The 5 Best Electronic Dartboards of 2022

Electronic Dartboard – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

An entertainment mechanism to share and enjoy with friends, family or use in bars, is an electronic dartboard. If you have decided to buy one of these products, it is recommended that you compare the characteristics of the various options available. Although there are a large number of designs and brands, few models are endorsed by buyers and two are frequently recommended. The first is the Aktive Electronica, a model made of plastic with dimensions of 50 by 45 cm, with a digital panel and equipped with 6 soft darts, with a brass barrel and a plastic tip, as well as 18 games and 70 variations, to which that 8 players can join. The next option is the Carromco 93033, a dartboard equipped with an LCD screen, equipped with a system for 12 games and 125 variations.


The 5 Best Electronic Dartboards – Opinions 2022

If you have decided to buy an electronic dartboard to enjoy classic games with family or friends, it is convenient that you have one that is versatile and offers multiple entertainment possibilities. Before buying, you should keep in mind that although there are many designs on the market, not all of them may be suitable or of quality. Therefore, we present a list with the five favorite options of buyers, in which we detail the main attributes of each product.

1. Aktive Electronic Dartboard 45 cm with Darts

Equipped with a game guide available in Spanish, this model is among the most sought after on the market for having a robust construction made of plastic and software equipped with various game modes. 

In total, the equipment has 18 games and 70 variations that can be quickly selected through a small LCD display. In addition, the proposal is made up of six darts with a soft tip and a metal barrel, three of them blue and three red, which complement the game set. According to the requirements, up to 8 players can join. 

Its design is portable, black, with a double hinged door that protects the dartboard when not in use and with a hook on the back to hang it on the wall. Likewise, it is recommended for young people over 14 years of age, to improve concentration, coordination and even teamwork, as well as aim. 

Now, we invite you to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of this model by reading its pros and cons. 


Construction: It has a sturdy construction made with quality black plastic.

Design: It has a design that facilitates its storage, with folding doors that protect the target at the end of the games.

Darts: Includes six soft tip darts, three blue and the other three red, for better differentiation. 

Energy: If it detects inactivity for 15 minutes, the equipment automatically turns off, hence it performs an efficient energy consumption.


Sound: Its sound cannot be eliminated, nor can it be regulated, which can be annoying.

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2. Carromco 93033 Cyclone 401 Cabinet

If you want to test your skill as a shooter, you need a target that allows you to practice without risk. But to get a suitable model you need to search among the best electronic dartboards of 2022, so you should not lose track of the attributes of this design.

On this occasion, the manufacturer Carromco presents a dartboard that is equipped with an LCD screen where the players’ scores can be seen. It is made with a plastic structure and its design includes a protection system that preserves the device while it is not being used, with two doors that also serve to store the darts.

The manufacturer has equipped the dartboard software with 16 games, for about 125 variations and different levels of difficulty. It is recommended for a maximum of eight players, with differentiated segments for double and triple points. Includes six darts: three red and three green.

Carromco is a recognized manufacturer and one of the candidates to become the best brand of electronic dartboards due to its design, accessories and game modes. So it is convenient that you know the attributes and disadvantages of your model 93033 cyclone.


Scoring: The dartboard has different scoring segments for double or triple shots, which are also displayed on the LCD screen.

Variations: To maximize the fun the system is equipped with 12 games that allow some 125 variations.

Design: With this model you should not worry about the safety of the device, since it has a double door design that protects it and allows the storage of the darts.

Accessories: This dartboard includes six different colored darts and a power adapter.


Space: Despite being a small target, it is necessary to have a large space to make the game more fun.

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3. Physionics DSHB02 Electronic Dartboard

If you are wondering which is the best electronic dartboard, the characteristics of this model may help you answer the question. The manufacturer Physionics offers its DSHB02 model to the market, which is equipped with an LED screen on which the points of each player are counted.  

The dartboard includes a power adapter and 12 different colored darts, three red, three green, three blue and three black. Also, the design includes 100 spare points and a sticker to mark the line of fire.

The measurements of this model are 59 cm high, 46 cm wide and 4 cm deep. The dartboard is suitable for mounting on the wall, since its weight is only 2.65 kilograms. It has a high degree of quality and resistance, since it is made of iron and plastic, being robust and solid.

