The 5 Best Garden Arches of 2022

Garden Arch – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The garden arch is a very elegant decorative element, with which you can compose interior spaces, covered with your favorite climbing plants. To achieve this effect, you have a wide range of models, with different sizes, shapes and presentations, to make it easier for you to fit them into your design or gardening project. If you are looking for something different, the Relaxdays 10017904 model breaks the trend of traditional bows, with a beautiful curved pinnacle finish. An element that is finished off with lilies and silver balls in this area, so that elegance is noticed from afar. If you prefer something more traditional, you can opt for the BREMA 123.322 bow. A 2.2 meter high product where you can let your plants grow and shine, with ample space for it.

Buying guide – What is the best garden arch on the market?

Whether you want to create a porch for your garden or if you want to add a special area, incorporating a vine-covered arch is a good idea. Something that, as always, we are going to make easier, thanks to our guide to buying the best garden arch, always adapted to your preferences. So that you only worry about finding what best suits your design or style.

arch design

When we talk about garden arches, surely the first design that comes to mind is the traditional semicircular arch. Or maybe the square frame that we have seen mostly in American movies. The good news is that both models are still present, but they are accompanied by all kinds of alternative designs that break this usual aesthetic.

In any case, starting with the classics, half-circumference arches are still the most common. They are perfect to be used as access doors or to separate rooms in the garden. Something similar happens with the square models, although some halfway between the pergola and the garden arch, wider, allow to have new sensations when using them.

As for the alternative models, which also had to be in our comparison, the options are very diverse. Thus, we can find models with curved pinnacles and other decorations at the top, which break the linear image of the usual models.

Or products with formats similar to a gabled roof, with its straight or more rounded falls. Without forgetting the models with Arabic-type arch designs or other styles. The options, as we say, are multiple and with an economic cost and accessible to all.

Manufacturing materials

Just as we have seen different developments in the design part, the truth is that evolution has also occurred in materials. We continue to have the same materials, although duly improved to give you greater resistance, facilitate assembly and, above all, look perfect in your garden despite the rain or inclement weather. By the way, there is usually not much difference in how much a wood or metal product costs.

In this context, the most frequent material that we usually find are metals, generally iron or steel. This product has the advantage of being somewhat lighter than wood, which facilitates installation and makes it easier to place models with more useful space. In this case, it is necessary to verify that the metal has good protection against the effects of the weather, for which elements such as specific treatment or powder paints help us, to name a couple of cases.

In the case of wooden models, we are talking about products that generally have slatted shapes, rather square or rectangular, and that are usually available in both raw wood and varnished wood in various shades. Once again, it is important to have treated wood products, as it is necessary to renew the treatment against humidity and fungi more frequently than in metal models. However, the image they offer is more elegant than that of metal models.

Measurements and installation of the product

Since not all gardens are the same, the measurements of these products are also variable, in order to adjust to the available space and what your project needs. Among the different models available, we find products that are around 2 or 2.5 meters high, with widths of 1 or 1.5 meters. The options are very remarkable, including models with doors, hardware and much more.

Since we are talking about measurement, it is also convenient to take a look at the arrangement of the bars and the fixing of the support. Depending on the type of plants, the bars can be more or less separated, although in general it is not convenient for the horizontal bars to be too far apart, since this requires more work when guiding the plants in their process.

As for the installation, normally it should be easy, with all the necessary elements for it, which must be included with the set. If you bet on light models, the process will not be complicated either, although it is key to take into account the fixing of the product to the ground. Normally, these arches are nailed directly to the ground, so it should be taken into account because on hard floors such as cement or tiles, holes may have to be made.

The 5 Best Garden Arches – Opinions 2022

If you want your garden to look its best, surely you want to have elements that are at the level of your projects. That’s why your shopping list may include the task of finding the best garden arch to fit. A task that, thanks to our selection of the best garden arches of 2022, will be easier and more pleasant, so that you can focus on what is really important.

1. Relaxdays 10017904 Arch for climbers

Main advantage:

This garden arch is simple but functional and its size is not exaggerated, which allows it to be used in small gardens without affecting the accessibility of the land.

Main disadvantage:

One of the buyers commented that his bow swayed in the wind, but if you live in a very windy place, you can purchase heavy brackets that will hold the bow in place.

Verdict: 9.7/10

Relaxdays offers you a garden arch where you can let your climbing plants grow and thus add a touch of elegance and style to your own home.

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Having a garden at home requires dedication, effort and time, but if you want to give it a particular style or a special touch, garden arches can be a good alternative. Before investing in any available model, one of the details you should consider is its design.

The Relaxdays model has the advantage of being very versatile. Its height is 2.4 meters and the space between the two supports is 1.70 meters, so it is compatible to allow the growth of different types of plants. Thanks to the fact that it is not too big, you can easily place it in your garden without taking up much space or getting in the way, but rather becoming a point of interest and beauty.

