The 5 Best Darts of 2022

Darts – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

When selecting darts, you must take into consideration several aspects related to their design, such as the type of tip, tail adjustment, barrel design, among others. In the same way, you must define the use that you will give to said equipment, whether it is for the little ones in the house, amateur games or more advanced practices. Whatever the situation, you should keep an eye on its characteristics to make a successful purchase. Among the various options, the Grebarley 12 Darts is a professional style model, with plastic tips and a striking design, as well as modern, which has been made by hand, so it is of quality. In addition, its structure is made of plated steel and its body has reliefs, so that it is easier to grip. For its part,Wagner Automaten Lace 2BA is another recommended product, made under high quality standards, with a simple, resistant and safe design, for all those who start in this sport.


The 5 Best Darts – Opinions 2022

Before the imminent purchase of a set of darts, you will need to know that not all models are designed to offer you the same level of performance, being necessary that you review several models before deciding on a specific one. Therefore, we leave you a compilation of five teams that enjoy the support of buyers worldwide.

1. Grebarley 12 Darts Original Design 

Among the most sought-after models are these darts from the manufacturer Grebarley, a proposal that is made up of 12 units, 50 soft tips, 9 extra PVC feathers, 6 aluminum shafts, tools and 20 O-rings, so that it is a full kit. 

These darts have been built with solid and resistant materials, with a delicate technique, so each barrel has a proper balance and professional style. Part of its main structure has been made of plated steel and includes a relief to ensure a useful grip. 

The weight of each dart is 18 grams, so it is balanced and suitable for different skill levels due to its stability during flight. In addition, the dart shafts are unbreakable, made of 2BA aluminum. They have a thick feather design that increases speed and reduces drag. They also have an aerodynamic design and a soft-touch finish. 

Before making a hasty purchase, it is recommended that you take some time to analyze the positive and negative aspects that converge in this model.


Design: It has an elegant and modern design, with a black body and details in blue, red and green. 

Weight: Each dart has an estimated weight of 18 grams, so they are stable and balanced objects, for a controlled flight.

Construction: The construction of each dart is solid and robust, handcrafted to attention to detail, with a plated steel barrel that facilitates the grip. 

Units: The set is made up of a total of 12 darts, as well as other accessories that diversify its usefulness and durability.


Uses: Although they are quality darts, it must be taken into account that, as their tip is made of plastic, they are only suitable for perforated plastic targets, so they are not suitable for cork targets.

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2. Wagner Automaten Lace 2BA

With so many models on the market, selecting a launch set for your electric dartboard can take a bit of time, taking into account that you must carry out a prior verification of the manufacturing attributes. That is why you should search the list of the best darts of 2022, where you will find a set patented by the Wagner Automaten house.

It is a set of 12 darts with a simple, ergonomic, safe and home use design, suitable for both children and adults. The body of each of the darts has a weight of 16 grams, the barrel area is made of aluminum and the feather is made of black polymer.

With regard to the plastic tip, you will find a total of 100 refills in the purchase package, which, like the tail, can be easily screwed on by means of a built-in turning mechanism.

Wagner Automaten is the best brand of darts according to critics, since in each of their designs they use quality materials and finishes, as in the case of this launch set for electronic dartboards. Know the essentials about your model.


Spare parts: The set of darts has been equipped with the quantity of 100 spare plastic, soft and black tips.

Feather: The feathers were conceived in unicolor plastic and an adjustment mechanism by means of a thread that joins them to the barrel.

Barrel: The barrel has been made of light aluminum, the design is stylized and its grip is totally ergonomic.

Weight: The 16 grams of weight corresponding to the body of each of the darts offer a high level of precision when launching them towards the target.


Quality: There are those who comment that the tips of the darts deteriorate easily, causing a drop in the level of precision of the launches.

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3. Isuda 12 Plastic Tip Darts for Electronic Dartboard

Positioned as one of the best in its style, this model from the manufacturer Isuda is made up of a set of 12 darts with plastic tips, 6 zinc alloy shafts, 100 soft tip darts, 14 dart flights with different models, 1 flannel bag and a box to store all the elements.

In addition, each of the darts has an approximate weight of 18 grams and has unbreakable aluminum shafts, thanks to its anodized finish. They also have a locking hole that allows the shaft to be tightened.

Likewise, these professional darts are equipped with an ergonomic and optimized grip for better trajectory control and shooting ability, with rubber gaskets that prevent parts from loosening during launch, while the tip is made of nylon, so that it does not spoil or bend easily. 

If you want to buy a quality model, the first thing you should do is analyze its pros and cons.


