The 5 Best Goalkeeper Gloves of 2022

Goalkeeper Gloves – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

To play soccer in the goalkeeper position, it is necessary, in addition to skill, to have gloves that allow you to hold the ball firmly to prevent it from slipping. So if you are going to buy one of these, it is convenient that you can analyze the options through a comparison between the models. Being football such a popular sport, the amount of clothing and accessories from different brands is overflowing. However, within the variety of designs, there are two that are frequently recommended by users. The first is the Blok-iT Professional, gloves available in various sizes and colors to suit various styles. In addition, they have a design that not only protects the hands, but also improves control over the ball. The next model isAdidas Ace Next Generation, gloves with a unisex design, available in four striking colors, with a relatively light weight.



The 5 Best Goalkeeper Gloves – Opinions 2022

If you train soccer and your mission is to protect the goal, you need the right equipment to achieve a better performance of your skills. Part of this depends on the gloves. Before selecting one, you must remember that there are many brands, styles and designs, but not all of them are recommended. For this reason, we offer you a section with the five models of goalkeeper gloves that lead user preferences.

1. Blok-iT Professional Goalkeeper Gloves

If you want to buy the best goalkeeper gloves on the market, you should pay attention to the attributes of this model from the manufacturer Blok-iT, which offers a design available in eight colors. These gloves are professional style, so they are made with a padded protection that protects the hands from possible injuries and improves the level of control and grip on the ball. They have a velcro closure system that fits on the wrist.

In addition, they are available in various sizes, so that the user can select the gloves that provide comfort, according to the dimensions of the fingers and the hand in general. This model stands out for being made with high quality standards, with delicate finishes and breathable materials, which allow sweat to escape and reduce humidity. Also, these gloves can be easily cleaned, just wipe with a damp cloth after use.

The quality, comfort and protection of the hands are references that help to select a model. These characteristics are present in the Blok-iT Professional, so they are considered the best goalkeeper gloves of the moment. Here its advantages and disadvantages.


Control: These gloves are made with a textile technology that provides better control of the ball to prevent it from slipping.

Protection: Security is a priority in this model. For this reason, they are equipped with padded material that protects the hands from possible injuries.

Materials: Resistance and durability are guaranteed, because the model has solid and robust materials, which in addition to allowing perspiration, tolerate cleaning.

Colors: With this model you can mark your style on the court, since these gloves are available in various colors.


Volume: Although they are available in various sizes, sometimes it is a cumbersome model, its volume being a bit large for young people.

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2.Adidas Ace Next Generation Unisex

To get a practical and quality model, it is convenient to be able to make a selection among the best goalkeeper gloves of 2022. Thus, the characteristics of this design from the manufacturer Adidas may help you decide. These are gloves available in four unique and striking colors. These gloves are equipped with textile technology attributes that adjust to the hands to provide a better grip on the ball, while also being lightweight.

Likewise, they have a negative cut with the incorporation of the Strech-Strap system, which adjusts the glove creating tension to surround the wrist with a double turn, by means of an elastic fastening strap, so that they adapt to any hand size. They are made with Nova Zone Tech foam and natural latex to cushion blows and improve blocking. They are soft and breathable, so they are recommended for professional games.

Many sports manufacturers compete to position themselves among the preferences of users, but Adidas is recognized by several buyers as the best brand of goalkeeper gloves. Here are the pros and cons of an example model of it.


Design: The model has been designed in four unique and striking colors that set trends on the field and are used by great football figures.

Technology: Adidas has equipped this model with Strech-Strap to achieve a good glove fit and with Nova Zone Tech to improve blocking.

Materials: The structure of the glove is made of soft and breathable fabric, without seams, so that it provides an adequate sweat outlet.

Game level: Due to its attributes, this model is indicated for professional games or for goalkeepers who want to improve their techniques.


Wear: Because they are professional-level gloves, they wear out easily as a result of constant contact with the ball.