Its shape is simple and it is made up of two ladder-shaped sides that meet at the tip and a very attractive and distinctive detail has been incorporated into that union: two metal lilies.


Although the arches for gardens are merely decorative, it is highly recommended to carefully analyze their manufacturing materials, since, after all, they will be placed outdoors and in contact with water, sun and snow, as the case may be.

The Relaxdays garden arch 10017904 will not cause you any problems in this regard. This model has a structure made of metal and with resistant joints that will be able to support the weight of the plants that get entangled in it. The upper curved pinnacle, the lilies and the silver balls that decorate the structure along with the product itself are resistant to the elements.

This guarantees that the bow can remain outdoors without sudden wear or oxidation. However, although it is made of metal, it is not designed to support the weight of a person or an animal, for example.


Due to the size that garden arches usually have on the market, many of them are delivered unassembled. However, they are not usually very complicated to have ready, especially if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. In case you want to avoid inconvenience and waste of time, evaluate the level of assembly complicity of the model of your interest.

With the Relaxdays garden arch you should not have many problems. This bow includes with the purchase an instruction manual for its assembly, although with its design, it is quite easy to guess where each piece goes.

According to what its buyers have said, it does not take much time to assemble the arch and in just a couple of minutes you can have it ready to install in your garden and give it that distinctive touch with beautiful climbing plants.

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2. Brema 123.322 Garden Arch

For those looking for the traditional without getting too complicated, the BREMA 123.322 bow is just what they need. This bow features a semi-circular design at the top, which offers ample access to go through the interior without complications.

A product made of 13-millimeter metal tube and with five levels on each side so that your plants grow without complications. This model measures 2 meters high and about 1 meter wide.

The advantage of the size of the bar is that it makes assembly easier, directly nailed to the ground. A product that is also part of the cheap models, so it could well be the best garden arch for value for money.

Although it seems easy, it is not so easy to decide which garden arch to buy, therefore we have selected this Brema model whose characteristics we describe below to help you in your purchase.


Construction: It is made of 13 mm metal tubes and is highly resistant to the growth of climbing plants.

Installation: The assembly of this bow is very simple; the bars are driven directly into the ground and the crossbars are easily screwed on.

Design: This model measures 2.40 m high by 1.40 m wide and stands out for having a good green finish and a classic design so that flowers and plants are the protagonists.


Appearance: The wide distance between the bars can hinder the growth of climbing plants, taking longer to see the dense foliage, however the product fulfills its function.

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3. Gardman Easy Arch for Vines

Simplicity at a cheap price and with good quality is just what this model offers us. An arch specially designed for all types of vines, which has a more profuse and thick rod where the plants can develop comfortably.

A model that has measures of 2 meters high, 1.4 meters wide and a draft space on the ground of approximately 40 centimeters for its correct fixing.

The product offers good quality metal construction, incorporating a powder coating treatment that improves resistance to moisture and the elements. Something that helps the model to accompany you for a long time without deteriorating.

To beautify your garden you don’t need to invest a lot of money, that’s why customers recommend this product considered the best garden arch for 20 euros according to user reviews. Below we summarize its pros and cons.


Strength: The bow has been manufactured from tubular steel with a powder coating to offer a higher level of strength and durability.

Size: Its dimensions are 2.40 x 1.40 x 0.37 m, plus 40 cm for proper installation.

Utility: This arch fulfills its decorative function and is one of the cheapest we have selected, so it is appropriate to use in a wedding celebration, communions or simply give a different touch to your garden.


Support: This model has to be nailed to the ground, it does not include supports to use it superficially, which is a disadvantage for some customers.

Design: It is a very traditional arch, so if you are looking for more attractive products you can continue reviewing the following garden arches.

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4. Nature Metal decorative arch for garden 6040802

Designed for the most classic and traditional design, the Nature 6040802 arch is another interesting proposal. An arch that has a thicker interior trellis, with a width of 38 centimeters and a structure of three rows of rectangles that are distributed to give greater support to your plants.

The measurements of the model are completed with a height of 229 centimeters high and 113 wide so that the decoration is of a good size. This bow has a weight of 9 kilos and despite its structure it does not offer a more complicated assembly than that of conventional models.

And thanks to its epoxy galvanized steel construction, it adequately supports the effects of being outdoors.

If you are looking for a high-end model to decorate your garden with a suitable support for climbers, you can take a look at the characteristics of this Nature product, highlighted by its robust design.


Materials: The quality of this bow is determined by its construction in galvanized steel with an epoxy laminate for greater resistance to weather conditions.

Space: When mounting this arch, the dimensions it will occupy will be 2.29 m high and 1.13 m wide.

Design: The length of the bars is 38 cm and they also have several rectangular divisions to provide greater support to the different climbing plants that are used.


Weight: This model weighs 9 kg, and although it is easy to assemble, it can be heavy for several clients.

