 10 kilograms, making it easy to place in the car to go to the beach or camp.

Thermometer: the lid has a built-in thermometer that will let you know the temperature inside the grill.


Price: Unlike the other portable model mentioned, this grill is much more expensive, since it practically doubles its price.

Surface: in addition, its cooking surface is one of the smallest with 1,050 cm ².

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Campingaz 3000002428 Gas Barbecue

It is a gas-powered tabletop model that offers a power of 8,200 watts and a kitchen surface of 2,800 square centimeters where you can cook in large quantities without complications.

This surface is heated by two gas burners, independently adjustable to have different heat zones. A smooth cooking area that also has quality non-stick, so you can cook without worry and so that cleaning is even easier once you finish cooking.

With so many features, it is not surprising that this model competes for the title of the best Campingaz barbecue. 

The brand offers you many options, but probably the best Campingaz barbecue at the moment is this model:


Power: the main aspect to highlight about this model is that it has a power of 8,200 W that is distributed through two independent burners, offering versatility for cooking and speed to reach the desired temperature.

Griddle: The griddle has a cooking space of 2,800 cm² along with raised edges that will prevent food from accidentally rolling off the griddle. It should be noted that some users comment that it has a non-stick application, so there are no stuck residues.

Materials: the burners are made of aluminized steel and the plate is made of enameled steel, very resistant and durable materials that add robustness and extend the useful life of the equipment.

Cleaning: in terms of cleaning, you should not have too many problems, since the food does not stick and in the back you will find a grease collector that will be in charge of accumulating fluids. In addition, the iron can be removed to be washed separately.

Accessories: with the purchase of this model a spatula is included along with a support that will make it easier for you to prepare your recipes and a couple of handles have been incorporated on the edges of the barbecue for handling it.


Ignition: One of the users had problems with one of the burners, but it seems to be a manufacturing problem.

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How to use a Campingaz barbecue

A barbecue can be an essential part of various social or family events that are very happy and fun, so if you are a first-time buyer, we will teach you in simple steps how to use it properly.

Check if you have the necessary space

The main aspect that you must take into account when buying a barbecue is that you have adequate space for it. Most of these barbecues are large, so they require enough space to function properly. Preferably they should be outdoors so as not to impregnate the interior of the home with the smells given off by the barbecue.

Clean and clear the area of ​​obstacles

Regardless of whether you place it permanently or temporarily, you have to remove objects that hinder the movement and use of the barbecue, so move the furniture or any element that could hinder circulation around the product. You should also clean this area so that dirt doesn’t get into the food you’re preparing.

Connect each piece in its place

When you go to install your barbecue, make sure that each part and accessories are included in the package. Read the instruction manual carefully and put each part together in the right place. Place the grill on the base board of the barbecue, leaving space for the coals or gas burners.

Control the cooking temperature

The heat during the cooking of food must be adjusted according to the type of food to be prepared. Frequently changing the temperature or fire flame is detrimental to the durability of the barbecue, since it will be out of control every time you change the temperature.

For hearty meats like chicken or turkey, you can use the indirect heat option, where the heat source is off to the side, away from the food. For fish, vegetables and fruits you can use medium heat.

Always keep the grid clean

An important fact that you must take into account when you are going to cook is to keep the grill grate very clean before using it; This will prevent food from sticking. Wash it with neutral soap and plenty of water to remove all traces of previous food or accumulated dirt.

Preheat the barbecue

Before placing your food on the grill, preheat the barbecue for about 10 to 20 minutes, allowing the fire to stabilize in order to have an even cooking.

Use the right tools

When turning or removing your food from the grill, you need to have special utensils, since using different ones can damage the surface of the grill and not perform the action of turning your dishes well.

Frequently clean the barbecue

The Campingaz barbecue is an excellent way to cook your food in a different way. Every time you finish preparing a meal, let it cool down and thoroughly clean all the parts of the barbecue to prevent them from wearing out over time.

The Campingaz brand

Barbecues have always been a suitable product for roasting different foods, among which meat, chicken and some vegetables stand out. In this sense, being able to choose the most suitable one for you among so many models will depend largely on the characteristics that the one that most attracts your attention has to offer you. In this way, we invite you to get to know the Campingaz brand, characterized by offering you a wide variety of barbecues from which you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

The Campingaz brand has been providing its services in the market for more than 65 years, offering a wide range of suitable products to make your day-to-day life much easier and more comfortable.

It should be noted that it was born in 1949 under the great idea that arose after a camping trip. Since then, its objective is to improve the outdoor life of everyone by being able to make use of exclusive, practical and modern products such as barbecues to enjoy the best roasted meats.

This same company is responsible for the production of all those products designed to make you enjoy life outdoors, whether from the comfort of your garden, during a trip to the beach or even while camping in the mountains.

Likewise, they are characterized by using a wide variety of special materials to make each product the most resistant and durable, capable of providing the user with the most comfortable and adequate operation.

The best of all is that it maintains very accessible prices in the market to be able to reach everyone’s homes in a comfortable and safe way and, of course, without having to incur large expenses. Likewise, it is a great work team that supports the manufacture of each item designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

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