The 5 Best Electric Abdominal Machines of 2022

Electric Abdominal Machine – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When buying an electric abdominal machine, there are several aspects that must be taken into account, but in addition to correctly evaluating the models, you must compare them to find one that really meets your expectations. In this, it is also very helpful to know the experience of other users. For this reason, in our search we found two models that have been positively valued in terms of their particular characteristics and the opinion of buyers. The first is the Slendertone ABS8, an electro-stimulating abdominal belt with 100 intensity levels, 10 toning programs (7 passive and 3 active), 3 patented electrodes and an ergonomic unisex design. As a second option is the HURRISE Unisex model, which has 15 intensity levels and the possibility of charging via USB, with patches for the abdomen and other areas of the body such as arms or legs.

Buying Guide – What is the best electric abdominal machine on the market?

Many times we do not have the time to attend a gym, so it is necessary to have a tool such as an electro-stimulator at hand. In this way, we can strengthen the muscles while we carry out our routine tasks. If your goal is to make a purchase of this type, you should review the following guide to buying the best electric abdominal machine.

crafting materials

The raw material used in the manufacture of an electric abdominal machine has to meet certain requirements, since it is a device that will be in direct contact with your skin.

In general, in this type of equipment, the presence of polyurethane stands out. This is a flexible type polymer, respectful of the environment and, therefore, free of any toxic agent that can cause irritation in any area of ​​your body where you decide to place it to carry out the exercise session.

Also, some models make use of a fine textile coating on the outside to provide a more attractive aesthetic and increase durability. On its back, it is normal to find an adherent sheet so that a little gel can be placed on it and thus obtain a better fixation to the skin. Finally, we have some designs that add rigid polymer of medium strength to structure the control panel.


Whatever the product to be purchased, it is recommended that its operation be intuitive, but this becomes much more important when it comes to an electric abdominal machine. Especially if you want to place it under your clothes and control it without other people noticing its presence.

So before you prioritize how much the device costs, you need to make sure that it can be easily programmed. To do this, check that the buttons on the built-in control panel are identified, smooth and with quick contact, so that the desired intensity level and time interval can be easily adjusted in each session. In addition, you can opt for a more advanced design that has a small remote control.


That the electric abdominal machine to acquire is good and cheap is quite favorable, but if it has also been provided with some accessories that help you improve the user experience, then we would definitely be talking about the right product.

Some manufacturers include a set of replacement electrodes in the purchase package, in case it is a device with cables. For their part, other models reinforce the electrostimulation work carried out by the belt with a series of adherent patches.

Also, the presence of a waterproof storage bag with a drawstring or clasp closure is very common, designed to take the equipment with you anywhere without it deteriorating due to friction with other elements. Similarly, you can find a USB cable or power adapter for its power supply and/or a bottle of conductive gel. Remember that everything will depend on the selected model.

power supply

When making a comparison of electric abdominal machines, it is necessary to keep in mind several specifications, this being the case of the method of power supply for its start-up. Initially, some of these devices work with interchangeable batteries of type AA or AAA, which are easy to acquire and replace.

Other devices are characterized by incorporating lithium-ion batteries, thus offering a long useful life because they can be recharged when their energy runs out. For this to be possible, you must ensure that the manufacturer has incorporated a USB cable with its respective AC adapter, making it possible for you to plug it into a power source when necessary.

But, in addition, you will have to verify the established autonomy time, which depending on the model can be up to 1800 minutes or more. During this period provided by the device, you will be able to carry out a total of approximately 60 exercise sessions with a range of 20 to 30 minutes each.

The 5 Best Electric Abdominal Machines – Opinions 2022

1. Slendertone ABS8 Abdominal Toning Belt Unisex Adult

Main advantage:

The most remarkable quality of this electro-stimulator device is that it has up to 100 intensity levels; so it can be used by various users, from beginners to expert athletes. In addition, its unisex design favors men and women.

Main disadvantage:

You should consider the size of your waist, because if it is smaller than the minimum measurement offered by the belt, it is likely that it does not fit your figure properly.


Verdict: 9.9/10

It is one of the best-selling toning belts on the net, which is why many position it as one of the best given its high quality and performance.

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Brand and efficiency

Slendertone is a pioneering brand and leader in the electrostimulation market. It has a 50-year history of manufacturing high-quality, high-performance products, thanks to its patented technology. In addition, various clinical tests guarantee the performance of its toning devices, since they offer optimal results in a short time.