Cost: This bow is one of the most expensive in this comparison, but the quality of its materials supports the investment.

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5. vidaXL Garden Rose Arch Pine Wood

The Vida XL 41912 wooden garden arch is a good alternative to metal models. A product with a gazebo structure and measures 50 centimeters wide in the structure, about 150 centimeters wide and two meters high, which is very elegant as a gateway to your garden.

The model is presented in a pleasant rustic tone of treated wood, thanks to its manufacture in green pine. A material that has been previously treated to prevent rot over time.

An arched gazebo with a trellis on the sides, also made of wood, with very easy assembly and a design to fit into rustic or vintage garden designs.

Vida XL offers a wide variety of decorative products for the garden; That is why many customers value it as the best brand of garden arches and one of its most popular models is the 41912, whose pros and cons we describe below.


Treatment: This bow is made of green pine wood treated to resist bad weather and offer many years of durability.

Assembly: This product is easy to assemble and nail into the ground; In addition, its finish is very robust once assembled.

Step: With a width of 1.50 m for the step, this arch has ample space to be used at the entrance to the garden or to decorate the altar of a wedding.


Imperfections: As it is a natural product, it is normal for it to have imperfections or grains typical of the wood, but they do not affect its functionality at all.

Design: Unlike previous models, this product does not have a curved shape at the top, its gazebo design is completely straight.

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Relaxdays 10017904 Arch for climbers

If you want to have a different product in your garden, the Relaxdays 10017904 arch is a good proposal. Opposite the square or semi-circular arches, this model has a different design, which includes a curved pinnacle at the top decorated with lilies and topped with two silver balls.

This metal arch for the garden measures 2.4 meters high with a width of 1.7 meters and a good distribution of bars that makes the appearance more pleasant once covered, helping your plants to grow.

This arch has been made of good quality metal, which also offers a good assembly and adequately supports the passage of time. Characteristics that could well make this model the best garden arch of the moment.

Garden ornaments bring style and romance to natural spaces, like this Relaxdays model, valued by users as the best garden arch of the moment, thanks to its pinnacle design at the top that gives the arches a different touch. traditional.


Design: The curved pinnacle decorated with lilies gives a more refined touch to this arch, where the silver balls add elegance and distinction to the product.

Materials: It is made of metal painted dark green to camouflage with climbing plants.

Dimensions: This arch measures 1.70 x 2.4 m, making it appropriate for a wedding.

Assembly: The product comes disassembled, but includes the instructions for its assembly; it only requires a screwdriver and in no time it can be installed in the garden. Its weight of 1.9 kg contributes to its easy handling.


Instructions: One user states that the instructions are a bit confusing; however, he says that empirically a quick assembly can be done.

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How to use a garden arch

If you want to decorate your garden in such a way that it can look very nice and attractive to anyone’s eyes, it will be ideal if you can have an arch where you can place your favorite climbing plants to give it a more elegant and natural touch. In this way, once you have acquired your own garden arch, you will surely need to have information regarding the assembly that you will have to carry out, so taking a look at our article described below will be very useful for you, since in it we provide you with the appropriate information both to assemble it and to give it the correct use.

Unpack the garden arch

Unpacking the garden arch that you have purchased will be an extremely easy task to carry out, since all you have to do is open the box where it will be supplied and later you will have to take out each of the pieces that make it up, taking into account Keep in mind that carrying out this action in the garden will allow you to enjoy a sufficient space where you can place them and then proceed with the assembly.

Check that everything is in order

Once the arch for your garden is unpacked, you will have to verify that everything is in good condition, even more so if the model you purchased is made of metal, since the presence of a dent in any part may negatively influence its assembly.. That is why it will always be necessary to be able to confirm that everything is in perfect condition.

Proceed with the assembly of the bow

To assemble your bow correctly you must have the necessary tools to carry out this action, such as the adjustment screws and nuts that will allow you to join the different pieces to form a firm structure. Likewise, having the instruction manual at hand will be essential to achieve a comfortable and quick assembly, since in it you will be able to find all the necessary information about the exact location of each piece.

In this way, guided by the instruction manual, you will have to join the pieces one by one with the help of special screws and nuts that will be included in the package, taking into account that it will be necessary for you to adjust them strongly to prevent the arch from appearing flimsy. After having finished the assembly process, all that remains is to anchor it to the ground of your garden so that it can be totally fixed and ready to go into operation.

As for wooden arches, the assembly process will be much easier depending on the model you manage to acquire, since in some cases you only need to fit each of the pieces where it corresponds until you achieve its original structure.

Locate your climbing plants

Depending on your preferences and tastes, once the arch has been assembled and anchored in your garden, you will be able to place your favorite climbing plants until you achieve a touch of harmony and naturalness in it. Later, time will take care of making your plants expand over the entire surface of the arch until you have an elegant and attractive decoration in your garden.

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