The 5 Best Goals of 2022

Goalkeeper – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

If you are a fan of soccer, futsal, handball or any other discipline that involves the use of a goal and you enjoy practicing professionally or amateurishly, you need one. With so many models available on the market, before making a choice you should compare the available options as much as possible. There are several recommended goals, but there are two that lead the users’ preferences. The first option is the Kickster Academy, a goal available in two sizes, easy to set up and take down in a matter of minutes, thanks to a special mechanism that is similar to the one used in tents. Its properties are light and it is made with materials of a high degree of quality and resistance. Next up is the AmazonBasics JP08-010, a goal that includes various accessories to facilitate installation, with a transport bag and a structure made of steel.

The 5 Best Goals – Opinions 2022

To play soccer outside of a professional field, you need some tools that allow you to adapt any space, turning it into a field. One of these teams is the goal. But before choosing you should consider the attributes and quality indicators present in the options, since not all of them are functional. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the five models that are frequently recommended by users, summarizing the main advantages of each design.

1. Kickster Academy Quick Play Sport

For those who are looking for the best goal, it may be appropriate to know the attributes of this model from the manufacturer Kickster. The Academy design is a goal made with a high degree of quality and resistance, being possible to change it once it loses its original attributes.

It stands out for having a fast and simple assembly mechanism. Its structure is made up of a series of posts that are coupled together with the elastic cord, being able to carry out the assembly without the need for instructions. Because it can be easily installed and uninstalled, it is convenient to carry around.

According to the needs of each user, you can select between two sizes, one 1.83 x 1.21 x 1.52 meters and the other 3.6 meters wide by 1.8 meters high. The first option is suitable for children and small garden spaces and the other for adults.

Getting the best goal of the moment is not easy, as there are several factors that must converge for a model to be appropriate. Quality, resistance and functionality are some of the characteristics present in this model. Here are its attributes and drawbacks.


Size: Whether for adults or for children’s entertainment, with this goal you can select between two sizes according to your needs.

Installation: The goal has all the necessary elements to make assembly easy.

Portability: It is an easy model to carry from one place to another, because its disassembly mechanism is fast and its weight is light.

Structure: Stability is present in this goal model that is made up of several posts and a net.


Elbows: Almost all the parts that make up the structure are made of dense material, while the elbows that join are made of plastic and break easily.

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2. AmazonBasics JP08-010 Soccer Goal

Available in two sizes, one for adults and one for children to start the soccer training process in gardens or small spaces, this AmazonBasics model is recognized as one of the best goals of 2022.

The JP08-010 design has a structure suitable for outdoor installation because it is resistant, made of steel with 1.37 cm tubes, so that it can be used regardless of weather conditions and without affecting its quality.

It has a simple and fast installation system, as well as its disassembly. In addition, it can be carried from one place to another because it includes a transport bag that facilitates the action.

Similarly, the goal includes hooks that provide adequate support to the ground and keep it stable, while the net is fixed to the posts with Velcro straps. Its dimensions are smaller than those of a professional goal, being recommended for beginners.

AmazonBasics is a manufacturer that equips its equipment with quality and resistant materials, being conducive to regular and high-intensity training, which is why it is recognized by many as the best goal brand. Here are its pros and cons.


Structure: The goal is designed with a resistant structure of steel tubes, being suitable for use outdoors.

Dimensions: The model is available in two sizes. Both are smaller than a professional goal, making them ideal for beginners.

Transport: Regardless of where you want to play, you can take your goal from one place to another, since its weight is less than six kilos and it has a transport bag.

Installation: The installation process is simple and fast, it only takes a couple of minutes and it has hooks for fastening to the ground.


Level: This goal is recommended for beginners and amateur levels because it does not have the dimensions of a professional archery.

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3. OUTAD Practice Soccer Goal

If you are looking for the best value for money goal, this one from the manufacturer Dalkey may be the one for your requirements, because it is one of the cheapest on the market and the one with the best cost in our selection. The model has a simple design that is recommended for children to practice their passes and shots on goal.