Likewise, it is a brand committed to the design and manufacture of reliable products, equipped with advanced technology and easy to use. In this sense, we present the Slendertone ABS8, an ultra-powerful, wireless, intuitively operated abdominal machine designed for people looking to improve their physical condition.

With a few minutes of daily use, you could be able to reaffirm and improve muscle tone; however, to obtain and maintain a flat abdomen it is essential that you have a balanced diet and that you do physical activity, especially at an aerobic level.

EMS technology

It is a belt equipped with muscle electrostimulation (EMS) technology, which sends electrical signals to both muscle fibers and nerve endings in the abdomen, thus efficiently imitating the process of natural muscle contraction.

To do this, it has 3 patented electrodes that deeply work the 4 muscle groups of the abdomen: internal and external oblique muscles, rectus abdominis and transverse muscle; distributing the pulses evenly and generating a complete workout.

Clinical studies by Dr. John Porcari of the University of Wisconsin indicate that from 4 weeks you could begin to see positive results. To do this, it is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding correct use, time of sessions and weekly frequency.

In addition, you will be able to train comfortably at home or outdoors without having to compromise the health of your back; since 20 minutes of daily session is equivalent to 480 sit-ups.

Design and programs

It is a device that offers you an efficient ergonomic design that is perfectly compatible with the morphology of the user, regardless of whether it is a man or a woman, since it can adapt to the natural curves of your silhouette. For this reason, it has an adjustable belt with velcro for waists from 61 to 117 cm in circumference. Also, thanks to its discreet design you can wear the ABS8 under your clothes while walking or running.

To adapt it to your needs, it has 10 abdominal training programs: 7 passive and 3 active. Passive programs are intended for home activities, such as reading, cooking or watching TV; while the active programs (8-9-10) are the ones indicated to use during a walk or jog. Likewise, it gives you up to 100 levels of intensity; which favors the use in different users according to their resistance and objectives.

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2. Hurrise USB Abdominal Muscle Electrostimulator

Among the best electric abdominal machines of 2022, you can find this model, which stands out among the others for its power mode, being also considered the best value for money electric abdominal machine.

This consists of an integrated rechargeable type battery that uses a USB cable to carry out the charging process, which gives it an autonomy of 2 hours of work. Thus, you will not have to invest money in individual batteries and you will be able to recharge the device without problems when you need it.

On the other hand, it has a design that allows unisex use, combining the colors black and orange. For muscle training and relaxation, six different operating modes are offered, which in turn can be selected in 15 varied intensity levels, assuming enough options to adapt to each user.

In addition to the piece of electrodes for the abdominal area, two individual patches are integrated to place them on the area of ​​the arms or legs, thus having a wider range of action.

By identifying the best electric abdominal machine of the moment, you will be in a position to know which electric abdominal machine to buy. Therefore, we invite you to learn about the pros and cons of this option that has caught the attention of several buyers.


Programs: It has six operating programs that can be used in 15 intensity modes, being enough options for use.

Battery: It has a built-in rechargeable battery, which is conveniently powered via USB.

Pieces: In addition to the electrodes for the abdomen, individual patches for the arm and leg area are included, allowing a more complete training session.

Autonomy: With a charging session, the equipment can have an autonomy of 2 hours, which means between 3 and 6 operating cycles, considering that the recommended time is 20 minutes.


Instructions: Users mention that the instructions for use of this model are written in English, so that if the language is not known there will be limitations in understanding the operation.

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3. AbFlex Abdominal Muscle Stimulator Toning Belt

If you want to firm up your muscles to achieve a flat abdomen, this medical grade device could be your best ally. It is an electric massager designed by expert chiropractors, physical therapists, sports physiologists and exercise scientists. Thanks to which you can program the perfect mode so that your muscles receive the electrostimulation they need according to your level of conditioning.

To do this, it has 4 electrodes that send electrical signals to the muscle fibers, thus helping to tighten and strengthen them. Thanks to this, you could improve your figure while doing housework; since it is a discreet belt that you can wear under your clothes.

Likewise, it is a device that is useful for both beginners and accomplished athletes, since it allows you to select the intensity between 99 levels and the program between 10 different settings. In addition, you will receive it with an intuitive manual control and a bottle of gel to use with the electrodes.

When it comes to effortlessly toning and firming your abdominal muscles, this device could be your best option. Next, we present its pros and cons.


Set: You will receive everything you need to start using the device as soon as you receive it, without having to look for accessories.