Dart games are played professionally and as a hobby, hence there are many models and designs that make the selection a bit complicated, so if you don’t know which electronic dartboard to buy, we recommend you consider the Physionics DSHB02. Here its pros and cons.


Instructions: If you don’t know how to play, this model is equipped with an instruction manual that explains the game modes and variations to make it easier.

Screen: To keep track of each player’s points, you just have to check the LCD screen.

Accessories: This is a model that incorporates 12 darts with differentiated colors and their respective power adapter.

Materials: The structure of the target is solid, it is designed to withstand bumps and falls, as it is made of iron and plastic.


Tips: The sharpening quality of the tips of the included darts can be improved, since they do not stick easily to the target.

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4. Best Sporting Oxford Evolution LED

Equipped with 27 games and 159 variants, this electronic dartboard ranks among the first places in user preferences because, despite being made of adequate quality plastic, it has a walnut finish. 

The model is recommended for young people over 14 years of age and admits a total of 16 players, divided into two teams of 8 each. In addition, it is equipped with 12 darts and 12 spare tips. To differentiate them, they are available in sets of 4 colors: 3 red, 3 green, 3 blue and 3 black. 

In relation to its design, it has folding doors and has a cupboard with supports to keep the darts organized inside once the game is over. It has sound effects, adjustable volume and 4 LED displays, as well as double key lock function. In addition, it has a 230-volt mains adapter, so it is a fairly complete set. 

To learn more about this model, it would be convenient if you could take some time to evaluate its pros and cons.


Design: It has a practical design to store in an organized way, because it has folding doors with dart holders.

Construction: Its construction is robust, made of plastic, with delicate finishes that look like wood.

Games: It has a total of 27 games, which are used for some 159 variants in the modalities.

Screens: It has 4 LED screens that allow you to easily view the game information.


Sound: Its sound can be graduated, but sometimes it is misconfigured and can increase without requesting it. 

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5. Wolketon W1-WIS5506 LED Electronic Dartboard

Designed for multiplayer mode, this model from the manufacturer Wolketon is favorable for 16 people to join in the activity, and includes 27 game modes and a wide range of 243 variations thanks to its integrated system. 

In addition, this electronic digital dartboard has five LCD technology screens that allow you to observe the development of the game and the levels. Likewise, it is equipped with an eight-stage volume regulator to adjust the most convenient according to needs. 

In addition to the dartboard, the model is made up of a total of 6 darts with additional tips and 24 feathers, as well as its power supply and screws for wall installation. In relation to its construction, it is resistant, made of black plastic and wood, with a large surface, with a disc diameter of 41.5 cm and a thickness of 1.9 cm, as well as a weight of 8.5 kilos..

To have more details about the characteristics of this model, we have summarized them in several pros and cons that you will be able to know below.


Volume: It has a volume regulation system in 8 levels according to preferences.

Design: Its design is practical to hang on the wall, made of black plastic, with five LCD screens.

Games: 27 games and 243 variations are integrated into your system, for games from 1 to 16 players, so it offers many entertainment options. 

Usage: Just plug into the power supply, hang up and select a mode, so it’s simple to use.


Manual: Includes a manual that is only available in English, which makes it difficult to understand.

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Ultrasport Classic

Si estás en busca de la mejor diana electrónica, puede que resulte conveniente que prestes atención a los atributos de este modelo del fabricante Ultrasport. Cuenta con sonido regulable, un diseño clásico y pantalla LED donde se expresan los puntos obtenidos por cada jugador.

Es un modelo propicio para la diversión e interacción de un máximo de ocho jugadores por partida. Además, es un prototipo versátil, porque está equipado con 28 juegos y unas 167 variantes. Cada una de las modalidades tiene un nivel de dificultad distinto que se puede adaptar para niños o para adultos.

Por otro lado, el diseño resalta por incluir 12 dardos suaves y 100 puntas, siendo conveniente para ser utilizado por los pequeños de la casa porque no supone un riesgo para ellos. La diana funciona a través de un adaptador de corriente que está incluido, así como de  cinta adhesiva para la línea de tiro.

Para conseguir un modelo que resalte es importante estar atento a los indicativos de calidad que están presentes en cada artículo. Ultrasport Classic cuenta con atributos que lo hacen figurar y ser reconocido por muchos como la mejor diana electrónica del momento. A continuación sus pros y contras.