Set: The set is made up of 12 units of darts with plastic tips, convenient to be used in electronic dartboards.

Style: The model has a modern and convenient style for different modalities, whether in the game room, for fun days or formal modality. 

Weight: Despite being resistant, the weight of each dart is only 18 grams, so it is balanced and allows for a controlled trajectory. 

Construction: Each dart has a solid and robust construction, which has been made of strong materials, with a nylon tip and zinc alloy body.


Accessories: Although a lot of accessories are included, the dartboard is not in this set, so it needs to be purchased separately. 

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4. Sinwind 12 Plastic Tip Darts for Electronic Dartboard

Considered one of the best models that can be obtained on the market, this alternative from the manufacturer Sinwind stands out for its adequate construction that offers optimized performance.

This set is made up of a total of 12 units of darts, each with a plastic tip, making them suitable for professional-type electronic dartboards. In addition, they have 36 pens of 12 patterns and 36 tips, all for the replacement of both the tail and the tip.

Each unit has an estimated weight of 16 grams and 15 cm in length, so they have been designed to increase speed and decrease drag by providing a precise and stable flight path. On the other hand, its construction is robust and has been made with brass-plated steel barrels, nylon shaft, pet pen and black plastic tip. 

If you want to buy professional style darts, this model is one of the most recommended, hence it is prudent that you review its pros and cons.


Construction: The model consists of a high-end construction, made from solid materials such as plastic, nylon and plated steel.

Set: The set is made up of a total of 12 pieces of darts, as well as other elements that serve as spare parts. 

Dimensions: Each dart has a length of 15 cm and a weight of 16 grams, making them lightweight and suitable for precise flight paths. 

Versatility: These darts can be used to play with friends or installed in a pub, because their style and design are professional, which improves skill in the game.


Tips: The quality of the tips can be improved, so they must be treated with care to prevent them from being damaged.

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5. IgnatGames Mega Blast Steel Tip

IgnatGames this time presents to the market some darts with professional features that will help you improve your game, adding greater speed to each of the launches executed on the target.

The set incorporates 12 darts with metal barrels that provide an ergonomic grip, an aluminum barrel that resists constant use, and rubber rings in the adjustment areas to prevent them from unscrewing.

The pens are made of plastic and have four different aesthetics in colors such as yellow, red, blue and green. Likewise, we have the steel tip that you can condition whenever you consider it necessary with the built-in sharpener, avoiding the frequent and uncomfortable bounces.

The manufacturer incorporated a practical storage or transport box with EVA rubber interior and magnetic closure, in order to keep the equipment protected when it is not in use. Likewise, it attached a guarantee for 10 years and in case of requiring a refund, it is valid for 90 days.

IgnatGames Mega Blast is the dart game for those looking for a professional, light, resistant, ergonomic design with great visual appeal, whose pros and cons we list here.


Darts: Each dart has a metal body, polymer pen and stainless steel tip.

Accessories: In order to optimize the conditions of the dart tip, a quick and easy to use sharpener has been incorporated.

Storage: A storage box with soft EVA foam interior and magnetic closure has been added to the purchase package.

Warranty: The equipment is backed by a couple of guarantees, the first being valid for 90 days in case of requesting a refund and the next one covering the useful life of the darts for 10 years.


Instruction manual: The manufacturer incorporated a link for you to access its user manual via the internet, but all the instructions and tricks are in English, being a limitation for those who do not master the language.

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Degbit DEG-SD

Este set de juego desarrollado por Degbit ha sido valorado por quienes lo han adquirido como los mejores dardos, ya que poseen grandes características de fabricación que te invitamos a comprobar.

El equipo está compuesto por 12 dardos profesionales con formato de 15 centímetros y 19 gramos de peso cada uno. La pluma es de polímero, el barril tiene diseño ergonómico y está elaborado en acero laminado con latón, ofreciendo un correcto agarre en todo momento. Asimismo, destaca la presencia de su caña en aluminio que permitirá alargar la vida útil de la punta de plástico incorporada al modelo.

El conjunto incluye 100 puntas de recambio en color negro, un total de 30 colas con colores variados y cuatro de tipo láser con un efecto brillante. Además, con la compra disfrutarás de una garantía de 30 días, en la que el fabricante se compromete a devolver el dinero si no estás a gusto con el funcionamiento del producto.

Los mejores dardos del momento pueden ser representados por este modelo, con un diseño profesional que vuela con rapidez, ofreciendo un mayor rendimiento en todos tus lanzamientos. Estos son sus pros y contras.


Barril: El diseño del barril es ergonómico y su construcción se llevó a cabo en aluminio con revestimiento de latón para mayor durabilidad.