Utility: It is a massager that allows you to use it comfortably at the abdominal level, whether in men or women and regardless of the size of the waist.

Functions: It gives you 99 intensity levels and 10 exercise modes, which you can easily adjust according to your needs.

Manual control: You will be able to control all its modes and levels with the included manual control, which offers you a screen that favors the visualization of the parameters.


Memory: The memory function in the manual control is missing, in order to keep the established programming.

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4. iThrough abdominal muscle stimulator EMS electrostimulator

The iThrough muscle electrostimulator is a focused help to lose fat in the abdominal area and develop the muscles, allowing you to tone your abs quickly and easily. In addition, it is a versatile design that can be used for other parts of the body, such as the waist, arms, shoulders, back and thighs.

In relation to its effectiveness, this electrostimulator has an EMS technology of electromagnetic signals that is very safe for the user and is widely used by professional athletes around the world. You just need to be consistent in its use and its effects will begin to be noticed after approximately two months.

It has 6 exercise modes and each of them has 10 intensity levels, so you can customize it to your needs. In addition, thanks to its folding design, with patches as thin as paper, you can take it everywhere without getting in the way.

This product can help you effectively tone your abdominal area. If you have found it interesting, we invite you to read the pros and cons so that you can determine if it is just what you are looking for.


Pads: The electrostimulator includes 16 hydrogel pads to improve the adherence of the patches.

Design: Its ultra-thin patch design is suitable for men and women of all complexions, as it adapts to all body types.

Stimulation: Thanks to its EMS stimulation system, using it for 12 minutes a day is equivalent to swimming for 30 minutes.


Adhesion: Your adhesion system for the pads could be of better quality, luckily they can be easily replaced.

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5. WeightWorld Abdominal Muscle Electrostimulator

It is a high-quality product that incorporates Electrical Muscle Stimulation technology, capable of sending signals directly to the muscles through the 3 included pads, one with 8 nodes for the abdomen and two with 2 nodes for the arms. In this way, you can exercise the muscles as you would in a traditional exercise. On the other hand, it has 6 training programs and 10 intensity levels, which help to obtain stronger muscles and improve the figure. 

For best results, the manufacturer recommends using it for approximately 12 minutes. However, it is advisable to accompany its use with a healthy diet and an exercise routine.

It is a compact electrostimulator that can be used anywhere and at any time of the day. In this sense, it is light, thin and has a padded structure, so it is possible to place it under clothing without causing discomfort.

If you are looking for a versatile muscle stimulator that you can use without interfering with your daily activities, then you should carefully analyze the pros and cons of this model before making a decision.


Usage: Its main function is to strengthen the muscles of the legs, arms, abdomen and waist. In this sense, the manufacturer recommends using it daily for approximately 12 minutes to obtain better results.

Charging: The package has a 3-in-1 USB cable, which allows you to charge the 3 electro-stimulators simultaneously for greater convenience.

Operation: It is a versatile model that offers 6 exercise modes, so you can adapt it to your needs. Also, it has 10 intensity levels to increase its versatility.


Gel: It is possible that the gel sheet that forms the adherent surface loses effectiveness at the time of use. However, the set includes 24 replacement pads.

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Plastimea Meabelt 1000 Abdominal Muscle Electrostimulator

The Plastimea MEABELT 1000 electric abdominal machine has an efficient approach that allows you to choose between eight different modes of use depending on the areas you want to train.

A training that we can adjust up to 18 different levels of intensity, which allows us to increase its power as our body requires it.

These discharges are applied directly through the included patch and belt system, which does not require connection cables since it works with conventional batteries.

Something that allows you to move while you have the product on. And so that you can control everything efficiently, this equipment also has a control with an LCD screen where you can choose the program, the intensity and set the training time of the product.

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How to use an electric abdominal machine

When we are performing an exercise routine, it is common to think that the expected results are not being obtained. This is because each person’s body is different, so the fat may take longer to be eliminated. Thus, technology brings a new method that will help you improve the results of your abdomen in less time, thanks to muscle stimulation. Next, we will give you some basic tips that you should apply in the use of an electric abdominal machine.

Make sure you have the right equipment

Thanks to the rise of technology in the market, exercise equipment has changed in different ways, so there is one for every customer need. It is important that before you start using it, you carefully verify that it is the right one for you, because as there are different brands, the functions vary.