Pantalla: El modelo ha sido dotado con una pantalla de luces LED, donde los jugadores podrán apreciar el avance de su puntuación.

Modalidades: La diversión y versatilidad está garantizada con este modelo, ya que tiene unos 28 juegos, con más de 160 variables y niveles de dificultad.

Agregados: La diana incluye 12 dardos suaves de color verde y rojo, así como 120 puntas de recambio.

Corriente: El juego cuenta con un adaptador de corriente que permite el funcionamiento del tablero electrónico, con un bajo consumo de energía.


Materiales: Aunque la diana está elaborada con materiales de alto grado de calidad y resistencia, su estructura base es de plástico.

Win.Max Clásica

Este es uno de los modelos más recomendados por los usuarios, por contar con características de calidad y versatilidad que proporcionan a los usuarios diferentes modalidades de juego, lo que mejora la técnica de los tiradores.

Esta diana del fabricante Win.Max es apta para un máximo de ocho jugadores, siendo propicia para la diversión de grandes y pequeños. Puede instalarse en paredes de casas o bares. El sistema de este diseño incorpora 21 modalidades de juego y unas 65 variantes, con diferentes niveles de dificultad, tanto para principiantes, como para expertos.

Además, posee una pantalla LED para la contabilización del puntaje de los jugadores y la regulación del volumen. El modelo incluye 12 dardos suaves y 40 puntas suaves para recambio, en caso de que se estropeen. Adicionalmente, se proporciona  el adaptador de corriente que permite la iluminación de la pantalla, la visualización del puntaje y la emisión del sonido.

A pesar de que existen muchos modelos en el mercado, solo unos pocos tienen estándares de calidad que permiten la versatilidad de juegos y modalidades. Uno de los más recomendadas es el Win.Max Clásica, siendo conveniente que puedas analizar sus pros y contras.


Pantalla: Para llevar contabilizado el puntaje de los jugadores, esta diana está equipada con una pantalla LCD.

Diseño: Si estás acostumbrado a los diseños clásicos, este modelo dispone de una estructura tradicional y funcional.

Accesorios: Este modelo está equipado con 12 dardos y 40 puntas suaves para recambio, así como con el adaptador de corriente, de modo que el juego es dinámico.

Versatilidad: La computadora de esta diana está dotada con 21 modalidades de juego para más de 60 variantes en diferentes niveles de dificultad.


Instalación: El sistema de montaje en la pared puede ser un poco complicado, ya que se requiere de tacos y tornillos.

Homcom ESB8-00070731

Para quienes están en busca de la mejor diana electrónica de relación calidad precio, puede que este sea el modelo indicado, porque se trata de una de las dianas más baratas del mercado y la de mejor coste en nuestra relación de productos.

Este modelo dispone de un diseño profesional, pero sencillo de manipular y con un sistema de interacción clásico que permite a los jugadores optar entre diferentes modalidades. La diana destaca por ser digital y tener unas dimensiones de 37.8 x 43.1 x 2 cm.

Además, posee 18 formas de juego de las que se desprenden 159 variantes con niveles de dificultad que se adaptan a tiradores profesionales o principiantes, ya sea de adultos o niños. El modelo está equipado con seis dardos de dos colores, tres azules y tres rojos para diferenciar a cada jugador, además de que dispone de seis puntas de repuesto. Para su funcionamiento requiere tres pilas doble A.

Versatilidad y un diseño apropiado, además de precio competitivo, son algunas de las propiedades presentes en el modelo Homcom ESB8-00070731, que se encuentra entre las dianas electrónicas más baratas. Aquí podrás conocer sus pros y contras.


Tamaño: El modelo tiene un diseño compacto, sencillo y funcional que se puede colgar en la pared, porque tiene unas medidas compactas.

Pantalla: Está dotado con una pantalla pequeña donde se contabiliza el puntaje de los jugadores, así como botones de acceso.

Modalidades: La diversión está garantizada con las 18 modalidades de juego que proporcionan unas 159 variantes respectivamente.

Agregados: Para jugar tiro al blanco en una diana necesitarás de dardos, dado que las puntas se estropean. También, requieres un par de recambio, por lo que este modelo incluye ambos accesorios.


Pilas: El funcionamiento electrónico de la diana depende de un par de pilas AA, lo que supone un gasto adicional de dinero.

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