Formato: Cada uno de los dardos tiene una forma estilizada con largo de 15 centímetros y peso de tan sólo 19 gramos.

Garantía: El producto está respaldado con una garantía de hasta 30 días, que podrás utilizar en caso de que los dardos no cumplan con las expectativas estipuladas en la compra.

Recambios: Al adquirir este conjunto tendrás a tu disposición un total de 100 puntas, 30 colas de recambio y cuatro más de tipo láser.


Puntas: La calidad del material de las puntas es un poco endeble, por lo que se doblan fácilmente al impactar, causando un efecto rebote sobre la diana.

VOOA 142 piezas

Si tienes dudas acerca del equipo que vas adquirir porque no sabes cuáles son los mejores dardos, sería conveniente que revisaras este modelo de la casa VOOA para que despejes cualquier inquietud. El set de juego ofrece 12 dardos, 100 puntas de recambios y 30 plumas con diseños variados para que las intercambies, personalizando el equipo según tu gusto.

Entre las especificaciones a resaltar, tenemos la elaboración del barril en acero, revestimiento de latón y forma ergonómica, para que disfrutes de una correcta sujeción al lanzar. Además, la caña es de aluminio y la cola se ajusta, al igual que la punta plástica, por medio de una rosca.

El diseño en general ofrece resistencia, velocidad, estabilidad y gran atractivo, siendo adecuado para profesionales o aficionados. No podemos dejar de mencionar la incorporación de cuatro plumas con un novedoso efecto láser que le aporta brillo, tarjeta de garantía y bolsa textil de almacenamiento.

Seleccionar qué dardos comprar puede convertirse en una tarea engorrosa, por lo que decidimos presentarte los pros y contras de un modelo dirigido a un target profesional y amateur.


Almacenamiento: Podrás resguardar los dardos del polvo y almacenarlos con total comodidad, puesto que dispones de una cómoda bolsa en material textil de algodón y cierre de cordón.

Recambios: El fabricante dispuso para este set de dardos un total de 100 puntas blandas de recambio en color negro, por lo que no tendrás que preocuparte por su deterioro.

Plumas: El set incorpora un total de 30 plumas de polímero y cuatro adicionales con efecto láser, permitiéndote así personalizar los dardos según tu gusto.

Garantía: Tendrás a tu disposición una garantía, en caso de que el equipo no cumpla con las especificaciones expuestas por el fabricante.


La rosca: El dardo tiende a deteriorarse con facilidad, ya que el mecanismo de rosca que une la punta con el barril se desajusta con el constante uso.

QMQ Q0060

Para realizar la compra de los mejores dardos de relación calidad precio, no podrás dejar pasar desapercibido este modelo de la casa QMQ, considerado por los compradores como uno de los conjuntos más baratos. El set está compuesto por 12 dardos con cuatro estéticas diferentes en sus plumas, destacando así la imagen de una tela de araña, flamas de fuego, líneas en forma de “V” y trazos abstractos.

La estructura tiene un diseño ligero y aerodinámico que brindará un vuelo estable, para una mayor precisión al realizar los lanzamientos sobre la diana. El peso de cada uno de ellos corresponde a 18 gramos, posee punta de acero inoxidable, el barril es de cobre y ha sido revestido con policloruro de vinilo o plástico PVC.

De esta manera disfrutarás, un mejor nivel de ergonomía al sujetarlos. Asimismo, debemos mencionar la incorporación de una garantía de reembolso del dinero, en caso de que el producto no cumpla tus expectativas.

Con este modelo disfrutarás de un set de 12 dardos con diseño resistente, estética agradable y peso ligero. Pero lo mejor de todo es que este producto destaca como uno de los más baratos. Aquí resumimos sus pros y contras.


Punta: Las puntas de los dardos de este set son tipo aguja y han sido elaboradas en acero inoxidable, por lo que conseguirás mayor precisión y menos rebotes al impactar.

Peso: Cada dardo tiene un peso de 18 gramos, siendo una especificación adecuada para ofrecer un vuelo estable y rápido al ser lanzada.

Pluma: Las plumas de los dardos están elaboradas en plástico y poseen cuatro estéticas diferentes. Tal es el caso de una tela de araña, flamas y dos tipos de vectores.

Barril: Para el barril del dardo se ha empleado una base de cobre revestida con polímero PVC, ofreciendo así resistencia y suavidad al sujetarlo.


Almacenamiento: La ausencia de una caja o bolsa de almacenamiento ha sido valorada como un aspecto negativo en este set de dardos.

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