Check the instruction manual

As mentioned before, the instruction manual of a product is a fundamental element to make good use of it, since in it you will find the steps to follow for its installation, as well as very useful tips for its care. Read the manual carefully and follow the instructions. Similarly, it is recommended to consult with a specialist in the area, who will guide you in the use of the abdominal machine.

Prepare the area

The skin is the largest organ of our body, since it covers the entire body. Therefore, when placing appliances on it, it is important to keep it healthy to avoid damage. Before using the machine, it is recommended to apply moisturizing lotion or an oil that maintains the hydration of the area during the procedure, avoiding redness of the skin.

lay the wires

The general model of the abdominal machines has four connection channels for the patches. However, there are some with 6 channels. Regardless of which one you have, carefully connect each corresponding cable to the patch indicated on the label. Follow the indicative images in the manual.

add the electrodes

The electrodes are an integral part of the entire device, since their function is to administer the electric current to generate vibrations. At the tip of each wire, connect an electrode as indicated. An electrode can have a useful life between 20 to 40 uses, depending on the type of areas you want to treat.

Position them correctly

The secret to good muscle stimulation therapy is the position in which the electrodes are placed. To do this, consult the user manual that describes in detail the placement of each electrode on the appropriate muscles. After that, continue to set the intensity of the vibration, all according to the instructions of your trainer or doctor.

Accompany with good food

You must bear in mind that no machine does magic, they are a complement to a balanced diet. For this reason, it is essential that you accompany its use with an adequate diet and other types of physical activities.

» Review information from previous years

¿Cuáles son las mejores máquinas para abdominales eléctricas del 2022?

Obtener un abdomen definido y tonificado es la meta de muchos hombres y mujeres. Sin duda, una rutina de ejercicios y una dieta balanceada es la combinación ideal para lograr este objetivo. En estos casos, las máquinas para abdominales eléctricas son grandes aliadas a la hora de hacer ejercicio y trabajar el área abdominal para fortalecer estos músculos y quemar la grasa que sobra.

Para iniciar una comparativa de estos productos es importante identificar que entre los diferentes equipos de ejercicio están los electroestimuladores adherentes que se pegan en la zona abdominal, brazos y piernas, que te permiten ejercitar tus músculos a cualquier hora del día mientras realizas otras actividades en el hogar u oficina, ya que muchos se pueden colocar, de forma disimulada, bajo la ropa.

La mayoría de estos aparatos son prácticos y económicos, emplean baterías recargables de litio para su funcionamiento, otros incluyen control remoto y botones para ajustar la intensidad de los movimientos electroestimuladores que equivalen a trotar, caminar o hacer otros ejercicios sin el agotamiento físico que estos implican.

Entre los accesorios que incluyen estos electroestimuladores están los cinturones de soporte que se adicionan en caso de no querer usarlo con el adhesivo o este se haya perdido la adherencia. Cabe mencionar que estos equipos, por lo general, son unisex, así que resultan igual de efectivos para hombres y mujeres..

Hay aparatos abdominales que emplean un sistema de sujeción a través de ventosas o cintas adherentes que se pegan al cuerpo. Para este tipo de equipos hay que identificar la calidad de la pega y si hay recambios para cuando esta pierda su capacidad de adherencia.

La mayoría de estos productos tienen una interfaz de uso muy sencilla, sin complicaciones, pero se recomienda revisar detalladamente el manual de instrucciones para poder obtener el mayor provecho a tu equipo de ejercicios. Ahora, te invitamos a conocer tres productos de esta categoría recomendados por los usuarios, cuyas características pueden ser de tu interés.

Plastimea Meabelt 1000 Electroestimulador Abdominal Muscular

Ventaja principal:

Un punto favorable de este modelo que ha sido comentado en varias oportunidades es la incorporación de algunos accesorios, siendo este el caso de una bolsa de almacenamiento y transporte, pilas alcalinas para el mando de control y tres parches conductores.

Desventaja principal:

La correa de extensión incorporada con el estimulador parece no ser lo suficientemente larga para personas con contextura robusta, según algunos de los comentarios encontrados en los portales de compra.

Veredicto: 9.8/10

El diseño de este electroestimulador es unisex e incorpora un mando de control intuitivo. De esta manera, podrás ajustar el nivel y la intensidad de las pulsaciones eléctricas según tus necesidades.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


Este electroestimulador muscular de la casa Plastimea ha sido equipado con algunos complementos que te ayudarán a disfrutar de una mejor experiencia de uso. Tal es el caso de un kit de tres parches de conducción, pensados para que puedas ejercitar otras áreas de tu cuerpo como el pectoral, en donde el cinturón no se ajusta correctamente. Asimismo, incorpora un par de pilas AAA de 1,5 vatios de potencia, encargadas de generar la energía necesaria para la puesta en marcha en cada sesión.