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3. Nike Nk Gk Grip3

If you are wondering which are the best goalkeeper gloves that can be found on the market, it is possible that the characteristics of this Nike model will help you answer the question. These are gloves available in two colors. They are equipped with a flexible design that provides greater control for gripping the ball.

In addition, they are made with high-quality and resistant materials, such as soft latex foam that absorbs impacts, as well as polyester and nylon. Additionally, these materials extend durability and provide comfort. The gloves have breathable mesh and perforated inserts that allow free perspiration and ventilation for a fresh internal environment. On the other hand, this is a model that incorporates a Grip3 technology in its structure that improves grip and control. Its closure system is through wrap-around velcro that can be adjusted.

With the diversity of models and brands, getting a design that meets the demands is not an easy task, so if you don’t know which goalkeeper gloves to buy, we recommend you read the pros and cons of the Nike Nk Gk Grip3.


Adherence: For a goalkeeper, having control of the ball is important, which is why this model incorporates flexible latex foam that improves grip.

Closure: This model is equipped with a fastening system through wrap-around velcro, which facilitates its adherence to the wrist to carry out the movement.

Materials: Durability, safety and comfort cannot be neglected. Therefore, the model incorporates flexible natural latex, foam, polyester, nylon and polyurethane to meet these benefits .

Flexibility: These gloves have the development of flexible technology, allowing ease in the movement of the fingers.


Colours: They are only available in two colours, so the chromatic versatility is reduced and limited.

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4. Rinat Asimetrik 2.0 Semi Turf

This model from the sports manufacturer Rinat is one of the most recommended by users, for having a classic design, with notable details. It is available in blue with white and several sizes, so you can select the one that best fits the dimensions of your hand, palm and fingers.

The gloves are designed to be worn unisex, being suitable for adults. They stand out for being manufactured with high quality and durability standards, since they incorporate latex in their construction, as well as high-density synthetic material, which provides volume and cushioning.

In addition, they have a textile base for perspiration and ventilation of the hands. Similarly, they have an elastic wristband to adjust the level of support, through a velcro closure mechanism. They are suitable for use in official games or training, for environments with low humidity and artificial turf.

A goalkeeper requires gloves that allow control and grip of the ball, to improve techniques and avoid goals. Few gloves combine these attributes. For this reason, we invite you to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the Rinat Asimetrik 2.0 9707.


Design: This model has been designed with a classic style for adults, being suitable for artificial grass and low humidity.

Construction: Various materials that provide comfort and resistance have been used to make these gloves, such as textile base and latex.

Wristband: This model has a velcro closure system, with wrist support to prevent injuries.

Control: Latex and foam come together to provide greater shock absorption and better control on the ball.


Size: Although it has several sizes, the volume of this model is large, so it takes time to get used to its use.

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5. Real Madrid RM6GUPO1 Goalkeeper Gloves

If your search engine is based on price, then it is possible that this is the recommended model for you, because it is the best value for money goalkeeper gloves, being the cheapest in our selection of products. These gloves are designed for children or children’s modality because they are size 1 or Xs, that is, for small hands. They have exterior measurements of 18.5 cm long by 8.5 cm wide.

This is a model that stands out for having a design that combines several colors such as white, blue and black. If you are a fan of Spanish teams, then you will be pleased because these goalkeeper gloves are licensed as an official product of Real Madrid, even bearing their shield. They are made of synthetic material with latex foam, offering grip control and shock absorption. In addition, they have an adjustable strap.

A model of the cheapest and that provides features to improve game techniques, is always considered adequate for goalkeepers. Therefore, we present you the positive and negative aspects of Real Madrid RM6GUPO1.


Design: This model has a conventional and classic design in predominantly white, with details in black and blue.

Size: It is made for small children’s hands, adapting to the shape and providing a better grip on the ball and protection.

Materials: These gloves incorporate synthetic material with latex foam, which improves grip and provides comfort.

Fastening: The gloves have a closure system through wrap-around velcro at the wrists, adjusting the pressure of the strap.


Stamping: It is an official product of Real Madrid, it has its colors and shield, being specific for the fans of this team.

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