It is made with materials that stand out for being resistant and durable. Its structure incorporates steel wire, mesh and Oxford cloth. It is easy to transport because its weight is only 950 grams and it includes a transport bag.

Its installation and disassembly system is quick and easy, since it only takes a couple of minutes, in addition to the fact that the goal is foldable. Its dimensions are 110 cm long, 80 cm wide and 80 cm high. The design is stable and can be attached to the lawn via built-in hooks.

Dalkey LESHP is a simple but functional goal that offers high quality standards, being suitable for children who are just starting out in the world of soccer. It is resistant and competitively priced, being one of the cheapest on the market. Therefore, it is conducive that you know its main advantages and disadvantages.


Design: The model has been designed for children, so that its structure is safe, firm and resistant.

Portability: You can take it from one place to another because its weight is less than one kilo. In addition, it has a bag that facilitates its transport.

Stability: This goal includes a set of hooks that allow the structure to be attached to the ground to provide stability.

Installation: Its installation and disassembly will not be a problem, since the mechanism is simple and a guide instruction is included.


Level: This model is recommended for children, and is not suitable for adults to use because it can be damaged.

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4. Hudora Allround 300 Soccer Goal

If you have not yet been able to determine which is the best goal that can be found on the current market, then it will be convenient for you to keep in mind the characteristics that make up this model from the manufacturer Hudora. The archery has a practical and easy to install design through a click system.

In addition, it stands out for having a stable structure of bars and mesh made of polyethylene. It is recommended as a goal to play the handball discipline, because it has the dimensions required to practice this sport, with a size of 300 by 200 by 110 cm.

Likewise, it can be used for different forms of non-professional soccer, since it fulfills the function of catching the ball. The model is made with materials of a high degree of quality and resistance, being suitable to withstand different weather conditions such as rain or sun. Includes fixing pegs that provide stability and fixing ropes to the net.

There are many features that denote quality in a model and it is convenient to opt for a design that combines several. If you feel confused and do not know which goal to buy, it would be appropriate for you to consider the positives and negatives of the Hudora Allround 300.


Design: This archery has a conventional but practical design that stands out for being easy to install.

Modalities: The goal has been made for handball games and training, but it is suitable for non-professional football.

Structure: The model is equipped in its construction with resistant materials that provide a high degree of solidity, even under adverse weather conditions.

Stability: This model is equipped with a fixing kit that provides stability once the goal is installed.


Firmness: Despite being made with quality materials, it may not have the same resistance in the folds and elbows.

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5. QuickPlay Handball Portable Goals

There are many models available, but few are recommended by users. So if you want to select a design that has the backing of buyers, you should not miss out on the properties of this option from the QuickPlay manufacturer.

If, in addition to quality, you are looking for a goal for handball, this design may be the one, since it has the measurements of this sporting discipline. Thanks to its structure with a resistant rubber base, it is recommended to be installed in gyms with surfaces made of wood, parquet or other materials. The construction of this model is based on a solid and durable construction, but relatively light.

The assembly mechanism is simple and fast, it takes a few minutes and some parts are previously joined, making the process easier. The goal can be transported from one place to another in a comfortable way, because it includes a bag to load the parts.

QuickPlay HBJ is a goal model that combines features such as light weight, resistant materials and easy installation, all at a competitive cost. In any case, it is conducive that you can know the basic elements that favor and disfavor this product.


Modality: The goal is designed for the discipline of handball, being also convenient to practice soccer.

Portability: The design of this goal is light, it also incorporates a transport bag that facilitates its portability.

Base: The model is equipped with a stable rubber base that adheres correctly to different surfaces.

Assembly: The assembly and disassembly of this goal will not be a problem, as it takes a few minutes and part of the structure is previously ready.


Instructions: Although its installation is simple, this goal does not include an installation manual that guides the user to achieve the assembly.

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