Por otra parte, el fabricante pone a tu disposición una bolsa de almacenamiento, elaborada en textil impermeable negro y con un cierre superior por medio de cordones. De esta manera, podrás llevar el electroestimulador contigo a cualquier lugar, sin preocuparte porque se deteriore o alguna de las piezas se extravíe.

Diseño y mando de control

La casa Plastimea, en esta ocasión, incorpora al mercado el electroestimulador muscular MEABELT 1000, que ha logrado destacar entre sus competidores debido a su diseño anatómico, unisex y con una estética bastante discreta. El modelo está compuesto por un cinturón negro en el que se hacen presentes cortes y costuras de gran calidad. Además, esta pieza posee una banda flexible que te permitirá realizar un correcto ajuste en anatomías con un diámetro de 68 y hasta 116 centímetros.

El equipo se complementa con algunos electrodos que no requieren gel para ser adheridos sobre la piel, así como también un ergonómico mando de control con una pequeña pantalla y cuatro botones de programación identificados. Así, podrás ajustar y monitorear tanto el programa de entrenamiento como el tiempo de duración de cada sesión.

Entrenamiento y recomendaciones de uso

MEABELT 1000 de Plastimea es un electroestimulador muscular que te permitirá tonificar e incluso eliminar la grasa localizada en las diferentes áreas de tu abdomen, como lo es la región superior, inferior, transversal y los oblicuos. Pero además, el equipo es adecuado para que ejercites los pectorales, la espalda, los bíceps, los muslos y los glúteos. Todo esto es posible gracias a que el fabricante dispuso para este modelo un máximo de ocho programas distintos de trabajo, cuya intensidad corresponde a un rango de 18 niveles.

Recuerda incrementar la velocidad del impulso eléctrico paulatinamente, para que no genere ningún tipo de irritación en la piel, especialmente si es sensible. De igual forma, no olvides las especificaciones correspondientes al tiempo de la sesión, que ha sido establecido en 15 minutos diarios por zona.

Zociko EMS Electroestimulador Muscular Abdominales USB

Darles un empujón a tus abdominales con total comodidad es relativamente sencillo gracias al modelo Zociko EMS. Hablamos de un dispositivo de alta tecnología, con el que se ejecutan las ya habituales descargas de baja tensión, idóneas para tonificar los músculos y eliminar la grasa localizada. 

Un proceso en el que podemos elegir la potencia del entrenamiento, de entre nueve niveles diferentes, así como ajustar el programa que más nos convenga, conforme a los resultados que deseemos obtener. Este control es sencillo, gracias a la pantalla incluida con el dispositivo, donde ver el modo de uso actual y variar el mismo. 

También sencillo es tonificar otras partes de tu cuerpo, para lo que el producto incluye los elementos necesarios para entrenar brazos o piernas, entre otras zonas. Se remata con detalles como su batería recargable integrada, que te ahorra tener que estar conectado al enchufe o el no poder moverte mientras usas el producto.

Entrenar tus músculos de manera autónoma es fácil gracias a este modelo y sus características, que enumeramos a continuación.


Regulable: Puedes elegir entre sus diferentes niveles de potencia y los programas incluidos con el producto.

Batería: Dado que cuenta con batería recargable, puedes entrenar sin tener el producto conectado a la corriente siempre.

Polivalente: Además de los abdominales, puede usarse en brazos, piernas o cintura.


Potencia: Algunos comentarios indican que la potencia es elevada, siendo recomendable empezar por el nivel más reducido.

Adhesivos: Como siempre, los adhesivos son algo complejos de colocar y de mantener en su lugar.

Anlan Electroestimulador Abdominal con USB Recargable

El electroestimulador de ANLAN es otro producto con el que mejorar tu musculatura y disponer de diferentes programas de funcionamiento. En concreto, este sistema de entrenamiento dispone de tres modos de uso: para quemar grasa, ganar masa muscular y esculpir el cuerpo. 

Todos ellos cuentan con 10 niveles de intensidad, pudiendo ajustarse a través del mando incluido con el electroestimulador. Un modelo que puede usarse para las abdominales, pero también brazos o piernas, contando con los parches corres

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